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    I have no idea, I definitely want no part of that. Obama has been on the campaign trail this week saying Trump inherited the economy, what a joke. Obama was the most non-business friendly President in decades. Good rid-ends! I cringe hearing him, speak. I used to have company sponsored healthcare with with no deductibles and a $25 copay. After Obamacare, it went to 30% coinsurance after the $3000 or so deductible is met for the same price. So now a few visits to the doctor costs $100-$125 per visit. Oh and BTW in 2020..no more "out of network". Company sponsored insurances went down after obamacare because rates went up to these companies. Did Obama think companies would just pay more? They need to remain profitable to stay in business and offer jobs, its a basic principle...lower corp tax, the more they can do. I get it, some were uninsured because they don't work for a company or business to get healthcare, but taking care of them really hurt the middle class that DOESN'T work for what I like to call a "tax-based" job, where tax revenue pays for their fed, state, or local gov job in a municipality, school district or other type of agency that still has good healthcare and pensions in most cases. All obamacare did is hurt the private sector. There are not enough "tax-based" jobs for all Americans, so you need big and small business, otherwise everyone is working for or relying on government in some shape or form, at which point you might as well say good buy to America as we know it. Obamacare essentially caused rates to go up on the middle class to take care of the lower class with medical...yeah that was just great. I'm for the harder and more you work, the more you get and not get punished. What's the pointy really, might as well find some government program and assistance to sit on and just coast through life with my hand out. The only thing I'm not happy about with Trump is that he has not been able to do anything around healthcare that is felt by people like me. We are stuck with this obamacare crap.
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    If I were the crackhead son of a VP, yeah maybe. Is he in jail? Nope. So what's dumb about it? Hunter can get away with anything so why does he need to live in reality? Laws only apply to regular people.
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    Hello all, name is Travis and I am much more active over on the Rzrfourms (same user name) as I live to ride my rzr; currently a brand spanking new 2021 XP 1000 Premium. I am from Southwest PA and ride local trails most often, but do trailer to places like: Mines and Meadows, Mountain Ridge, and Hatfield McCoy frequently. I stumbled across this forum when searching for a service manual for my uncle's 2010 Polaris Ranger XP 800 EPS as his machine is well overdue for some TLC. In my ignorance I thought I could download the file instantly, but was kindly informed of the rules here; which I plan to abide by. I grew up tearing up my dad's utility quads as a kid, but now I am the neighborhood wrench when it comes to fixing/maintaining everyone else's ride.
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    We can only hope. Talk about a literal slap in the face to every breathing dimocrat. To be forever known as cheaters - what a shameful "party."
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    Does anyone know where all the rioters went? Businesses boarded up their stores in case Trump won I guess, because now that the media has decided Biden won, the boards aren’t needed anymore on those store fronts? Just goes to show who is rioting...food for thought.
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    A covid vaccine comes out with 90% efficacy the week after the election. Fauci says back to normal Q2 or Q3 2021. Just keeps getting better and better... I'm very happy to hear this news but boy the timing is questionable and 90% is unbelievable according to Fauci. How lucky we are that they came out with something so soon, but Trump will of course will get no credit and democrat superhero Cuomo in NY isn't happy its coming out while Trump is still president...You can't make this stuff up. The problem with mail in votes is that no-one is verifying them and they are easily duplicated. We may see in the coming weeks the legal battles that come out, unless Trump concedes of course. Mail in voting should not have been allowed at the levels it was under the umbrella of COVID. The dems wanted this for a reason. There is also a reason why Russia, China, and Mexico leaders have not congratulated Biden yet.
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    While the candidates were campaigning all around the country, there was such a huge difference in attendance
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    Here's a woman filling out ballots. She seems to be cruising along at about 100 ballots per hour.
