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    So I tried something a little different and had a editor edit my last video! I think it turned out great! let me know what you think in the comment section of the video on youtube! dont forget to like and subscribe!
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    Ok so while your cranking hit it with starting fluid and see if it fires up. Spray it into the carburetor just a little. If so then your float is stuck closed or the fuel port on the carb has a blockage. I know you cleaned the carburetor but it happens. The starting fluid will tell you that it’s obviously not getting fuel if it fires up.
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    Try bike bandit or Motorsport.com. Once you get a part number you can cross reference Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Those carb parts I mentioned won't be in most aftermarket rebuild kits but you can get oem ones separately from a Yamaha shop. I used to wrench for the local dealership so I've run into this issue before. It's common on older single cylinder bikes since they vibrate and some spend a lot of time idling, therefore they wear the needle out in that spot. The tolerance between the needle and the tube it runs in has to be quite tight at closed throttle especially.
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    Closest I could find is for the 1998 454 service manual located here: https://support.countrycat.com/posts/2807645-1998-atv-service-manual See if that work for you Mike
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    2018 textron alterra 700 mud pro. picture is from today 120 mile ride.
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    Great research and work! But I have to disagree on the stator. If the bike is running and has good spark I don’t think its breaking down. In my experience the stator is either good or bad. There should definitely be a reading on the ohms setting giving you exact numbers from phase to phase. Why your not getting that is a little baffling. You should buy an in line spark tester and plug it in and watch your spark as you rev the bike to see if there is a loss or brake down in the spark. It’s about a $15 dollar tool that’s a big help. Back to the carburetor: I would definitely drill out that plug covering the fuel air screw and pull it out. Check it out and clean the port well with cleaner and air. Before you remove the screw tighten it to a snug position and count the turns so you know where to set it when you put it back. My guess is it’s around 1-3/4 turns out from a snug spot. The fact that the bike sat, the carburetor was gummed up and that air/fuel screw was never taken out and cleaned leaves a question mark on the carburetor. I would start with the less invasive stuff right now and do some testing first so your not dumping money into it. Narrow down the problem so you don’t question weather it’s a fuel or electrical problem. Fuel tank and valve (petcock) clean and delivering enough fuel, carburetor rebuilt and good to go! No cracks or problems on the boot connecting the carburetor to the engine etc. if all that’s done then I rule out fuel or carburetor problems and move on to possibly an ignition issue. Oem/aftermarket: Carburetors: Chinese carburetors look great but don’t perform well at all. If you have the oem carburetor and it’s not cracked or damaged then it’s a good cleaning and rebuild. But it has to be properly done. One missed port or blockage will cause a lot of throttle issues. Floats set wrong, fuel air screw not right etc. Cdi: oem always. Used from eBay at the very least. Same with regulators Stators: I’ve used aftermarket RM and Caltric. No issues to date.
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    I agree about Biden, but I'm curious how you see Trump being more popular. He lost to Hillary by 3 million votes and his popularity has declined since then. I mean, yeah, he has his hardcore fans, but the republican party is bleeding supporters. George Will switched and is now a MSNBC contributor, of all things lol. And Carl Cameron was with Fox News from the beginning, and he quit. Justin Amash. Richard Ojeda, the army major, voted Trump but now advocates for Bernie in WV. There's a big list and Trump continues to offend people. Ann Coulter is hanging by a thread. People have to overlook a lot in order to stay in the republican party. It's just hard to see republicans adding members since 2016. How do you see it differently? I thought Hillary was the reason Trump got elected. Originally Trump was a "not-Hillary" vote. Most guys on forums and comments sections said they didn't really like Trump, but he was better than Hillary. She had a laundry list of reasons not to like her and then Comey launched that investigation right before the election. Plus she was a Clinton, which was a good reason for most conservatives not to like her. Bernie would have beat him in 2016 because he would have won the swing states that Hillary couldn't win (MI, WI, and PA). The extra 46 electoral votes would have made 278 for Bernie and 260 for Trump instead of 232 for Hillary and 306 for Trump. They say that no one can win without those 3 states, which is why they're the swing states. I think Trump has now lost those states. He didn't do manufacturing any favors with the tariffs and he's having to give farmers handouts to fix what his tariffs caused. So he lost MI and WI right there. And coal mines are going bankrupt, so there goes PA. That leaves Trump no path to win. And on top of that, the states are circumventing the electoral college by forcing electors to vote in accordance with the popular vote. https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/state-status I never looked into Booker. Seemed like a waste of time. Obama is probably also a republican. Obama and Biden are essentially the same. You're gonna laugh at this, but I think Buttigieg's name doomed him. People like short easy names, not short people with long names. They say they do. People like angry Bernie. "I wrote the damn bill!" lol Why would you turn down $1000/mo unconditional money? It wouldn't even cause income taxes to go up because it would be funded by a national sales tax. So it would transfer money from people who buy a lot to people who don't buy much (ie from rich to poor). You'd be coming out way ahead if you save more than you spend. But you're right, people would hurt themselves just to be sure someone doesn't get something for nothing. That's a curious fact about human nature. I think healthcare would be funded by an income tax and tuition by a tax on stock trades. Eliminating insurance makes it more efficient since the gov doesn't take a profit. All that profit that used to go to insurance companies could go somewhere else. Eliminate the middle man. Really I think the only valid argument against guaranteeing everyone healthcare is longer lines and reduced quality, but then I'd be saying that someone else needs to suffer so I can have shorter lines and better care. I don't know if that's a moral position. I don't think there is a moral way to deny anyone care. That's why all the candidates in debate 1 were forced to raise their hands. The only problem is it's not very efficient. Someone somewhere is paying the profits to the insurance companies.
