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    Welcome to quadcrazy. There are plenty of member that know alot of useful information. If it once ran. One of us can fix it. So don't be shy to ask questions. The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    I uploaded the Yamaha service manual for your Big Bear. Covers 2000 & 2001. First time I've done this so I hope it downloads correctly.
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    To start it off, I'd like to share the bakery display cases I made for my wife. I'm sure ya'll have some impressive stories behind those HF tools, let's see 'em! I built these bakery display cases for wife on almost 100% HF tools a couple years ago. Only thing I bought from Home Depot was the wood/plywood/stains and 3 sawhorses for my workbench. Router, circsaw, blades for both, sander, sandpaper, gloves, the nails for the nailgun (gun borrowed from dad, have a 5# pancake for air) I had almost zero tools to start. Some of their cheap "speed" clamps failed, but first time for me using those types of clamps, was expecting them to hold better: heh my youngest helping my dad glue: and for fun, here was the finished project (1 of 2, built 2 cases, this is the smaller .. the plastic was from Tap Plastics for the "sneeze guards" and the top case): back side showing both cases:
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    as many might know, the years previous, California had drought conditions that allowed "bark beetles" to basically kill many evergreen trees. here's an example of what they did: we had a few on our property... no HF tools here, this is Stihl guaranteed: lmk if anyone wants his #, I'm sure he'd trade for body work lol
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    Nice job! I don't have a a Harbor Freight close by and mostly use Home Depot. Love the topic though and will need to look at Harbor Freight more closely. I will add this though....Since this summer, we've been working on an addition and I've been buying all kinds of stuff I didn't already have. I'm a fan of Milwaukee M12 tools (used to have Dewalt which is good too) because they have so many tools in that series. I've had a drill for a while and an Oscillating Multi-Tool , but in the past 4 months I've bought 2 M12 screw guns on ebay for like $45 each (tool only), M12 impact for $45 (tool only), PEX A expansion tool for my plumbing for $99 (tool only) and a 2 pack battery and changer kit for $59 at True Value Hardware. I also just bought standard and metric wrenches and screw drivers at home depot but the other day I noticed I could get craftsman at lowes. I used to be a mechanic at sears auto years ago and was always a fan of craftsman tools with the occasional snap on or mac tool in the collection.
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    Donuts in the snow make it fun for my youngest Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    it's been 50s and 60s here so I can't get on my warm gear.. until we get some lasting systems, here's what's going on in the sierras... ski skate: Fun little snow run.mp4
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    you got me thinking, frank n mike! (that's a podcast title right there) we are always talking about HF tools.. I started a thread and put my tools post:
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    I bought a grinder from there this past summer and ran the crap out of it to restore this 5 by 8 trailer. Mike
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    View File 1987-1992 Suzuki LT250R Race Porting Instructions 1987-1992 Suzuki LT250R Race Porting Instructions Submitter Ajmboy Submitted 01/28/2019 Category Suzuki ATV  
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    Well whichever way you go if I’m up there any of the weekends let me know. I’m great with a shovel.
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    I'm waiting for a croc to snap at someone swamping!
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    This last storm was a bust, was supposed to be mostly snow, instead a lot of rain mixed in making for a slushy mess. Having a plow on the quad was a huge help as this snow was heavy wet mess, and falling temps making it a frozen mess. Snow blowers were pretty useless, I saw several people trying to use them. 2010 Arctic Cat 366
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    I do small engines - for jets and such pick up a set of guitar wires - cheap and smaller than tip cleaners Tahj
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    I have the same exact charger as picture 2. It charges the Harleys and my quads and go cart with no issues. Great buy for me. I bought the plug in accessory that bolts onto the battery. Easy to just disconnect and reconnect Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Yes she's a little brisk lately lol. Will post some fishing pics soon. Cheers
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    UPDATE I checked the diaphragm like you said, it was good. I noticed when I removed the choke piston it was pretty gummed up and corroded, and the spring was insufficient for it to push back in when i released the choke. So I thoroughly lubricated the choke cable and cleaned the piston, and it turns out that this must have been a problem since I got the quad, because it has tons more power, it doesn't ping any more, and it idles fine now. The choke pull broke so the cable is exposed, I need to seal it and maybe use safety wire to pull the cable end to the pull button so it is secured. But the problem was he choke the entire time.
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    Yea I hear that Frank.Great advise!
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    If you took that bike for a 10 mile ride and the temp light didn’t come on and the bike didn’t over heat then it should be good. I’ve seen instances where you have what’s called an “air bound” system. It’s essentially a stuck airball in the system that takes a big push of water pressure to push it through the system. Much like an air bound radiator in your house on a hot water heating system. Only difference is that home radiators have bleeders on them to get the air out. It’s very posable that this happened. So just keep an eye on it and you can look inside the radiator cap for fluid movement which will only happen after the thermostat is open. Take the cap off and start the bike and after about 10 min or so the water should start to flow. Is the cooling fan coming on properly also ?
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    Brown red wire from ign switch 12vdc. brown red wire to indicator lights. From indicator lights, Rev G/L wire (green/blue) to rev switch to ground. Neutral sb (sky blue wire) to neutral switch to ground.
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    Upstate New York does have ATV riding, Tug Hill https://adirondackstughill.com/things-to-do/atv-riding/
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    Version 1.0.0


    5851c600c1b0f_2005KawasakiKVF750BruteForceServiceManual.pdf 2005 Kawasaki KVF750 Brute Force Service Manual
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