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  1. My son Gage checking out the scenery from the top of the mountain..
  2. Damn that thing is quick. I don't think he had to worry much about the cop.
  3. I sometimes have that problem of falling off too.. ROFL
  4. Morganne is already into the quad scene. She is a full on action sports fan.
  5. I haven't been out riding much over the last 2 years. My wife and I had another baby, she is 2 yrs old now and taking care of her and my other two has been taking up all my time. I am looking forward to get back out and riding a little more this year. I hope to see lots of pics and hear lots of crazy stories from every one else's riding adventures.
  6. There are 3 things I always look at. Number one of course is the condition, the availability and price of parts round out the top three things I am checking.
  7. That song is awesome, I really liked it. I hit their channel on YouTube and subbed them. Thanks for the share.
  8. Hell Yeah, I know my crazy ass riding style would have me digging for dinosaur bones in a hurry. Would be fun for the 8 seconds I would be able to hold on for though.
  9. I would love to take one of these for a rip. http://www.atv.com/atc-250r-two-wheel-missile-kit-conversion?utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=fb-feb2017&utm_medium=cpc
  10. Cool video, that thing is a beast..
  11. LOL She is more than happy with her role as camera operator and live action commentary.
  12. Good morning everyone.
  13. Good morning everyone.
  14. I would rather look at it as where were the Patriots in the first half? The game ended the way everyone thought it would. Just didn't start out that way.
  15. Good morning everyone.