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    Nice video, winter here has been terrible. Ski slopes are not that good right now. The snow in the trees is from snowmaking, They only got a few hours in before it warmed up.
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    LOL Gunny Ive had 5 sons never pulled weeds lol or cut grass !! Tried to get the wife to do it but that didnt work out for me !!!!
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    Wow! Brand spanking new.
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    Did you install the starter clutch the right way? Spinning the engine backwards a bit like you said should not do any damage. Pull the oil dipstick and check oil level to see if its really high and smell the oil. Curious if it smells like gas, drain and change it if need be. lastly If none of this works i would take the valve cover off and take a look at the valves and decompression release. Look at the cam on the side and see if there is a small spring on the cam.
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    Great pic of the sky, thats the good lord shining down on you for listening to your wife 😂 lets hope the spring comes in as fast as the winter did.
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    Your last picture took all the guess work out of identifying the choke , brake hold and kill switch. . Glad you found the problem and it was as simple as the choke being on all the time . You'll likely find you need to do a little more tweaking for max performance and ending any sign of stumbling , but you're well on the way now.. Happy Quadding , and have a Very Merry Christmas.
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    So just as a general FYI, it might be good to check replacement parts before installing. If possible, check clearances with a micrometer before going through the trouble of assembly. I say this as I bought a new driveshaft yoke for a Kodiak because the ujoint dropped a cap and got the yoke in a bind...blowing the yoke and middle drive gear to shreds. So I replaced the middle drive gear and bought a new yoke and ujoint kit from Caltric. Caltric is usually pretty solid replacement parts. The new yoke however was a good 4mm too narrow for inside lock ujoint caps. Disappointing since it came as a kit from Caltric. Ended up taking an angle grinder to the new yoke and thinning material off to get it to the needed 41.25mm opening size. Sucks having to disassemble everything again and start over but my fault for trusting replacement parts. Nearly 40 years of turning wrenches and I made a rookie mistake.
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    Sounds like a plan! I like to use a wore wheel on the drill. Makes my life easier getting down to a good metal surface. They are resilient machines. Probably will never get ur money back but the hell with it. Learning experience and self pride for the resurrection of an old machine!
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    So i took a road trip today to look at a Suzuki Eiger! 2006 in perfect condition other then the fact it starts for 30 seconds and shuts down. Its been sitting for about a year in a shed. It has a plow and a winch included!!! Got it for a really good price and all looks good so far. Stay tuned.
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    Exactly! Some people!!! New harness should be here today and the carburetor kit came in last night. Probably get around to it by Thursday/Friday.
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    Hello folks! I'm Mitch, from Pittsburgh, PA, and new to the site. Between me and my son, we own an old Suzuki LT250S, a Kawasaki KFX400 and a YZ250. My young granddaughters love messing around on an old Suzuki FA50 moped. We're going to be getting them their own quads in the near future. I hope to gain some knowledge while I'm here.
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    @Beef Shadow i ride up in Cairo NY as well as some surrounding properties. I also head to lost trails with @06kfx440 when we can. Its a great place to ride. Usually camp the night so we can get two days of riding in.
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    I only ride around the property. I don't go anywhere to ride anymore.
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    Well shes gone! New owner was very happy! All he needs is some snow. This was a fun/quick flip. Took a ride today upstate to look at a Suzuki!!! New post coming soon!
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    The temporary fix is to use the oem boot and zip tie it back on. The right way is to get the right one. Lol. if to much play is in the boot, cut a small enough line to split it but still use it. Then take silicon to patch the hole. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome back Jacob. We will need pics to understand better. I’m pretty sure I know the answer but to people that don’t know would like to see so they can learn as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey yo quadsters, I have a question regarding CCA in batteries. My ATV is cold natured and it will start with my generic battery that's in it, (don't ask me now what battery I have in it cuz I'm at work,) but when I hook up an external battery storage unit (Beatit 1200Amps QDSP 1200A Peak 16500mAh 12V Portable Car Lithium Jump Starter) for quick jumps it fires so much faster. Which by the way is a bad ass accessory to have around. I keep the battery in the quad fully charged all the time. My question to the pros is how much difference does the CCA of a battery contribute to the quicker start?
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    yep were doing snow rides every weekend !! My quad is good up to about a foot of snow but speed is the trick !! PS Ive showed ur vids to my buddies and they like them also !!
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    You can also use classifieds to look for things if your on a budget. I.E. craigslist, eBay, let go, offer up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @erthsole try rockymountain, bikebandit, motosport, dennis kirk, cheap cycle parts, and amazon. I personally always check amazon after I check other sources online and only because I;m a prime member and can get the free ship. On amazon you can go here: * Updated topic title with more detail
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    @Gunny Great video....are these your draws or someone else's??? LOL The Lucky 7 floor boards look great! Looks like you did a lot of modifications, nice work!
