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    A lot of "what ifs" to go with electric trucks and quads, especially if you're 200 miles in the bush. " Quad charges off the truck".... Great .. But how do you charge the truck if you're out on an extended stay ? Can both be reasonably charged using a small to medium 110 - 220v light plant of about 2 -3,000w ? To me , that quad is an ugly no go. 2wd and chain driven at that doesn't cut it in my book. Nope on the design on that "truck" too. I can see an electric 4x4 truck, but I would also like to see one with a built in gas powered genset to be able to recharge the batteries when way out in the boonies. It wouldn't need to be a fast charge , just one that could recharge it over a day with ability to restore at least 100 miles of its capacity in that time .
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    So I tried something a little different and had a editor edit my last video! I think it turned out great! let me know what you think in the comment section of the video on youtube! dont forget to like and subscribe!
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    Got out with the boy the last two weekends to do some riding and set up for hunting on the new property. 42 degrees this am up there! Set up some new tree stands and cameras to see what’s moving around last week. Got up to pull the card from the cams, well surprise surprise there were some big bucks running around! Anyway back to the big city grind for another 5 days and we are out of here again Friday night!
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    Very nice! Looks like some nice options for hunting. I was doing the same thing this weekend at my cabin. Collected the cards from 6 cameras that have been out for 2 weeks. Here's a little bit of what I captured. Near as I can tell I've got 4-5 different bucks to choose from. Also had does (can't shoot them this year), a coyote, raccoons, rabbits, and a grouse on various pics.
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    I am also a Honda man because when you're deep in the woods you want the machine that got you there to get you back. At 76 I don't need the fastest or the most powerful and pretty looking .. I want a machine that does everything I want it to do and doesn't need a warehouse full of spare parts to keep doing it, and I might add one that doesn't eat up my pension funds to keep going .
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    Ok, after a slight distraction I finally got back to working on the quad. I did as suggested and started testing the ohms on the stator and pick up coils. Everything was checking out good (within the expected reading from the manual). I did notice I had the ‘ol random wire (red wire) that didn’t seam to go anywhere. After a little digging I found that It was part of the wire grouping that went to the coil. After unwrapping an abundance of tape I found where the failed “repair” was made. I reconnected the wire and bam I have spark. After putting everything back together I dialed in the carb and this quad is back up and running! Big shout out to Frank for pointing me in the right direction. Huge help man, thank you!
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    Spent the weekend at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure area and camped at the Trailhead Campground. This campground is next to the trails so you can just ride over to the trails. AOAA has about 311 miles of trails on 6,500 acres of land. All kind of terrain depending on what you like.
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    I've just recently switched to the Erikson ATV e-strap kit: http://www.ericksonmfg.com/product/atv-wheel-chock-and-tie-down-strap-kit/ I like it... no need to compress your suspension but holds the atv very securely and doesn't bounce slack into it.
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    A couple of things to add. Avoid deep puddles either full of water or alcohol
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    That's pieces of an ancient rubber glove..... don't know man. Just messing with Amjboy. We need those crusty guys around. We'd call them "Old Salts" in the service. Thanks.
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    Wow great pics brother. Wtf is that tan shit ? Looks like a piece of fish... The tank looks nasty. Glad it runs great, very nice work. The only thing I’m going to say about @Ajmboy is the only thing he has crusted is his reputation in this forum. You can’t have pie without crust! And this forum is the pie and he is the crust! And @Admin I love you too! Ride safe.
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    I would clean the carb first. Fairly easy to do and just because some pro did it doesnt mean he didnt screw it up
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    Sounds like a cheap and good project. Great advice from @Frank Angerano [email protected]! For $100 I would buy it just to mess with it.
