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  1. Good to see this site still going strong !! Im getting back into riding again soon !! The 450 R still running strong but she looks lonely just sitting !!
  2. quadnut20

    Rescuing a Sunken Can-Am

    LMAOF Great vid !!
  3. Im still riding sport quads at 62 yrs !! my dad passed last spring so im still dealing with his affairs and riding when I can !!
  4. after posting hundreds of pics on here in the past Im currently not able to post any pics on this new system no matter what I try !! JMO
  5. quadnut20

    Honda TRX 400 ?

    Its a great quad !! Ive had a couple of them ! Then I need something bigger !!LOL
  6. quadnut20

    The Official Good morning thread!

    Good Morning QC !! Finally got some rain !! First moisture in about 4 weeks We`re about 2` behind in snow fall compared to normal !!
  7. Im still around !! Still riding the 05 450R My kids are all grown so if Im not workin Im riding !! Now if I just keep from falling off and hurtin myself !!
  8. quadnut20

    Killpecker Sand dunes !

    A few pics of our last trip to Killpecker Sand dunes !!
  9. quadnut20

    1994 honda trx300

    Has it been sitting for long periods of time ?? Possible gummed up carb ?
  10. quadnut20

    ATC 250R Two Wheel Missle

    Looks like an old CR 250 with big wheels !! LOL Id get hurt for sure
  11. quadnut20

    Apache Backcountry Track System

    Badass !!! Wife said I cant have it !!!! Bummer !!
  12. Wish I could make it out there !!
  13. quadnut20

    Some Fun In The Snow

    Sweet vid !! I didnt see the wife going down the hill though !! LOL
  14. quadnut20

    Anyone Watching the Superbowl?

    True !! Even though Brady was great the 2nd half I thought Atlanta would of at least showed up !
  15. quadnut20

    Anyone Watching the Superbowl?

    Wow It was a great game ! Where did atlanta go in the second half ??