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    A lot of "what ifs" to go with electric trucks and quads, especially if you're 200 miles in the bush. " Quad charges off the truck".... Great .. But how do you charge the truck if you're out on an extended stay ? Can both be reasonably charged using a small to medium 110 - 220v light plant of about 2 -3,000w ? To me , that quad is an ugly no go. 2wd and chain driven at that doesn't cut it in my book. Nope on the design on that "truck" too. I can see an electric 4x4 truck, but I would also like to see one with a built in gas powered genset to be able to recharge the batteries when way out in the boonies. It wouldn't need to be a fast charge , just one that could recharge it over a day with ability to restore at least 100 miles of its capacity in that time .
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    So I tried something a little different and had a editor edit my last video! I think it turned out great! let me know what you think in the comment section of the video on youtube! dont forget to like and subscribe!
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    Aside from having my own small company, i manage construction projects on high rise buildings for Tishman/Aecom. All union work and it allows me to have benefits etc. The structural steel end is what I manage so i get to go up pretty high. I am a NYC sandhog and always preferred tunnel work since i truly love it. But after this last big tunnel job ended two years ago there has been no work. So I transferred my union book to the trades above ground for a change. its been nice and it allows me to also run my small business.
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    Hopefully everyone is doing well through this craziness??? Im still working even with the 100% shut down we are exempt until we have a confirmed case on site. This weekend my offices and the entire site is being sanitized and wiped down etc by a specialized company. The city looks like a Sunday every day thats how quiet it is. Erie is a better way to put it. Here is a pic of the city i took yesterday mid day, Park Avenue. I'm sure we are all getting a ton of stuff done around the house, honey do lists? My wife is actually a hot mess with all this going on and completely on edge thinking about her father, me or the kids and if anyone of us gets it! Then add the home schooling and logging into the schools for the days work etc. 🤯 She worries to much this woman. Her father i agree as he's much older and has underlying health issues but we are all healthy and i feel we would be fine if it hit us. I wonder how long Netflix will be able to keep up with the volume of users before it crashes lol and how many babies will come out of this, social media shows we will call them "coronials" 😬 Anyway just wanted to see how and what everyone is doing?? Stay safe people.
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    im on a buying spree but not for tp.. i dont use any of that crap anyway.. theres some hecka good deals on some atvs and trucks about now.. gonna go get me some new toys and hit the dirt🤑 as to my opinion of covid19- i wonder why all the doctors and health folks arnt going nuts? hmm...maybe because theres nothing to go nuts about? covid isnt anywhere NEAR as serious as the flu and is only one strain of the corona virus. just because its new dont mean its deadly. studies show (you wont hear this from the media) that covid19 is only fetal to those who have preexisting health issues (just like any other virus or common cold) and has only taken about 3-5% percent of its victims world-wide. i say if trump announced a national state of emergency through election season and hence he would be pres for the next 4 years.. the media would drop the whole covid crap overnight.. anything to get him out.. as to blaming trump, what more could he or anyone have done? you cant treat viruses with antibiotics, and all doctors can or will advise to folks is to stay home and catch some snooze. to those who are in worse health to begin with, they are treating it like it is- another strain of the flu.
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    Think I got it Frank! Used my lawnmower battery and it started right up. I think I'm gonna get a new relay because its hit or miss with it it seems. Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate it!
