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  1. What is the best and easiest way to tune your carburetor? Any tips or tricks?
  2. Wow thats fast, my lt230 is currently taken apart on my work bench but i hope to have it as fast as yours when i get it back together.
  3. Thats an easy enough job to do in your garage takes about an hour. Watch some videos on how to clean a carburetor.
  4. Both my china quads run 35 40mph my suzuki lt230 runs around 50mph
  5. Gas is coming from that tube because your floats probably stuck Just clean/ rebuild your carb and if all else fails a new carb isnt too expensive and youll probably gain power.
  6. Im cool with the police in my area so i can ride on public roads.
  7. Ive always worked on anything that had an engine and i like to go fast so i bought a chinese pit bike and quad. Rebuilt them to tip top shape and ride em everyday. Plus i build motorized bikes have a dune buggy suzuki 230 quad and a pocket bike. Oh and im only 16.

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