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    Well I just joined this site and figured I'd say hello. I was taking a tour of the place and liked what I was reading and the site it awesome. Looking foward tomeeting some of you. 👍
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    ive noticed an influx of buying/selling in the used atv world too (i live in southern VA). i think youre correct on the reasons but wanted to add one more- with all the attractions and everything being shut down for this scamdemic.. ive heard RV sales are through the roof and offroad vehicles including SXSs and ATVs also. (i say scamdemic because i think the COVID 'pandemic' was blown out of proportion by the media- dont get me wrong i think COVID is serious just like the flu, but i dont think its necessary nor prevents the spread to try and close everything down) -just wanted to clarify
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    Hey guys/ gals wife and i purchased 2 new machines in 2020, she actually surprised me when i said lets just look. ....lol next thing i know salesman called us saying our machines were ready for delivery,i fell in love w/ the kodiak 700; she got the 450. Both are the “ SE “ models , ..fast forward winch installed , plow ready for snow. I cannot praise it enough , however ill say theres times i will take her smaller quad out on trails and i actually enjoy it more lol , dont get me wrong the 700 is a Beast ...i pull trees outa woods, use it for multiple tasks on our property , its big. Lol and the power was shocking ....then i hop on my wifes and its a different ride , almost feels like a snappy go cart in the woods. Lol. It just goes and its fun to blast around on .... so i guess im lucky ..... point here if your looking for nice machine for wife ,look hard at the 450 , power steering and plenty of power , weve met several people on trails and the question comes up “ how about a choice for my wife , we point them to this ..... the Be ast is just amazing for work plowing snow is great, and it just works hard but loves to play ...... oh well just smiling with them figured id share some ramblings ...ride safe guys
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    Good fences make good neighbors because friends are often just enemies who don't know it yet.
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    Thank you, we stoped in newburgh to just look ......lol we were at Moronys on union ave.... the salesman was very informative and had great product knowledge wasn’t pushy or rude just told us that the machines had been selling quick, there were deposits being put down , ...i guess this propmted my wife ,like i said she surprised me and she was the one pulling trigger lol.....im blessed. But honestly the salesman ( eric). Told us in conversation that there has been a huge upswing in people buying machines ,he said he attributes it to less snow in past seasons, so snowmobiles have slowed , and also lol our generation has rotated through the power toy cycle ......ridding street bikes has become a danger, and people are getting out and enjoying the outdoors ...... cant argue that id prefer outdoors all day long
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    @davefrombc, its amazing that you think there is no way his laptops ended up at that repair store...lol. The owner of the store already testified to it last year and the FBI has them. To your points, which I highly (but respectfully) disagree with, I would just say that any "hint" of Socialism restricts freedom and freedom is a founding principle of this country. The US will never be like other countries which is why it remains the US. Thank you for taking the time to post and explain your views. Even if I disagree, I do enjoy seeing other points of view.
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    I'll try...since Trump was elected: My 401K is up, we don't have pension plans and you cant live on Social Security My income is up and taxes are down Business in general is up and if it weren't for covid and shut downs, the economy would continue to put up record setting numbers and low unemployment in all segments The company I work for is in a "business friendly" environment, lower corporate tax and is making money, which means I and others have a job and more people get hired (the gov cant employ everyone, so you have to have a prospering private sector in this country, which is what most people forget) Energy independence brings lower gas prices and lower home heating oil. I recall during Obama paying $3.99 for heating oil, its now $1.89....Does anyone remember the gas prices during Obama/Biden? Does anyone know what a gallon or even a liter of gas costs in other countries? Try looking into that and see if you want to pay that at the pump...Everyone drive electric? Yeah right. What do you do with the thousands of gas stations and all those cars? No way. Trump is just much more "business friendly" and this country is all about money and business (small and large). Without it..it all goes away. People fail to realize how it is in other countries... we have all these choices in this country and the ability to get pretty much anything. That can all go away if business cannot prosper. I like an America first agenda, its about time...This shift to more and more globalization and interconnection, it only helps countries that need something from others and not so much the countries everyone relies on. Oh yeah...a vote for Biden is pretty much putting Harris in the oval office because Biden has some serious age showing...people see that and you can't ignore it. He looks too old and has some cognitive issue going on. Its sad how much he's aged, his turn was taken by Hillary. I would not be surprised if this Hunter Biden stuff blows up on him, especially if by some chance he gets elected. If he actually wins it'll be a reason to impeach him and put Harris in. I would not be surprised to see that at all.
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    Do you have the Service Manual pdf yet? (You might need to have at least 10 posts to be allowed to download. By the time you answer the question, you'll be there!) Anyway, the "Ignition Circuit" tests the you want are on page 7-21 to 7-26 of that manual. You'll need a voltmeter for the resistance tests. (I use the cheap red Harbor Freight one that everyone else uses. Harbor Freight Item #63759 https://www.harborfreight.com/7-function-digital-multimeter-63759.html) Sorry I can't tell you exactly what the connector looks like or where it is. My 2012 Big Bear is different and the pictures in the 1987 pdf manual are not great, but it shows a 4-wire harness (yellow/green/gray/blue) coming out of the left side of the engine case (there is a picture of the stator and CDI rotor on page 3-15), which you need to disconnect to test the resistance of each of two pickup coil windings. You should also test the resistance of the source coil winding and the ignition coil primary and secondary windings. (the resistance values are on page 7-24 and 7-25). Basically you should follow the whole test procedure and do ALL the tests, and record the results and see if anything is out of spec. There may be several values that are marginal and together they reduce the system efficiency.
