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    I can’t tell you guys how dumbfounded I am that I just found this post (9-22-2020). I have been all over the Internet and have spent countless hours of frustration chasing possible fixes on my quad : 2014 Suzuki king quad 750 power steering. I’ve owned it for 3 years and have tried everything to get it to stop STALLING Thanks to Mkibbe for posting that his friend told him to disconnect the ground wire coming off the wiring harness and going to the rectifier as pictured. My KQ has not stalled since.
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    P1619 is just related to oil change. Looks like the throttle cable housing is just broke so i'm sure replacing the cable will resolve it. But that's just a guess.
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    SunF makes a great knockoff of the big horns at a fraction of the price. That tread pattern is one of the best all around performing tires out there.
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    I have loved the big horns I got, great for plowing snow and hunting in Ontario. I would buy them again. Depends what you want to do with the quad?
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    I have ITV mud tires with bad weather cracking... I’m going to tube them to get me through the year... what’s some good all terrain tires? I have a 1999 Kodiak 400
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    Has ignition switch been replaced? Only a genuine Yamaha switch will work. Any aftermarket will have NO spark. There are 2 pickup coils, 200Ω each and 1 source coil 300Ω.
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    Thanks. I'll see what I can dig up. Odd that I sent all this info to a polaris dealer by me asking for info and they looked at me like I was from the moon.... I'd think they could have at least recognized that it was a Polaris part!
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    Does this quad have a source coil? It is much like the pickup but a little bigger. On the 350 Warriors this is a very big problem. Engine oil heat kills these coils. The best way to get this coil is just buy the whole stator. Your showing voltage says the pickup is working. I'm starting to wonder if you are actually testing the source coil? Have you tried reversing the polarity just to see if it sparks? Does it have 2 coils there? Or just one? If it has two then one is the source and one is the pickup.
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    changing it up a little from the ol grizzlys! In this video we snorkel a Honda with Travis's N2Deep snorkel kit! If anyone wants to tackle a snorkel install or get me and Jon to install it they can save 10% on the N2deep website with the code ODMM10. Check us out on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/offroad.dan/ https://www.instagram.com/muddymillz/
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    Annual ATV Poker Run. Information attached.
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    Welcome! Post in the Yamaha forum: https://www.quadcrazy.com/atvforum/15-yamaha-atv-forum/
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    Hopefully you got this back together. Here's a pretty good video on Kawasaki Bayou 300 Engine Centrifugal Clutch, Basket & Friction Plate Removal
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    Good morning, Happy Labor Day! Remember the weekends were brought to you by the blood of labor unions. That and children not working in coal mines and factories anymore... and safety standards... the 40 hour week... and... oh okay you get it at this point. Have a good one today!
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    i started on a 01 polaris sportsman 500cc at 13. id go with a older honda recon 250 (or comparable size in another brand atv) for a 10 year old to start off with if hes driving it unattended. i later bought another sportsman 500 and let one of my friends little brother drive it he was 9 its all about having respect for the machine you know your son and what he can handle. personally i would not let a pre 14 year old drive a cvt 500cc and bigger atv by himself however ive let much younger folks drive my atvs with me sitting right behind in case anything goes wrong.
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    A big part of deciding how big a quad to start a 10 year old on depends on the father and the lessons he teaches the kid .. Are you a risk taker that drives on the insane edge, or a cautious driver ? It makes a huge difference seeing the lessons you teach in your own driving habits. Smaller, lighter quads are easier for a preteen to handle, but on easy drives on trails they can handle larger ones. I would look at 90cc ones for a good balance between reasonable power and lighter weight and they'll be sufficient for adults too in most riding scenarios.
