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Where you like to ride and what riding does for you?

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Anywhere I can !!  relaxation !!

Definitely the mountains for me, getting to the top of a ridge or coming over a rise and seeing a huge open expanse of valleys, nothing better.

I like to ride in my hometown. It is a small city so i like to travel there with my bike. I prefer to ride slowly because it gives me amazing feelings.

Posted Images

I'm sorry to hear about your father's cancer...

I like to ride wooded areas also, mountain trails, rocky terrain. I mostly trails that are under power lines for miles. Most of my riding has been wooded, New England terrain. I like to ride because I find it relaxing. I also like to ride in the snow!

Here's a few pics:




More in my Gallery

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When I was growing up I was ALWAYS outside and

being in the Midwest and living on a lake Fishing,Hunting ect.

But the feeling of power and hanging out with the buds

was the best:cool:

As long as I can ride I'm Happy :biggrin:

Thoughts on some of the places I've rode

Arizona:Not A bad ride yet and will take up the rest of

My life to finish

Colorado:Just something Magic about this place I was around the

Grand Lake area Most Excellent

Iowa:Hey I have Buddies there but in the fall Un-Corn Planting

Can be real fun

Wisconsin:Mostly in the NW part of the State,Best Markred trails

I ever rode on.One Hint if your riding around Hurley

The town is full of Gentleman's Clubs stay on the trail

It's Much Cheeper

Michigan:All that I have Riden has been in the U/P if you really

like this sport this place is A once in a lifetime Adventure

Bergland to Copper Harbor is the ticket here

Minnesota:My 1st pick would be the Iron Range OHV Recreation Area

This area was mined until 1981 and contains iron ore pits, ore stockpiles and

tailings basins and anything along the North Shore up the Gunflint trail

Canada:Southern Ontario along the Minnesota Border not much really to look at

But the amout of wildlife you will see is well worth the trip

The hint here is to bring an Ultra-Lite Fishing pole

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Where i ride: I ride everything from woods to gravel pits, winter out on the lakes, and down dirt roads..

The reason I ride: The reason i ride is for the Rush, and knowing that every ride is going to be the same there is always something new and exciting. It Also gives me something to do besides sitting home or running around the streets in town getting involved with drugs like some kids do when there is not much else they can do.

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I love to ride in the sand. Why I love to ride? It takes my mind off anything that is bothering me I can just hop on and go! Plus it is hecka fun! I am a little sad since my favorite place to ride is Dumont and it is in the middle of Death Valley. The temp. in Las Vegas is about 116 so I can't even imagine what it is there! Summer stinks!

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The sand is awesome. Its hard to explain but I will give it a shot. :smile: Okay in the sand you have to be going full throttle for the most part. So you are flying along and you see a huge mountain of sand to your left. You definitely have to go up it! You are flying towards it, now up it you keep going until you reach the top, then you flip your back end around and realize you are about 400 ft. from where you took off! I know that is not a very good explanation! Its one of those things that you will definitely have to experience. I love the mud too! We don't get very much of it here, since it never rains!! Yet when we do:biggrin: Watch out! I'm there!!

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I have only ridden in the dessert on my quad, but I did some fire roads thru forest in an Odyessy and that was pretty nice! I think I'd like mudding, but so far haven't tried it. My husband swears I'll love riding dunes if we ever make it to Pismo! I like riding because it gives me something to do with my family that isn't indoors, and/or at home!

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I like to ride in wooded and grassy areas.:biggrin: It takes my mind off the everyday routines and helps me deal with my father's cancer. Also gives me a reason to get involved with forums like this one.:wink::spinny:
Also would like to add riding with my wife , som , and daughter. Doing something as a family is awsome. Wife has only trail rode twice now. Hopefully we can get her a Honda Recon ES in early spring, so we don't have to borrow one anymore.:smile: :yes::biggrin:
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