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    I just picked up my Backcountry Tracks. Here's a video with a little comparison of the Backcountry Tracks to my Tatou 4S tracks. I've had the Tatou's for 9 yrs & they have been excellent tracks. I hope the New Backcountry Tracks give me as much enjoyment. Before anyone wants to tell I should of bought a sled, understand, I didn't want a sled. And I did not pay list price for the tracks. My dealer gave me one hell of a good deal. I will say this, it's gonna suck to go back to tires in the spring ... I'll be doing another video next week of the bracket installs & a few other things I've to prepare for running these Backcountry Tracks. Now, I just have to wait for it to snow here. ...
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    Great video. Those new backcountry tracks look more aggressive and have a higher ground clearance. Did your old tracks have bigger knobs that just wore off? I know you do a lot of winter riding based on all the videos you made...👍 So your quad sits higher now and I wonder how the ride will be with the added height and longer rear tracks. How is it riding with those things? Is it hard to steer? Biggest advantage is getting through deep snow, right? Very cool, good luck with your new tracks! Looking forward to your riding videos.
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    That sounds like you have exactly the same thing going on down there as me. Interesting that it hasn't caused you any timing chain issues. I was kind of hoping when I fixed that noise in the clutch area it would solve my timing chain problem. Just FYI, I have another Bayou 250 (my daughters) which is a twin of the problem ATV and it has been running great with neither problem. Lets see who finds the time to tear into theirs first.
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    More crazy ATV crashes caught on video!
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    Found a great site, cheers! RiderPlanet USA - ATV Trails, Motorcycle Trails, Motocross Tracks
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    You can make your own spacers out of aluminum round stock . Drill and tap the spacers if you're going to weld them on; otherwise through drill them and deepen the holes in the case to re-thread them. . Use sealant on the new bolts if you break into the interior of the case. Make sure new bolts don't interfere with the internal parts. If welding spacers on the case, be very careful not to warp the case or damage the bearing and seal behind the output sprocket.
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    That's a good point @DemonQuad666 about the rise of UTVs, but I think the other culprit are some of the large social networking sites like Facebook and the overall decline of people wanting to share on sites like this. Years ago, you would get more people posting pictures, rides, & videos. Today you mostly see people in forums asking for technical help and manuals which is fine, but I wish more people would share pics and such also. Someone is out riding and they see something cool, they are more than likely to post it on facebook these days.
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    The county voted to go wet this year. There are several package stores in the county now. You won't have to go near as far to "fill up" now.
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    Just how dry is the county considering the history of the area ? Old traditions and thirsts die hard and there's all sorts of us like reviving some old traditions. Somehow I can picture quads replacing the old hot rods albeit on a much smaller scale
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    Likely something in the gearing for the starter. That would be why it was locking up with the starter in place.
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    Check the Warrior service manual in the downloads section for a wiring diagram. Possibly the start relay is faulty. Since you have changed all the ignition components , it must be something in the circuit is open.
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    I did a search on your quad to find out what the diaphragm on the fuel valve was all about. .Found out it is for an automatic fuel shut off and seems to be problematic. Check this thread I found if your valve has that feature .. Says you can block the vacuum lines and run the quad with the valve in the Pri position. http://www.suzukiatvforums.com/forums/repair-maintenance/3970-vacuum-operated-fuel-tank-valve-petcock.html
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    Wow, looking forward to some pics bud. I wish I could do something like this, sounds like fun. Just don't have the time. Please share how you are making out.
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    Came across this site today that has a lot of Arctic Cat information. http://shop.arcticcat.eu/isoled-shop/media/uploads/service_support/?dir= Mike
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    1998 Yamaha YFM 250XL service manual
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    There seem to be a lot of views showing, it's just that no one engages. The forum topics and pictures could have a couple hundred views and no one even takes the time to hit the like on anything. That is what made it frustrating to me before. I take the time to post things and try to be as entertaining or informative as I can and the same 3 guys are the only ones to comment or even like. It makes me feel like I am wasting my time. I can fix my own quad, but know nothing about fixing other people's stuff, this cuts me out of 95% of the forum topics.
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    Version 1.0.0


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    Version 1.0.0


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    On the bank of the Fraser River; a short ride past the end of my street.
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    no new progress. its been way to cold and with Christmas around the corner. money is going other places.
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    The latest vid from Natural Terrain. Christmas Valley sand dunes. Check out our channel - spartanracing43 on youtube
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    best racing pic(definately!)... ugliest quad pic(lol).. wildest injury or scar pic....... stunts...etc...
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