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    PA Residents, please take a moment to send an email supporting this to [email protected] https://www.erienewsnow.com/story/41590987/proposed-changes-on-the-way-for-riding-atvs-on-state-forest-trails?fbclid=IwAR1EXkgtnRenBzFAKG5h1IOs7xDrNg6iedYSALckbjx2F5ZPjwdDFFij6Jc#.Xic-MeQ7aXY.facebook This week, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) plans to outline proposed policy changes for ATV trails on state forest lands. They will also be seeking public comment. Pennsylvania has more than 260 miles of ATV trails in state forests. The department is reviewing its policy to respond to increasing demands for riding opportunities and well as interest from local governments in expanding tourism. “The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance to DCNR when acquiring, developing and managing lands for ATV use by the public,” Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn said. There had been a moratorium on new trail development, but the policy revisions now authorize DCNR to consider new ATV trails and connectors on state forest lands. “New ATV trails will be considered, while still balancing the protection of natural resources as outlined in the Environmental Rights Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution, and the needs of all types of recreational users on DCNR lands,” Dunn said. In a 2016 survey of ATV users, more than 4,800 responded with many indicating a strong desire for more long-distance trails. Pennsylvania has around 285,000 registered ATVs. On state forest lands, ATV riding is allowed only on designated trails. Public comment will be taken at a meeting in Harrisburg Wednesday, January 22, from 10 a.m. to noon in Room 105 of the Rachel Carson State Office Building. Written comments can be submitted to [email protected] The deadline to submit comments is March 27. More information about ATV riding is on the DCNR website.
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    Shared on Facebook to all my "friends" I'm a Pennsylvania rider too and we barely have anywhere to ride that is "legal". ATVs and UTVs are a big expense now to have so few places to ride. I am definitely sending an email ASAP. Thank you for the email address and information.
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    I Had 4 sons And they were a hand full Now 2 of them have 4 daughters between them and The girls mind me just fine LOL
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    I'm a fan of Partzilla for anything I can get on there. I have ordered bearings though for hubs and rear diff from All Balls Racing. I'd stay away from any gasket sets or bearings and what not that are cheap ebay sets, i've blown a cheap head gasket and crushed orings from cheaper sets. Usually the bearings are ok but the seals are terrible....and bad seals lead to bad bearings. Some of the hard parts though like a middle drive gear (blew the one apart on my 93 kodiak) I had to go to ebay and get a used one from Grump's ATV. Oh, and welcome to Quad Crazy!
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    Unfortunately this weekend we waived goodbye to the 99 400ex. Ported and polished head, DMC Alien exhaust with dual header, an absolute unit that would run 70 on the top end. Fortunately though the 400ex left in exchange for a fairly cherry 98 Honda 300..the holy grail of reliability in a mud and water toy. Previous owner added the snorkels and it was a decent job. Put some 25" swamp witches on it, now it just needs 1" spacers, 2" bracket lift, couple of pinion seals and a pound or two of dielectric grease. Hate to let the 400ex go as it was a gem, but it's hard to pass on a cherry 300. These things are just so dang reliable and easy to work on.
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    @mikeexplorer we've shared this to our facebook and twitter pages.. 😎
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    Front and rear are still available from Partzilla. They're a bit pricey, but they'll be new. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/atv/1994/lt-f250t/front-fender-model-m-n-p-r-s-t Good luck with survivor plastic, those things just didn't fare well in the sun. It would be worth a try plastic welding cracks and sanding and buffing. Might not help, but it's a cheap trial. You can also use the heat and shock method to revive the color. Like this guy does with a heat gun, just douse it with cold water when it's still shiny. That'll harden the surface instantly and bring life back to it. Won't look new, but will look better.
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    The flywheel magnet problem was common on years 2005-2007 models. He did not post the year of his machine. My first quad was a 2007 Arctic Cat and I did not have the problem. Guess I lucked out. It is something he needs to check as it can cause his symptoms. Mike
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    Thanks for tagging me @Frank Angerano, that's what brought me to this topic 😉 The issue is that iphones save videos as .MOV, and android, windows, and browsers like chrome do not automatically play .MOV files like MP4 files. Its usually the browser. .MOV is a quicktime file and will play in iphones and in safari browsers. I've converted it to .mp4 IMG_3837.mp4
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    Ok so update, finally got a little time to play in the shop. Swapped out the regulator and guess what?????? NO CHANGE! FML.... Decided to pull the side cover off and pull the stator and flywheel off. Stay tuned....... IMG_3837.MOV
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    Always watch when you have a passenger (if you do). I've seen so many people on the rear of an ATV that isn't intended for two riders get their feet caught in the back tires. This is especially easy on sport ATVS because the fenders don't protect much.
