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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TRX400EX-GT-full-steel-rear-skid-plate/264470053549?epid=8008094492&hash=item3d93a4c2ad:g:OFcAAOSw03VZ44gK I had this on my ex 400 but now im sporting a 450R
  2. Spending $ 60 - 100 is cheap compared to screwing up the rear rotor and sprockets JMO
  3. Those are some bad ass videos !! Keep posting them !
  4. LOL Gunny Ive had 5 sons never pulled weeds lol or cut grass !! Tried to get the wife to do it but that didnt work out for me !!!!
  5. yep were doing snow rides every weekend !! My quad is good up to about a foot of snow but speed is the trick !! PS Ive showed ur vids to my buddies and they like them also !!
  6. you will enjoy that Kawi 700 Ive ridden a few!! Any mods done to it ?
  7. Hey Ajmboy hows life treating u ?? Ill still be able to check in without upgrade ?
  8. Yea I was bored so i figured Id check out QC !! Dont see many of the old members around ! I see people have to buy memberships now , when did that start ? This pic was taken last weekend in Colorado , We have some great snow for riding here !!
  9. Nice Video Gunny !! That thing should be ready to ride for yrs to come !!

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