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    TEAM BUBBA Rides....

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    Here's a short video were I discuss the Apache Backcountry Tracks compared to my Tatou Tracks for where I live and my type of riding. I hope you enjoy the review !! ...
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    Those older king quads last forever and are good machines. Not knowing what maintenance was done, I would change the oil/filter, change the air filter, replace the spark plug. The pulling is either from a bad tire having some issues causing the pull, brakes hanging up, ball joint or tie rod needing replacement or it took a hit and is out of alignment. Raise the front end and check to see if the ball joints and tie rods are tights. Here is a video of a ball joint check:
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    Haven't been tracking because I was down with a cold. And it really sucked because we had several storms come thru and put down some nice fresh snow. But it's all good now. Except now, the temps are really going to start going up which means the snow is melting fast. But I got out on 27 Mar & the tracking was AWESOME !!! Hope you enjoy the video !!!
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    Breaking up some ice with the King Quad..
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    Well, I haven't been on here for a while as I've been extremely busy with work and doing a bit of snowmobiling over the winter. My wife and I decided that after last years season of 4 wheeling that we definitely need to get a different machine. The machines that we have (2013 Honda Ranchers)are and have been very great machines, they just don't seem to meet the needs that we hoped they would. When we do ride 2-up on the trails we ride it is just too rough for my wife. Also neither have power steering and after a day of 40-50 miles she's pretty worn out and sore. So I've had one of them listed for most of the winter and last week sold it. We have been looking for a two up machine and even had problems finding what we want in that arena as well. Every 2-up we've seen either has 10,000+ miles on it or has no power steering. So we basically decided that we would rather do without the machine being a 2-up and have one that has power steering, Independent Rear Suspension, and automatic transmission like a Polaris, Arctic cat, or Can Am. We found one that we are going to get and Hope that it is going to meet our needs. At least it will meet the needs of my wife should she ride solo. We found a 2018 Can Am outlander 570L DPS with only 49 miles on it and still has the warranty. It will be much easier for her to operate, no shifting will be huge. Have never owned a Can Am before and hoping that it will be a good dependable machine for us. Any opinions about Can Ams?
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    I did remove and heat bent it, worked fine except it removed most of the paint also🙄 so sand job and repaint but only had purple Rustoleum, don't tell anyone! It's like wearing flowered underwear😎
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    I was leaning on a carb issue but since you swapped it out and have the same issue...check your choke, fuel delivery, air box for restriction. When it starts to die out, see if spraying some fuel or starting fluid into the intake keeps it running to see if its actually a fuel issue. If no different, check your spark plug and coil.
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    . It is either splines have worn out on the pinion shaft,or possibly between the crown gear and output to the axles. . When you have it in 2WD, the rear differential is what moves your machine . The reason it moves in 4x4 is because the front differential is pulling the machine along. You'll have to take the rear drive apart to find just what is gone .
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    You should be able to find these online: https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/1996-kawasaki-bayou-300-4x4-klf300c-shock-absorbers/o/m149877sch36748
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    Here's a little video I made about what the Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association, Inc. is. If you're looking for all the trail maps, club news etc. Here's a good source of information. Filmed this at the Green Bay sports show last year (sorry it was windy so the audio has some wind). WATVA helped get many of the clubs started, assisted many clubs with meetings / land access and they do a lot of legislative work to help keep our trails expanding in Wisconsin. If you have any questions about WATVA, jump on over to their facebook page and PM them. See ya on the trails!
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    It looks like a Yamaha based on the way the engine sits but not sure. Have you been able to locate the vin number on the frame ?
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    My 4 year old grandson, doing a fine job. Riding his trx 90. He started riding at 3 and learned to drive on my 650.
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    ride Yamaha Celebrates 10 Years of Off-Road Volunteer Support Yamaha employees are not only avid off-road enthusiasts, but also have spent the last decade restoring the OHV trails they ride on. View the full article
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    Went to Vermont for the weekend, the views from the mountain are great.