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    I received this set this week and used them. Could not be happier. You strip the wires put them into the connector and hit them with some heat. The tube shrinks and has a gasket material that melts and surrounds the wires, then there is a strip of soft solder that melts as well connecting the wires. Very strong. 👍🏻 50 pcs Solder Seal Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Electrical Marine Automotive Waterproof Wire Splice Insulated Connector Kit 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 Gauge AWG https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LK2YJQC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RZ-GCb3N1M9Q1
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    This is quad crazy not crown Victoria crazy! Lol just kidding. It could be two things. One the fogging could be due to a blown (heater core). It’s a small radiator type coil under dash board on the passenger side. A real bitch to get to. A tell tale sign is the fogging as well as a wet floor on the passenger side under or on the carpet and a bit of a sweet odor in the car. The second thing it could be (less expensive) is the change over valve. It’s a small valve or damper that’s controlled by the switch in the dash. The control switch you would use to change to defrost to dash vent. That switch usually activates a motor of a kind that moves the flaps inside the dashboard ductwork. That motor can be a pneumatic , electric or cable depending on the year. It’s usually located on the firewall under the hood. In that general area. I’m putting my bet on the heater core though based on the fogging. Hope this helps. Get an Atv. It’s a lot easier and more fun to work on! Sorry to my fellow members but I couldn’t help myself I love cars as well! Good luck!
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    Here's a little update on the wife. She's home & the best part, she is in NO PAIN !!! The leg is getting stronger everyday. Looking forward to the day she can walk again without crutches. The scary part about her getting better is, she keeps saying she can't wait to be able to drive again & go shopping !!! .......... 🤔😧😩 ... That is NOT a good sign ...... 😄 ...
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    I am going to close this topic and leave the last post as such..... If you join our community for only a manual, that's ok. But, you'll have to participate a little to be granted access to downloads as a free member. If you don't want to participate and would like immediate access, you can subscribe to one of our annual subscriptions, which bypass the need to participate.
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    You'd have to measure to be sure , but the hubs may very well be interchangeable. My guess is they most likely are if they are from similar quad series. Hubs from a 250cc to 350cc bike in either series are more likely to be a direct swap than from a 250 and one with a much larger displacement. More power would call for heavier axles and hubs in most cases.
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    Alrighty ... so someone said I know Tracks ... Funny thou, they never said I know Jack before ... and I still don't know Jack .... But I think I know enough about tracks to answer your questions Gilroy Guy ... First ... if your friend was stuck out on the lake in snow & slush with his 500lb sled ... with a tracked ATV, which with the snow & ice on it, will weight about 1000 to 1400 lbs (And I SH*T you not about those numbers) ... I'm afraid you would be too. And Yes, they are a SOB to get unstuck. Sorta ... I've never been in snow & slush, but from what I've read & talked to some Canadian friends about it, it's NOT something I want to try. Getting stuck in just snow ... and you will ... isn't to bad, if you just take it as part of the adventure & take your time digging yourself out. See, usually when a tracked ATV gets stuck, like tires, it's because the belly of your ATV is resting on snow & the tracks don't have anything to grab a hold of ... Yeah, you're high centered. So, armed with a good snowmobile snow shovel, you have to dig down around the ATV so you can dig the snow out from underneath the ATV. And maybe dig a ramp affair in front of the ATV & usually, you can drive right out. That has worked for me for 10 yrs, so .... and a winch is worthless unless you have something to attached it to. And even then, you'll have to dig because the winch won't be able to get out out of the hole you're in & back on top of the snow. So, to answer your questions ........ 1) Buy whichever one you like best. I've had a Can-Am since 2011 & I've ridden with a friend with a Polaris with tracks. Personally, you couldn't give me a Polaris. But you asked. 