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  1. welcome to QC !! Welcome to QC !!
  2. Im known to do stupid chit from time to time so I wear all the safety gear i can find !! I alway make sure my ramp are tied down when I m loading my quad in my truck !!
  3. , on our current 500 range you simply hold down the left dashboard button (when sitting on the ATV) and the dash will switch from Kms to Miles. I found this on a CFMOTO page https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/cf-moto-cf-500/q-and-a?page=4 Heres the link !
  4. I was stationed at Ft Ord and in the Springs also but I only served 4 yrs My pops was in for 26 yrs retired in 74 after 2 tours of nam 65 and 68 We called him "TOP" growing up !!
  5. I havent returned other than visiting my sister and brother My dad passed 2 yrs ago so i was back for that ! Beautiful terrain about like here in Colordao
  6. I was raised in Ogden . Still have family there !
  7. Sweet Vid as always !! Gunny Where is this ?
  8. Im a Honda guy 2005 450R so my 2 cents are worthless LOL My buddy has a 2008 MXR 450 and loves it but its a pain to work on according to him !!
  9. Man thats badass THX for posting !!
  10. I get better traction with lower pressure but im riding a sport quad !
  11. I havent seen him back on line since he posted !! Wonder if he figured it out !!
  12. I bought a 2005 TRX 450R brand new and still runs great !! and run it hard 2 top ends is the only thing ive done to it ! Its ported with bigger cam +1 valves CP piston exhaust
  13. THX for posting !!Sweet video keep post em !!
  14. Yea that snorkel is over kill !! LOL wonder if the airbox is water tight !! I wish deals like that would come my way !!
  15. Ive got the same quad since I bought it new in 05 Ive never had a issue with the clutch ! Whats it doing ? is ur cable working right or out of adjustment ? pull the cover off and youll be able to see if it working proper
  16. Nice Honda 300 !! Im a 400ex guy though !!
  17. That would be my guess Also but without have it in front me its hard to say
  18. I have a low pressore gage I run about 4 lbs

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