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    Yeah, that much of a difference would raise a red flag to me as well. I have never heard of this site but doing a quick search about it reveals it is only 2 months old and there have been several posts by others that they were scammed. When in doubt, I always search for site reviews. Mike
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    Reading this thread rang a bell for me. In page one Hewas mentioned the keyways are opposite of what the videos show when the marks are all lined up... I suspect the previous owner lined the marks up as per Frank's diagram , but instead of using the exhaust cam to start ( #1 lined up with head gasket ) he used the intake cam. All 3 would be lined up as illustrated , but 180 degrees out of time .
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    Lol take a deep breath and maybe a step back. To much time at it will make you crazy. My feeling is that spring is exactly what I think it is. But I could be wrong. If it fell down Into the cylinder it could have easily been mangled up in the cam chain into pieces and basically been pumped through the engine. I’m thinking along these lines like I said earlier based on the top end work. I would change the oil a few more times with cheap oil to make sure you get it all out. You can use paint strainers to catch any debris as you drain the oil and re use the oil over to keep flushing the system. Once it’s all clear put a better grade oil in. If it’s just the small spring chances are it’s not going to do much. Go through all the gears to make sure it’s shifting, you can do that just by rocking the bike back and forth and go through the gears. Stick with the timing to make sure it’s correct and get it fired and listen to it run. Take it from there. That pic I sent you is a cam that’s for your machine. The only other option is to pull the engine off the frame and set it on a bench and tare it down. Not sure how far you want to go but it is what it is. Lastly is the previous owner: did he or she give you any background on this machine ? It seems like you don’t have much background history with it as to what was done etc?
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    Thank you for the comment on the carburetor write up. Depending on the years make and models it all depends. What also matters is where the bike was sold or manufactured. For instance we’ve seen here on Quadcrazy a lot of members from the west have machines that have the air fuel screw capped off so you can’t adjust due to I would guess emission concerns. Simple drill will fix that. Now back to the wiring/modules. There are only a few components that go to a carburetor from what I’ve seen in my experience over time. 1. Throttle position sensor 2. Injector 3. Carburetor warmer for colder states. 4. Electronic choke. Unless I’ve missed something else any other members please fell free to comment that’s all I can think of. Now as far as Downloading manuals there are two ways to go here at Quadcrazy. Unless something has changed you can be a paid member and have access. Or you have to have ten or more contributing posts and it should be able to download. @Admin correct me if I’m wrong. Let me know if this helps.
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    Went shopping on Saturday, picked up another Kawasaki Bayou 220 and a Yamaha Timber Wolf 250 I really should sell some of these but they are a lot of fun to find, fix and ride Of course neither of them run but that's part of the fun! Az
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    Was A Great time!! 7 riders I hit 49 MPH and put on 44 miles,I know it was more cause I did not turn it on right away,but we had FUN! I brought my cell phone,no Extras! the last picture is the Scramble area,that was Fun!
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    Well, it has to slide freely but can't have much play at all - the only way to know is to compare it to a new one usually. It's kind of hard to tell with the naked eye. Your slide did appear to move normally and if it was worn down that would allow extra air through making it leaner, right?! Another thing to watch for is the o-ring on the float valve (needle & seat) - was a new one used when the parts were changed out?