2) All Season vs Winter Tracks. I've had both and after the first season of using my 4 season tracks, I ended up using them for snow only. Tracks ride real dang rough on dirt. They throw mud every where. But the 4 season tracks can ridden on asphalt for miles if a guy needed to without hurting the tracks. Snow only tracks are just that ... Snow only. Think "Snowmobile" ... Snow Only. It takes a bit of time to change out tires to tracks & back. But I use the time to do all my service work. Change oils, grease things up, inspect everything, check the belt, etc. They say you can do the change over in a couple hours. I'd say 4 hrs not killing yourself. What takes most the time is putting the mounting brackets for the tracks on. The tracks themselves mount up just like tires with 4 lug nuts.I usually take a couple days cause I also take the skid plates off & really clean the bike up. And with my back etc, I see no reason to hurry. Are snow only tracks worth it compared to 4 season tracks ?? ...... That's a tough one. For me personally, where we get between 4 to 8 ft of snow ... YES. HOWEVER, I used my 4 season tracks for 9 yrs in those same conditions & did just fine. (I did get stuck more often thou) But these new Can-Am Apache Backcountry Tracks are AMAZING !!! Pricey, but Amazing ... And I wouldn't go back to a 4 season track ... but that's me & where I ride. Your third bullet point asking about tracks and long trail rides in the summer .... You could I guess, but the tracks are going to beat the crap of you. Tracks have no give like a tire. They ride damn rough on dirt. AND, a tracked up ATV will NOT go as fast a one on tires. Track drive sprockets are between 14 & 16 inches in diameter. Your ATV tires are 24, 25, 26, or larger. So with tracks, you are geared down a lot. The fastest I've ever done on tracks (& that is my new ones with 16 inch drive sprockets) is 42 mph. But let me tell you, you will have your motor rpms maxed out. I usually run 18 to 25 mph on hard pack snow. Yes, I can go faster, but I don't. And speaking of being geared down, with tracks you will use lots more fuel. About twice as much. My Can-Am 1000 has a 5 gal fuel tank. On tires, I've ridden 82 miles on a tank before I refueled. On tracks, both on hard pack & powder snow, & remember, you'll be in 4WD the entire time, I've done 33 miles before I had to refuel. How long are tracks good for ?? I've got a set that are 9 yrs old & they look brand new. Remember thou, I've used them mostly for snow only. The hub bearings & bogie wheel bearings are where you have to pay attention. I used to change ALL my bearings out every 2 or 3 yrs. Something like, 56 bearings I think. Yes, I bought cheap Chinese bearings & greased then up good. My new tracks I'm hoping will be better. On the plus side, if I have to change the bearings out, there are only 22 not counting the 4 additional bogie wheels I added to the rear tracks, which would be 8 more bearings. Warranty issues with tracks ?? Depends on your dealer I guess. I do ALL my own work on my machines & have the dealer check & verify I did good. But I'm on REAL good terms with my dealer, so .... Issues with stock axles, clutches or other components ?? Not in my experience. But anyone can break anything given enough time, throttle or alcohol. I started with a 2003 660 Grizzly. I was told that was the worse year fo Grizzly there was for breaking axles. I ran tracks on that machine for 4 yrs & never broke an axle. Actually, the only issue I've had with tracks over 11 yrs is one CV boot. I tore a hole in one doing some spring track'in on my 4 season tracks. But, I've also put holes in CV boots while riding on tires, so ........... Stock clutches should work fine. And I've never had to change a wheel bearing or a tie rod. Some guys I guess have had issues with those components, but I haven't ... ever. Hope that info gives you the answers you're after ....... PRAY FOR SNOW !!!! ...
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    I am on Facebook and also use Skype; although I don't use Skype nearly as much as I used to. When Microsoft bought Skype and started "improving" it the made a mess of it as far as I'm concerned . It went from an easy to use chat facility to one using too much of my screen while complicating some things that were easy to use. I am also in some other interest and community groups/ forums. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype all have their followers and users. I don't use Instagram and seldom check Twitter. My main connection to family and friends is Facebook and Skype now is mostly to chat with a friend in China since for some reason the PTB there block easy access to Facebook and Youtube. Security can be set as tight or loose on Facebook as you wish. Facebook has an added advantage in that you can have interest groups with in it to keep up with friends with shared interests without having everything open on your main page .. I am in a Ham Radio group, 4x4 and quad group, a gardening group, one on tropical fishkeeping as well as one on internet tv. I try to help out where I can , and otherwise toss in comments in the forums . It doesn't matter the activity or hobby, we all started as complete newbies, and asked our share of "stupid and easy" questions and others took the time to answer them . Yes , there were the know it all asses, but if you ignore them they soon get tired and go away or an admin makes them go away. There are no stupid questions. If youdon't ask , you won't find the answer. Sometimes the answer to your "stupid question" also helps others too shy or afraid to ask for fear of ridicule by the wise ass old timer who really isn't as wise and all knowing he thinks he is . The really smart ones know you can never know all there is on any subject and constantly learn new tricks. Sometimes those new tricks come from an answer to "stupid questions" . Those that "just come for the manuals" and leave don't know just how valuable a resource they are overlooking by doing so.
