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  1. We are in the process of updating a few areas here on QUADCRAZY, so if you experience any issues, please contact us, send a PM, or reply to this topic. Thanks!
  2. 1999 polaris sportsman 335

    Topic moved to Polaris forum.
  3. 2000 Yamaha Bear Tracker help!

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  4. Topic title edited with ATV information.
  5. 1995 Polaris xplorer 400 losing coolant

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  6. 2001 Polaris 500 scrambler boggs down

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  7. 05 arctic cat 500 bogg

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  8. I need a 2000 Honda trx engine or bottom end

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  9. CF Moto 800 Quadzilla

    Topic moved to CF Moto forum and second topic has been deleted. Please post only one topic per issue, thanks.
  10. As a manufacturer of CV axles for ATVs, UTVs and side-by-sides, TrakMotive has announced the release of 42 new part numbers covering 486 fitment applications for 205 models from Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Kymco, Polaris and Yamaha. Available in both OE replacement and heavy-duty versions, these axles are now in stock and ready to ship. TrakMotive says it is committed to offering the largest selection of CV axles in the industry while bringing new applications to the market. TrakMotive CV Axles for ATVs, UTVs and side-by-sides exceed OEM quality in fit, form and function, come fully assembled with all necessary hardware included for easy installation with no modifications required and include a one-year limited warranty, according to the company. TrakMotive CV Axles are available from authorized TrakMotive dealers and distributors. To contact TrakMotive, visit or call 800-567-1608.
  11. Request For Feedback From Our Members

    Ok, first, can you tell me how you access QUADCRAZY? On a desktop or mobile and what browser are you using? Next, are you unable to post a pic within a topic or in the pictures section? Can you explain what point you get to and what happens on your end?
  12. Over the past year, we have made some significant updates to QUADCRAZY and have focused on the forum mostly, since it is the most active part of this community. We've also updated our gallery section so members can easily share photos, added a downloads section for members to share things such as ATV manuals, added a leaderboard and a reputation system. In addition to that, there have been many changes to how members access QUADCRAZY, especially on mobile screens. We've also added login integration with popular social networks such as facebook and twitter. We've made it easier to post, message members, and manage memberships. QUADCRAZY launched as a much simpler website back in 2014 and 13 years later, we re still at it. In that time, many users have moved on and many new users have joined. The challenge for sites like this is to keep them current and draw members back to contribute and participate when the big social networks take up more of that "online time" these days. We have some cool new features planned for September that will bring in things like: Copy and Paste into the editor when typing. Better embedding within posts using just urls (we already auto embed from some sites and our own content). A new recent topics view for the forum. Fluid forum view. New reactions to content to complement the like button. Device management so you manage how you login to QUADCRAZY. ATV Clubs where are members will be able to start their own clubs (public or private) with their own forum. What we would like to know from our members is what to improve, what to add, etc. What do you like and/or dislike? Would you like to see additional website colors/themes, different website layout, maybe wider? Do we need other forum sections, do we need other community sections? Things like this we are interested in hearing about and if its something that can be done to make this place better for everyone, maybe we can do it. So please feel free to post in this topic, your feedback of our ATV community. 😁
  13. Free Polaris Manuals

    @GatorHunter started this topic in 2012 so the first post lists a bunch of manuals that may not be available anymore from that member. The link in the first post has been changed to Amazon where you can find some of these manuals for sale. Any free manuals here would be under our downloads section , that are user contributed but we do not have much in the way of Polaris right now. A quick search of the forums, there is another thread you can inquire that was started by @oxidized_black