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  1. I would love to take one of these for a rip. http://www.atv.com/atc-250r-two-wheel-missile-kit-conversion?utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=fb-feb2017&utm_medium=cpc
  2. Cool video, that thing is a beast..
  3. LOL She is more than happy with her role as camera operator and live action commentary.
  4. Good morning everyone.
  5. Good morning everyone.
  6. I would rather look at it as where were the Patriots in the first half? The game ended the way everyone thought it would. Just didn't start out that way.
  7. Good morning everyone.
  8. Those tubes are crazy. That thing flies and there is no way to control it. Hell of a lot of fun though..
  9. Thanks for checking it out glad you enjoyed it.
  10. We finally got enough snow to get some sleigh riding in. I am still rehabbing an arm injury so I was taking it easy, but Gage held nothing back.
  11. I understand what you mean by free mods. Little mods you can do without spending any money. Things like removing the air box lid and smoothing out welds. I don't know of any for Outlanders. The air box lid removal is the only one I ever used and that is universal.
  12. We got some snow here in Frackville. My quad still isn't running though. It will be sleigh riding with the kids today for me.
  13. Good morning everyone..
  14. I ride with all O'Neal helmets. They are comfortable, light weight, and take a lot of abuse. I ride on tight trails, with lots of tree branches hitting me, and have the occasional gravity check and have not had any problems with them.
  15. Good morning everyone..