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  1. Thats a hard choice !! I have friends with both !! Im a honda guy
  2. Keep sports quad !! A 20 yr old quad could be a money pit !!
  3. Damm Gunny Sorry to hear that !! Hope 2019 is a better year for u !! I didnt see any of ur crazy vids on here lol thought u got a job or something !!
  4. Just a few weeks ago !! still pedaling a sport quad !! I guess when I get old Ill have to get a 4x4 !! lol
  5. Im a honda fan !! not sure how well the big 4x4's are at jumping lol
  6. Hey Ajmboy ur still here i see , I kinda have been off the grid for a while (taking a break from the BS on online ) and working more !! Been doing the sand dunes lately
  7. Still riding every chance I get !! Work takes up the rest of my time !!
  8. Good afternoon QC !! Just stopped in to see whats been happening !!
  9. Good to see this site still going strong !! Im getting back into riding again soon !! The 450 R still running strong but she looks lonely just sitting !!

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