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    I would clean the carb first. Fairly easy to do and just because some pro did it doesnt mean he didnt screw it up
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    Sounds like a cheap and good project. Great advice from @Frank Angerano [email protected]! For $100 I would buy it just to mess with it.
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    63. 1996 Sportsman 500, had it out yesterday at my buddy's wood lot, still over a foot of snow in some places. Quite impressed with its' performance and capabilities.
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    Buy a dog collar tracking device and strap it to the bike!
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    Just got a 2019 570 a few weeks ago, haven’t got much seat time yet but I’m loving it! I’m not new to riding but new to Polaris. I’ve had a few 4wheeler’s over the years, including a Yamaha kodiak 450 and later a Honda rancher 420.
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    Some handheld radios have over a 2 mile range which is probably far more then what the intercoms have and they are not that expensive. Mike
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    I would check ebay and craigslist for used or maybe look for a set of 25" rims and upgrade your tires to something like: This amazon listing shows 25" for the wolverine.
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    If it is only staying running with the choke on, the slow speed pilot jet is plugged. Sounds like this so called "professional" didn't clean it thoroughly or correctly. Also if it's dumping that much fuel into the cylinder the float is either sticking or set at the incorrect level.
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    Waiting for day off to continue. Yea is a pain to fix others rig. Looking at the harness and other wiring I really don't see any other areas where they messed with it. Looks pretty stock and no burns or messed up wiring. Ill check the regulator on Friday and also see which one had power at ign. I did check starter switch and is open so figure its bad. Now I tried to jump wires on opposite end of connector and still no crank with key on and off. LOL at least im not posting trash just to get a download
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    I run what the tire states, 5 psi, but I also have radial tires on my quad (Maxxis Bighorn) Mike
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    Take your time. Perfection can't be rushed. That's my motto. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    I think they look sick. But I can do without the radiator in my face. Imagine bouncing your face off that. Omg. That would suck. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Aftermarket carbs are a much repeated topic here at Quadcrazy and will be a talked about topic forever! Many times here we’ve spoke about them and the general census is that they are not very good. One of our memebers @JacobSlabach has mentioned that they needed to be adjusted way out from the spec position and has gotten them to work. But the way I see it, if the quad is worth it then put an oem carb on. I always check eBay for a used oem.
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    You guys keep up the hard work lol the videos are great. As much as I love riding the trails and through the woods and go as hard as I can I feel like @Yamaha Grizzly @mikeexplorer @Gunny Really push the limits with exceptional videos. Aka off road dan with the YouTube specials !! It all makes for for great fun and enjoying the outdoors. Sometimes expensive but enjoyable. Keep it up.
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    Slowly re-tooling after living in Europe for two years. The 18ft black trailer can hold 4 mid-size wheelers. Currently this hauls the RZR and a new acquired Sportsman 500. Still have 2 pickup beds to fill.
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    sweet bike brother!! how much you pay for it? Thats probably what my next bike would look like after I fix up my current ones
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    Okay. With locked up motors can mean a few things. Stuck piston from no oil. Bad crank. Blown apart trans and so on. Your best bet is to look at the oil that's in it. Look for metal shavings in the oil. That's as simple as taking the drain plug out and fill the bottom of a regular plastic cup and inspect. If that checks out then pour a little bit of oil in the sp hole. Let is soak and move it till it frees up. This might take some time. Third is the dogbone. That might be seized. And 4th. Bad bearings on the crank. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Well now that I'm back home and had some time to mess with it, I did a proper jump start and it did make a big difference (I was camping earlier and my "jump start" wasn't the best setup). This leads me to believe the battery is defective after all. I have ordered one and will report back.
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    It happens. Crazy as it sounds but pistons don’t choose a time to go and I could be wrong but I’ve blown a ton of pistons and that’s what it sounds like to me on your bike.
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    Amazon is usually where I start for this. Every now and then TSC will have a run of tires that fit.
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    Yamahas left front lower frame.
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    Awesome! Way better to get the whole set for a little more money. I'll be back if I have any issues! Thanks again
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    Chain looks way to loose. Maybe it’s stretched or a tensioner is bad.
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    Warn Industries offers the most trusted, recognized, and innovative winches on the market. Asked for by name and proven in the harshest environments worldwide, WARN winches are the only name to trust when it’s all on the line. From April 1 through May 31, 2019, Warn Industries is offering to put cash in your hands and WARN winches on vehicles. Whether you're looking for a Standard Duty VR winch, a Premium ZEON, the Ultimate Performance of the ZEON Platinum, or a Heavyweight series winch, you can get up to $100 cash back this spring. With a variety of features, capacities from 8,000 lbs. to 16,500 lbs., and legendary WARN durability, we've got a winch for just about every rig out there. If you're after a winch for your ATV or Side x Side, we've got a rebate for powesports vehicles, too. Get $40 cash back on our new line of state-of-the-art AXON winches and our high-performance standard-duty VRX winches. Both feature IP68 waterproofing, an array of features, and capacities ranging from 2,500 lbs. to 5,500 lbs.. Be sure you're ready to GO PREPARED this spring and equip your vehicle with a WARN winch. This is a limited-time offer, so don't delay—check out the details on warn.com and check out some of the Warn ATV winch lineup on Amazon.com NAME PART NUMBER CASH BACK VR8 WINCH 96800 $50.00 VR8-S WINCH 96805 $50.00 VR10 WINCH 96810 $50.00 VR10-S WINCH 96815 $50.00 VR12 WINCH 96820 $50.00 VR12-S WINCH 97035 $50.00 ZEON 8 WINCH 88980 $75.00 ZEON 8-S WINCH 89305 $75.00 ZEON 10 WINCH 88990 $75.00 ZEON 10-S WINCH 89611 $75.00 ZEON 12 WINCH 89120 $75.00 ZEON 12-S WINCH 95950 $75.00 ZEON PLATINUM 10 WINCH 92810 $100.00 ZEON PLATINUM 10-S WINCH 92815 $100.00 ZEON PLATINUM 12 WINCH 92820 $100.00 ZEON PLATINUM 12-S WINCH 95960 $100.00 16.5TI WINCH 68801 $100.00 16.5TI-S WINCH 97740 $100.00 M15 WINCH 47801 $100.00 M15-S WINCH 97730 $100.00 M12 WINCH 17801 $100.00 M12-S WINCH 97720 $100.00 NAME PART NUMBER CASH BACK AXON 35 WINCH 101135 $40.00 AXON 35-S WINCH 101130 $40.00 AXON 45 WINCH 101145 $40.00 AXON 45-S WINCH 101140 $40.00 AXON 45RC WINCH 101240 $40.00 AXON 55 WINCH 101155 $40.00 AXON 55-S WINCH 101150 $40.00 VRX 25 WINCH 101025 $40.00 VRX 25-S WINCH 101020 $40.00 VRX 35 WINCH 101035 $40.00 VRX 35-S WINCH 101030 $40.00 VRX 45 WINCH 101045 $40.00 VRX 45-S WINCH 101040 $40.00 POWERSPORT WINCHES REBATE FORMS CONSUMER REDEMPTION FORM View full post
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    Thanks for the tips, I will go through it again and double check everything.
