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    A few more pics from up above NYC.
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    A lot of "what ifs" to go with electric trucks and quads, especially if you're 200 miles in the bush. " Quad charges off the truck".... Great .. But how do you charge the truck if you're out on an extended stay ? Can both be reasonably charged using a small to medium 110 - 220v light plant of about 2 -3,000w ? To me , that quad is an ugly no go. 2wd and chain driven at that doesn't cut it in my book. Nope on the design on that "truck" too. I can see an electric 4x4 truck, but I would also like to see one with a built in gas powered genset to be able to recharge the batteries when way out in the boonies. It wouldn't need to be a fast charge , just one that could recharge it over a day with ability to restore at least 100 miles of its capacity in that time .
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    Got out with the boy the last two weekends to do some riding and set up for hunting on the new property. 42 degrees this am up there! Set up some new tree stands and cameras to see what’s moving around last week. Got up to pull the card from the cams, well surprise surprise there were some big bucks running around! Anyway back to the big city grind for another 5 days and we are out of here again Friday night!
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    I use polaris ride command. It lets you map and gives elevation. Waypoints and on the upgraded version it gives you who owns the property your on or looking at. I think that’s on huntstand too. Not positive tho. It works on mobil phones and without service. It’s pretty neat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Aside from having my own small company, i manage construction projects on high rise buildings for Tishman/Aecom. All union work and it allows me to have benefits etc. The structural steel end is what I manage so i get to go up pretty high. I am a NYC sandhog and always preferred tunnel work since i truly love it. But after this last big tunnel job ended two years ago there has been no work. So I transferred my union book to the trades above ground for a change. its been nice and it allows me to also run my small business.
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    Hopefully everyone is doing well through this craziness??? Im still working even with the 100% shut down we are exempt until we have a confirmed case on site. This weekend my offices and the entire site is being sanitized and wiped down etc by a specialized company. The city looks like a Sunday every day thats how quiet it is. Erie is a better way to put it. Here is a pic of the city i took yesterday mid day, Park Avenue. I'm sure we are all getting a ton of stuff done around the house, honey do lists? My wife is actually a hot mess with all this going on and completely on edge thinking about her father, me or the kids and if anyone of us gets it! Then add the home schooling and logging into the schools for the days work etc. 🤯 She worries to much this woman. Her father i agree as he's much older and has underlying health issues but we are all healthy and i feel we would be fine if it hit us. I wonder how long Netflix will be able to keep up with the volume of users before it crashes lol and how many babies will come out of this, social media shows we will call them "coronials" 😬 Anyway just wanted to see how and what everyone is doing?? Stay safe people.
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    im on a buying spree but not for tp.. i dont use any of that crap anyway.. theres some hecka good deals on some atvs and trucks about now.. gonna go get me some new toys and hit the dirt🤑 as to my opinion of covid19- i wonder why all the doctors and health folks arnt going nuts? hmm...maybe because theres nothing to go nuts about? covid isnt anywhere NEAR as serious as the flu and is only one strain of the corona virus. just because its new dont mean its deadly. studies show (you wont hear this from the media) that covid19 is only fetal to those who have preexisting health issues (just like any other virus or common cold) and has only taken about 3-5% percent of its victims world-wide. i say if trump announced a national state of emergency through election season and hence he would be pres for the next 4 years.. the media would drop the whole covid crap overnight.. anything to get him out.. as to blaming trump, what more could he or anyone have done? you cant treat viruses with antibiotics, and all doctors can or will advise to folks is to stay home and catch some snooze. to those who are in worse health to begin with, they are treating it like it is- another strain of the flu.
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    Think I got it Frank! Used my lawnmower battery and it started right up. I think I'm gonna get a new relay because its hit or miss with it it seems. Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate it!
