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  1. woah been a helluva long time since my last picture. im in the thor jersey
  2. very nice dude, i saw your whole bike on exriders and i must say, that is one of the sickest 450s ive seen.
  3. kinda late reply, but i would never run wheel spacers. they give a helluva lot of bumpsteer. but if you want to sacrifice handling for a wider quad, then its good i guess. im also scared to use wheel spacers. i just dont trust them.
  4. i think we're just a tad far away from each other dont'cha think? if and when i get the ktm, my first mod will be SX a arms. followed by an exhaust of some brand. i cant wait
  5. me hitting a 50ft double at houston valley houston valley orv laffayette by powermaddd400ex QUADCRAZY ATV Community
  6. money is an issue, and the SX is 2k+ more than the XC model. yea i know, the main reason im wanting the XC is cash, if i could pick any quad, it would be the 505SX for sure, but its high as a cats back. in the end, the only real mods ill have done to it is SX arms and a pipe since i love a wide quad.
  7. yea it will be a sad day i want something race ready, if i dont go with a KTM ill be looking for a race ready yfz trx or ltr. im not a huge fan of raptors though. i wish i could, the nearest dealer is 2 hours away with that awesome price. im not really worried about the seat, im always standing or hanging off the seatup due to the fact i have no butt and sitting in even the plushest chair hurts. as long as its reliable, its what im looking for. but i wonder if the sx and xc seats are interchangable.
  8. as the title says, with school ending and summer begining things have been pretty hectic round here so imma fill yall in on my quad life. the 400ex is for the most part done, ive pretty much got it the way i want it. the carrier bearings are going out on it so i think ill invest on a twin row carrier. now in about a year, we should have made our last payment on the 400. soon after that we will be selling the 400. idk if i will part out the big things or not, its still up in the air. after she is sold i will invest in a new ktm450xc, which at a ceratin dealership is selling for a smoking price
  9. We were about to but then taylors parents showed up and we had to leave. next time we're out we'll definatly get a video.
  10. Finally got my whips down pat last weekend me and my friend taylor made a small step up.. its not a huge jump, but its not bad for being right behind my back yard haha taylor on his Z he had this fender kiss thing goin on
  11. where the heck did you find that?! i wanted an nmotion shorty but never could find one for the 400. but the quad is pretty much done now, as soon as it is paid off we'll be selling it(maybe part a few things out) and buy a 450. so im not throwin anymore money at her
  12. you have the same last name as me take care joe, and thank you.

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