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    measuring from a computer picture not very accurate, but it looks like if you got rid of the gaps you'd have room for one more magnet video from an arctic cat 400 but may help - start at 2:00 - your issue may be at 3:00 but i'm pretty confident you've already done this
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    PA Residents, please take a moment to send an email supporting this to [email protected] https://www.erienewsnow.com/story/41590987/proposed-changes-on-the-way-for-riding-atvs-on-state-forest-trails?fbclid=IwAR1EXkgtnRenBzFAKG5h1IOs7xDrNg6iedYSALckbjx2F5ZPjwdDFFij6Jc#.Xic-MeQ7aXY.facebook This week, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) plans to outline proposed policy changes for ATV trails on state forest lands. They will also be seeking public comment. Pennsylvania has more than 260 miles of ATV trails in state forests. The department is reviewing its policy to respond to increasing demands for riding opportunities and well as interest from local governments in expanding tourism. “The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance to DCNR when acquiring, developing and managing lands for ATV use by the public,” Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn said. There had been a moratorium on new trail development, but the policy revisions now authorize DCNR to consider new ATV trails and connectors on state forest lands. “New ATV trails will be considered, while still balancing the protection of natural resources as outlined in the Environmental Rights Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution, and the needs of all types of recreational users on DCNR lands,” Dunn said. In a 2016 survey of ATV users, more than 4,800 responded with many indicating a strong desire for more long-distance trails. Pennsylvania has around 285,000 registered ATVs. On state forest lands, ATV riding is allowed only on designated trails. Public comment will be taken at a meeting in Harrisburg Wednesday, January 22, from 10 a.m. to noon in Room 105 of the Rachel Carson State Office Building. Written comments can be submitted to [email protected] The deadline to submit comments is March 27. More information about ATV riding is on the DCNR website.
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    Shared on Facebook to all my "friends" I'm a Pennsylvania rider too and we barely have anywhere to ride that is "legal". ATVs and UTVs are a big expense now to have so few places to ride. I am definitely sending an email ASAP. Thank you for the email address and information.
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    Got out with the boy the last two weekends to do some riding and set up for hunting on the new property. 42 degrees this am up there! Set up some new tree stands and cameras to see what’s moving around last week. Got up to pull the card from the cams, well surprise surprise there were some big bucks running around! Anyway back to the big city grind for another 5 days and we are out of here again Friday night!
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    Very nice! Looks like some nice options for hunting. I was doing the same thing this weekend at my cabin. Collected the cards from 6 cameras that have been out for 2 weeks. Here's a little bit of what I captured. Near as I can tell I've got 4-5 different bucks to choose from. Also had does (can't shoot them this year), a coyote, raccoons, rabbits, and a grouse on various pics.
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    I am also a Honda man because when you're deep in the woods you want the machine that got you there to get you back. At 76 I don't need the fastest or the most powerful and pretty looking .. I want a machine that does everything I want it to do and doesn't need a warehouse full of spare parts to keep doing it, and I might add one that doesn't eat up my pension funds to keep going .
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    Ok, after a slight distraction I finally got back to working on the quad. I did as suggested and started testing the ohms on the stator and pick up coils. Everything was checking out good (within the expected reading from the manual). I did notice I had the ‘ol random wire (red wire) that didn’t seam to go anywhere. After a little digging I found that It was part of the wire grouping that went to the coil. After unwrapping an abundance of tape I found where the failed “repair” was made. I reconnected the wire and bam I have spark. After putting everything back together I dialed in the carb and this quad is back up and running! Big shout out to Frank for pointing me in the right direction. Huge help man, thank you!
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    Spent the weekend at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure area and camped at the Trailhead Campground. This campground is next to the trails so you can just ride over to the trails. AOAA has about 311 miles of trails on 6,500 acres of land. All kind of terrain depending on what you like.
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    I've just recently switched to the Erikson ATV e-strap kit: http://www.ericksonmfg.com/product/atv-wheel-chock-and-tie-down-strap-kit/ I like it... no need to compress your suspension but holds the atv very securely and doesn't bounce slack into it.
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    A couple of things to add. Avoid deep puddles either full of water or alcohol
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    That's pieces of an ancient rubber glove..... don't know man. Just messing with Amjboy. We need those crusty guys around. We'd call them "Old Salts" in the service. Thanks.
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    Wow great pics brother. Wtf is that tan shit ? Looks like a piece of fish... The tank looks nasty. Glad it runs great, very nice work. The only thing I’m going to say about @Ajmboy is the only thing he has crusted is his reputation in this forum. You can’t have pie without crust! And this forum is the pie and he is the crust! And @Admin I love you too! Ride safe.