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    measuring from a computer picture not very accurate, but it looks like if you got rid of the gaps you'd have room for one more magnet video from an arctic cat 400 but may help - start at 2:00 - your issue may be at 3:00 but i'm pretty confident you've already done this
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    PA Residents, please take a moment to send an email supporting this to [email protected] https://www.erienewsnow.com/story/41590987/proposed-changes-on-the-way-for-riding-atvs-on-state-forest-trails?fbclid=IwAR1EXkgtnRenBzFAKG5h1IOs7xDrNg6iedYSALckbjx2F5ZPjwdDFFij6Jc#.Xic-MeQ7aXY.facebook This week, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) plans to outline proposed policy changes for ATV trails on state forest lands. They will also be seeking public comment. Pennsylvania has more than 260 miles of ATV trails in state forests. The department is reviewing its policy to respond to increasing demands for riding opportunities and well as interest from local governments in expanding tourism. “The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance to DCNR when acquiring, developing and managing lands for ATV use by the public,” Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn said. There had been a moratorium on new trail development, but the policy revisions now authorize DCNR to consider new ATV trails and connectors on state forest lands. “New ATV trails will be considered, while still balancing the protection of natural resources as outlined in the Environmental Rights Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution, and the needs of all types of recreational users on DCNR lands,” Dunn said. In a 2016 survey of ATV users, more than 4,800 responded with many indicating a strong desire for more long-distance trails. Pennsylvania has around 285,000 registered ATVs. On state forest lands, ATV riding is allowed only on designated trails. Public comment will be taken at a meeting in Harrisburg Wednesday, January 22, from 10 a.m. to noon in Room 105 of the Rachel Carson State Office Building. Written comments can be submitted to [email protected] The deadline to submit comments is March 27. More information about ATV riding is on the DCNR website.
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    Shared on Facebook to all my "friends" I'm a Pennsylvania rider too and we barely have anywhere to ride that is "legal". ATVs and UTVs are a big expense now to have so few places to ride. I am definitely sending an email ASAP. Thank you for the email address and information.
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    Very nice! Looks like some nice options for hunting. I was doing the same thing this weekend at my cabin. Collected the cards from 6 cameras that have been out for 2 weeks. Here's a little bit of what I captured. Near as I can tell I've got 4-5 different bucks to choose from. Also had does (can't shoot them this year), a coyote, raccoons, rabbits, and a grouse on various pics.
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    I am also a Honda man because when you're deep in the woods you want the machine that got you there to get you back. At 76 I don't need the fastest or the most powerful and pretty looking .. I want a machine that does everything I want it to do and doesn't need a warehouse full of spare parts to keep doing it, and I might add one that doesn't eat up my pension funds to keep going .
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    4 things could cause that problem. Timing slipped so the intake valve is still partially open when cylinder fires , Intake valve is sticking slightly open, rocker arm is too tight and holsding valve slightly open and finally, a burnt intake valve valve allowing combustion gasses to blow back. Most likely is a timing slip or valve lash on the intake valve is too tight .
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    From what i've heard Houser and JD are fine as are Laeger, GT Thunder. I've read to stay away from Full Flight. But then again, they're all pretty much 4150 ChroMo so who knows if there really is a difference.
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    You can't really test a CDI, they are a bit elusive. You have to troubleshoot everything else that has to do with spark and if it all tests good, then the CDI would be the last option. You might also try the "baking" technique for the CDI. Sometimes you can bake them for a few minutes at very low temp and drive off moisture enough to get it to work again. @Frank Angerano is a better resource on baking CDI's.
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    Parts finally arrived. Will update whether it fixed it or not!
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    1 download

    Detailed parts list for 2003-2006 Suzuki LTZ400.
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    On a side note, i replaced the brushes on my starter, they were $10 off eBay and it worked. The symptoms of the starter was it was going slow, or not at all unless you tapped it. IF....you take your STARTER....apart, put a line down the side. I haven't taken motor theory class yet but, it was reverse polarity twice after i put it together, i guess i had the magnets in the wrong spot.
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    @Steven Urban welcome to QUADCRAZY! @Frank Angerano gives the best advice as usual!
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    Hey @Steven Urban welcome to Quadcrazy. The second part you show in the picture is your starter circuit relay. It all starts from your neutral safety switch. It looks like its in bad shape but they still work in that condition. Anyway you should have 4 wires going into it. Light green, brown and two black ones. Here's how it works: the green wire runs down to the neutral safety switch on the left side of the engine right above the shifter. The brown wire is a 12v positive wire. The two black wires are what completes the start circuit when touched together. Here is where to start: take a jumper wire and jump the two black wires on the relay together and hit the start button. (Make sure the atv is in neutral) and see if it cranks. if so thats good. After that; Take a tester and see if you have 12v+ on the brown wire at the relay. If so then thats good. Now the green wire is simply a ground thats made when the atv is in neutral. That green wire has a device inside the engine that when clicked into neutral it grounds the green wire. So in essence the 12v brown on the relay and the green (ground) when put in neutral energizes the relay and brings the two black wires together and also brings on the neutral light. If you have no ground from the green wire then put a jumper from green wire on the realy to a good ground. If that works then the neutral safety switch is bad. That starter circuit relay is an easy find if need be. Do some of these test first and lets see what you get. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153882535043
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    I have had a few 150 Etons. They are still running and parts are available online. They are not fast and only 2 wheel drive but they get me (78 yrs old) thru the woods (on trails).
