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  1. Figured I'd post another. Taken last summer with my son NW of Rapid City in the Nemo area. GPX was loaded from my Voyager Pro. If anyone is ever in the area and you love burgers and fries Sugar Shack has the best in the hills hands down! https://bnc.lt/RFZm/9d2hoQBvZdb#.YC7B0zHhM10.link
  2. Akunin


    looks like it was photoshopped but it wasn't!
  3. Nice ride! Wow, looks like great country to ride in! This is more like an example of using the Voyager Pro then uploading the GPX to Ride Command... and the hours show how long I forgot to turn off tracking. https://bnc.lt/RFZm/bHtru1q6Ydb#.YC7B07fBlH8.link
  4. Polaris Ride Command works great and the Trail Tech Voyager Pro (also a Polaris product) uses the group ride feature. My experience with the Ride Command on my phone is great until I lose cell service and with all the mountains, valleys in our area cell service becomes very intermittent if not gone all together. That's the biggest reason I like a dedicated GPS on my rides. I do record the tracks on my VP and upload the GPX to my Ride Command so I can access it there so its not without use
  5. The Voyager Pro GPS is easy to see in daylight and at a glance when I'm riding, either standing up or seated. It displayed just the info I need with multiple modes to choose from. My TRX700XX didn't come with any electronic gizmos or speedo so having the VP is a great addition to this bike. Just wanted to share a few more pics of it mounted on the quad
  6. I have a Garmin Montana 680t and was also using the Avenza maps as well until Trail Tech updated the Voyager Pro gps to use custom base maps. So now the Garmin has become a backup and the Avenza being pretty much moth balled. Having the custom basemaps you can use MVUM maps by making MBtiles maps. I use Caltopo for creating my maps and I can easily add boundary markers such as public land or even icons and such for point of reference and I also use it for creation of my routes. The Voyager Pro (VP) imports them effortlessly and the display is very easy to see even in bright sunlight. A f
  7. Akunin

    Akunin TRX700XX

    2008 Honda TRX700XX with 1200 miles. Mods include Barkers exhaust Ricochet Skid plates Trail tech Voyager Pro And more than I can't recall
  8. To get an idea how the Buttes compare to the entirety (very close anyway) of the Black Hills trail system. Miles and miles of riding!
  9. Thanks! Sadly I'm no photographer and these pictures don't do it justice.
  10. Railroad Buttes or as they are better known locally as Farmingdale. I thought I would share a few pictures from there since this winter has been incredibly mild and has allowed a lot of riding to be done. The Black Hills offers terrain of all kinds from the forests the area is known for to the rolling prairie. The Buttes are a personal favorite for when you want to let your hair down and run full out or just cruise slow and take in the scenery. Excellent riding out here and a completely different experience than riding in the Hills.

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