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  1. hey ladies been gone a while wow alot going on now i just got rid of my warrior for a banshee its going to be a project n ride bike dont ask lol gotta take some pics n put them to soon.
  2. wow sounds like to much for me i like being dirty for that few mins well riding,the only thing i do is the baby whipes for my hands other wise dirt dont hurt n i know my husband thinks its sexy lol
  3. i havent said much in a lil while either seems the guys def got us beat with postings n stuff n yeah theres to many woman who dont seem to do much on here empty page no pics n stuff like that whats up with that i love this site n its easy to navagate?? idk whats up with these girls but we need more of them to speak up!!!
  4. im from ny lived here most of my life also lived in fl n virginia,im married my hubby is tecatesr330 we have 6 beatiful kids 1 girl n 5 boys n 4 of them ride im sure they all will when they are old enough. i dont work rite now to busy with kids lol use to be cna, my brother got me into quads when i was younger but i never really was into into it till my hubby took my riding on his sweet ass tecate 4 than it was on now i just cant get enough of it.
  5. im from ny we do trail riding i love the mud im sure you can see this by my name lol.i ride a yama. warrior.n sometimes my hubbys tecate.
  6. thats the funniest shit ive heard in a while n most if not all is true lol
  7. old clothing like sweats n tshirts n some old boots nothing like looking sexy in your old clothing full of dirt n mud of course n yes always n helmet im bad no goggles though i need to stop that n get some.
  8. whats it like to ride in the sand we dont really have any here im def a mud girl love to get dirty but would love to try new places
  9. gotta love the mud n traild woody field n i keeps my mine free of all that is going wrong with life.,

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