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    Your revs going up and no drive power to the wheels was because your CVT transmission belt and clutches got wet. It doesn't take a lot of water entering the housing and wetting the belt to make it slip . CVT transmissions drive on the sides of the drive belt .. Since the clutches are smooth, they lose grip on the belt when wet ..As soon as the clutches and belt start drying they regain their grip. A worn belt will slip much quicker than a new one since it is narrower due to the wear on the sides as it is used. Definitely check all the fluids for water that may have entered through the various vents on the differentials, transmission and motor.
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    You can email the picture(s) to [email protected] and I can try to do it for you and see why it's not working.
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    Lightly sand the bar it is stamped into and you might be able to make it out. On older Honda 4 wheel ATVs it is on the round crossbar in the front. Mine was hard to read ev3n after sanding the rust off but I found enough to use a chart of 1991 VINs to find mine listed. I was lucky there was only one letter unreadable. This site has a chart of all the Honda bike and quad model number and tear listings.. The 4trax entries are way down the list. https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/honda-parts/honda-model-prefix.aspx Your vin will start with 478TE. The next two or 3 numbers will identify the model series . The 1988 to 2000 models have a 150 there. Further on in the vin there will be a letter to identify the year. The 10th digit in a 17 digit V.I.N. or frame number represents the year of your ATV, motorcycle, or car. A = 1980 B = 1981 C = 1982 D = 1983 E = 1984 F = 1985 G = 1986 H = 1987 J = 1988 K = 1989 L = 1990 M = 1991 N = 1992 P = 1993 R = 1994 S = 1995 T = 1996 V = 1997 W = 1998 X = 1999 Y
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    Today is February 11,2017. I know some of us ride all year round and a lot of us ride the warmer months. Before you know it March is here and it’s the spring thaw with it! So to all my fellow atv, and 4x4 enthusiasts that are sitting on a broken bike or a bike that needs work let’s get after it!!!!! Don’t be left behind waiting. Oil changes, repairs, upgrades let’s get out to the garage, barn, backyard or wherever you have your bike and get going. Lets see some pics, ask the questions, Don’t be shy. Let’s hear what you have planned for the upcoming months ahead. Trips, outings etc. Let’s get going now and be ready! Hope to see a good response from everyone and I also hope that you riders have a lot of riding/mudding plans in your future. Remember you only live once!!!
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    Like @Frank Angerano said, a VIN would help but also if you could take a few pics and then we can take a look. I changed your topic title to Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV rather than just patcher, like you had it, so it's more descriptive. 😉
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    Unless you're a hard core racer or otherwise obsessed with speed , any quad from 200 CC on up will give you plenty of speed for trail riding. My old '91 Honda 300cc 4x4 quad will hit 40 mph on the flat and level . A 450 should easily get up to 50 or more and probably match the 700. About the only advantage the 700cc would have is in pulling power or for plowing heavy snow, at a higher cost for fuel in the bigger motor. For normal riding , the 450 will be more than enough
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    Glad you got it sorted out; and glad you let us all know what it was.. I'd have never thought of the voltage regulator myself. Something to remember next time someone has an odd "fuel" problem.
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    This is exactly what probably happened and has happened to me a few times. There should be a plug to release the water on the bottom of the belt housing. See #4 in the diagram below: If you need the manual, there is one here: * Manufacturer and issue added to topic title.
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    Welcome to QUADCRAZY! You'll feel the power difference moving to to the 700 but the comfort of EPS and having the winch and zillas is great too. Sounds to me like the 450 will be the way to go for you based on what you are doing. * Edited topic title to include more info.
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    You could if you replace the carb. Check out this topic:
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    the post right above yours has the 87 - 97 big bear service manual here's the owner's manual too. 1987 - 1999 Yamaha Big Bear YFM 350 Owner's Manual.pdf
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    I can't tell you the model or exact age, but it is definitely 2000 or newer. Before 2000 they did not have any instrument panel. I would guess between 2000 and 2003.
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    Update!!!! New CPK and stator did the trick! Fired right up tonight once I got it back together
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    Thanks for the replies and the input. I was leaning more to having to put more money into for a better end result so now I do believe I will start saving. I will post pictures as soon as I can. I will be getting the engine back this week, but I will start working on it then and posting pictures. Again, thanks for the replies.
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    Excellent video Frank. Thanks for sharing it. I downloaded the video and added it to the forums downloads in the "Other ATV files" section.
