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  2. its was the start switch, she's back to rippin' and tearin' thanks guys
  3. That is F'n Classic! love it lol. ya, i've made that trek in my silverado with my camper, and it's not a small journey lol. ride her till the clutch blows! lol
  4. ya I can't see why highway driving or rain would be bad for a backwards facing quad, but I would agree that its for keeping it from hitting the window for the smaller trucks. my yfz doesnt have a bumper on it right now, so it fits in the back with the tailgate up (5.5ft bed) but the windows not really an issue, the silverado beds are high enough that unless you have a lifted quad theres no way it's hitting the window.
  5. I have a '07 Yamaha Grizzly 450, one of these days i'll upgrade to the 700 with EFI and power steering, but for now, it gets me around, and it does a hell of a job of it, it's actually kinda nice to be lower to the ground than the 700, your center of gravity isn't so high and you don't feel as tippy on side hills and what not. don't think I'll ever own anything utility besides a Grizzly though, not that they aren't pretty equal, i'm just partial
  6. I have a '07 YFZ 450 and love it to death, it's snappy as hell, great suspension, and fits me like a glove, I also have a '04 predator 500, and I'm not a huge fan, it's big and bulky, feels like your riding a utility quad with the looks of a sport quad, so I agree with these guys, it's what fits you best, test drive/sit before you buy for sure. My brother has a '08 Raptor 700 SE and that thing is a beast too, I love the EFI on it, just cause you can go from my house (sea level) to his neck of the woods (5000 feet) and ride the same, my YFZ is carbed and you definately can't set it and forget it lol.
  7. x2 to the above posts, the main differance with sand rails and utvs is that you can only use sand rails in...sand...lol, utvs are great on trail systems, mud, dirt, sand, whatever. but...if you go to the dunes a lot, sand rails are awesome! beware chinese knockoffs, youll blow a tranny and never find replacement parts for them.
  8. heres a link if you really want to get your blood boiling, osama bin ladens son wants to sue the us... Osama Bin Laden's son Omar slams Al Qaeda leader's death as criminal and may sue US | Mail Online
  9. you do know colorado isnt on the west coast right... lol. its too damn far from washington though, they have something kinda like it in castle rock though just down the road.
  10. Hey guys, Im gonna be going camping at Tahuya with some family and friends over memorial day weekend, dont know if any of you are in that area, or might be going there, if you do, feel free to come say hi, youll see this setup Ryan->
  11. awesome write up man, thanks, I adjusted the jet about one turn and vio la, no more problems! on my way out the door to head to sandlake, or to camp at the dunes, thanks man. Ryan
  12. so you think adjusting the jetting out some would possibly do it, im no carb professional, so try to speak about it as if you were training a 10 year old and ill probably understand lol.
  13. So I'm stumped. I had the carb in the carb cleaner can for 24 hours soaking, pulled it out tonight after work, pulled the idle and primary jet off and sprayed the crap out of them and their respective holes, and just for good measure, sprayed the crap out of every orifice I could find on it, put it all back together, and nothing changed, still idles great on choke, and dies off of choke... I'm at a loss for words
  14. so heres some pics, the first one is of the carb, the other three are of the "apparatus", it looks attached to the crankcase, let me know what ya think... this last one is of the carb removed and the hose that connects to the carb...

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