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  1. Thanks all! know mwke, I was just so tired lol
  2. Thanks everyone! Oh...they are! Its a love you just couldnt describe!
  3. lol Almost boobs!! Well...thanks to two kids im doin damn good! haha
  4. Our newest addition... Born 3-9-09 at 1:29pm 5lbs 14ozs 4 weeks early Bailey Marie The first day she was home...
  5. Hello ladies and Welcome to the She Rides section! Its great to have you here. Please feel free to join in on any topics. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. Enjoy the site!
  6. Yeah that was pretty crazy. That pilot trained here at our air force base. Nellis Air Force Base.
  7. no matter how old...its still pretty funny lol
  8. Hello and Welcome to QuadCRAZY!
  9. Thats works for me Yeah he did lol Here is the youtube link.. [ame=]YouTube - redneck reed repair [ 2 stroke ] yamaha blaster 200[/ame]
  10. redneck reed repair QUADCRAZY ATV Community
  11. lol Naww...might not work well with the thong
  12. hahahaha thats good!
  13. That good advice is pretty funny! :smilielol5c:
  14. MWKE... Your a piece of work