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  1. My buddy picked up a crf250 friday so it was riding time all weekend at the sand-pit While they rode around i built the lip to this!! Got a few screen shots, and some go-pro footage. Will upload more videos later. enjoy! >Go ahead to .30 sec in this video run time was a bit long.
  2. Carbondale, Forrest City & Jessup. Its a nice trip once and a while.
  3. What about the valves? They may get to tight causing hard starting. Been down that road!
  4. Heres a video my little cousin thru together. Enjoy and watch it in HD! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOSbT5tEaks]YouTube - Chapter 1. 'PA' / Edited By: Dan Jagich[/ame]
  5. What mods are done to the quad? IS your jetting correct? How many hours does the motor have; Valves?
  6. yes its me and my buddy, hes on the yfz im on the honda
  7. yeah there in dutchess, there just a short stretch of powerlines across the street from my buddys house. we spend all day out there its a fun place to ride:) Thanks for the good comments!
  8. Well this was my final project for one of my communications courses. WATCH IT IN HD!!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOqTZyU-0DA]YouTube - Fall Riding[/ame]
  9. He went "through the water"... just didnt make it The channel went from about 2 1/2 feet to over 5ft. you can see by how far the water line comes up on his clothes. Heres my entry and i have to say the polaris started right back up!

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