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    Check the spark plug for fouling and go through the carb again . It may be more crud fouled the jets .. Also check for any loose connections in the wiring for the ignition circuit that might have occurred when you worked on it last time.
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    Hi, well ignition issue fixed, now starter relay is clicking just like yours, Dra o , pulled off front fender to access that part, a pain in the #%@*, wish they had engineered a hinge type of fixture so it was easier access, 🙄 anyway I will test this morning and let you know my results. Guess I'll also look for any wire rubbing signs or insulation issues and maybe a wash down of the frame and under side. bye for now
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    It sounds like fuel starvation. Possibly something in the fuel valve, line or carb restricting flow to the float bowl. .
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    Ajmbofter, I should have started here in the first place, thanks for moving it. I'm giving $6100 for it, the guys wife is "making" him get rid of it as he has too many toys and just purchased a brand new ski boat. I'm saving about $2000, everything I've looked at around this area that is used is still about $1000 more than I'm paying. I cam across a 2017 that is identical that has 2500 miles on it and they want $6500 for it. Local dealership is selling it brand new for $8100 so am coming out pretty good I think. I just haven't been around or ridden any Can Ams out on the Mountain trails. Having just sold one of my Ranchers I only have to come up with about $1500 for a brand new machine. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    Clicking sound is usually from adead battery or a bad connection battery to start solenoid . The clicking is the solenoid dropping in and out from insufficient voltage/current .
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    Hi Dra O, I have a 98 model, I agree with AJ also my shop manual, not owners manual stresses changing the oil filter gasket every time, it's an O-ring and should come with the new filter and don't go cheap on the filter and good oil, SF or SG classification no synth. You can see mine and one of the uses it has in the Suzuki forums under ignition?'s. they are a solid machine and workhorse, Enjoy!
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    Thanks for the input, did order new switch from Caitric got it yesterday and changed out. However the new one is mis manufactured as it has to long of a sleeve and not enough thread length to allow tightening down securely. Guess that's why it was so cheap🙄 So since I had the old one out, cleaned all the contacts, new dielectric grease, metered all connections and it looked good, so plugged it in and it fired right up everything working. Time to go mow!
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    I edited your topic title to be more descriptive and moved this topic into the Polaris forum. I took a quick look online and all I see is this use one on ebay: 1988 Polaris Trail Boss 250 4X4 Grey GAS TANK No leaks/Great Shape 85,86,87,88
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    Reeds not seating properly could be a big reason for some of the loss of compression and very poor running . I wouldn't change the jets.. Just put in new reeds and rings.
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    You took out the oil filter plug. The screen goes in first, screen facing out . then the spring and finally the plug.. The other bolt you show is the right one .. Here is an excellent video of the drain and removal / replacement of the oil filter screen.
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    Welcome to Quadcrazy, it appears from the picture that your head gasket is blown and hopefully not a cracked head. If you reved it as high as you said you did then it’s possable more damage was done like a valve seal but I don’t think so. You may get lucky and just need a new gasket. I would spray a soapy water solution where the oil was coming out and slowly crank the engine with the spark plug wire off so it does not start. You should see bubbles if its coming from the head where you see the oil leak.
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    Added ATV info into topic title.
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    A 350 cc 4 wheeler is no small quad.. My old Honda 300FW carries my 260 pounds and still does 40 + MPH.. If you want to limit her top speed you'll have to rig up some sort of throttle stop to limit how much throttle she can give it . Even little 50 cc quads can get a kid (or some adults) into trouble. They don't lack power, just the kid size quads lack the suspension to carry the weight of an adult well.
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    I would change the gas and plug. if it sat for a while, the carb could be gummed up. Here is a manual for a later model 300. Actually, earlier models did come as 250 so maybe its a late 90s early 2000's. It doesn't contain all the pages (I think), might help: Try looking on the frame for a vin number.
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    There is a download for the service manual for your quad in the forums download section
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    I'm not sure they are the same in terms of manufacturing, but not 100% sure that they don't share components. * Topic moved to CFMOTO ATV forum.