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    I think you pulled the wrong black wire. Find the reverse limiter and follow that black wire and disconnect. Here's what you're looking for.
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    The simple fact that this thread has not spun out of control speaks volumes to the conduct on the forum......I realize this is my first post. I have spent some time on another forum, this thread would have played out differently. I opened this one out of morbid curiosity. Kudos to you guys.
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    Unfortunately this weekend we waived goodbye to the 99 400ex. Ported and polished head, DMC Alien exhaust with dual header, an absolute unit that would run 70 on the top end. Fortunately though the 400ex left in exchange for a fairly cherry 98 Honda 300..the holy grail of reliability in a mud and water toy. Previous owner added the snorkels and it was a decent job. Put some 25" swamp witches on it, now it just needs 1" spacers, 2" bracket lift, couple of pinion seals and a pound or two of dielectric grease. Hate to let the 400ex go as it was a gem, but it's hard to pass on a cherry 300. These things are just so dang reliable and easy to work on.
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    Front and rear are still available from Partzilla. They're a bit pricey, but they'll be new. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/atv/1994/lt-f250t/front-fender-model-m-n-p-r-s-t Good luck with survivor plastic, those things just didn't fare well in the sun. It would be worth a try plastic welding cracks and sanding and buffing. Might not help, but it's a cheap trial. You can also use the heat and shock method to revive the color. Like this guy does with a heat gun, just douse it with cold water when it's still shiny. That'll harden the surface instantly and bring life back to it. Won't look new, but will look better.
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    LOL Gunny Ive had 5 sons never pulled weeds lol or cut grass !! Tried to get the wife to do it but that didnt work out for me !!!!
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    Wow this has changed a little !! Im still riding every sun and working full time ! I see u have to buy memberships now ? this was from last weekend!
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    Maxxis Bighorns are an all around good tire i have them on a 2007 can am outlander 650 maxx xt and they work great in most of the terrains we use the quad in mud, loose dirt, loose gravel, packed trails, in snowbanks.
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    Thanks, I bought Maxxis big horn 2.0’s (take off from a Yamaha Viking) which I learned after I bought them that they are different then off the rack big horn 2.0’s which is a piss off. Apparently the Yamaha ones are 4 ply rears and 2 ply fronts instead of 6 ply like the off the rack and the take offs are biased and not radials... That doesn’t make sense to me and is a piss off but I guess it is to save Yamaha money and mislead buyers.. atleast I got them for a good price.
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    For my 2018 570 (may be it's the same ), i have to press and hold "Mode" button to see "Diagcode" on the display.
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    So I decided to pick up a small trailer if I could get one for the right price. I found this one for a few hundred bucks on Craig’s list. It is a galvanized trailer which is exactly what I was looking for. The wood was shot and needed some minor repairs which I could care less about as long as the chassis was good. I striped it down and put a new deck on. I had some vinyl realtree graphics that I had laying around so I added them to the fenders which I think worked out well. Very happy with this little guy. I'm having the iron workers at my jobmake me up a few lightweight side rails that will have a 22 degree bend in them to accommodate the tires that slightly hang over the edge and will incorporate some tie down points as well.
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    No the ace is different. I will look and see if I can find one for the ace. What year?
