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  1. Hey FF! Sounds like a truly rough several days. Hopefully all is well on that front. As for the ride you took.. as always great pics! Looks like a great way to open 2021!
  2. Thanks but no photo shoot, just shot with my cell and adjusted the lighting a bit because the details were to dark
  3. Just out tooling around. Great weather!
  4. Since this picture the wife has added a rear rack (Can Am official), replaced the hand guards and added fender flares for the mud. For our neck of the woods, this XxC hauls butt through trees and the Fox shocks have soaked up everything we've thrown at it. KFI winch plate nicely accommodates a Superwinch Terra 35 and the Can Am plate for the plow we just leave on year around and in the picture below shows how flush it sits with the belly.
  5. Well why not Renegade ro ride the woods AND plow snow? I've had the Can Am alpine plow since 2017 and love it, the amount of snow it moves is unreal and the Renegade has plenty of power and weight to move it. Mine is just a 800 but I've never had any issues. Great machine!
  6. And last one. Fun day just playing with the drone and riding about 45 miles. 2021_03_04_13_30_14_Cache.mp4
  7. And I'll throw this in for good measure, just playing with drone footage a bit. Nothing spectacular but shows the area better than the pictures above. 2021_03_04_14_22_45_Cache_1.mp4
  8. This thread needed a bump! Lets see if a panoramic turns out. Took this off the drone today. My favorite riding area! And if the pano doesnt work than this other one will do
  9. Figured I'd post another. Taken last summer with my son NW of Rapid City in the Nemo area. GPX was loaded from my Voyager Pro. If anyone is ever in the area and you love burgers and fries Sugar Shack has the best in the hills hands down! https://bnc.lt/RFZm/9d2hoQBvZdb#.YC7B0zHhM10.link
  10. Akunin


    looks like it was photoshopped but it wasn't!
  11. Nice ride! Wow, looks like great country to ride in! This is more like an example of using the Voyager Pro then uploading the GPX to Ride Command... and the hours show how long I forgot to turn off tracking. https://bnc.lt/RFZm/bHtru1q6Ydb#.YC7B07fBlH8.link
  12. Polaris Ride Command works great and the Trail Tech Voyager Pro (also a Polaris product) uses the group ride feature. My experience with the Ride Command on my phone is great until I lose cell service and with all the mountains, valleys in our area cell service becomes very intermittent if not gone all together. That's the biggest reason I like a dedicated GPS on my rides. I do record the tracks on my VP and upload the GPX to my Ride Command so I can access it there so its not without use

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