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How did you get into Quads?

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Heres my story. Kinda long. I guess I was a late bloomer when it comes to quads. I had never ridden a quad in my life. Rode Dirt Bikes as a kid growing up. Back in Oct of '06 I found a Mustang on craigslist. Took it for a test drive one morning before work. Fast car. 351 Cleveland. I had planned on meeting the guy again after work. For some strange reason thats still to this day beyond me, I stopped in Hillsboro MotoSports on the way home from work. I had 6 Grand on me. There was a left over '05 sitting by the front door. It was on sale for $4999. It was $5499 OTD. I didnt even look at anything else. I knew nothing about quads accept I thought it really looked coool and I had the money in my pocket to buy it. I was sitting on it when the salesman walked up and asked... "Can I help you?" Without hestitation I pulled 60 Ben Franklins outta my front pocket and said "I want this Quad. Load it up in my truck." It was just about dark by the time I drove away from the shop. BTW, I didnt bother to ask my ol lady if I could buy it. LOL. Anyway, I took it by the house and showed her. She was kinda stunned but not mad. We drove over to a friend of mines house and unloaded it. I took it to the field across the street from his house. HOLY CHIT!!!!! I was surprised by the power. I had it for about 2 weeks and took it to Sand Lake. I was there a few hours and rolled it on a banked turn at the top of the bowl right before you get to the one-ways. When it rolled, I flew off and landed on my belly. The quad came bouncing and landed on my back. For a month I couldnt even walk. I was scared of it. I considered trading it for a 250EX. Went back to the shop. The salesman said..."Dude!!! You dont want a 250EX!!! Trust me. Just get used to it" I still wasnt convinced. I put it on craigslist for $4000. Calls were coming in. I had a guy that wanted to come look at it that evening. I decided to take it for one last ride at Browns Camp before I sold it. I was still afraid of it. After about 5 minutes I started feeling comfortable on it again. I decided right then, I loved my Honda 450 and would learn how to ride it instead of selling it. That was late Nov of '06. Work was slow for a Painter in Oregon. My new job everyday? Going to Browns Camp and ridding my Quad. I bought my Girl Friend an '02 Blaster. I rode my 450 for 4-6 hours almost every single day for 3 months. And yes, I know my way around Browns Camp pretty well. LOL. In March I bought her an '06 TRX250EX (Thank God I didnt trade my 450 for one of those) LOL Since then, I have become totally addicted to quads. I love them. Couldnt imagine not owning at least one quad. Luckily I have two. My "07 was $6500 OTD in July of '07. Bought it for my Girlfriend. Traded in her 250 EX. A month later we broke up. So, I wound up with two Honda 450's.


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Heres my story. Kinda long. I guess I was a late bloomer when it comes to quads. I had never ridden a quad in my life. Rode Dirt Bikes as a kid growing up. Back in Oct of '06 I found a Mustang on crai

My girlfriend and I have 4 kids together. Two of the four, my second oldest and the only boy, the baby of the four, were both diagnosed with autism. The older of the two has more of a severe case. She

I have a General 1000 and a RZR Turbo S  I have had the General for a few years and got the RZR late last summer both good fun.

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My husband was into dirtbikes when I met him. I had a 4 y/o son at the time. He took me out riding, and let me use his Odyssey. I was hooked! My son rode around in front of him on the dirtbike. Then he got too big for that, and it was time to get him his own ride. Since he couldn't handle a 2 wheel bike, we got him a quad. Since DH's dirtbike didn't do well with the slower speeds, he had to have a quad! I got pregnant, so I got an "offroad" golf cart to putt - putt trails with while the boys went riding. Now the baby is big enough to handle her own quad, and I got a real quad! The End.

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that is a nice mustang but i must be going crazy because that looks like a v6 small block.... well anyway about 2 years ago my parents bought a can-am rally 200 at the dealer awesome starter but later had big problems with the engine... about 2 months after i got a job and at the end of the summer was able to by a 2003 arctic cat 400 4x4 (wat a difference) so much power and 4x4 forget about it...... then i just have been riding ever since and loveing every minute of it and getting a lot of people hooked onto quads as well

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It was $5000. I think it was a '73. Its a V8. 351. Count the plug wires. If I would have bought the Stang I probably wouldnt have a drivers license anymore. LOL. My Dream car is a 68 Fastback. Shelby would be nice, but pretty much unaffordable for me. Not to mention gas is over $4 a gal now.

