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    I like to ride in my hometown. It is a small city so i like to travel there with my bike. I prefer to ride slowly because it gives me amazing feelings.
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    Lotta trails and creeks/ rivers around where I live. Plenty of nature and At any time you can go hop in the creek. Bliss and Peace of mind
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    5851c4c6b5ba7_1988-2002KawasakiBayou220ServiceManual.pdf 1988-2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220 Service Manual
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    I use partszilla for part numbers and sometimes the parts themselves, but usually ebay is the cheapest.
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    love the trails. peaceful take the mind off the world. getting outside in any capacity is awesome so on a bike makes it all the better.
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    Have you checked Ohio DMV? Also check out this link http://ohiotrails.org/ohio-title-information/
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    I have front and rear hard storage, so I stock it with some extra water, extra Gal of gas, Winch accessory kit w/ tow and recovery strap, a 1st Aid kit, and compressor.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Kawasaki service manual
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and am in desperate need of help. I recently purchased a 05 polaris sportsman 90. The quads motor runs great. The quad will not accelerate forward. If it does its slow and will eventually pick up speed and then runs unbelievable. It has great power and torque in reverse but couldn't go over a twig in forward. I'm lost, any help would be greatly appreciated. The belt is in good condition and the and drained the trans oil and there is no metal shavings
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    I like this site lots of info for my Kawasaki
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    My guess if it's making the whine sound - the solenoid is good and the starter is getting power It's just not engaging with the flywheel - spray some wd40 or similar around the spring and gear
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the factory service manual for the 2013 honda rancher 420 efi Includes 2009-2014 Honda Rancher Models TRX420FA TRX420FPA
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    Just ask if you need any other help, when I had mine I ended up replacing the Tbap wire harness, the hall effect speed sensor, cleaning the fuel sender unit, CV axles handle bars and a couple of other items. One trick I did learn if you're replacing axles is to use a wood chisel to get between the axle hub and the differential housing it will pop the axle right out. Those axles have a snap ring you need to collapse in order to remove them, the wood chisel trick saved me a ton of time.
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    I would get a carb rebuild kit first, before replacing it, you could also look at the classifieds on Craigslist or Facebook I know there are guys in my area that buy broken ATv's and strip them to sell the parts. You might be able to find a good carb, and the front differential for cheap. One of my firends growing up had a '87 big bear 350 and it was a good machine, you really can't go wrong with an older Honda or Yamaha. I'm looking to pick up a '95 big bear 350 with a plow for around $1300, I would say you got a great deal if the plastics aren't broke apart. Can't help with the manuals, sorry.
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    Version 1.0.0


    2000-2005 Yamaha Big Bear Kodiak YFM 400 Service Repair Manual
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    Powersports Nation should have all the He parts you need. They have great prices also
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    When my parents died I bought their 5 acre home, outside of Mariposa CA. After 45 years of being a fashion designer in San Francisco, I was done. After seeing me struggle with the 1949 Allis Chalmers tractor my Dad left, my brothers showed up with a present , a used 2006 Outlander 800. That thing is a beast, it has handle every chore 5 drought stricken acres ( lost a LOT of mature trees) can throw at it. On the fun side; nothing compares to chasing a sierra thunderstorm up the side of a mountain. I recently flipped the quad on a severe slope, I managed to throw myself uphill, but my hand got mangle in the mirror, the quad had not a scratch on it and still runs like a dream.
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    I ended up buying the manual yesterday, so I added that to the downloads as well. It is for all Quad Runners (LT-F500F) from 1998-2002.
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    I changed your topic title to generate more replies by having what you are actually asking about in the title. I don't recommend it unless absolutely necessary. If you are working on your ATV, you should raise it up. As far as if it's safe, I would disconnect the battery so you don't get any ignition starts accidentally and the other safety issue is rolling over on someone, so make sure it's well supported.
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    Bike revs good in all gears but forward. I know I can't bee the only person this has happened to. I have been racking my head for a week. Nothing makes sense if I push it while it is in gear and turned off I feel no added tension or stress from trans gears.
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    1994 I met my husband and he asked me out for a first date. I only agreed to go out with him because I knew he had a 1992 Honda 250 fourtrax racing ATV. My parents never let me ride a motorcycle or ATV ever so this was my chance. I was 18 years old at the time & figured they wouldn't say too much about it. I got to ride it on our first date & I immediately fell in love with the sport. Now as for my husband it took a few dates to realize he was worth hanging onto!
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    I started riding when I was 11, 1966. I had a Honda 50. Then in 1970 I got a Kawasaki 175. Then in 1974 got married and bought a street bike, Honda 750. In 1977 no more wife and bike. 1979 out of debt and went to 3 wheels. Yamaha Tri-moto 125 and got married again. 1980 1/2 not marred and bought Yamaha Tri-moto 225. 1985 moved to 4 wheels a Suzuki 230 sport. 1987 bought a Yamaha Warrior. 1993 got married to a great woman who loves to camp and ride. 1995 bought a Yamaha 225 Bear Tracker for my wife. 1997 bought a Honda Forman 450 for me. 2004 bought a Honda 250 quad for my son then in 2005 bought him the Honda 400EX. 2006 bought my wife, and me, a Rhino. And in 2007 bought me a Yamaha Wolverine 450. I still love to ride, just not a fast. We go every chance we get.
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    Nice, I usually wait for everyone anywhere there is a fork in the trail or a chance of going the wrong way. I'm always in front so I always find the obstacles for everyone else. So I'll wait and point them out so no one gets hurt.
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