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    I would clean the carb first. Fairly easy to do and just because some pro did it doesnt mean he didnt screw it up
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    It could be the belt, i would drop the oil first and see what the color, smell and if any metal pieces are in there. Then check the belt and see what it looks like.
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    I am still working, but they are talking about a shut down next week. Last week took the drone out to do some flying.
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    Ok so new flywheel is in and she fired right up. Huge difference, i can get to just about 80% throttle without any backfiring. The carburetor is still in need of tweaking but i think the problem is solved. Unreal that something like this can happen. What baffles me the most is the magnets on the old flywheel are solidly in place but yet they are incorrectly placed??? I tried to pry them off the flywheel with no luck. So strange! Going to get after the carburetor tomorrow and take it for a spin before i put it all back together. Keep ya posted.....
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    The strange thing is the 4 grand daughters are the ones interested in the quads . They are always out there helping me work on crap while the grand sons are playing on games and computers !! Now if I could find all the tools the girls hide from me !!!
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    Unfortunately this weekend we waived goodbye to the 99 400ex. Ported and polished head, DMC Alien exhaust with dual header, an absolute unit that would run 70 on the top end. Fortunately though the 400ex left in exchange for a fairly cherry 98 Honda 300..the holy grail of reliability in a mud and water toy. Previous owner added the snorkels and it was a decent job. Put some 25" swamp witches on it, now it just needs 1" spacers, 2" bracket lift, couple of pinion seals and a pound or two of dielectric grease. Hate to let the 400ex go as it was a gem, but it's hard to pass on a cherry 300. These things are just so dang reliable and easy to work on.
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    Front and rear are still available from Partzilla. They're a bit pricey, but they'll be new. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/atv/1994/lt-f250t/front-fender-model-m-n-p-r-s-t Good luck with survivor plastic, those things just didn't fare well in the sun. It would be worth a try plastic welding cracks and sanding and buffing. Might not help, but it's a cheap trial. You can also use the heat and shock method to revive the color. Like this guy does with a heat gun, just douse it with cold water when it's still shiny. That'll harden the surface instantly and bring life back to it. Won't look new, but will look better.
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    So, what did you do on tax day ?? Me, I went for a track ride even thou it was foggy and snowy ... Hope you enjoy the winter time video ... ...
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    Thank you @James Mason. I pretty much for the most part will always find the problem and to be honest I'm a little excited that its giving me a hard time. I think for the most part the quads i find are more straight forward repairs and find myself doing more cosmetic/body work. Don't get me wrong i love all that stuff but a real problem for a change is something good and i think keeps us all sharp learning about new problems, especially for the next guy. So we will see! A ton of very good reply's to this topic so a big shout out to our members that commented on this. Keep em coming. Always grateful!
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    I had a 4 wheeler a bit ago that was hard to idle, hard to start, popped at WOT after running a while...always ran great cold. Issue on that one turned out to be trash in the bottom of the gas tank. As you ran and disturbed the gas it would shake up the bits and clog the screen on the petcock. After it sat a bit, the trash would fall off the petcock and it would run fine again until it stopped up again..vicious cycle. cleaned the tank and never had an issue with it again. Might be unrelated to your issue, but something to consider.
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    Thanks @Ajmboy i found it on craigslist. The guy was looking to trade for a motorcycle. He said he did not use it and didn't want it to sit any longer. It starts up but only for about 20 seconds and starts to die off. Its been sitting for a while in a shed. Ive seen marketplace but never use it since i don't really use Facebook. I always get a little crazy after i finish a project like the big bear i just did and start looking for the next project. This one wont need much work so its not really a project but it's something to play with This one popped right up when i looked and the guy got right back to me. Took a lot of back and forth and coordination to lock it down bit it worked out. Im a firm believer in if its meant to be it will be.
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    Wow this has changed a little !! Im still riding every sun and working full time ! I see u have to buy memberships now ? this was from last weekend!