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    Here are a few pairs used for a 400 and a 700. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333288716276 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F303111325661
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    I just did a google search. I think it’s a 400. And there are plenty of option. From stock to modified. All different prices Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There should be a few more pieces that go on top of the needle, you have them ok? and did you remove the main jet, needle jet, o-ring, holder, etc. from the carb body? a few more pics would be helpful to see if there's anything missing in there.
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    Is that a new air fuel screw ? If so have you compared it to the old one. Your engine should sound and act differently as you adjust that screw. Have you tried to set it at 2-1/2 as well as trying 1-3/4? Everything else looks good as far as I can see.
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    anyone have the manual for a 2013 sportsman 500HO? BTW I uploaded the 2015-2017 Ranger service manual yesterday for those interested
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    Good point, I’m with you on the carburetor. @Dimelol it really does sound like it’s a carburetor issue. I would I go back and check it again and make sure all the proper oem jet sizes are in the carb, needle is set as per spec on the proper clip location and that air fuel screw is installed right and also in good condition. Sounds repetitive but worth the effort. I would still check the voltage on the battery while it’s running to make sure your getting the 14 volts at the battery and make sure your regulator is within spec just for shits and giggles.
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    I wouldn't sweat the resistance test on the coil - anytime a spec is less than an ohm this is normal. It's very difficult to get an accurate reading that low - if the coil was bad it sure wouldn't produce as rpm increases.
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    Oh gosh. This is homework for me. Never really caught on to the electrical side of atvs..
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    Recently, Jonathan has been repairing & reassembling a client's 1983 Big Red Honda ATC200E. In this video, he gives an overview of how he approached diagnosing the ATC and creating a plan for the project.
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    I have personal survival supplies in a little zippered shaving kit in an aluminum chest tied strapped to rack (padded with pool noodles to eliminate vibrations, pool noodles are split to wrap around rack tubes … so also double as kneeling pads). there is foldable saw. small hand held butane torch (fuck the matches), magnifying glass, multi-tool, one of those light weight reflective blankets, small bottle of hand sanitizer for cleaning skin scrapes, sanitizing pads, bandages, acetaminophen, ibuprofen. my asthma meds, Additionally I carry water and typically granola bars. bug dope, bug hat, small tarp, roll of nylon twine/chord, hatchet, gallon of gas. channel locks, adjustable wrench (need a metric socket set in there), 2 sizes of blade and Philips screw drivers. spare wire, wire crimp tubes, wire stripper crimper, electrical tape, head band led flash light, spare fuses, no spare spark plug (need to remedy that), nothing for tires (need to resolve that), spare tie downs, (1 is 3 ton so can double as tow strap in pinch or mini come-along), of course have the winch. I also carry a telescoping fishing rod 5' with an ice fishing reel (small) and a few bits of tackle... both for discovered fishing spots or to fee me if really stuck and water near by. for my phone, as you can tell by my pic I am outdoors Winter, phones die so I bought a water proof neck strap... keep phone warm inside my jacket... screen allows for txting through the plastic.... my 12 volt accessories plug is dead need to replace so I carry a spare phone battery bank. for GPS I generally use my phone, it is not ideal but better things to spend money on right now than the Garmin which I would love to have (have been lost in northern Ontario bush … not fun)… so I stick to well known or well travelled areas. a friend told me once that getting a tube to insert into a dead tire, is good enough over a new tire, but is that really a field repair?
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    Great write up frank! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Suggestions. go back to basics. check the compression, spark, if the compression is not right the start there, find out why. Check the valve clearance's, check timing. if all that's not right it doesn't matter about everything else. One thing I have found through out the years on spark plugs is, if the item is a Japanese type import use nepond denso or NGK plugs only. Champion spark plugs don't play well in them. Yet champion plays well in small lawn and garden equipment. I had a Yamaha bike that had two spark plugs holes. Put brand new champions in it and it wouldn't run for nothing, put an old worn out ngk in it and it ran, Put a champion in one and ngk in the other and the ngk worked with out any problems, Champion didn't run at all. Tried more than one and from different vendors too. That is just one instance I've had among many, so that's why i say that about spark plugs. If all that's good then move to the fuel side of things, Suzuki uses vacuum operated fuel pumps and in some a vacuum operated fuel petcocks. A leaking diaphragm in any of those can dump fuel straight into the engine. Making you think the carb is the issue. Clamp off the lines, check for fuel in the lines. I do see these items fail more than you think, more so on the older atvs. Trash getting to and into the fuel pumps kills the diaphragms. Once you get it to run, change the oil before you test ride it. the gas will damage the bearings and the centrifugal clutch. . Oil is cheap compared to the damage. Hope some or all of this helps.