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    Yep I found one about 3 hours from me, it's a new unit but a few years old, the dealer isn't listed anymore on jumping jack website and this trailer has been there now for the 2 years I've wanted it, but I need to sell my fun finder camper, I like my little camper but I want a trailer to take bikes and kayaks with us vs having a tv and running water (although I will miss that, I have researched on demand propane water heaters). Not to mention the upkeep and fear of leaks all the time. I just want simplified camping, you can see the price and accessories I can get, I think a great deal, but the funds will come from the sale of my camper, I have about 5 families lined up to view once out of storage.
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    Well I had popping and bogging down issues upon start up. Installed new spark plugs, no change. I cleaned all the carbs but couldn't find any blockage. I did a preliminary synchronization of the carbs using one of the carb cleaning tool. I noticed then that the rear carb engagement had a delay. A lot of parts were missing when I bought this quad. I realized that a spring goes between the two levers. Now it runs great.
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    When I heard of the merger I pulled the trigger and replaced my girls quad with a 2017 Alterra. We kept her 2010 366 is a backup machine. I wanted to see what would happen after the merger. So far they are doing good. My local dealer has sold more machines because they changed the pricing to make them more competitive. That 2017 Alterra 400 I got for $4500, thats hard to beat (and that is not a sale price) They are keeping the plant open and I heard they plan to expand it, so that is a good thing, I hear they want to produce more engines from the facility. Mike
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    I would not buy that and you have to login to view the details so I can't see what its all about. If you need to rewire your ATV, find the OE parts list online and see if there is an OE number for the wiring harness. Then search online and look on ebay as well.
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    The 2018 ATV Motocross National Championship presented by CST Tires, an AMA National Championship, headed to South Carolina this past weekend, March 24-25. South of the Border Motocross (SOBMX) would play host to its first ATVMX National event, but after a cold front took over the east coast the warm temperatures riders had hoped for were nowhere in sight. View the full article
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    Why did it take me so long to find your site!
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    We don't use the half bed extensions so it gives us a lot of room. The front gate can turn into a table and we also set up a 10 by 10 easy-up for extra outdoor space. All stores inside the jumping jack. This year I am going to get the small awning to provide cover over the gate. You can also detach from the vehicle and leave it by itself. Set up video: Take down Video: Mike
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    I ended up buying the manual yesterday, so I added that to the downloads as well. It is for all Quad Runners (LT-F500F) from 1998-2002.
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    What have you checked so far? If it cranks then battery and starter are good and you have a fuel, ignition, or timing problem. Start with looking at your fuel source and what I would do is spray a little starting fluid or fuel into the intake and see if it starts. If it does, you have a fuel starvation issue. You can also take the plug out and see if its firing.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Suzuki Service Manual for LT-F500F 98-2002. Contains bike specs, maintenance and service procedures.
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    I have several Suzuki 250 and 300 from the late 80's and 90's called quadrunner or kingquad. They are semi auto, you can find them in 2x4 or 4x4. You also can find them on craigslist usually under $1000 needing work. They are small and slow but are a workhorse, the main tranny has 5 gears and reverse and then there is a 3 speed sub tranny. They will tow alot as long as you have traction, I use them to tow 3000# boats around my yard. They also have independent rear suspension and are shaft drive. The honda 300's are good and simple too.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Service manual for the Suzuki LT230 / LT250
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    Almost any of the older quads made by Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha would fit your bill. I have a '94 Honda Fourtrax 300 4x4 that is still running strong. A friends has a Suzuki of the same vintage that is also. Both of our machines are 4x4; mine is full time, his is part time. Another friend has an '87 Honda 250 two wheel drive. Motor is strong on it, but the rear frame was badly cracked and broken. . Some heavy gauge sheet metal and my small wire feed welder took care of that problem. That is likely the strongest part of the entire framework now . In your price range you're going to be looking at older machines, so I'd recommend any of the well known Japanese made ones for semi-auto ones .. I don't know of any with a manual clutch.. I am partial to Honda myself. I have had nothing but good service from Honda powered equipment , from lawn mowers, portable power plants to quads.
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