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    Wow! Brand spanking new.
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    You're a good man Frank. Pretty work, you'll make your friend very happy.
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    On mine I had to loosen up the foot pedal adjustment, I guess it needed to move more. I adjusted my rear brakes and that's what caused the problem, after loosening them up it worked again, Also had to be in 1st in order to go into reverse. Seemed to be a problem an each Yamaha I have owned. Just got rid of one and same issues.
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    Thanks, I bought Maxxis big horn 2.0’s (take off from a Yamaha Viking) which I learned after I bought them that they are different then off the rack big horn 2.0’s which is a piss off. Apparently the Yamaha ones are 4 ply rears and 2 ply fronts instead of 6 ply like the off the rack and the take offs are biased and not radials... That doesn’t make sense to me and is a piss off but I guess it is to save Yamaha money and mislead buyers.. atleast I got them for a good price.
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    I'd recommend hooking up the new starter & cranking it over with the spark plug removed. Good Idea to ground the plug while doing so. Keep pumping it until there's no sign of fuel. Very important: don't let the plug spark anywhere near that fuel getting cleared! Not very likely there's damage to the crank/piston, just don't turn it over without the plug out.
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    I like to use http://www.2wheelpros.com/ to look up items. At the top of the page on the right is a button that says OEM PARTS. When you hit that it you will be taken to a page with most all manufactures listed. They have one of the best layouts to look up parts I have found. I often then use https://www.partzilla.com/ since they have a warehouse close to where I live so it's always fast shipping.
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    Couple of quick points: 1. the Odyssey, or FL350R. This was 30 years ahead of it's time. Fast as greased owl crap, reliable, stupid fun. Never took off. Fast forward to the RAZR which was just replicating the FL350R. What would Honda have done with it if it took off in '85? 2. Everything about the ATC. Reliable, good power for small displacement, easy to work on, simple front to back, still running 30 years later. My son's 185s is 36 years old and outran a 400 Big Bear the other day until it ran out of gearing and the Big Bear caught it around 50 mph. I can dig a 110 out of the weeds and as long as it has a little compression, I'll make it run in 2 days for about $20. Can't do that with a Yamaha 225. 3, 1981 250R. What happens if you stick a CR250 2 stroke in a trike? Yeah, a death machine. Then by '85 the 250R had a 6 speed and would do 70 from the factory. Death Machine +2. The 250R gave birth to the trike racing circuit. 4. The ATC 70. Small, quiet and reliable. Just never took off. Gave birth to the entire small displacement chinese quad market. 5. 82 200ES - first Big Red. The BR single handedly created the UTV market as we see it today in the Ranger, Mule, etc. 6. The ENTIRE chinese quad market in front of us today came from expired Honda patents from the 80's. 7. 300 fourtrax. By far the most coveted 4x4 in the market right now, absolutely indestructible. Pick one up a couple of years old, stick massive wheels and tires on it, and you have a mud machine. Kinda like the Polaris or Can Am...but reliable. And cheap. To be fair, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawa, all picked their game up along the way and make good ATV's. I'll leave the Polaris/CanAm discussion for another day. While Polaris gave birth to the automatic, the reliability issues of both still exist today. While great ATV's, I don't consider them any more than specialty machines. FIGHT ME. or debate...whichever is easier.
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    So here’s some updates. After a few months I finally got around to getting this thing into my garage. I was in the middle of giving my garage a little makeover and needed some time to make some room, clean up and throw some old shit away. The bike is in great shape just super dirty and in need of a what I like to equate it as a colonoscopy! Lol. New parts are ordered and on the way. Clutch, chain, plugs, paint and a new bulb for the headlight. I found that the carburetor has 100% been opened up and tampered with. I can’t read the jetting so I’m assuming they are the oem stock jets 🙏🏻 However the air fuel mixture screw was set at 2-3/4 turns out. The specifications call for 1-3/4 so I guess we will have to see after it’s all back together. I’m going to set it at the spec and go from there. The machine has an aftermarket exhaust and I think that’s it for upgrades. I’m not opening the head up to see the cams or anything else because it seems to be in time as far as I can see and compression is good with a smooth turnover and the head bolts as well as all other engine bolts and nuts don’t appear to have any wrenching marks on them so I’m guessing it’s all stock. More to come soon!