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    Thank for sharing, its good to hear from someone not in North America on how its going and how their country is handling it. I think a full lock down is the only way to stop spread and its crucial for countries that share borders, to not have a scenario like what is going on in Italy. In the US, some states are larger that some countries and should follow something similar in my opinion. Trump wanted to do this with the New York City metro area but was confronted with opposition, so instead we got a travel advisory last night: CDC Issues Domestic Travel Advisory for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Due to extensive community transmission of COVID -19 in the area, CDC urges residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to refrain from non-essential domestic travel for 14 days effective immediately. New York City is a "hot spot", neighboring state Rhode Island is even knocking on doors to see if anyone is from NY and "hiding out"... Rhode Island begins door to door checks for New Yorkers fleeing coronavirus
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    I am still working, but they are talking about a shut down next week. Last week took the drone out to do some flying.
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    If it were to arrive at my shop with the listed statements I would go as follows: Check Compression/Leakdown - Not that I think the complaint leads me to believe that there is a mechanical issue, it's just good practice. Something so simple is tight valves can cause all sorts of fun when diagnosing running issues. If you haven't checked those valves lately it wouldn't hurt, it is a normal maintenance item. Verify spark - Typically this Japanese stuff is pretty good about a healthy spark. Most of the time it works or it doesn't. That's not saying crazier things don't happen, but generally it's good if it sparks. Passing those early checks, your description really seems to sway my opinion towards a fuel system issue. I'd have probably asked you a few more questions on write-up, mainly trying to dig for information about what way it was running poorly when it was running, but a unit that doesn't start at all is telling in itself. The air cleaner should be clean, oiled, and well sealed to the box. The airboot (between the carburetor and airbox) should be free of cracks and fully installed on the carburetor and airbox. Your issue probably isn't in these areas but it's always good practice to check. Verify that your fuel tank cap vents. It needs to be able to flow air into the tank for fuel to leave at the bottom. This doesn't typically create a permanent no-run condition, but can create a fuel starvation issue while riding. Grab a ratio rite cup or clear bottle and prepare to drain fuel from your petcock into it. It's hard to tell the correct fuel flow rate by describing it here, but it should flow a steady stream expected by the petcock outlet size. If the petcock is not flowing or flowing all of the time just go ahead and get a new one. Even a full time flowing one can potentially create big issues. Retain the drained fuel for inspection. If within the next hour or so you notice layers of different liquids in it or trash in the bottom go ahead and plan on draining your tank. It's a good time to mention that non-ethanol fuel is what you should run if at all possible all of the time. Forgive me for suggesting to get back into the carburetor, but at this point it'd be a good time for it. No offence intended, but to a shop a customer cleaned/inspected carburetor is just a carburetor that needs to be removed and inspected again. It's easy to get it wrong unless you're very thorough. Inside the carburetor you have a few different fuel circuits to deal with. First remove the float and its needle. If the needle has any sort of ring visible around its rubber tip when dry it should be replaced, a fuel leak is not far behind. The passageway that needle goes in should be free of obstruction between that orifice and the fuel hose inlet. If you've messed with the float height (Bending the tab on the plastic float) since the unit has last ran well it'd be good to check the installed height versus the service manual settings. The pilot circuit will consist of an air inlet in the air side carburetor throat typically, a pilot jet inside the bowl area, and a pilot screw externally. Lightly thread the screw in to verify its position from seated and then remove it, its spring, and the washer and o-ring that go on it. Remove the pilot jet. When dry a little speck of light should just be visible through the jet. If not, do not clean it with a drill bit. A wire pulled from a wire brush and some contact cleaner typically works wonders. Spray contact cleaner through the air inlet to verify it reaches the jet orifice, then spray through the jet orifice looking for fuel to exit the pilot screw orifice and perhaps its hole and bypass holes in the carburetor throat (engine side). If I were a betting man, I'd bet you've already found your problem by this point. Still if you're this far in make sure that everything else is spotless and correctly installed. While you're at it pull the intake manifold off the engine and check its seal and rubber condition. That never hurts. If all of that is good, then you're into the strange stuff category. A little light through that pilot jet, remember that. Carb spotless and choke, slide, needle all working normally. I hope this helps. If it doesn't I'll check back soon to see what you've found.
