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  1. Ive had both !! My 500 was mostly a dune quad ! My 250 was my trail quad !! I can find a pic of my 500 !!
  2. post a pic of ur axle ! i have a05 trx 450 I might be able to help !
  3. I wish !! All the outside stuff has been put off due to weather its either raining or snowing here and on top of that Ive managed to still find some work !!
  4. As usual bad ass vid !! Most of my areas are shut down because of this virus !1 even though is safer than going to a store !!
  5. Sand Mt Is about 1hr 45 min from my sisters house in Sandy ill probably do it this fall !! Killpecker Wy is about 6 hrs from me in denver but Ill stay 5 days Ive been going to KP for about 16 years or so !!
  6. Love them Banshees St Anthonys is on my bucket list Also Little Sahara near Nephi Ill stay a my sisters house in S Salt Lake
  7. Alot of our friends with 4x4 quads bought sand tires for their machines and have a blast out there
  8. We go to Killpecker sand dunes about 35 miles north of Rock Springs out in the red desert !! Super fun area to play at !!
  9. Our mountains are off limits to anyone unless u live there ! Ill tear the 450 down and check everything out and get it ready for late spring early summer riding !! Ill be headed to wyoming for some sand riding in May !! Ive been thinking about gettin a 4x4 quad lately but not sure which one I like !!
  10. Damm Nice ride Gunny Wondering where u been !!LOL Theyve closed most of our riding areas down due to this virus !! so im spending $$$ to see if I can make this 450 R go faster !!!
  11. Thats a trail made for that raptor Id would have passed that 4x4 LOL Great vid !! Ive been following u on youtube also !!

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