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    I agree, it could be risky or an easy fix. I agree with @Frank Angerano if the price is right, get it. Offer a price thinking worse case scenario for replacement parts. Topic moved to suzuki atv forum and added more info to topic title.
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    It appears to be working fine this morning, last night the sub menu for ATV Forms by brand didn't seem to load. It could have just been my browser, I use chrome on this machine and it is oddly slow at times. It's a home machine with light use, I need to just drop a SSD in it.
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    I don't agree with that necessarily, I attribute the economy to the ease of corporate taxes by Trump. If companies do well in this country the economy does well. Its just that simple. Trump is so more "business friendly". You can't change that, its capitalism. (an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.) With healthcare, same deal..."for profit" drives progress. No profit, no progress. Some people don't like it but here's the thing, anyone can start a small business with ease and make money. Some become big business. If "for profit" business stops or decreases in this country, it will be bad news. I would gladly take $1k a week and free healthcare, which would be a raise for me if I don't nee to pay $400 a month for medical from my job. But don't raise my taxes to take from one end to give to another...lol! Communism collapsed for a reason in Russia and I just don't think this country will ever move towards any form of socialism, even minor. Sounds good in the beginning until its no longer enough. The foundation of this country is the "American Dream", so if you work hard you can get it, but not be given it. Times are changing but if the country ever moves towards socialism, you may as well change the flag. Help the veterans, disabled, elderly and children in need, but the rest should really get a job. Until monster.com, indeed, and careerbuilder go out of business, nobody can say there are no jobs. Imagine if employers could attract workers based on the healthcare, tuition, they offer and not minimize it because health care providers raise their rates to those companies because they have to absorb those without. There is a reason people fly their sick for medical treatment to this country, that will all go away if you don't pay doctors, hospitals, medical centers, etc. and they stop being profitable. People debate it like its not good, shame on corporations for making money, too funny. Nothing is free, someone always pays.
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    Here's a view from your neighbour from the north. It's interesting to watch the American psyche from outside. Americans have been fed propaganda supporting fear of Communism / Socialism at least since the 1920's and the Russian revolution. Big business doesn't like to see any threats to their cash cows. Any time there is a push for social reform such as Medicare /Medicaid they scream " SOCIALISM " and far too many people start scrambling for cover. Get this straight. Medicare / Medicaid is NOT free, but it is far cheaper for all than the mess healthcare is in the US now. Those with top tier health plans through their company or union have great coverage, but they are a minority. Most have far less coverage with co-pays . caps and "pre-existing condition" limits. Medication costs are outrageous unless you're in one of those top plans . Stop, step back and look at it. What does your top tier plan really cost you? The company is paying a pile of money to cover you and the rest of their employees in the plan ( Company socialism if you want to look at it this way) . Those costs come out of your potential wages that could be negotiated idf the company did not have them . Ask yourself why the US is the only one among the western nations and many less developed ones that does not have a government plan covering everyone. It's a sign of mental illness when one has the attitude " I am the only one with all the answers , everyone else is wrong. Only I can fix it, make it better". All medical plans and systems have their problems and things that could be better, but in our "Socialist" system EVERYONE is covered for basic healthcare. When I say basic , that means all surgeries and treatment necessary for health. You are not denied care because you cannot pay for it , have reached a cap or have "pre-existing " conditions. Extras like private rooms, wage replacement and other non-medical benefits of private insurance are not part of the government plans. If you want them you can buy them private or negotiate coverage through your union or directly with the company you work for. I don't know how the various government plans work , but ours doesn't cover "vanity" surgeries or other "not necessary for health" procedures. Yes , waiting lists can be too long , in some cases far too long, for elective surgeries ( surgeries not immediately necessary ) but emergency procedures are done immediately. With the electives they go by triage. You go on the list by seniority , but those in most need go to the top of the list. Your bank balance does not figure into whether you get care or not . As far as who to choose among the Dem contenders, I really can't say any one of them is outstanding in my view. All have good points . All have their drawbacks . Bernie is too far left for a population that has been fed the " socialism is bad" propaganda for the last century. Biden is accused of being a "Republican " in disguise , but he is the most realistic among the bunch. There is no way the American public is going to make a huge swing to the left. You do what you can do given the circumstances. You need a "Republican in disguise" President just as you need a "Democrat in disguise" President when electing a President . . You need someone who is realistic and can work with both sides of the Congress if they really want to get anything done for the benefit of all. Fot hgat reason I give my outsiders chops to Biden. On another note, Your economy has been doing well for most despite Trump , not because of him. I'm afraid it won't continue and is in danger of a crash because of his idiotic tariffs and refusal to face reality.