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    Hope you enjoy the video ... ...
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    @mikeexplorer we've shared this to our facebook and twitter pages.. 😎
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    Yeah. I say carb because maybe a vacuum line in the carb has a small hole in it somewhere. I’ve had my Mojave’s and a few warriors that did this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this quad is a 08 Honda TRX700 XX 751cc ,Barker pipe,290 Web cam,+3 stroker ,TB bored to 46.8 and moved back from head 1 inch,+3 big bore , +1 intake valves, Hard Welded Rockers ,KW springs, ported, clutch mod , air box removed ,Cat oil mod, dynojet commander V w/auto tune , lowered rear end , TRX450R front shocks , 03 LTZ 400 03 ltz400,95.5bore,+5crank,P&P,13.7:1,JE piston,spacer plate,RHC +1 intakes valves,RHC #208in&187ex cams,DRZ manual decomp,DID cam chain,no air box,Sredrum TB 42mm FCR,RAT stack,WB fuel screw,EMN needle,quick shot,06 clutch 450r drive plates w/trx400 ex springs,C2HB,ex thumber,trx450r air boot, Barker Performance pipe, trailteck flywheel,dynatek,NOLOGY HOTWIRES ,nerf bars,450r shocks, +4 swinger,lowered front & rear 60 hp 42 ftlb tq
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    Thanks @Ajmboy i found it on craigslist. The guy was looking to trade for a motorcycle. He said he did not use it and didn't want it to sit any longer. It starts up but only for about 20 seconds and starts to die off. Its been sitting for a while in a shed. Ive seen marketplace but never use it since i don't really use Facebook. I always get a little crazy after i finish a project like the big bear i just did and start looking for the next project. This one wont need much work so its not really a project but it's something to play with This one popped right up when i looked and the guy got right back to me. Took a lot of back and forth and coordination to lock it down bit it worked out. Im a firm believer in if its meant to be it will be.
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    Right On !!! Going out every weekend sure beats pull'in weeds doesn't it !?!? ...... Why THANK YOU for shar'in the vids My Friend !!! It's much appreciated !!! ...
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    Your last picture took all the guess work out of identifying the choke , brake hold and kill switch. . Glad you found the problem and it was as simple as the choke being on all the time . You'll likely find you need to do a little more tweaking for max performance and ending any sign of stumbling , but you're well on the way now.. Happy Quadding , and have a Very Merry Christmas.
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    Definitely going to get two out of them. Lets get some blue canvas tarps up over the openings and a wood burning stove in that barn!
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    Maxxis Bighorns are an all around good tire i have them on a 2007 can am outlander 650 maxx xt and they work great in most of the terrains we use the quad in mud, loose dirt, loose gravel, packed trails, in snowbanks.
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    Thanks, I bought Maxxis big horn 2.0’s (take off from a Yamaha Viking) which I learned after I bought them that they are different then off the rack big horn 2.0’s which is a piss off. Apparently the Yamaha ones are 4 ply rears and 2 ply fronts instead of 6 ply like the off the rack and the take offs are biased and not radials... That doesn’t make sense to me and is a piss off but I guess it is to save Yamaha money and mislead buyers.. atleast I got them for a good price.
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    The "first" for anything always seems to hold some meaning. I still remember buying my first quad. Had it for 10 years and put a pile of miles on it. Sold it and it was reborn as a different machine now. Even other "firsts" for my other hobbies I still remember. Mike
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    I did catch one coyote on cam I posted it just now. I was hoping to see a bear but not this year so far.
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    So my Yamaha grizzly 700 wasn't going into reverse for some reason but Jon and George figured it out on what to do to fix that problem for me. Jon Talks about how he was able to fix that problem my Yamaha Grizzly was having with the reverse. On a side note we are so close to 1k subs! hell ya!
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    Got it running. We gas and had to prime the heck out of the new carburetor! thanks all!!
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    I doubt the lack of coolant affected the transmission.. Most transmissions can be run a long time with the coolant lines blocked off unless they're being run under very heavy load. The lack of coolant would have seized the motor long before it hurt the tranny.
