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Found 58 results

  1. What is the best and easiest way to tune your carburetor? Any tips or tricks?
  2. So i was riding the other day and my quad randomly shut off. It started back up and ran completely fine for a little while and then it started idling terribly. I cleaned the carb and changed all the jets and everything except the float due to the rebuild kit not coming with one and it actually runs worse then it did before. It will run and idle decent now but when I give it gas it dies. Does anybody know what could be wrong? I also changed the spark plug and air filter along with the oil and oil filter.
  3. davefrombc

    CV (diaphragm) Carb function.

    Version 1.0.0


    Excellent video on how the CV carbs used on some Suzuki and other quads work
  4. Jacob Blocker

    2001 300ex carb swap

    When i got my 300ex the carb was kinda wreaked, it had some sand in it that i got out, but the choke lever is melted off and the throttle sticks, what would be a good replacement, so far I have replaced the cdi with a non rev limted one and i am currently re building the engine with OEM parts/ Also i would rather not spend over $100 on the carb, but im fine with it being used if it works fine.
  5. So we have a 2000 BearTracker 250cc. We got hit by a tornado and it got flooded out. Water was well over the handle bars and it actually moved almost 40 yards by the water. Anyway, I've pulled the carb and drained the tank. New fuel and a "clean" carb. It fires right up first crank like it used to but bogs down after you try and give it any gas. Think it could still be a carb issue? Carb had a fresh rebuild in April and might have 10-12 hours on it since. After we got it out, It was never started until I took the carb off and cleaned it along with draining the tank. Carb has now been off twice with no differences. Any other ideas? also the water seems to never end in the exhaust. I've gotten out as much as I could but it's still steaming quite a bit like there's more in there. Could this be the problem? I've never had an ATV get flooded out like this one before. Any help or other ideas would be great. Thanks yal.
  6. Scoopeddad

    1994 honda trx300

    My 1004 honda trx300 starts up and sometimes idles good, sometimes not so good. If bike is running and I grab the bike and shake it the bike will stall or try to stall. What should I be looking at to fix issue?
  7. Scoopeddad

    1994 honda try 300 carb idle

    After I rebuilt the card it seems to have a faster idle than before. I have tried to adjust the idle screw but will only speed idle up, not slow it down. What should I look for in adjustments. I purchased a card rebuild kit.
  8. BeardedBackWoods

    Bear Tracker 250 idle issue

    Bought a 01 bear tracker and a trailer from a local guy last week. I rebuilt the carb 2 days ago and ran damn near perfect for 2 hours. Parked it and came back the next day. It suddenly won't hold an idle at all and pops when I'm going downhill or at a slow speed. Almost like I'm dragging the whole power train with the weight of the ATV. It still has decent power (80-90% maybe as it is now) but I can't figure out why it's popping and won't hold an idle suddenly. even with messing with the idle screw next to the bowl on the exterior of the carb. No changes. . ANY ideas would be great. I'm far from a carb king, but I've never had this issue before. The fuel was bought 2 days ago and it has a brand new intake manifold as of yesterday when I rebuilt the carb (whole rebuild kit). I sprayed around the carb and did not find any leaks. Thanks y'all.
  9. Can anyone help with routing the hoses on a lt250 carb hose routing? Manual doesn't really specify much, and pictures are lacking in it Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  10. Gadget44

    predator 90 carb

    got it running new cdi coil and stator will idle good but when u give it throttle it will take off but then will bog down but if you put it on jack stand in the rear it will rev up good with the tires spinning only bogs under load have removed carb and cleaned did find that the pilot jet was clogged and cleaned it main jet is clear and open any ideas
  11. Kamo

    Carb problems!!

    i was given a 2003 Polaris trailblazer 250! I have tried 2 different carbs that I purchased off of eBay and they were garbage. Brilliantly Polaris discontinued the carb for the trailblazer, is their anything out there that is compatible??!
  12. neo33ny

    Carb Question

    I'm rebuilding the carb on my LT160. I'm having trouble getting the needle jet back in. The old one seemed to push in so it stuck up like a sixteenth of an inch inside the carb. I even tried putting the old one back in and same thing. They won't push in far enough so I can get the bleeder to screw back in. I'll post a diagram so you know what I'm talking about. It's numbers 16 and 20 on the diagram I'm having the issue with. Any help is appreciated.
  13. I have a 99 warrior that won't run off of choke. I've taken the carb off twice and cleaned it. Second time it sat in chem dip for an hour. Still won't run off of choke. I checked the intake manifold it ok and the ground on the reverse its ok also. I drained the fuel and put fresh in. If I run half throttle and push in the choke it will stay running. It backfires through the carb a little. I took off air cleaner thinking it might be clogged but it not. I have moved the fuel mix screw all over and still got nothing. I checked the gap on the new spark plug it was at .026. Gap is ok the plug was black like too much fuel but when I back it off I still can't run off of choke. Very frustrated please help
  14. I recently purchased a 99 warrior it had been sitting for a couple years. Naturally I drained the tank and pulled the carb off to clean it out. I was careful to do so, but when I took it apart a small spring fell out. There were only two springs in it, minus the throttle linkage. I know the larger one is for the accellerater pump, but don't know where the small one goes. I've looked up diagrams with no luck. It will only fit in a couple places, does it go in the fuel mix screw? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  15. Hello everyone im in need of some serious help. I have a customers Kawasaki Prairie 300 its from around 2000 and he let it sit up for 5 to 6 years. well the carb is shot ive done everything and its too bad off but i have looked every where i cant find a replacement carb that dont cost $300-500. Is there any other carbs that would fit this model? is the there somewhere I can order a new carb body? The two hols on the carb are 32mm and 46mm. its a kei hin cvk with this number stamped on it G437 BNDB.
  16. griswold56