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yea gas is going up so much. pretty nice mustang if i had a choice it would be the 71'mach 1 or the 67' gt350

Yeah, me too. But both those are well over 5 grand. I like 67 or 68 Shelby GT-500 like Elinore in Gone in 60 seconds. I think they were taking 68 Fastbacks and making them look like 67 GT-500s for the movie. I've alway been a Ford guy. Mostly 4x4s. 73-79s. But, recently been considering either a 73 or 74 Chevy 3/4 ton short bed for my next toy. Now, I gotta see if I can find some pix of some of my old Fords.

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i was 8 years old and my parents had trouble deciding wat kinda present i wanted for christmas. so i was asked if i wanted a quad or a dirtbike. i said dirtbike cause i thought it would be cheaper. so that christmas i got a ttr90. i rode it everday and loved it, but one day i jumped and landed too far on the rear wheel. i fell back and ripped a chunk outta my elbow(thank god for meh helmet). i too was scared of it. i never rode the same on that dirtbike. that next christmas my brother got a kfx50.i would ride around with him, but not as hard as before. after i began to ride his quad more than my dirtbike. when i was 12 or 13(dont remeber) we went out and bought a 250ex. i loved it. after that all my friends began getting quads. then at 14 i got bored with the 250 but still rode the hell outta it. then this march, after 2 yrs of workin with my dad i finally got my 400ex. the story is to be continued :wink:

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iam a huge ford fan and I liked that gt500 a lot.. I liked the broncos a lot especaily wen I saw on a tv show called trucks wen the guy rebuilt one and it was awesome... The 78 1/2 ton is up there to with my favorite trucks next to jeeps

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Man where to start where to start.


Well about hmm 7-8 years ago 1 of my cousin's had this yellow/blue like 250 forgot what brand. It might of been a honda. But after I rode it down thru the softball field parking lot/trails in the back/creek that gos thru a tunnel under the highway 3 storys down under ground.

Then I wanted 1

I couldnt get 1 till back in 2004 we live in the city like 15-20 mins from downtown ST Louis. So we was going to my dad's farm, and we looked over to harley dividson's building. They was having a BIG blow out sale out of all there stores around the STL area. So 2 days later dad, and me went over there. we would of thought there was only dirt bikes till we saw 2 ATV's in the back.

So we went over there since we looked at everything else. They had a red honda 400 something "cant remember what model". It was damage they said it looked like a tree T-bone it lol.

Then there it was a 2003 green polaris expolrer 400 w/ a snowplow the shinest it ever been "since i had it lol" Then dad, and me was talking saying. Well since we did buy are chevy, and mom's gmc I dont know if we can buy it. But after mom got off work we said "CAN WE HAVE IT??" she first said no. Then we showed her all the stuff on it, and what we could do with it. Then she finally said yes.

Boguht it for $5,000 I believe or $4.999 o well its close. But 2-3 weeks after we had it. I wrecked it. I was going full speed "With a helment" didnt know there was a BIG HOLE there. the grass was all level so I didnt see the hole. People said they saw me, then disappear. then see the atv fly up in the air then atv disappear, then they saw me fly in the air with my helment flying off, then I disappear. The atv then rolled over me but where the seat was it didnt hurt me.

I walked away with alittle cut on my leg, and a headache.. We did repair it $300 damage not much tho.

I was even scared to drive it since then 3 months later since it was sitting at my unlce's collecting dust. I finally said I'll ride it if I dont feel right with it we'll sale it. So while I was riding it around I was thinking all the good times I had with the short 2-3 weeks I had it. So I kept it, and take it to the mud runs at are cousin's farm about 2 time every year. Also take it down to are farm to ride it. But I'll never forget that wreck.

We still have it today. But it has been sitting at my uncle's for quite a long time. Theres has to be atleast 3 inches of dust on it. 1 day it will run in its glory days.....1 day.

But we do need to take it out before sept. because mud runs coming up.



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quite easily. The Doctor told me my balance was no longer good enuf for 2 wheels.....I can ride with the best of them, but it's too much work for my old heart. so I went to 3 wheels, then to four. It's a change, but it has been a BALL the whole way! nice folks everywhere!