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    these are the Volkswagen Beatles of the ATV's!! 2020 pic below and my 1991 same size engine,turned around,shaft drive,electric start,rear drum brakes?...wtf!! twice as much as mine $$$$$ in 1991...and more heavier! If I was serious (and not 55 yrs. old) about getting A brand new quad....I'd look at Yamaha Rapter 7000! sure it's $9000. but it was more than twice as much FUN than Honda's little 250!
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    The older 650 V2 cats were Kawasaki motors, I think they were produced from 2004-2007. My first machine was a 2007 400 which had the Suzuki motor. I beat the snot out of that machine and sold it with 16,000 miles on it to a friend for parts, The upper frame was going and the lower frame was already welded twice. At 14,000 miles I sunk it good in a mud hole and it started burning oil like crazy. Dealer rebuilt the motor, Ran it for another 2,000 miles before selling it. He took the motor and transplanted it into a 2006 400 TRV which they guy who owned it blew up the motor at 800 miles (what he did was not known, but the quad was in pristine condition) The rest of the parts he kept. All 4 axles were good, both diffs, and the 4WD worked perfectly. I could not use these parts because my 2012 has a different assembly so the axles and such are different. They did not have any issues with the suzuki motors, they just switched production to their own motors, known as the H1 and H2 motors. Then for the smaller sized models such as the 366 and Alterra, they are using Kymco motors. I have two of these machines, only issue I had common to both was the fan sensor going bad. So we have three machines total, one as a spare. Mike
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    I also have a 2018 Tahoe, same color from looking at the picture. Bought it for hauling the tent trailer & quads. Mike
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    16.5 volts is too high, that would be the regulator going bad. A quick test is when its not running right to turn on all your headlights, if it runs better, it is voltage related. Should not run more then 14.5 volts , service manual can be found here: https://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/Arctic-Cat-2003-ATV-Service-Manual/ Schematics are here: https://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/arctic_cat_2000_thru_2009_atv_and_snowmobileSnow_Wiring_Diagrams__NOTE_LARGE_FILE_459mb.pdf A good online place to order parts is here: https://www.countrycat.com// Mike
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    It’s all good. Plenty of people here to help you along without making you feel like a dummy as some of the other forums do. Ask as many questions as you want. You will gat all the info you need right here at Quadcrazy. There is a post on rebuilding a carburetor. It includes all aspects including the float adjustment. Take a look and I’m sure it will clear things up for you.
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    Ok so while your cranking hit it with starting fluid and see if it fires up. Spray it into the carburetor just a little. If so then your float is stuck closed or the fuel port on the carb has a blockage. I know you cleaned the carburetor but it happens. The starting fluid will tell you that it’s obviously not getting fuel if it fires up.
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    Try bike bandit or Motorsport.com. Once you get a part number you can cross reference Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great research and work! But I have to disagree on the stator. If the bike is running and has good spark I don’t think its breaking down. In my experience the stator is either good or bad. There should definitely be a reading on the ohms setting giving you exact numbers from phase to phase. Why your not getting that is a little baffling. You should buy an in line spark tester and plug it in and watch your spark as you rev the bike to see if there is a loss or brake down in the spark. It’s about a $15 dollar tool that’s a big help. Back to the carburetor: I would definitely drill out that plug covering the fuel air screw and pull it out. Check it out and clean the port well with cleaner and air. Before you remove the screw tighten it to a snug position and count the turns so you know where to set it when you put it back. My guess is it’s around 1-3/4 turns out from a snug spot. The fact that the bike sat, the carburetor was gummed up and that air/fuel screw was never taken out and cleaned leaves a question mark on the carburetor. I would start with the less invasive stuff right now and do some testing first so your not dumping money into it. Narrow down the problem so you don’t question weather it’s a fuel or electrical problem. Fuel tank and valve (petcock) clean and delivering enough fuel, carburetor rebuilt and good to go! No cracks or problems on the boot connecting the carburetor to the engine etc. if all that’s done then I rule out fuel or carburetor problems and move on to possibly an ignition issue. Oem/aftermarket: Carburetors: Chinese carburetors look great but don’t perform well at all. If you have the oem carburetor and it’s not cracked or damaged then it’s a good cleaning and rebuild. But it has to be properly done. One missed port or blockage will cause a lot of throttle issues. Floats set wrong, fuel air screw not right etc. Cdi: oem always. Used from eBay at the very least. Same with regulators Stators: I’ve used aftermarket RM and Caltric. No issues to date.
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