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    @JustRandy very nice write up and you have some great points. I also did not think Obama would get re-elected but he did. I just don't see the country going through huge transformation/change. "Hope and Change" killed that. Check out this article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/07/12/beat-trump-with-mainstream-ideas-not-far-left-fantasies-column/1703543001/ Far-left ideas will boost Trump Democrats could, however, easily expand this four-state map — for the Republicans. Want to put Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire in play? Easy. Just run on policies like eliminating private health insurance, reparations for slavery, legalizing drugs and decriminalizing prostitution. Every one of these projects has been pushed by one or more Democratic presidential candidates. There may be things to be said for all of these issues. And someday, we should have a serious policy debate about them. Today is not that day. Those legendary soccer moms are still out there and, by and large, they have had enough of Trump’s antics. But if you want to run on far-left positions like, say, resurrecting forced busing, they’re going to stick with the devil they know rather than vote for someone who promises to do things like send their kids on 30-mile bus rides every day. This doesn’t mean Democrats can’t run on progressive policies. Talk about fixing and expanding Obamacare, if you want. Talk about universal pre-kindergarten. Talk about guaranteed parental leave. If it’s OK with those voters in Erie, it’s OK with me.
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    I over torqued the end bolt by a few lbs but that seems to have solved the problem. NO problems lately. Thanks for the input.
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    Great points of view and breakdown on each candidate. I watched the debates. I think Biden has the best chance coming out of the primaries in the lead but I don't think any of them will beat trump. Hillary would have a better chance making another attempt. I kinda liked Corey Booker the last debate but he is a little out there also. Its funny to see them not supporting Obama policies. Warren I just don't connect with. There is a chance Mayor Pete comes ahead, Beto is toast at this point I think. I just don't think there are enough votes for medicare for all, free college, and more government programs and Bernie's round 2 doesn't have as much steam because he's perceived as even older and more angry. Kamala will do anything, I agree. Yang has an interesting idea, but most working voters wont go for giving non workers free money or have taxes raised to pay for healthcare and free tuition. Most of the 160 million people with employer sponsored healthcare want there pre-obamacare plans back with $25 co-pays and no deductibles....I just don't see it happening and I think they are throwing out these big ideas because generally speaking the country is doing pretty well economically and its hard to unseat a president with a good economy. People I think vote with their pockets. I predict trump wins a second term but will watch it all play out because you never know! Here's the latest polls, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris.
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    Doorfx on Arcticchat.com replied to your same post and listed all the years that is the same. It is usually cheaper to rebuild then replace, also keep in mind its a Kymco engine so parts can be sourced from Kymco. Mike
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    We use our GoPro hero 7!
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    It is most likely a rectifier/ regulator problem. It is possible when the rectifier /regulator goes for the AC voltage from the stator to spike up to 30 volts or possibly more and burn out your lights. "Lights going really bright and then off" points to that possibility. Check your headlight by jumpering 12v directly to the contacts on it. Check voltage to the battery terminals with the motor running
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    Phew that’s good to hear. I went ahead and took the starter switch apart and cleaned all the internals the other night since I can’t do anything else with it currently. Stay tuned.
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    Make sure that little lever that the reverse cable goes to isn't jammed with crap potentially causing your issue before taking the bike apart. I had a Kawasaki and the reverse lever got a stick in it and I could not for the life of mr get it into neutral. Took the stick out and works great
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    It’s no problem brother really.
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    The picture here is the reverse cam. The neutral safety switch sits right over it. It’s held in by two Philips screws circled in yellow. The red circle is the spring loaded contact on the reverse cam. The back side of neutral safety switch has two copper circles under it. That tab on the reverse cam touches the copper circles turning the neutral light on (green wire) and the reverse light (red wire) that’s all done by shifting which happens when you shift gears that shaft rotates and turns the cam into position. So I’m thinking that that shaft is not rotating.
