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  1. I started off on a PW80 (i think) dirtbike and rode with my cousin, whom had an atv. 4 wheels always fascinated me more than 2.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Makes sense. Ill keep looking at older ones then. Thank you.
  3. I havent been here in a while. Will be moving from NY to TN in the near future. Ive been searching for used atvs. How much is age a factor? Of course condition is key, but was wondering if late 90s and early 00's were worth looking at. Thanks
  4. Plower


  5. Would my huge 220lb butt be able to keep rear traction?
  6. I've seen a couple on there, with plows, but out of my price range. I'll keep looking. Thanks.
  7. I am also a gun owner. Being anywhere near NYC is forbidden I do like the open woods up here, though.
  8. NY is a boring place, esp when its covered in snow Alright thanks for all replies. Since I know I need a fairly large atv that has 4x4 capabilities, I better start looking used. For a used one, I'd go no more than $3,000. I've driven polaris', yamaha's and ridden honda ATC's. Hell, we own a Honda ATC, but I dont ride it. Not my style.
  9. Thanks for all your responses. Guess I'll look for a 4x4 of some kind. We dont get small amount of snow, it comes in truck loads. And Where is Troy City Garage? I'm in Syracuse.
  10. Thanks O_B. Yeah the snow here is always a mystery. Last winter we had wet, heavy snow drop at 1" per hour. Most of the time its just puffy, but we get our fair share of wet snow. I had another question. I saw there was automatic clutch, semi auto clutch and manual clutch. Whats a semi auto clutch? I would prefer automatic clutch since thats one less thing to do while riding. Im just lazy I guess. Auto clutch would just require shifting with foot, right? Sorry, I sound like a complete idiot
  11. Well if I was getting a 250, Id buy new, since they are pretty cheap. But if used, then I'd go bigger. Preferably I'd like to buy new. So if a 250 would be adequate for plowing, then it'd be good enough for me. I wouldnt be hauling too much in summer, so I'm basing my decision on one for the winter months.
  12. Thanks O_B. Since I'm not looking to break the bank, would a 250 (of any company) too small to push a plow? Sorry if thats a stupid question, but I'm just wondering.
  13. Thank you for your opinions. I will look into those.
  14. I just have no idea where to start. My main goal for an atv is for plowing AND yard/garden work. I dont need the most powerful atv on the planet, just something that can haul my big 220lb around and push plenty of snow. My main problem is I dont even know where to start looking. I dont know whats good, whats to stay away from, just like every product on the planet. Theres good and bad in each hobby. So hopefully by now you have a jist or an idea of what Im talking about. Other than spending hours reading about each atv (time I dont have), I'm hoping someone can give me a quick lesson or sh

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