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    The key off =bike off! So that’s not normal. This is something simple. I think your going to have to regroup and go back and recheck everything again. Have you checked your regulator?
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    I've been using Dennis Kirk for years for atv, dirt bike, and snowmobile parts. In my opinion quality parts at reasonable prices. On a carb kit for my Polaris Sportsman I saved $50 off the factory parts. A quality part that fit perfectly.
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    The best of and seals are not to bad cost wise. Getting the bearing out of the diff is a pain in the ass. Juts be patient you will find a good one. I sent an email if my guy has one I will put you in touch.
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    I use Partzilla.com Find the part you're looking for. Click on the part number and the page for that part will have all the different models that used that part. There were several big bears, wolverines & kodiaks that used that particular rear diff. Not so many on the axle. Buying a used diff. & axle is going to be your cheapest route. Trying to rebuild it will cost you 2-3 times more.
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    In order to test the start button you have to unplug the clip at the handle bar. The two wires in the start button yellow and red stripe and black with the yellow stripe are the start button. Put a tester on those two wires and press the button. You should get a continuity reading.
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    The white and the black/yellow stripe is auxiliary.
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    $130 bucks is worth it. As long as it’s running, the engine parts alone could be worth double that. And if the plastics are in good shape then that’s worth another $150 for both front and back even if there faded. And if the metal racks are not too banged up they are worth money also. Easy $60 bucks a rack. So you would get your money back. Now having said that, if your looking for a project then you can go to eBay and find some used axels for a fair price and play around with it as a project but your probably going to spend about $250 on parts and some time. As far as experience goes well that’s another story. If your mechanically inclined and have some knowledge about cars and things of that nature then you will be good. The seat is an easy fix and cosmetics are as well. Try and get the price down more. It’s basically a dead bike as it is. Offer him $75 bucks. He will come back at $100.
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    Welcome. Like Frank said. Anything you want to know, just ask. What's going on with your quad? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Thanks so much - that worked.
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    Its pretty cool to see how everyone got into ATVs, I'm enjoying following this topic! I met a guy last month who bought his first quad at 55 and wished he bought one sooner. What I love about ATVs and now even Side x Sides is the transitions and growth you can make in the size and type of machine. As a kid with a 90cc quad you can work your way up and then end up going sport or utility ATV 90 - 250 - 400 - 700, etc., something like that. Nowadays if you can afford a newer model, you've got bells and whistles like power steering and other nice comfort features on utility atvs. I recall as a kid wishing I could get that little 60 or 90 series suzuki at the the small dealer in NJ, but we couldn't. Got my first atv used at like 20 years old (I'm 44 now) and that was a yamaha warrior that needed a ton of work. I then bit the bullet and bought a new bayou 220 with 3 friends who did the same..from there it kept going!
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    I am biased to the 4WD polaris xplorer because I'm not a sports atv kind of guy and I like trail riding with storage and getting stuck kind of riding. How are you going to make money? Plowing?
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    If you are camping then check out Mt Pocono Camp Grounds. They have a link on lost trails website. It's like 45 a night. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Lost trails is in dunmore p.a. I'm from N.Y. they have a website for the grounds or just check out YouTube videos. They have some good stuff out there and looks like a blast. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Hanging at the river with friends, floating and everyone had their quads. One couple was nice enough to let us use on of theirs and BOOM! the addiction started!
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    Snow removal in the interior of Alaska. Bought a used 2008 Suzuki King Quad 750 AXi with a plow. Though it was overkill. There have been times when full power in low range and locked differentials have been required to remove snow.
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    By repairing motorcycles
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    A friend suggested I go to a off road "church camp" up in Michigan with my son as a way to bond. That was over five years ago and we are still going. We also go to the Ironman race in Indiana together. I never grew up with any toys, so I am a LATE bloomer. We do have a lot of fun, and I have a plow for one when we get snow.
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    Greetings! New to atvs as well (and a bayou 220). Don't know how much help I'll be but does the electric start not work? or missing? Only ask cause mine turns over with tons of compression with the start button, but the pull start only comes out about 6-8" before stopping completely. I thought mine was seized as well until I got the start switch working. Just a thought. Good luck!
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