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    • Thanks for the reply.  Do you think it is worth draining and flushing the fuel tank?
    • You're concerned about watts when amps is what you need to figure out. A standard light draws 12-13 amps where an LED of equal lumens draws 2-3 so if you get a 22" light bar it will draw less than 2 headlights and taillights. Watts is how lightbulb lumens are judged for output not draw 
    • Yeah Dave, it's always that low but, when I check my bosses 300 with the same meter it reads 12.35-79 with it running, even swapped coils this morning before work and still no joy
    • That's a strange one indeed. Does the battery read the full 12v + with the motor off and just that lower reading  when it is running?   Turning lights or  other accessories on with that low a voltage  should kill it rather than  make it  run better .. I'm  wondering if  maybe there  is a bad diode allowing AC to  cause false readings on your voltmeter.  What  are the readings with  everything turned off , when   ignition on   but nothing running and   is it always that low a reading with the motor running?  Can't help  more than to  just suggest  those checks  to help you diagnose  or someone more knowledgeable than me  to  use to  help  you diagnose it further .
    • THe small  jets  being plugged are  most likely the reason it's not running at all. The big jet is the main  one for  large throttle openings . The smaller jets and holes are for idling and part throttle.. You  can  use   welders   torch tip cleaners to  poke out the clogged  jets.  Blow the passages out  with "canned air" like they  use for  dusting out computers .  

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