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  1. I was stationed at Ft Ord and in the Springs also but I only served 4 yrs My pops was in for 26 yrs retired in 74 after 2 tours of nam 65 and 68 We called him "TOP" growing up !!
  2. I havent returned other than visiting my sister and brother My dad passed 2 yrs ago so i was back for that ! Beautiful terrain about like here in Colordao
  3. I was raised in Ogden . Still have family there !
  4. Im a Honda guy 2005 450R so my 2 cents are worthless LOL My buddy has a 2008 MXR 450 and loves it but its a pain to work on according to him !!
  5. Man thats badass THX for posting !!
  6. I get better traction with lower pressure but im riding a sport quad !
  7. I havent seen him back on line since he posted !! Wonder if he figured it out !!
  8. I bought a 2005 TRX 450R brand new and still runs great !! and run it hard 2 top ends is the only thing ive done to it ! Its ported with bigger cam +1 valves CP piston exhaust
  9. THX for posting !!Sweet video keep post em !!

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