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  1. You still around bud?

  2. Mic sounds great. What kind of camera ae you using? The pic and audio are great. Glad the crash was a light one. Cool video, try to keep the rubber side down.
  3. It is a really fun place to ride. I have a great time every time I go there. I kind of like to hang it out a little when I am riding, so it is expected that I never leave in one piece. This video shows pretty much what the terrain is like. You are either in a really rough rock section or a mudhole. Lots to see though with the Tunnel and Top of the World is a 2000 foot overlook. Well worth checking out.
  4. Sorry to hear about your situation. I just get frustrated, if half of the people that looked at this post would have donated just $10 I would have met my goal of $500 in donations. I thank you very much for your support and best of luck in your battle.
  5. 99 views on this, Quadmaniac and admin are the only 2 that responded, and I got no support from anyone. It's no wonder I feel like I am wasting my time with this site. 😠
  6. The bike is awesome. At 6'3" 215lbs I needed something pretty beefy.. ROFL
  7. I am going to officially start riding in June, but have started getting ready now. I have some pretty cool pictures already..
  8. I am very big on helping charities that benefit kids. I will be riding in the Great Cycle Challenge. I would really appreciate any help you can give. If you could find the time please check out my profile page. Any amount you can donate to sponsor me is greatly appreciated. If you cannot donate please share my page with you friends and family. The link for my page is https://greatcyclechallenge.com/riders/brettharris Thanks everyone..
  9. wylde1

    King Of The Hill

    My son Gage checking out the scenery from the top of the mountain..
  10. Damn that thing is quick. I don't think he had to worry much about the cop.
  11. Morganne is already into the quad scene. She is a full on action sports fan.
  12. I haven't been out riding much over the last 2 years. My wife and I had another baby, she is 2 yrs old now and taking care of her and my other two has been taking up all my time. I am looking forward to get back out and riding a little more this year. I hope to see lots of pics and hear lots of crazy stories from every one else's riding adventures.
  13. There are 3 things I always look at. Number one of course is the condition, the availability and price of parts round out the top three things I am checking.

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