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    I use polaris ride command. It lets you map and gives elevation. Waypoints and on the upgraded version it gives you who owns the property your on or looking at. I think that’s on huntstand too. Not positive tho. It works on mobil phones and without service. It’s pretty neat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    4 things could cause that problem. Timing slipped so the intake valve is still partially open when cylinder fires , Intake valve is sticking slightly open, rocker arm is too tight and holsding valve slightly open and finally, a burnt intake valve valve allowing combustion gasses to blow back. Most likely is a timing slip or valve lash on the intake valve is too tight .
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    Nice. I decided to skip town once everything shut down. Not many people around at 6500 ft. 🙂
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    400ex is generally preferred due to being a bit more simple to work on and has been in production forever with very few changes so the aftermarket is large. 450 is still a good bike though.
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    From what i've heard Houser and JD are fine as are Laeger, GT Thunder. I've read to stay away from Full Flight. But then again, they're all pretty much 4150 ChroMo so who knows if there really is a difference.
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    You can't really test a CDI, they are a bit elusive. You have to troubleshoot everything else that has to do with spark and if it all tests good, then the CDI would be the last option. You might also try the "baking" technique for the CDI. Sometimes you can bake them for a few minutes at very low temp and drive off moisture enough to get it to work again. @Frank Angerano is a better resource on baking CDI's.
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    The thumb throttle adjustment is the only "legit" way to limit speed. Yes, it does get faster on flat ground, up to the speed corresponding to thumb position and it may even go beyond that down hill. I would think even if there were an adjustable rev limiter in the CDI it would still behave the same uphill and flat ground. The only way that i see to not have it slow uphill and fast downhill would be a speedometer limited throttle like a modern vehicle so that it will only do say 15mph uphill and 15mph downhill/flat ground.
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    Today the blue angels and the thunderbirds flew over NYC as well as many other parts of the state. I shot up to the roof today to snap a few pics and videos. I go to the air show every year so seeing fighter jets is not new to me but seeing them over the big city is pretty cool. I attached pics and videos. Hopefully you can see the videos as well. Anyone else get to see or take pics? IMG_4479.MOV
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    I was reading another forum recently about fuel leaks and possibility of fire happening. Reminded me of an incident I had a few years ago while working at a Can Am dealership. The quad was a stolen & recovered Outlander 650 that had been tampered with. These quads have an electronic safety system, similar to their DESS system on the sleds. You cannot bypass the key switch and get spark without a computer with factory software. Anyway, I was trying to determine what was damaged since the thief had attempted to hot wire various electronic parts. I got all the extra wires removed and things looked back to stock. Pulled the spark plugs and was going to check for ignition and if the starter still worked. Well, they both worked alright and guess what - the cylinder was flooded with fuel! Instant flames with gas spraying all over...great!! I managed to use my hands to put out the fire, good thing I had on gloves (but choked they were ruined of course, haha). Seems it's possible to flood an engine with efi when you put power straight to the injectors, doh! As in much of life, you cannot take things for granted (I'd only seen carbs flood like that). And even though it had spark, the quad still needed a new ECM to run - that part alone was $1200. So lets hear your stories, crazy stuff happens every day I'm sure.
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    Mud pit, turns, straight runs, creek crossing, open areas to stop and chill and short cuts...not sure how many acres you have but sounds fun.
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    Picked this beauty up for zero dollars this weekend. It has been passed around several of my son's friends and the last kid was just tired of tinkering with it. Mostly complete 96 300FW. The pic is my boy robbing the swing arm and rear diff for his 300 for a big memorial weekend ride. Wiring is garbage at the battery, kick start doesnt work, no coil, smoked like cheech and chong when it ran last. I figure a couple hundred and a few hours and this will be ready to ride. Journey will be documented on Instagram at @martincyclellc if ya wanna follow along.
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    Shorter video than most of our videos but ALOT of work has been done in this video! The Yamaha grizzlys 700 will LOVE this cave! At first we were not sure if we would be able to fit two yamaha grizzly 700s in the grizzly cave but since the cave is all cleaned up I think we have more than enough room!