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    It was in the OP, Jim. And we think she was totally submerged for a day or so. Lots of river rock/sand in the top!!
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    Here's a video of some mods I did to my 2014 Can-Am Outlander 1000 MAX this past summer ...
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    Great advice @Frank Angerano ! You have this from another topic might help:
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    It’s exceeded my expectations for a CVT quad to be honest. So far, I’ve never felt that I’m out of power or that I could ride any better with more power. However, it was decently hard to start (especially after I held it at WOT while trying to start... my bad), but nothing that can’t be attributed to colder weather or a bad battery. Just replaced the battery, as the old one was bad, and it starts like a dream. Here’s a pic of it sitting in my garage, and hopefully I can get a riding video tomorrow.
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    Great work @Skhot K , thats the first thing i noticed when i looked at the bike was the tires. But thats a good first investment. Look on Amazon they have great deals. Happy to hear the bike runs great, its money well spent. Differential fluids 1000% change, they are often overlooked or forgotten about. Keep a log of what your doing and the fluids your changing, its good to keep track.
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    This year will start with videos from ride with two friends - Mitko with CFMoto 520 and Trajan with Honda TRX 300. Still not snow but lot mud cover us
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    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
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    Yes i'm going to post it as soon as i know its a good product and works well.
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    Looks sharp, nice work.
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    I hear ya and agree, the best part about this type of situation is all the members that go through this get very good at pulling the carburetor off so making several adjustments gets less difficult.
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    Thats black but mostly from a rich Long running condition in my opinion. OR .... bad valve seals/rings but that black of a piston would show a constant blueish smoke from the exhaust. If it were me i would get a can of the gum out carburetor cleaner and spray it in the head and let it sit over night. It will loosen up most of the garbage on the piston. I have a carburetor cleaning kit and it comes with small brushes that you can bend and stick inside the spark plug hole and do a little scrubbing on the piston It helps. When your ready crank the engine without the spark plug and blow it all out of the head. Super important is to make sure the kill switch is off while cranking and if it wont crank with the kill switch then put a rubber glove over the spark plug wire boot and make sure it does not spark against anything! Re inspect and see how it looks. If most of it goes away then the rest will burn off once its dialed in right. I would change the oil as well because the gum out can slip by the rings and get into the oil.
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    Thanks! Looking forward to learning a lot!
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    So i got it up in the air and pulled the wheels off. Pressure washed the entire bike and I'm pleased with what's underneath. Everything looks in tact and untouched. Brake pads are worn halfway down, all the bushings are in great condition. Not pulling the plastics off because im happy with everything so far. Going to paint the underside, new brakes, grease, oil lube and filter. Add a few cool cosmetic details and sending it out. Stay tuned!
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    Yes I believe they are the same up through 2020.
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    Cant put a price on quality. Oem way to go and the price was good. Smart man! let us know how the bike runs.
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    Im a rebuild guy! Oem is the best choice in my experience. Maybe its just my luck but ive never been able to get the off brand especially Chinese carbs to work right.
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    Free is the right price! Looks like you struck gold there.
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    Came from NJ, the seller was looking for way too much. Grabbed it up for $1200 It runs great and everything works. It sat for a while but the gas was turned off and carburetor ran dry. So new battery and fresh gas and it fired up like it was from the dealer. I went through the usual things and cranked it over with my mini jumper, checked compression etc. Im going to take a few things apart and change the oil, make sure its in tip top shape and move it along.
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    2007-2012 Yamaha big bear 400 4x4 irs service manual YFM40FBW
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    Lets not talk about other forums LOL just kidding. Im not sure whats in the download section but there has to be something close in there. But overall the basic stuff is pretty straight forward and can be done without the manual for now.
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    Well they were free. 3 turned over with the pull cord. Fourth may have been in gear. They have been cannibalized over the years and beat on pretty hard. I'm thinking with not a lot of money I can get one going easy. Hoping for two then mama will have one for the garden chores. Had to put em in a tractor barn that's open on the ends so they will sit awhile. We get weather here.
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    Hi all, im new here. just bought my first atv, polaris sportsman 450 HO, and figured this is a good place to get info when things start to go wrong. And as we all know, things eventually go wrong.
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    Hello, I've recently gotten back into Atvs over the last year. It seems this site popped up while I was out of the game. I've currently got 4 atvs now: 2008 Sportsman 800, 2008 Sportsman 400, 2002 Trailblazer and a 2007 Grizzly 660.
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    Just own an older LT80 at this time. Also, my older kids build and modify go-karts for street and dirt use. We have a couple old dirt bikes. We also do a lot of auto restoration work. Working on Quads is new but i think is going to be fun. In North Canton, OH area Peter
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    Here's a few. First two don't have rear spacers or bush lights yet lol
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    Ok I figured it out. The nut at the bottom of the steering shaft was loose. Good thing they put a pin in to keep it from falling off. I guess I should have looked there before posting this but now if someone else has an issue they can find this post.
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