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    Hey Billy, Assuming you've got all the battery cable and engine ground wire ends shiny clean (using wire brush or sandpaper) there's one more thing to check. Has the starter motor ever been removed? Do its mounting bolts look corroded? It grounds through the frame, so make sure the metal is shiny clean where the starter touches the engine. You could be getting a voltage drop there.
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    How do you get 100,000 votes all for Biden from a county that voted 68% Biden 30% Trump? Trump should at least get 1 vote. YouGov poll of 1500 voters said 25% of conservatives were planning to vote by mail. Page 29 https://docs.cdn.yougov.com/1qb5j6pdqd/econTabReport.pdf Feel free to provide a convincing explanation.
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    Forgot about this thread. I got a twist throttle kit thru Amazon (Kolpin 98020 Handy Throttle, Black) for about $32. Only had to replace the hand grip. It has a "finger" on it that pushes against the thumb accelerator. Works great. Big relief for my arthritic thumb.
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    The only tine I heard of Fitzhugh was in this video: Chomsky says Fitzhugh argued for slavery by saying masters owned their slaves as opposed to the capitalists who just rented them, so the slave owners would take better care of their own property than the capitalists who rented theirs.
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    @JustRandy If you read the comments, she's creating new ones from others that came in, the guy is supposedly reading to her from what was received and its legal. I will say this, Trump did call out issues with the election beforehand, but I didn't really think it would come down to this. Its very suspicious that after election day, Biden's votes keep increasing every day. I never want to go through an election like this again, its a big joke. With all the technology we have we are counting paper ballots with markers while going into polling stations with no ids. Its 2020, the system needs an overhaul. And what's up with all the pre-election polls? Way off...they need new careers. Sad to watch actually, regardless of who wins.
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    That is some awesomeness right there!!
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    Apparently, in Michigan (I forgot where) 100k Biden votes just... magically appeared today? And they were ALL votes for Biden? Not one single vote was for Trump? That's statistically impossible. Unsure the validity of this but it wouldn't surprise any rational person. Could the dimocratic party be ANY more ridonkeylous or obvious with this one? No. U.S. Suburbs: gone as we once knew them - to eventually have the lovely addition of low income housing. This bodes well for home appreciation, crime and graduation rates in (the) affected areas Gotta appreciate ANY government doing this to a community or nation. Healthcare for all: this is going to be the most interesting change of all. I give it 18 months. I'll say it again: Dimocrats hate America and love socialism. What a shameful, embarrassing lot.
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    I've closed the poll on this topic. As far as the actual race, looks like there is still no winner as votes are still being counted: CNN Projection: Fox Projection:
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    The country has been changing fast, this past year the current happenings have given my wife and i a new perspective on things . we have discussed possibly moving out of our current state ,our state Government is a disaster, currently looking into Montana , weve been researching it and like many things about it ,the weather is what we like as well as the freedom .. Wondering if there are any members that are familiar with the state and would chime in on this ?
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    Moving to a free state? Congratulations!
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    My favorite form of "social distancing"!!! 😁
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    I am only going to jump into this on the medical part because I too have company provided health insurance and agree with @quadmaniac. Just got a bill from the doctor for an outpatient visit in August for my daughter after we went to the beach and she got knocked over by a big wave. She was ok, but wanted to have her checked out. The pediatric office visit was $211 and after my insurance it came to out of pocket $141. Used to be $25-30 copay before Obamacare. That's a real world example right now. I have to meet a $4000 deductible and then my insurance will cover everything. So what I do now is have my insurance and also an HSA for these medical bills like this. I know that a sneeze or cough to the doctor will be over $140 each time. My regular doctor costs me $110 out of pocket. Crazy, right? Physicals and vaccines are free. Flip side, my relative who works off the books part time and part time in a very low paying job, gets medical for almost nothing. I work hard and get nailed, how is that right?
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    @quadmaniac I remember car batteries were $70 and one day I walked into an autozone and saw batteries were $300 and said "OMG what happened to the price of batteries?" Everyone in the store said in unison "Obama!" $300 batteries, $4 gas, obamacare... why would anyone want to go back to that? And don't forget Biden is doing everything but banning guns. His gun page is a mile long. https://joebiden.com/gunsafety/
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    @Freedomflyer great pictures, just beautiful! I would really enjoy riding there, maybe one day! Love these two, like out of a magazine:
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    I would be out also, this year sucked for ride time, toooooo busy. I think we only made it out 5 for six times. Pathethic! I can tell you one thing, if you ever made it this direction I would make sure to take you out, as lon as it wasn't during the 4th of July, we have some amazing trails that I never get tired of riding. What do you ride? We have a couple of Can Am 570 Max's. We chose the two up machine so we can stay legal if we ride double. So we can also take other couples out with us if they don't have a machine. Make your way up here and I'll get you out.😉
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    jwline, this is a great area, our riding is the only thing that gets us away from all the people that have moved in. Even then you have to fight your way to get past the hiking trail traffic. But once out we see no one and it is absolutely awesome.