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    Need to do a leakdown test on engine. Also need to pull valve cover and check for a sticking valve.
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    Craig's list can be a great source if you can pick up your purchase in person and be paid in cash for sales. be wary of cashiers checks, bank drafts and of course personal checks. Both bank drafts and cashiers checks can be fakes . My sister found out the hard way that a bank draft can be a fake that a bank will cash and then a week later find out from the clearing house it is a fake and charge back your account. Bye bye item , bye bye money and if payment was in foreign currency you end up losing even more because banks charge a fee to convert the currency into your dollars and you don't get that back when they charge back for the fake
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    You notice how most of the scams are Gmail addresses? I actually never use craigslist, too riddled with scams and people fishing for information. Mike
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    Got my Yamaha Grizzly buttoned up finally and went for a quick 2 hour ride in the power lines with my neighbor, who has a Yamaha Kodiak. We have access from his yard, which is nice. Was a beautiful day today to get out and will try to go more often. Ran into two other quad riders with a sportsman and I think grizzly. Also ran into a dirt bike rider. 😎
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    Use a Garmin Montana, usually just for reference when I am on familiar territory. Will download maps when travelling abroad. Also use a GPS Spot messenger for just in case.
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    Another “newb” here. Picked up a 2019 Sportsman XP 1000 Premium last summer. This is my 3rd quad for myself (previously 2007 Brute Force 650 and 2014 Sportsman 850 XP). Also have 2 UTV’s just to keep things interesting. Got into quads with family members and recreation property. Will have a read through this forum and see if there is info for me to learn from and if there is anything I can add.
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    Look at this. https://www.mobilityquad.com/
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    I'd bet the brushes are bad in the starter. Try holding the start button down and giving the starter a tap with a wrench. I bet it'll pop right off. When it's warm, metal expands a bit and I bet the change in tolerances lets the brushes contact.
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    Yes. I saw those with tracks and mud tires. My mind is with me still. Hell. If I can make a dirt bike out of spare parts, make it run and drive. I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Thank you Ajmboy. Your kind words are inspiring. Just because I can’t use my legs anymore wont stop me from finding other means. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Getting older and the progressive diseases that too often go with it sucks.......but it's still better than the only alternative. At 76 I've lost too many of my old friends. Take care and keep on fighting... I've seen some pretty fancy offroad wheelchairs if it comes to that .
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    Haha thanks for the advice!!!!, I went ahead yesterday morning and picked up a decent shape 400ex for half the price they sell in my area. 🤫
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    Got it fixed today, ended up replacing the starter clutch bearing and so far starts every time. The lobes look a little worn but nothing major except that it causes intermittent no starts/cranks. I still have to put the plastics on but will wait till tomorrow to make sure nothing is leaking and it’s running good.
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    Nice! They look like they are in great shape!
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    2008 Honda 400 Ex and a 2014 Honda 400 X We Just Picked up two Quads Friday,and we took them out riding,great machines!
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    That rust line looks like its below the rings so it should be ok. It's pretty worn so you might want to check it with a bore gauge. 40 psi was probably due to a ring stuck on the piston bc thats pitiful compression. If it's in tolerance hone it a bit to give it a good crosshatch, set of good rings and I bet you get compression back.
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    What signs would I look for on burning oil? I bought it not running and the guy said he didn't know anything about it. I wanted a challenge and it was a good one to start with. Thanks for the help
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    Thanks for the response. That will be my next step.
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    Assuming the CDI you replaced with is a chinese cheap one? i'd put the OEM back in then continue testing. Check the plug wire and plug boot also with a connectivity setting on a multimeter. I've seen boots go bad.
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    Take it back. The Brute Force 750 has a fairly well known issue with dropping valves around the 1300 hour mark. When it drops a valve it ruins one of the cylinders, piston, valves. They are great bikes until they aren't....and then they are very costly to rebuild.