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    This is a good question asked by @Johnny Chancellor. I put it in a new topic so it does not get lost. We all know we need a cdi box but I bet a lot of the members here don’t know how it works. This is a good explanation of a cdi box including what it does, how it works and what “cdi” stands for. Ive posted two links here. Feel free to add to the list! https://www.elprocus.com/capacitor-discharge-ignition-cdi-system-working/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_discharge_ignition
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    Have you checked the timing ? You may be getting a kick back and not a back fire. Still odd that it’s breaking the key way but that’s where I would look first.
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    I got 19 posts and still not permitted to download anything. hmmmm....
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    Looking for Honda ATV VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Number Decoders? Once you find your ATV VIN number off the tag on your Honda ATV, you can go to all kinds of websites that have VIN Decoders available. The best ones are backed by the Honda ATV manufacturer, however there are plenty of aftermarket Honda ATV VIN Decoder websites on the web. This topic will stay pinned and if you find any to add, please do it with a reply. The following Honda ATV VIN Decoder websites are available where you can just enter your VIN number and it will shows you some of your ATV model details: KBB.com https://www.kbb.com/vehicle-history-report/ CARFAX https://www.carfax.com autoDNA https://www.autodna.com VinAudit http://www.vinaudit.com/ decodeTHIS https://www.decodethis.com VINCario https://vindecoder.eu/ NICB Theft Check https://www.nicb.org/theft_and_fraud_awareness/vincheck
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    Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I moved your topic to the Suzuki forum. I used to own a 700 King Quad myself. The OE filter number should be 16510-03G00-X07 and that crosses to aftermarket part numbers: If you have a Napa, you'll need a 1359 Gold I'll look around for a manual.
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    [ATTACH]213[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]214[/ATTACH] This hauler was custom my made by my wife uncle for his truck, when I bought the atv's he gave me the hauler. If you look in the project room, you will find my new project sitting on it. It also make a great work platform for the atv's and lawn mower. [ATTACH]215[/ATTACH]
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    Six Things To Consider When Buying An ATV Trailer By J. Lloyd ATV trailer is the mode of transport to drag your ATV from one place to another. By using appropriate type of trailer, one can easily transport ATV with proper care, convenience, and expediency. The use of trailer has lessened down the stress and anxiety of moving your ATV whenever you are going on a trip with family or friends. There are few components in an ATV trailer like trailer hitch, hitch ball, ball mount, and safety chain which are specially created for the safety of your ATV. ATV trailers possess the capability of transporting maximum 6 ATVs at a single time. Points To Be Considered While Using ATV Trailers The method of using ATV trailers to move the ATVs from one place to another is not an easy task like riding a bicycle or driving a car, rather it is a challenging driving if your way is full of changing lanes. Therefore, there are few things to be taken into consideration while using ATV trailers. a - You should not hit the brake pedal harshly because your trailer will not cease as expeditiously as your car will cease. b - You should avoid driving your car with high speed if you are having ATV trailer at the back of your car as your high speed will worse the sway of the trailer. What to Consider While Buying ATV trailers a - While purchasing a new ATV trailer, you should always keep the below-mentioned points in mind in order to take the benefit of your trailer for long span of time. b - While planning to buy an ATV trailer, make sure the load and size of the trailer are adequate, as there are some ATV trailers that have the capacity of carrying more than one ATV whereas some can carry heavier loads than others. The maximum capacity of the trailer to carry ATVs is six in number. After getting a clear picture of the trailer required, you should place an order for it. c - There is a wide variety of ATV trailers in the market in terms of pricing, therefore it is always suggested to survey the market before buying it in order to save some dollars and should get the best. There is also an option of buying used trailers, which are generally advertised in the classifieds of newspapers or on the Internet. But it is always recommended to buy the fresh trailers else you should analyze the working condition of the old trailer properly. d - There are many websites that deal in the business of ATV trailers, therefore, it is always recommended to go for the reputable and renowned websites. You should always survey the online companies by going through the testimonials and reviews of their old or existing customers in order to get the idea about their products and services. You can even visit the online companies that are devoted in the production of trailers and can also order a trailer according to your suggested design and requirement. e - It is always recommended to ensure about the durability and strength of the trailer before starting it to use. For this, you can examine the quality of the structural beams with which the axles are attached because the complete load of the trailer will be held up by them. You should also analyze the cross members which have to be strong and well-built otherwise if they will get bent then will end up in the cracking of the couplings or joints. f - Proper care should be taken while loading and uploading the ATVs in order to prevent any type of damage or destruction. Hence, having ATV trailer at the back of your car will really make your trip easy and adventurous while visiting to the new places.
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