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    Morganne is already into the quad scene. She is a full on action sports fan.
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    The first movie was awesome. Beyond funny lol. This is in anticipation of the 2nd
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    From the album My Winter ATV Photos

    Snow is melting and mud is forming...lol.
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    If your start button wiring is shorted you are hitting a kill button. Disconnect the starter button from the harness and jump across the solenoid with a screwdriver and if the bike starts and then dies after removing the screwdriver then it's not the starter button, but i'm betting it is.
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    We are slightly delayed picking our winner as we are waiting for HMF's input. Should have this announced next week.
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    She's a Monster spokesperson already! You should send the post link to Monster on their facebook...
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    Great picture @wylde1! You must be a proud papa ☺️
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    The first one was hilarious, cant wait for the second.
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    New Zostard video!! River fail with Raptor350 and Grizzly700. Madness on the river. Hehehe. Best regards
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    Not an old member here in the sense of long time on the forum since I just joined last July, but at 73 I've likely got several chronological years over most of the members. Don't call me old though. I can still do everything I did when I was 18........ It just takes longer, I need more help and I hurt a lot more afterwards. I can even remember where I put things... Well some of the time anyway. Got the new rear axle in my Honda Fourtrax 300 FW. I definitely got all the life out of the old one. The splines on the axle and in the hub and the left side were completely worn out to the point the wheel spun free. With the full time 4x4 it really didn't show up until I got in some slippery stuff on a steep grade and one front wheel didn't have much contact. There is no posi on that front axle , so with it without traction and only one rear wheel driving, I went nowhere .. Had to use the winch to get up the bank, and all was fine for the rest of the ride. There's no hesitation now with both rear wheels driving again.
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    Here's another lol...
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    There are 3 things I always look at. Number one of course is the condition, the availability and price of parts round out the top three things I am checking.
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    I just corrected the video link for ya..😎
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    For Immediate Release ATV Body Armour Unveils The World’s Leading ATV Fender And Rollover Protection Product Manufacturer Launches New Lightweight, Durable Chrome-Moly Frame To Protect Against Rollovers As Well As Obstacles Such As Cattle, Trees, And Rocks. ARLINGTON, SD — Jan, 1 2015 — ATV Body Armour, the world’s leading manufacturer of off-road vehicle protection equipment, announced today the release of the new ATV Body Armour product, a 360-degree round, tubular frame that’s designed to protect ATV riders against cattle, trees, rocks and other objects as well as help preventing rollovers, which are a leading cause of injuries for ATV enthusiasts. Unlike other ATV frames, which only provide partial protection, the ATV Body Armour product provides a unique, patent-pending protection around the front, back, and sides of the vehicle. The product, which weighs less than 30 lbs., is made out of 16-gauge chrome-moly steel tubing and features added bends for strength. The tubing is also powder coated in black for added durability and scratch resistance. “The ATV Body Armour product was built with cattle ranchers, farmers, and hardcore trail enthusiasts in mind,” says Owner Brandon Bunker. “These are the men and women who are using ATVs as a regular part of their day-to-day jobs and activities, and without this product they are more prone to fender and frame damage and rollovers caused from working in close proximity with large animals and riding in and alongside narrow ditches and trails. The added protection gives peace of mind in rugged conditions.” The ATV Body Armour product is made with pride in the USA, it is designed to fit all utility (i.e. with cargo racks) ATV brands and models, and the full kit takes less than 15 minutes to install. The ATV Body Armour product can be purchased at the ATV Armour website (www.ATVBodyArmour.com) for just $550 for the full kit or just $350 for the side kit, and it is available to customers worldwide. Follow ATV Body Armour on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ATVBodyArmour. About ATV Body Armour ATV Body Armour is the world’s leading manufacturer of protective aftermarket equipment for utility ATVs. The company is based in Arlington, SD and ships to customers worldwide. For more information, visit www.ATVBodyArmour.com. # # # Press contact: Brandon Bunker, Owner ATV Body Armour [email protected] (605) 690-8129 Yamaha half pg flyer.pdf
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    My only remaining guess is the starter circuit relay. If that isn't it, I'm beat. After you mentioned that disconnecting the kill switch nothing worked, I went back to the wiring diagram again. It doesn't show the configuration in the run state, so I can't guess what is open and closed. Obviously from what you said , the kill switch must be closed rather than open as I thought. I see the starter switch also connects to the igniter ( CDI box). If the starter circuit relay isn't the culprit, that would only leave the CDI box , and that is an expensive box to replace. It looks like it may be time to bite the bullet and see a Kawasaki mechanic . I've exhausted my guesses and without being able to physically get to it with a meter and service manual , I'm beat.
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    Check the engine stop switch to see if it is stuck on, and also trace the wires. We may have misled you on the relay.. There are two of them. One is the starter circuit relay and the other is the starter relay itself.. If it is the relay , it will be the starter circuit relay. If that is the one you replaced, check the engine stop switch. According to the schematic it should be open when the engine is running. Closing it opens the ignition circuit and kills the engine. Holding in the start button feeds power to the ignition circuit until you release the button.
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    this is for the 2003 Trail Blazer ... https://www.hightail.com/download/bXBZblRuQzNPSHhjR01UQw
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