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    • Blue's good. If the cap comes off the plug lead take it off and try the spark..
    • The spark is blue, very small but blue. The new coil i got, the one that needs a separate cdi hasn’t a cdi with it but i also have a small 150cc m2r pit bike im sure i could take cdi off that to try. Thanks.
    • Just read post #15.. only the one wire from the stator is for the cdi, and that was right at 170 ohms. You could also give the engine a spin and check that some small AC voltage is produced between that wire and the earth, then connect that back up to the wiring loom and go to the cdi unit and disconnect it and check that you get the same AC voltage between the two wires there. That will check the wiring and the kill switch. Then you can check the resistance between the spark plug lead and the earth wire on the cdi/coil unit and it should read 12 to 17.7 Kohms. That's all they say you can check on the cdi, but I'd also check the engine had a good earth, and I'd disconnect the kill switch and see if the spark improved. The only other check on the cdi is to plug it into a test unit that puts an AC voltage through the cdi and see that it makes a spark. The testers are fairly common and a local bike shop should have one, or, they use the same sort of tester in chainsaw and small motor shops. At a pinch you could use a power supply to put about 120 volts AC through it at a low amperage.. You'd need a resistor in the 120 volt line to limit the current..  Unless you know enough about how to do that you shouldn't try it though, so I'm not explaining any further. The good news is that the new cdi and coil you bought will operate off that stator. The stator is the same for the old two wire cdi and the new six wire cdi. It looks like you only need to modify the bike wiring a little so that the cdi gets a signal from the start button, and an extra earth... and, I suspect it will even work without the modification. I'd try just connecting up the new cdi to the stator as the old one is, with two wires, and two other ones to the new coil, and try it.
    • Just looking over all your posts, it does seem like you might still have weak spark.
    • When you look at the spark at the spark-plug, is it blue ? And do you know what year this is ?
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