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When I was like 16 years old, I had a couple of freind that had quads. King Quad 300 I think, with the lever shifts, is what was the beast back then. Some Hondas and some ATCs I remember. Never had money to get into the sport at that time.

I was able to get my frist quad at age 24, a 1987 yamaha warrior. Used of course.

My first NEW quad came a few years later and it was a 2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220

Then I bought a 2004 Yamaha Kodiak 450.

Finally I bought a 2005 Suzuki King Quad.

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I started riding at age 5. My dad raised me on dirt bikes. I started racing at age 8.(desert racing) I've been on just about every Honda from the 50cc to the 500cc. When I met my girl and we started going out riding EVERY weekend she had just got her Rhino. The places we would go weren't all that fun on a dirt bike. But then again I can ride a bike without even thinking about it. So I started looking at quads because that's all I would see out there. I bought my 1st quad in June of 07, It brought back the fun. No more mindless riding. Having all 4 corners to watch when you're going, sliding around turns. I think it is much more impressive when you see a guy on a sport quad fly through a gnarley rock section than a bike. Takes more skill.(to go fast)

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Growing up in "suburbia" (50 miles NW of New York city), and anal parents, I never really had the opportunity for any type of off-roading.....a BMX bike here and there with small mounds on abandoned property, but that was maybe 3 times tops.....

Well, at the ripe old age of 44, my photography mentor emailed me one snowy day in January of 2007 and asked if I wanted to go riding with him. I knew he rode quads....he has a Kodiak 450 in his garage...

No sooner did I read the last sentence of that email did I hit reply with a "HELL YEAH!!!!"

Wound up doing a 4 hour ride on his son's 250 Ozark (SRA, manual) and the bug bit me......

The following week, I found a local club, and they advised me to get the '07 Kawi Brute Force 650 4x4i with ITP TerraCross tires....

Took delivery of that puppy in February '07.....WAHOO!!!!!

Since then, I've joined 4 local clubs (lot of member overlap).

I also found out, and the NY members can commiserate, that NY SUCKS for ATV'ers....but we get by with what we have.....

We maintain our trails, as well as volunteer for multi-county charity/volunteer work. Hopefully with the current legislature on the table will improve things....

Don't have all that many miles/hours on the quad, but get out when I can.

As we all know, gas prices are affecting some of us.....

It costs me close to $120 every time I want to ride with the upstate club (120 mile round trip....2 car tanks of gas...quad tank and 5 gal. can...trail fee), so I probably won't be riding much this summer if gas prices don't improve...GRRRRR!!!!!!

Anyhoo...that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!!!

Tom "Slug Rider" D

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Well, at the ripe old age of 44, my photography mentor emailed me one snowy day in January of 2007 and asked if I wanted to go riding with him. I knew he rode quads....he has a Kodiak 450 in his garage...

Same age I started ridding at. 44. Everyone else started when the were much younger.
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Same age I started ridding at. 44. Everyone else started when the were much younger.

Yeah...but the thing is, you most likely can roost my butt coming off the trailer :aargh:



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      Hi Everyone,
      I am new to this forum and hope that someone out there can help me, I have an early Suzuki King Quad 300 (280cc) which starts intstantly every time but at about half revs or there abouts it starts spluttering and will not rev any higher, this fault is present whether choke is applied or not, some one suggested that silencer maybe be clogged so removed baffle but no improvement have removed carb and stripped 3 times but still no joy.
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      So recently after a 20 plus year if not longer of riding quads and dirt bikes my youngest son 13 years old asked me for a quad .So we found a 1986 Suzuki LT Quad runner  230 GE shaft drive got it for a good price needed some tlc New tires and used rims new spark plug new brakes not yet installed new oil and air filter oil change and tail light and head light.I got most if not all on ebay very inexpensive and the quad runs great.Been using it almost every day and of course at 52 years old im riding everyday again I live in Brooklyn NY Gerritsen beach and where we live we are lucky enough to have many trails and a  beach to ride on we actually have some very well maintained trails and tracks that have been made from when i was a kid and taken care of by neighborhood kids who ride So of course now comes the part were I want a bigger quad for myself and my son is looking for a manual clutch bike Raptor or Quad-sport so I just wanted to introduce myself and here are some pics of our 230 quadrunner Thanks all next is to tackle the back brakes witch I see the whole rear axle has to be removed to get the drum off should be fun lol 

      And I also need to do a wheel alignment 
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