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  1. I agree, it has to be going somewhere if not smoking.
  2. Well said. If he loses he's going for Canadian citizenship! He's gonna make Canada Great Again...the hats are already made!
  3. @JustRandy and @davefrombc , you both have some good points and I respect your opinions. I am of a different mindset completely, but its been interesting to read what you guys are sharing and your points of view, so thank you. 👍
  4. My bet is it will never happen. I just don't subscribe to the theory of anything free. Maybe my mindset will change but I would rather be rewarded monetarily for working hard, improving my skills, learning, and gaining increase through advancement. The more money you make the more you can buy. I don't expect to drive a corvette if I can't afford it. But if I can, I do expect I'll get one and not have the government give one away to everyone free. I want the government to stay out of my business and not tax me as much, leave me alone, minimize regulations, and stick to controlling the borders and keeping us safe. I don't need the government for anything else. I also absolutely do not agree with forgiving student debt. Is anyone gong to back pay me for what I paid in student debt, nope. Free community college with a a minimum gpa to have it paid and maybe interest free re-financing of student loads for 40-50 years based on age, but that's all I would be for. This notion of giving things free is a strategy to nowhere and produces complacency and laziness.
  5. I don't agree with that necessarily, I attribute the economy to the ease of corporate taxes by Trump. If companies do well in this country the economy does well. Its just that simple. Trump is so more "business friendly". You can't change that, its capitalism. (an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.) With healthcare, same deal..."for profit" drives progress. No profit, no progress. Some people don't like it but here's the thing, anyone can start a small business with ease and make money. Some become big business. If "for profit" business stops or decreases in this country, it will be bad news. I would gladly take $1k a week and free healthcare, which would be a raise for me if I don't nee to pay $400 a month for medical from my job. But don't raise my taxes to take from one end to give to another...lol! Communism collapsed for a reason in Russia and I just don't think this country will ever move towards any form of socialism, even minor. Sounds good in the beginning until its no longer enough. The foundation of this country is the "American Dream", so if you work hard you can get it, but not be given it. Times are changing but if the country ever moves towards socialism, you may as well change the flag. Help the veterans, disabled, elderly and children in need, but the rest should really get a job. Until monster.com, indeed, and careerbuilder go out of business, nobody can say there are no jobs. Imagine if employers could attract workers based on the healthcare, tuition, they offer and not minimize it because health care providers raise their rates to those companies because they have to absorb those without. There is a reason people fly their sick for medical treatment to this country, that will all go away if you don't pay doctors, hospitals, medical centers, etc. and they stop being profitable. People debate it like its not good, shame on corporations for making money, too funny. Nothing is free, someone always pays.
  6. so if you aren't getting torque from the engine to move the tranny and it bogs down its air, fuel, spark (engine) related. If you are an the transmission isn't engaging you may have a tranny/clutch problem. If in neutral it revs up without issue, and then you manually put in in drive and it bogs down...someting is up with the tranny holding it back. When in drive does the chain/rear axle move at all?
  7. @JustRandy very nice write up and you have some great points. I also did not think Obama would get re-elected but he did. I just don't see the country going through huge transformation/change. "Hope and Change" killed that. Check out this article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/07/12/beat-trump-with-mainstream-ideas-not-far-left-fantasies-column/1703543001/ Far-left ideas will boost Trump Democrats could, however, easily expand this four-state map — for the Republicans. Want to put Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire in play? Easy. Just run on policies like eliminating private health insurance, reparations for slavery, legalizing drugs and decriminalizing prostitution. Every one of these projects has been pushed by one or more Democratic presidential candidates. There may be things to be said for all of these issues. And someday, we should have a serious policy debate about them. Today is not that day. Those legendary soccer moms are still out there and, by and large, they have had enough of Trump’s antics. But if you want to run on far-left positions like, say, resurrecting forced busing, they’re going to stick with the devil they know rather than vote for someone who promises to do things like send their kids on 30-mile bus rides every day. This doesn’t mean Democrats can’t run on progressive policies. Talk about fixing and expanding Obamacare, if you want. Talk about universal pre-kindergarten. Talk about guaranteed parental leave. If it’s OK with those voters in Erie, it’s OK with me.
  8. Great points of view and breakdown on each candidate. I watched the debates. I think Biden has the best chance coming out of the primaries in the lead but I don't think any of them will beat trump. Hillary would have a better chance making another attempt. I kinda liked Corey Booker the last debate but he is a little out there also. Its funny to see them not supporting Obama policies. Warren I just don't connect with. There is a chance Mayor Pete comes ahead, Beto is toast at this point I think. I just don't think there are enough votes for medicare for all, free college, and more government programs and Bernie's round 2 doesn't have as much steam because he's perceived as even older and more angry. Kamala will do anything, I agree. Yang has an interesting idea, but most working voters wont go for giving non workers free money or have taxes raised to pay for healthcare and free tuition. Most of the 160 million people with employer sponsored healthcare want there pre-obamacare plans back with $25 co-pays and no deductibles....I just don't see it happening and I think they are throwing out these big ideas because generally speaking the country is doing pretty well economically and its hard to unseat a president with a good economy. People I think vote with their pockets. I predict trump wins a second term but will watch it all play out because you never know! Here's the latest polls, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris.
  9. Is it getting enough gas? what kind of drive system is on it, transmission, belt drive, other?
  10. I have to agree, plows are definitely worth it but look around and look at reviews/ratings.
  11. Its nice to be important, but more important to be nice. I think the Rock said that and it stuck with me, good quote.
  12. I ride for fun, never raced atvs...
  13. I like it! Is that a bad boy off road atv?

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