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    • You  and  the others you claim  had  the COVID infection as proven by  a swab test ?..  It is not a  cold or flu strain. It is a Corona virus strain.  Most  young  people  don't  get serious  complications  from  it , and  many never even show clinical symptoms  beyond  loss of taste or smell. It is a killer of mainly the elderly  and immune compromised.  Whether you want to believe the statistics or not , I would say well over 500,000 dead and counting  is serious.  Some areas get away  with few suffering from  it ,  others  are not so  lucky.  I  cannot change your beliefs.. I  can  point out the facts for those willing to  listen  to consider. Conspiracy theories are  like religions. They are based on belief and not  on tangible, proven facts and science.  Facts and science get rejected when they  interfere with deep rooted  belief.  That's why it is so  difficult to wean  anyone away from  a cult.  Their final words are "I  BELIEVE". End of discussion.
    • and i agree name calling is useless.. doesnt get anyone anywhere.   @davefrombc, when you say you hope i dont find out how dangerous covid is first hand, thats exactly what im trying to say:  i have experienced it first hand and it is not even as bad as the seasonal flu.  i live right beside a college town and work for my dad in college kids apartments just about every other day.  i have yet to wear a mask, or take the vaccine.  id be hard pressed to name you someone i know that hasnt had covid.  none of them have been hospitalized, or died.  all agree with me its no more serious then the seasonal flu.  yes its spreading like wildfire, thats what a virus does.  the kicker is if it doesnt spread quickly enough, then it has time to mutate and form different strains.  thats why countries and some of the us states that have locked down to flatten the curve have seen relapses in outbreaks over and over, unless the virus moves through the population quickly while its weak, it has time to mutate and live on.  the most dumb thing the US has done so far is close down the economy.  had the economy stayed open, covid would be dead and gone. the way youre making this out is that covid is deadly and killing a lot of people.  if its killing so many people why do i not know of a single person who has been seriously sick from or with covid? like i said before, i live right beside a college town.  about 1/3 of the students there are indian or asian.  all of said students have come to the university after covid broke out.  so i would assume it would be safe to say my town where many of these students live and the town 'next door' where the university is are high risk right?
    • We get back from " Aleko " on a different part of road with snow, cool for some drifts on the turns Thanks for Watching!  
    • It is a health issue that unfortunately IS a big issue .  It isn't  just a big issue for the left in the US,  it is a big issue  IN EVERY COUNTRY.  That should tell you something.  It is not  your  run of the mill  Flu  bug. It is an entirely different  killer that has every possibility of turning into far more infectious and deadly with every mutation. If you  would watch mainstream news maybe you would get some  clue to that fact. Over 500,000  Americans alone have died from  complications of the virus and there will  be  more.  The science and medical communities  fear now  it  may become endemic ; requiring annual  vaccinations against the  mutating  virus ,  just as  the  flu does now for the vulnerable. It's no  joke  Jacob. I hope you and your family and friends don't  find that out first hand.  Ask  your parents   and grandparents  about  Polio  and  Smallpox . Read some history  of  smallpox. Smallpox vaccination was available until 1980 when it was finally declared eradicated.  Polio was a big crippler and killer  until a vaccine came out in 1955. Polio crippled  Franklin  Roosevelt.  It crippled and killed  many  in  its outbreaks over the years, My sister  survived a  mild  case of polio in her youth  with only minor neurological damage. Many  kids spent  what little  life they  had left in  "Iron  lungs". Neither Smallpox nor Polio  spread world wide as fast as the  COVID  virus  simply because the nations and population wasn't so  connected by easy transportation  as it is now.  That  easy  connection is what  makes viruses  like CV-19  so  dangerous and require economically  painful measure to try to contain. Believe the science , not the  damn fools on the far and extreme right  who think everything is a conspiracy against them  until they  are directly affected  by it themselves .  Then  it's too late .

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