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    If I'm riding at night, flashlights but also have this cool led from grote, has a magnet, holds a charge, has a flashing feature. Great for camping and night riding. Very bright. $80 at Walmart and $78 on Amazon. I use this light for other things as well and it's come in handy.
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    I had to leave my old company back in 2016 because of downsizing and the writing was on the wall it was closing. Had 25 years in there and 4 weeks vacation. Sucked to start over, but now this March, the place is closing up, so I got out of there at a good time. I did luck out for being at the new place for only a year and to score a nice promotion. It will be some time before I get more vacation time so just have to deal with it for now. Mike
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    Measure the belt width and compare it to a new belt to know how much wear is on it .. 500 miles of hard pull will wear it more than easy riding. The weight it is carrying also affects its acceleration and top speed. My 260 pound butt on a buddies quad with the CVT transmission definitely is slower than it is with his 150 pounds.
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    I saw those pics, very cool. Congrats on your promotion at work, that's always good! Yeah vacation time is important, I get 3 weeks now and hopefully 4 weeks next year with "time served" with the same company, so we'll see how it goes.
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    Ok well take a look for the vin snap a pic and we can help you find out what it is. You will find it where I said it is and clean it up with a wire brush or sandpaper if necessary. Good luck.
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    Ok I looked up the page and attached it for you use. 98 models are definitely left hand thread. Take a look.
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    If that does not work try to turn the impeller clockwise some models have left hand threads. That should do it also should the shaft not come out.
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    Still riding, not so much in the winter as I ski, so the quad only gets used for plowing. We set ourselves up for a hopefully more camping and riding trips this year, first I bought her a new 2017 Arctic Cat Alterra 400 and made her old quad a backup and plowing machine. Then I bought a Jumping Jack trailer. This one holds two machines and opens up to a nice large tent. I posted pictures on the camping section. Most recently I replaced the towing vehicle with a 2018 Chevy Tahoe. Was having too many issues and reliability with the old SUV. Two weeks ago I got promoted at work, but since Ive only been with the company a year, Vacation time is limited so I probably won't get to do all the trips I want to this year. Still too young to retire yet. 😀 That is my goal, then I won't have to worry about vacation time ✌️ Mike
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    Thanks alot and it is about 4ft 6in and about 1/3 of that is where it pivits up and down and yes it freely spins 360degrees and up and down
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    Very cool! Is the mount long ? Does it spin when you angle your head ?
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    One of the wires that plug in to the rectifier was Brock.
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    We have added a map of the 100 most recent visitors with their locations powered by Google. You can view it under the "BROWSE" section of the site. You can also click on the tacs to view who it is. Navigate to the "BROWSE" section, then to "MEMBER MAP" . Or click HERE :smile:
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    I used vindecoder.eu As it was the only one that came back with full info. As for a photo at the moment this is all i can come up with...my buddy is standing on the green one its mine, and the blue one is the same model, we bought both at the same time. Not sure if it helps, i can look for better pics.
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    I was thinking of doing the same on my grizzly. I think the ones below are from ebay. Are you looking at some specifically?
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    I agree with @davefrombc I had a Kodiak 450 and it was great, fast, got through trails where other quads did not. I moved to a 700 king quad at the time because I wanted to comfort, bigger machine, and independent rear suspension. Today, you can get a lower model kodiak or grizzly and it will have these things. I would go to the dealer and sit on both and get a feel for them. Get a model with the third top light, seems the EPS versions have it. I miss that on my older grizzly and had that on my king quad which it looks like they removed on the king quads...😒
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    Welcome to QUADCRAZY. If you can afford it, go with the Grizzly but the Kodiak is a great ATV as well and should be find for what you are doing. Years back, there were more differences like independent rear suspension. I believe with the late models it's really the difference in suspension and power delivery between the two. The Grizzly has more aggressive power and comfort built in. Check out the videos below. I also added the year range into your topic title.
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    Hey hay hay so I’ve recieved the new/used head and to my surprise it’s in very very good condition with no scoring whatsoever. The person that had the head threw in a bunch of additional parts, bolts, cam sensors etc even a rear rack!!!!!! Great vendor tg! Going to tear into this thing tomorrow and god willing have it ready to fire 🔥 on Sunday. It’s been a little while since I tore into an engine like this and I’m looking forward to it. Quick question... the new gaskets, in the past (long time ago) I’ve always used a schilack on each side of the gasket right before I set it in place, good bad? Any recommendations on this anyone ?