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    I doubt the lack of coolant affected the transmission.. Most transmissions can be run a long time with the coolant lines blocked off unless they're being run under very heavy load. The lack of coolant would have seized the motor long before it hurt the tranny.
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    It’s all good. Plenty of people here to help you along without making you feel like a dummy as some of the other forums do. Ask as many questions as you want. You will gat all the info you need right here at Quadcrazy. There is a post on rebuilding a carburetor. It includes all aspects including the float adjustment. Take a look and I’m sure it will clear things up for you.
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    That my friend is in the Turks and Cacos. Unbelievable place to be! Already booked next year. That parasail pic was at 650 took us up to just under 800 feet! I attached another pic. I cannot stress the level of quality here and the beauty. All inclusive as well. Only way to go!
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    So here’s one more thing I wanted to mention. With the recon that I have. The plastics were faded. I worked in a body shop for years when I was young. I was always the guy they trusted to water sand and buff out paint without burning the paint on the car. So I tried to water sand the plastics on the recon with 1500 grit water sand paper and did so. The color came right back to new but you seen the sand paper marks. I tried to buff it out like a car and it just does not work. The sand paper marks would not budge. I eventually went to a 2000 grit paper and compound and got it to look about 90% and left it there. The plastics color is like new but they look like a car with all the swirls you see in the sun.
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    Thanks for checking in brother. Weather is good so far. Seen some snow showers on the way up. We rode today the trails were great. Met up with @06kfx440 at the trails and then the camp site for a little while. Good people!! Going hard tomorrow and will post some videos and pics on Sunday night. I herd the weather may be a little dicey tomorrow so we will play it by ear and see how it goes. Otherwise we are blowing out of here in the afternoon hours. Here is a few pics of the place and my boy crossing a creek.
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    All my bikes were talked about of the forums. Thanks to Frank and everyone else that made it so we can make this trip happen. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    I'm 44, not sure how old and crusty I am yet...
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    Not satisfied with the commercially available versions, Jonathan recently built an ATV spring compressor. In this video, he demonstrates using it to remove & re-install the spring on an ATV coil-over shock absorber. Mistake in video - the coil-over shock is not quite a McPherson strut. If you are inspired to build your own spring compressor, feel welcome to use any ideas from this video. Thanks for watching! Resurgence Small Engine Inc.
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    Slowly re-tooling after living in Europe for two years. The 18ft black trailer can hold 4 mid-size wheelers. Currently this hauls the RZR and a new acquired Sportsman 500. Still have 2 pickup beds to fill.
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    Buy a dog collar tracking device and strap it to the bike!
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    I run what the tire states, 5 psi, but I also have radial tires on my quad (Maxxis Bighorn) Mike
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    It sounds like the fuel in the bowl in the carb is being used up and not filling back up fast enough. Check the fuel lines and make sure your good from the gas valve to the carb and maybe pull the carburetor off and clean it out. Maybe bad gas ? Was it running fine before this problem ?
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    I'm totally the oldest person here... haha maybe I'm the youngest here😂
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    I've got a couple of taotao 125's I picked up really cheap for the kids. I thought I would document some of the issues I have had and repairs I have cobbled, because obviously at this price point and quality level one cannot invest much in improvements. First of all, if you are not mechanically inclined do not buy one of these. You will need a awareness of how things work, a willingness to take things apart, and the patience to do things more than once, because whatever you do you will probably be doing again at some point. As is pretty common knowledge, every bolt on these that can come loose, will. Get some locktight and keep it handy. do wheels, axle nuts, swingarm and front suspension right away, and anything else as you go through it, and you will go through it.
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    Bought a cheap grinder to overhaul this trailer. The grate deck was busted in the rear and it was showing a lot of rust. Ran the crap out of this grinder to cut off the old deck and grind off the old welds. Then used it to sand the rust off. Grinder never missed a beat. The new deck is HDPE plastic obtained from my former job. I had thought about adding to the sides and front a section of this plastic, but this added weight to the trailer as it was. Mike
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