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    He spoke of a discount of around $1000.
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    unfortunately you cant test a cdi. @MarkinAR is correct about that. However cdi inits get moisture inside and they will not work. Especially if its an atv thats been sitting outside for a long time. You can take the cdi and bake it in the oven at 200 deg for 10 min. Oven reaching temp first then put the cdi in no more then 10 min. Take it out and let it cool. Give it a shot, if it works you know its a moisture issue.
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    That 92153D bolt illustrated looks like it might be a "shoulder bolt" where the unthreaded part is larger than the threads. They are used where they don't want the bolt to clamp two parts together and for the bolt to act as an "Axle" for levers or other rotating parts. Some industrial supply stores may carry what you want but your best bet might be to order them through an ATV dealer.
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    The clutch lever you might as well take it off and go to a hardware store to see what works. The same for your axle carrier. If the hardware store doesn’t. Try Home Depot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    get the premade lengths and for whatever reason the coated version bends nicer. tight bends i push aircraft cable through the inside to help it from kinking, and pull it around a pipe or large socket.
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    we make brake lines from scratch at work and can usually match up a rubber line to fit too, rough lengths is all you would need, hard lines are easy to make just need the double flare tool. probably all 3/16 lines. i may need to do this on my sons 250.
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    So the kids have a 110cc ATV I'm getting an old polaris xplorer up and running and I've been thinking about what kind of trail I should make. I've got some very wooded acreage and hills with creeks running through it. I'm planning on using a lot of the old logging road for the main trail but what do you normally want to come across when you're riding your ATV? Any suggestions on things I should build in? What would you make sure you had on a trail you built and what would you avoid doing?
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    I've thrown electrical fire more times than I can remember but never fuel fire. Caught a screwdriver in a ring gear. Caught a finger in a ujoint. Nearly broke an arm with a steeper bit the other day sizing the hitch on a 300 for a D ring. Yes a 19V cordless will indeed snag with a stepper and try to break an arm!
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    Thanks @Arizona i work in the big city and and live not to far away. I have a place upstate in the mountains we go often as well as going to other atv trail riding places.
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    Hello QC Peeps I haven't been around lately and just found this post. I have been working through this pandemic because I work for an essential manufacturing co. www.http://MackMolding.com We make lots of different medical products including components for processing pharmaceuticals, surgical devices, air purification/filtration systems turning moisture in the air into a gaseous form of Hydrogen Peroxide, blood filtration/purification systems and more. It's been stressful having to work, but I am working to play my part in the crazy times we're going through. I attached 2 photos from my facility. Don't let this pandemic take away your rights as an American. GH p.s. Those pics of NYC at heights give me the willies too
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    Hey Frank Angerano i had a chance to get the belt housing off the bike and the nut come off the front pully so it wants the belt. Thank you for the help its back up and going now.
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    That was exactly what I was thinked about. It would be the one service, I not expect too many hours on my use. But, turns out that no service history logged on Polaris system and they stated if the vehicle have been claimed by insurance company, quarantee is gone... So, this simplifies this issue. And, the Finnish importer of Polaris is well known to easyly reject all quarantee issues, even the clear cases...
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    Welcome to QC Everyone! I haven't been here much lately & it seems that QC is busier now. Enjoy your time here!
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    Polaris offers an app called Ride command for your phone...it can track your rides and save them among other things. But I think you have to be a Polaris owner
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    I use a Garmin Oregon 450, it was about $450 back in its day, but its been reliable and does resist water, One feature I like is it can display custom maps. Using the software I mentioned above, I can take a map and calibrate it to make it GPS accurate. The picture shown here is actually a historical USGS map I calibrated and uploaded to the unit. I am following an old railroad that no longer exists. The map shows the railroad (map is from 1947) so I can follow the old grade even when parts of it are grown in now. I can also take maps of ATV trails and do the same. On a charged set of AA batteries, it will last about 12 hours. Mike
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