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    ok so did a little digging found that the two cylinders have names (mag and pto) and that the mag cylinder is in the front and the pto cylinder in the back so i needed a mag cylinder ignition wire. after looking on polaris' parts diagrams i found the specific part number and then on to ebay searched 'polaris scrambler 4014007' and boom there is was for under $20. so maybe could we get a moderator (@Ajmboy ) to change the title of this forum to something like 'Polaris Scrambler PTO vs MAG ignition wires' or something? i think that would help out other ignorant folks like me and save them some trouble if theyre searching on the web for a similar issue. To wrap it up on a parallel twin atv like a scrambler or sportsman 850 or 1k, the PTO cylinder is in the rear and the MAG cylinder is in the front. could never find it written that plainly lol had to hinda guess and do a lot of digging
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    maybe Babbitt's online or rocky mountain ATV for OEM.
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    Not sure where you get that from, I think you are a little out of line here and I am a republican. This is really the only topic on this forum that has any political discussion so unless you have some private PMs going on with other members, you might want to rethink your response....just saying. and thats an old poll from 2016 when it was Trump and Clinton running. I do agree on not being able to support Biden. I'm looking forward to the debates and really hope Biden does them and doesn't find an excuse not too.
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    About any coil wire should work that is long enough. Usually you can unscrew the plug boot and unscrew the wire from the coil and replace it. I've used skinny auto plug wires before. Anything that will fit into the plug boot and has a good thick silicone shield.
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    The poll at the top says 37 votes for Trump and 10 for Clinton, so not sure how this forum could be characterized as a liberal bastion, but then again I don't leave this thread so I don't really know how it is out there. Hard to imagine many are supporting Biden though.
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    @Rich1028 I'm not going to ban you but please watch your tone. Really not fair for you to say this. Out of the thousands of topics on atvs in this community, you gather your opinion based on the one "general discussion" topic about politics you decide to jump into? You then trash QUADCRAZY like this because of your political views? That's not fair and we are also not for name calling other members, no matter how much you dislike their opinions. Lets appreciate everyone's point of view and please keep it civil. Everyone.
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    Great work, quite the improvement.
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    I think the debates (if they happen) will be “must see tv”!
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    @quadmaniac I'm no longer confident in my prediction that Trump will lose because I didn't anticipate Biden could be this bad. Again the DNC appoints the worst candidate they could find. I predicated my logic mainly on the fact that more democrats exist while republicans are dying, but many are refusing to vote for either of the two evils, progressives are wise to the democratic party corruption, and some blacks and minorities are abandoning the democratic party. I'm pretty sure Biden will win the popular vote, but I can't say which way the swing states will swing. I think independents might replace those who are fleeing the republican party. Anyway, it's no longer so obvious because it really has nothing to do with the economy or any metric we could observe, but more to do with emotion which is anyone's guess.
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    Does anyone use GPS, whether on a device or app to record their ATV trail rides? I have been thinking about a section where our members can upload let's say a .gpx file and share their rides on a google map for others to see where there are riding areas. Not sure if this is something of interest or how much it would be used, so just trying to get an idea. Importing routes from files like xml, lmx, tour, freshroute, gpx, kmz, kml
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    @Rich1028 Not gonna ban you, but have to make a remark here...wrong site to post like that. I've edited your post and almost every sentence that contained a profanity has been removed. Consider this site "family friendly". Please keep it clean and no bashing other members.
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    for one I should not even be over in this shit hole...cause it might get me banned form here....but on the other had... Over Here...I'm making FAT Stacks of CASH!!! my work hours increased,my pay went up...!! THIS IS AMERICA!!!
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    Look at the red bar on the post above yours. Click on it and It will explain. You have to have 10 plus active contributions on the forum before you can access the manual for download.
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    Buy a dog collar tracking device and strap it to the bike!
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    Yes I found my problem with the thanks of a good knowledgeable friend all you need to do is unplug this ground under the seat,for some reason with this plugged in its grounding out the system.....
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    I would suspect the voltage regulator or the alternator. There's also the possibility the power steering is drawing too much power for some reason and the momentary voltage drop is causing the ignition or fuel injectors to cut out. When you have the motor revved up the alternator is putting out more power so you wouldn't get the large drop and cut out. I don't think it is the ECU.
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    Thanks for your comment,Yea I put bumpers, pro armor and aluminum products skids,Elka shocks,ect,ect......here's a few more and my other toy.......how do I check my voltage regulator......
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