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Osama Bin Laden Dead!

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If it's true I am happy and I hope he's in hell right now realizing he gets no virgins and is being but raped next to hitler and saddam. But with some of the reports of him being buried out to sea and no other evidence makes me raise some suspicions. But either way good riddance. Thank you to the men and women that have served and thank you to the special forces that brought this evil person down.

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If it's true I am happy and I hope he's in hell right now realizing he gets no virgins and is being but raped next to hitler and saddam. But with some of the reports of him being buried out to sea and no other evidence makes me raise some suspicions. But either way good riddance. Thank you to the men and women that have served and thank you to the special forces that brought this evil person down.

Well said Jonny.

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I think if Osama bin Laden was not dead he would have to come forward with a video to prove to the world he was not killed by the USA. So with nothing surfacing I believe he is dead.

The only thing that is very upsetting is that Obama is taking all the credit for the victory. The same president who tried to cut troops pay and benifits. I am not sure if Obama would be willing to risk his life like our Troops fighting overseas.

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I would like to know how the 2 shots to the head happened being he was supposedly unarmed. I know they said he resisted, but did he run and they pegged him off? Did they walk up to him and shoot him? Was it by pistol? No matter what it was...just interested how it went down. I'm sure there will be a movie down the road!!!

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I don't think he is dead. Too convenient to have it happen on May 1 the same day Hitler was confirmed dead and also heading into the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I watched the Loose Change documentary and dont believe anything our government says about that anymore either. If you havent seen that check it out. I found my copy on EBAy. All of a sudden now Obama (only one letter away) is the man again when just last week he sucked eggs and noone could wait to get him out of office.

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I think he may have died a while ago via natural causes if not a few days ago. There is some buzz about that. With proof I may be inclined to believe it but if you can photoshop a birth certificate you can photoshop some pictures.

I don't think if Osama was alive today he would be able to sit there and listen to the USA cheer for victory without making some kind of statement.

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I agree that if he was if fact still alive he would have said something about it, and not just stood by while all of America cheers about his death. But i did hear that they apparently did the DNA test on a boat in the middle of the ocean.. Sounds a little strange to me.

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heres a link if you really want to get your blood boiling, osama bin ladens son wants to sue the us...

Osama Bin Laden's son Omar slams Al Qaeda leader's death as criminal and may sue US | Mail Online

Great article, thanks for posting. I wonder what UBL thought of that son and his western ways....LOL....and now he wants to sue. That's a laugh. :laugh:

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