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    Well alittle update on my utility trailer ...i know i need to add some pics sorry ....anyway after two years of contant use , hauling everything , rocks, trees, tools, garbage cans lol you get it ......this is holding up very good , i dont “ overload it , i also grease the wheels and make sure everything is lubed ..simple maintaining goes long way .... i have added a sheet of plywood on the floor of trailer ,whjch is a must when hauling brush , slides out nice .... lol i did have a silly moment recently ...... i got a load of woodchips dropped onto our road, all nice and spread out, then one day im coming up the road and for some reason just started hauling ass to cool off lol , go around turn with empty trailer and i look to my side and damn thing is slidding next to me lol.....yes emlty trailers have a way of doing that lol ..... ill get some pics up ...be safe guys.
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    Nice plowing ..... i also need to get things ready for this winter, suppose to start getting flurries here on friday ....oh well its here. We just finished all outdoor projects so its fine lol . plowing doesnt bother me I have almost a mile of rough road to clear it doesnt slow the snowfall lol , i just break out the “ carharts and go lol
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    Welcome 2 QCrazy Jarheadgreasemonkey ! RIDE RED
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    Yeah, but the "new" Craftsman is mostly Chineseium... Only Craftsman I really look for now are "USA" stamped pieces in pawn shops.
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    Will be voting for Trump, but as a Libertarian, I really pick the lesser of evils at every election... Sad state we're in.
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    How did i get started? wow thats a tough one see my dad used an atv to help bury bodies in the woods when he...... oops never mind. Really my dad ran snowmobiles and i just never got into them. My first was a Honda Big Red 3 wheeler that spent most of its time upside down on top of me, never mastered the slide. You would think that would break my spirit but no i bought 3 more because i heard that chicks dig scars so i set out to set a record. My first quad was a 220 Bayou that came in boxes as a do it yourself kinda deal, on the upside i got several wire milk crates for free. Road that around for a buncha years sold that and ran across a deal on a 2012 CF MOTO X5 and have had it since 2016. I later bought another 220 Bayou rolling chassis to play with, maybe turn into a reverse trike or something.
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    The only bummer part of where we live as we have such a short Riding season. Our trails open June 16th and close around October 16th, depending on the area. Some stay open till Dec 1st, they close them down for a couple reasons, safety and so they don't get torn to shreds. We do have one area that stays open most if the year that is BLM/Forest Service area. That is an hours drive. It does get to a point that trails are impassable due to snow, but parts of it are usable almost year round. Only problem is temperatures are pretty miserable to be out during the Winter . We do on occasion have stretches of 0 to -30 for weeks at a time. Don't care how you dress not that pleasant to be out.🥶😁. The area is more high desert then transitions into the forest. Great area but heavily used in the summer. This ride was the earliest ride we've ever taken, it was in May.
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    Man seeing that pic of you SxS in the snow makes me home sick! Lol
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    he out here repping polaris lol sweet rides man love both of them
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    When we were little my parents moved into a new neighborhood that was under construction. Some older kids had 3 wheelers and they took me for a ride and I was hooked!
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    I remember this project. It came out very nice. Mine is juts a little guy enough for my two machines that me and my son use. I was going to swap over to the led but the existing lights and harness are in perfect condition and work great. I do however want to change the tire size. I have 5.30x12 tires. I want a wider and maybe slightly taller tire on my existing rims.
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    I overhauled my smaller trailer last year. The mesh deck was broken in several places and was getting rusty. Replaced the wiring harness and put in all new LED lights. The main difference is the deck is HDPE plastic sheet that I had cut up at work. It did add some weight but it will never rot.
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    So I want to say thank you for the help. And have a couple more questions. I ordered a key switch off line and for some reason. When it's in the off position it's on and when it's in the on position off. An the radiator fan is not kicking on so I'm guess no part of the cooling system is working any ideas. I haven't really looked at it a hole lot. Othe them do say all the wires are ok. And there two wires a blue and a brown wire in the front and by the motor and idea what they hook up to. Everything is hiked up there is nothing for them. I was thinking battery but don't see a spot for a battery. Again thank you for all your help
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