    mikuni carb

    can the needle jet be removed from the carb body of a mikuni carb
  17. hey guys im new to this place and i hope u guys can help me. i did look at sum forums but nothing to what i am experincing i got a 91 kingquad 300 i rebuilt the carb i got the needle jet bck out 2 turns after it was fully in. and i got the air mixture screw all the way in and if i try to start it without doin nothing it wnt do nothing choke in or out. if i take my finger and hold the slider half way up she will crank and idle high but thats bc of the mixture screw all the way up but soon as i let it drop she cuts off but as long as i hold the slider up she will stay cranked. i did take the bowl cover off and saw 2 little pin holes in the rubber gasket for the bowl i dnt know whats its called but i guess it does sumthn with air.i need it to stay idle so i can set my mixture screw. i got good spark,fuel is pumping, i looked at the intake boot no cracks or anything there, but just those 2 lil pin holes on the bowl gasket will that make it not stay idle? i rebuilt the carb bc it was extremely hard to start.it does smoke when its started which is a lil aggrevating but i just wanna get it running right now, and i need a seal for the compression switch it leaks a lil oil but not a biggie. i need help guys and im mechanically inclined but hvnt done much 4wheeler wrk but lots of auto wrk so im sure its understandable
  18. gyminis

    carb model suzuki pd36j-a

    I just bought this carb(brand new) and i recd no documentation with it,not even a packing list from zoomzoomparts.com ???????? Extremly poor customer service. Sent them an email about this,but to be honest Ill never hear from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the model # is pd36j-a and the item # is 201205733595 from zoom zoom parts! So i am looking for any /all information,specs,pics,diagrams,on this carburetor that anyone can find for me!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. gyminis

    need a rebuildable carb

    Im in need of a rebuildable mikuni bst31ss carburetor to go on a suzuki 1996 250 king quad,i will consider paying for the shipping. lets talk soon!!
  20. perry2010-2013

    carb question

    i have a 1998 yamaha blaster 200 2 stroke that i had the engine rebuilt and rebore the topend to 67mm which is .40 over stock bore.. i have stock exhaust and im gonna run a slip on uni filter. wat type or size carb do u think i should run
  21. Kfx400 carb problem? My friend has a 2004 kawasaki kfx400. We went down to the beach about 2 weeks ago and it stopped running there. We thought sand got in the carb, but we cleaned the carb out, cleaned the gas tank, and changed the spark plug. The atv wants to start but sounds choked. We have been working on this thing forever and we are starting to give up. Any ideas on how to fix?
  22. jasspar2

    carb questions

    New here and new to ATVs. I bought a 94 Yamaha big bear and immediately started having carb trouble. I rebuilt the carb and no luck. So my question is remanufactured carb or aftermarket. If aftermarket what brand. Thanks for the responses and as I said new to all this.
  23. I have replaced my oem carb with one that says its oem replacement (brand new). The problem I'm having is at idle it sounds like its sputtering like it wants to die out but when I'm on the throttle its running great. When I barley put my hand over the air filter hole it completely dies out. I have tried playing with the air screw adjusting it to the 2 1/4 turns out like the manual says and its still having the same problems. Can anyone point me in the right direction to help solve the problem. Now I bought a new one cause my old oem carb the idle screw on my original carb kept backing out. Please can someone help me I'm at my wits end at this point. Please help please
  24. Hi there, I have a 94 Big Bear 350 i got through trade. The P.O. said it would need a valve job soon as it smoked on start up and only ran at full choke. I brought it home and discovered the intake manifold was split in half and wrapped in duct tape. I got a new manifold from ZoomZoom and when i started it, it ran on half choke but backfired through the carb blowing up the new intake manifold. I pulled the carb to give it a full clean and realized the piston valve assembly in the carb is different than the one in the service manual. The one in the service manual is held in place under the cap with a spring and upper and lower connector, whereas the carb i have has the piston valve attached to an arm that connects through the throttle linkage shaft. I searched the number off the carb 3HN 00 H421 but came up empty. When i looked at pics of a warrior carb the piston valve assembly seem more alike. Can anyone tell me if it is the factory carb? Also on a side note. I checked the cam timing and it seems off a tooth or so, probably causing the back fire?