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    Try to get the drill as exactly on center as you can. If you can get hold of a reverse twist drill bit use it. If the stud comes loose while drilling a reverse twist bit would back it out on its own rather than running it in deeper.. I have a set of screw extractors wit a reverse twist drill bit on one end and a conical extractor on the other . If you can find a set of them , they are ideal for that job.
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    OMG - UPDATED Put in the new voltage regulator in today, the motor started quickly with the right amount of choke/enricher employed....took maybe 5 cranks or less. The motor had been sitting for several days, so it was as cold as possible...let it warm up for a minute and played with the throttle and once warmed it didn't hesitate . It kind of makes sense I guess....if the magneto is giving the voltage to the regulator, the regulator in turn feeds the coil (or goes to some CDI component elsewhere), then having a bad regulator would affect the spark.
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    I ended up getting these on ebay before the holidays. They were used and I had to drill out some of the bolts, but issue solved.
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    I added to your topic title a bit so maybe you'll get some answers. 😀
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    Yes, typically sport quad front tires are more narrow and taller than the rears. In most cases even on 4WD and AWD fronts are more narrow for turning.
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    I would look into all the fluids, oils etc see if any water got into the crankcase or through the air filter and any other oil filled parts of the bike, maybe change the fluids anyway just to be safe. Only other thing ithats left is electronics check all the plugs maybe open them up and use a leaf blower to clear any residual water from the fuse block and all electronic parts.
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    Hi Al, I've got an '09 sportsman/500 efi with a plow and I was getting the same "check engine" warning that you have. Check your oil level and change if necessary, as per your hour meter. When you're plowing, it's hard work for short bursts and then nothing then short bursts again. Your oil is hot and not cooling properly as you're not travelling any distances (like trail riding) to cool it off. If you're down even a half pint, that makes the motor work even harder, hence the warning light. Either slow down on the throttle or take more frequent rests and the light will not activate. When you put it in the garage, the motor had a cooling off/rest period and the light went out.This worked for me. Doug, www.northland-paradise.com, Temagami
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    I've never had to do it actually but I would imagine you need to find the plug or the wires going to it. There are a few videos on youtube. Start with looking to see what it may look like from a parts diagram and follow the wire up:
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    Welcome to QUADCRAZY! That is a low voltage code. Can you test the voltage coming from the stator? It could be that or there should be a voltage regulator that could be bad. It could be that the battery isn't holding a charge as well. I added the code to your topic title as part of your issue. 😁
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    Throw back Thursday lol October 2012. That’s prob a huge help. Great job digging that up!
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    Great thread/topic. I picked up the bag that @Ajmboy has on his Suzuki in the photo a while back. It’s good but everything I kept in there got thrown around. I bought a piece of foam and cut it to size and installed it. It was about 6 inches deep and I cut out the middle to keep things in order. Works ok. I like that Coleman one and that kwik tek that @quadmaniac has shown also. May have to give that a try. I also just bought this side bag from Kwik Tek ATVFB-MO, ATV Fender Pack (Mossy Oak) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000OF92I2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_krDzAb2DRBF2Y I’m still waiting on it. Keep you posted!
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    I agree with all the excellent suggestions. also include a small tarp, 20’ nylon cord and a folding saw - keeps one at least partially dry when changing/ repairing a flat in the rain. a good quality flashlight is also a must
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    Plug kit and compressor here too. Along with a multi-driver screw drive, spark plug wrench, pliers, A home made set of ATV jumper cables, and a small set of common combination wrenches. I also have a tow strap and 12v to 5v USB plug and USB A to mini and micro USB cables to charge cell phones and accessories, and finally, a small LED flashlight. It sounds like a lot when listed but all those fit in the built in storage compartment in the rear. I also have a compact shovel and hatchet strapped to the front rack. I have a cheap saddle bag that fits over the gas tank to carry gloves, clear and sun glasses. I added two accessory sockets to my quad, one front and one rear to power my GPS and any other 12v accessory I might have with me on any outing. That is the basic, always on the quad, set up. Anything else I carry depends on the outing.
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    Version 1.0.0


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    New version! Your are welcome to test here http://www.quadcrazy.com/membermap/ This uses maps from mapquest and you can update your location directly on the map or in your profile settings. Still working out some stuff, but its only going to show those who have added their locations. Moving forward, new members are required to add their locations on the registration page upon joining our community. It will also show a mini map on your profile page like we had it before.
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