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  1. We can add another section, it's relatively easy. Currently we have ATVs (obviously...) UTVs, ATC/3 wheeler, and 4x4 Trucks and Jeeps.
  2. I am reviving this topic. We are using a calendar section for events. Please post any 2017 events you are aware of. We need everyone's help to build out this section for our community. Go to: Its also under the main menu when you drop down the browse menu. Here is an example of an added event (embedded in a post with the url of the event):
  3. I hear good things about the Honda Pioneer UTVs and I agree that you don't need overkill if you can get what you need for the right price. I moved this topic into the Honda UTV Forum 😁
    Thanks for uploading.
  4. Moved topic to the regional forums.
  5. Jimm, i have taken your post and started a new topic about your dealership for you. It's posted in this South Regional forum.
  6. Moved topic to Honda forum and added manufacturer into the topic title.
  7. Thanks for posting kenykop an welcome to QUADCRAZY. Feel free to add these dates into our calendar/events section located here:
  8. I re-pasted the link urls from youtube. The regular youtube watch= urls and short urls will auto embed if they are pasted in and can find the video. The shared urls will not work to auto embed. The solution is to click the arrow to share the video and then use that url in the post.
  9. We have renamed the She Rides forum to the Women ATV Rider Forum 😁
  10. Today we opened a new section in our forums under: Regional ATV & Off Road Forums There you will see forums broken down by the Census Bureau-designated regions and divisions. This will give our members the opportunity to post more localized topics and find more localized topics. 😁 You may see that our staff and moderating team might move existing topics into these forums if they are relevant to the category. In the long term, this will add to better categorization of topics in our forums.
  11. UPLOAD ENTRIES HERE: Contest Information: Submit your photo that shows your exhaust in the image. It has to include your ATV, 3 wheeler, or UTV. Upload your photo into the contest category for your chance to win 50% off your next HMF exhaust! That's a huge savings directly from HMF. Contest submission period is February 1, 2017 - February 28, 2017. Contest Rules One photo per member allowed, so make sure it's a winner. Photos will require approval into contest after upload. Photos can be of yourself or taken by you. You may not submit photos that you do not have ownership of or permission to use. Any violation of these terms will result in disqualification. Winner will be determined the following month and will receive the discount voucher. Please visit this month's contest sponsor at
  12. Our January Photo Contest is now closed for entries. We have decided to do what we have always done with these contests in the past and open it up to the community to vote on a winner. Looks like there are 13 entries. Please take a moment to vote. This poll and topic will close one week from now on 2/8/2017. January Contest Page Link Pushin Through.jpg By Joeburz 0 37 Rampart New Years 2017 By quadnut20 2 198 7.jpg By BSRacing 0 84 IMG-3050.JPG By Banditdarvel2016 0 128 QuadCrazy.jpg By BigRuss 0 124 FIXING A FLAT TIRE IN THE BOTTOM OF A CREEK By bob5701954 0 159 Hammock Beach By data89 2 204 Life Next to the Missouri River By TheLeprochaun 2 246 I Have The Mountains To Myself By Gunny 4 262 Straddleline orv park By joet82 2 278 parked right below a giant tree spider By atvinme 1 237 Top of the World By wylde1 0 209 motorbiker40 entry By motorbiker40 0 249
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