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    welcome to QC !! Welcome to QC !!
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    , on our current 500 range you simply hold down the left dashboard button (when sitting on the ATV) and the dash will switch from Kms to Miles. I found this on a CFMOTO page https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/cf-moto-cf-500/q-and-a?page=4 Heres the link !
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    as to riding atvs up rams into the bed of a pickup, i do this too although we usually trailer my bikes places. three things never to do when loading an atv with ramps is: never go to fast up the ramps (you wont have a rear window in your truck) never stop on the ramps and then try to start off again (the ramps will no longer be under your atv and we all know how gravity works) never miss the ramps (no duh but way to many of us dont know how to aim soooo) its important to know your quad inside and out as loading with ramps is a more involved activity and its important to keep a even throttle to avoid busting your butt and ruining your bike. so i would agree for beginners, either go buy a trailer or make sure you video it so when you screw up the rest of those beginners out there might be able to learn from your stupidity
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    Yes. I replaced every gasket from the base cylinder gasket all the way to the top. The oring around the cam cover was also crushed like that...so just crap seals. Sold it last night though so the haunted Kodiak is someone else's issue now. Once the 300 is back together i have a 300 2wd Bayou bought that will be next in line. It just needs basic maintenance and clean up. bought it cheap and should be a good little utility ATV. The Bayou is one of my favorites to flip because they are simple, cheap and reliable.
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    Great video @Gunny and great service! Keep em coming! 🇺🇸
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    These are actually some very good four wheelers. I just finished reviving another one yesterday. One of the most reliable engines on any Polaris. The fact that the gearbox is off makes me think the gearbox was broken. Typically it’s not the engine that puts these in their grave, it’s that gear box. If you have free time, it’s certainly worth trying to get back to running/driving form. Good luck!
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    Awesome. "TOP" ... to cool !!! I did 4yrs active. 2 with the Marines in Viet Nam & 2 with the Army for Desert Storm-Desert Shield. I also did 22 yrs in the Army Reserves & retired as a CSM ... but everyone calls me "Gunny" ....... Go figure ...... HAHAHAHA !!! And all that military time & STILL can't get my girls to follow orders ....... sigh ........... HAHAHAHA !!! ... The little Chits !!! ...
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    Hi Just bought my first quad really looking forward to this site.
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    Welcome to Quadcrazy! Post your problem as a new topic and we can help.
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    Hello, I'm here from Alabama. Just got my second atv and trying to get it's issues worked out.
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    Sweet Vid as always !! Gunny Where is this ?
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    Have you checked that all four tires are the same size? It appears that the fronts look smaller then the rear bit it could be the pic. All 4x4's have to have the same size. Just a shot in the dark but hey could be.
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    Hey @Todd Michael welcome to Quadcrazy. Check your neutral safety switch and make sire its working. Its a light green wire going into the side of the engine just above the shifter. Its a light green and red wire. Green is for neutral light red is for reverse light. All you need to do to test this is to put a jumper wire from a good ground source to the light green wire and turn the key on. If the dash lights come on then the problem is at the neutral safety switch. Make sure the atv is in neutral. If you press the start button and the bike is in gear it will roll. let me know.
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    Thanks quadnut20 . Posting every Thursday on schedule
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    this is why im super thankful for security cameras i think everybody should have some with a dvr Its pretty bad we have to go that far into protecting our belongs
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    Hello. I got this fourwheeler to fix for my buddy. It wasnt starting at all when I got it so I opened the valve cover up and checked the timing and the timing was way off. I set the timing bolted all back together and it started. It only stays running with very little throttle applied. There is a weird noise coming from the engine and it smells like its burning and also smokes from the headers. I posted a video idk how helpful it will be but I need some advice on the next step. I want to say it's the piston and rings, but I'm not too sure was also thinking something was up with the valves. Thought I would get some advice before trying anything. Thanks!
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    Yes sir. We are getting out of bed now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well @George Henry be here more! Lol just kidding but yes we are busy. Stay in touch brother.
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    Welcome to QC Everyone! I haven't been here much lately & it seems that QC is busier now. Enjoy your time here!
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    The ladies looked amazing!! That little tongue thing that Shakira did was crazy!! Very happy for Andy!
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    Howdy y'all. Just bought myself a 2004? Yamaha 400 with electrical Gremlins aplenty. Runs good (after jumping the starter solenoid relay terminals with the helpfully included with the sale pliers) but no fan when my wife's 03 Kodiak 400 had fan and the starter button makes it to the starter solenoid but the ECU side isn't happy. This seems to be a lively forum with manual downloads being supported so hi. Oh yah, and you can get two Kodiak 400s on a 5x8 trailer... I bought a nice 14' trailer as soon as possible after this.
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    The new trailer is so much easier though.
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    For sure frank. I’ll give my own YouTube review Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you, it is important to be heard and get more legal ATV miles. Mike
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    Without a factory service manual in front of me, I'm just throwing this as an idea to a possible cause? or it could be some other related safety switch inline the ignition circuit harness. Just curious if the your quad was equipped with some form of (ETC) Electronic Throttle Control switch, like a Polaris product would be equipped with. Or some form of 1? used by Suzuki. In the advent the throttle cable breaks or becomes stuck or out of adjustment the ETC kicks in, Grounding the CDI BOX out. I had this problem before on my 01 trailboss because the cable needed adjusted. normally it should of just killed the engine going from idle into "mid range" throttle. but the switch contacted ground intermittedly (causing backfiring) when it should of just killed the CDI box all together at mid range throttle if adjusted correctly. Knowing you already checked the , 1) In & Ex Valve clearances, 2)Spark Plug resistor cap (Rx Value), 3) Spark plug, even though new? got some out the box that were bad. Flywheel Key half sheared due to the back firing, Flywheel Magnets (magnetic poles become unstable to be not useable). Even if a ignition coil tested good, seen them also cut-out when accelerated due to a internal crack inside the field windings which you can or cannot see. The Stator plate and alternator windings for shorts? After the wiring harness being cooked, your lucky to have spark, depending how good of condition the CDI box and pick-up coil in the stator are? after the fire. Finding were the previous owner left off?, is real treat or sometimes a real headache.
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    Sorry we had a lazy snowy day on the farm, just saw your reply Frank. I've read that the regulator could be the culprit with your symptoms. Output above 15.5 v can cause the cdi to loose it. I've just about got the front fender off the lowest millage machine. Shouldn't be much to get the piece out for you. Unfortunately I'd not be able to say it's for sure good.
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    My 86 kx80 was bought new. I still have all the papers. Last count was 25 rebuilds on oem everything. Runs like a dream when I put the new piston and rings in. That’s a spring project. But yeah. Maitenence. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk My 86 kx80 was bought new. I still have all the papers. Last count was 25 rebuilds on oem everything. Runs like a dream when I put the new piston and rings in. That’s a spring project. But yeah. Maitenence. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As a lot of people have said the key is good maintenance I’ve had bikes with over 1000 hours that ran like new
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    Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance! When you buy used, change or have the fluids changed before anything else. Research what your machine uses and how often fluids should be changed, then make sure to use specified fluids for your particular machine. Keep a detailed record of your service, if there are grease zerks make a habit of greasing them. I try to do that after every 3 rides or so, change all fluids at the end of the riding season so they are ready to go before I take them out in the spring. Take care of them and they will take care of you.
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    Thank you @James Mason. I pretty much for the most part will always find the problem and to be honest I'm a little excited that its giving me a hard time. I think for the most part the quads i find are more straight forward repairs and find myself doing more cosmetic/body work. Don't get me wrong i love all that stuff but a real problem for a change is something good and i think keeps us all sharp learning about new problems, especially for the next guy. So we will see! A ton of very good reply's to this topic so a big shout out to our members that commented on this. Keep em coming. Always grateful!
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    not going past half throttle? did ya check the, um, choke? what a project, man! those wires - good grief, that's literally freakin' neurosurgery right there - all hail to new harnesses!! that thing is freakin' SWEET lookin, frank - you'll get it running - a little here, a little there - and we'll all learn something in the process i'm going to look at a 1998 arctic cat 454 this saturday - talked about it before - I doubt it's salvageable and i'm not gonna get all crazy about it like the honda 250 - just looking - taking battery and plenty of tools - will post pictures soon
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    Give em hell bro [emoji1598] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Give em hell bro [emoji1598] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It could very well be a timing issue. The kfx was thrown out of time due to stretched timing chains. Caused a back fire and stumbling idle. All the luck brother Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks, I bought Maxxis big horn 2.0’s (take off from a Yamaha Viking) which I learned after I bought them that they are different then off the rack big horn 2.0’s which is a piss off. Apparently the Yamaha ones are 4 ply rears and 2 ply fronts instead of 6 ply like the off the rack and the take offs are biased and not radials... That doesn’t make sense to me and is a piss off but I guess it is to save Yamaha money and mislead buyers.. atleast I got them for a good price.
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