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    16.5 volts is too high, that would be the regulator going bad. A quick test is when its not running right to turn on all your headlights, if it runs better, it is voltage related. Should not run more then 14.5 volts , service manual can be found here: https://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/Arctic-Cat-2003-ATV-Service-Manual/ Schematics are here: https://www.mymowerparts.com/pdf/Arctic-Cat-ATV-Repair-and-Service-Manuals/arctic_cat_2000_thru_2009_atv_and_snowmobileSnow_Wiring_Diagrams__NOTE_LARGE_FILE_459mb.pdf A good online place to order parts is here: https://www.countrycat.com// Mike
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    Great research and work! But I have to disagree on the stator. If the bike is running and has good spark I don’t think its breaking down. In my experience the stator is either good or bad. There should definitely be a reading on the ohms setting giving you exact numbers from phase to phase. Why your not getting that is a little baffling. You should buy an in line spark tester and plug it in and watch your spark as you rev the bike to see if there is a loss or brake down in the spark. It’s about a $15 dollar tool that’s a big help. Back to the carburetor: I would definitely drill out that plug covering the fuel air screw and pull it out. Check it out and clean the port well with cleaner and air. Before you remove the screw tighten it to a snug position and count the turns so you know where to set it when you put it back. My guess is it’s around 1-3/4 turns out from a snug spot. The fact that the bike sat, the carburetor was gummed up and that air/fuel screw was never taken out and cleaned leaves a question mark on the carburetor. I would start with the less invasive stuff right now and do some testing first so your not dumping money into it. Narrow down the problem so you don’t question weather it’s a fuel or electrical problem. Fuel tank and valve (petcock) clean and delivering enough fuel, carburetor rebuilt and good to go! No cracks or problems on the boot connecting the carburetor to the engine etc. if all that’s done then I rule out fuel or carburetor problems and move on to possibly an ignition issue. Oem/aftermarket: Carburetors: Chinese carburetors look great but don’t perform well at all. If you have the oem carburetor and it’s not cracked or damaged then it’s a good cleaning and rebuild. But it has to be properly done. One missed port or blockage will cause a lot of throttle issues. Floats set wrong, fuel air screw not right etc. Cdi: oem always. Used from eBay at the very least. Same with regulators Stators: I’ve used aftermarket RM and Caltric. No issues to date.
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    Yeah, that much of a difference would raise a red flag to me as well. I have never heard of this site but doing a quick search about it reveals it is only 2 months old and there have been several posts by others that they were scammed. When in doubt, I always search for site reviews. Mike
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    Can anyone point me to a good set of instructions for changing front diff oil on a 1987 Suzuki LT4WD? I can almost guess which bolts are drain & fill... but I've been wrong before... 😆 I found some partial posts on other forums and they linked out to dead images and whatnot. Any help appreciated. This thing is running pretty good, got the front brakes back to life, electric start works fine, seat cover fixed up, plastics stitched back together... BEFORE (last week): AFTER (today):
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    The place was great. I agree with @06kfx440 it was cold and wet but a blast!!! We hit some deep shit, the mud was crazy and that tunnel was really cool. We barely scratched the surface of the trails and can’t wait to go back when it’s a little warmer. The place has a dealership and a parts place of all brands on the way into the trails. Coincidence? NOT! Money maker and a life saver all in one. My bike acted up the first 5 min of being there. I needed a new plug and thought for sure I had one. Nope! Anyway walked right into the parts place and picked up a few. Professional, courteous and no price gouging. The place it a good time. I hope nobody screws it up! 2CF24C20-E8A2-47FE-8F8E-D097D7931F83.MOV
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    I just did this trick on my 2001 Big Bear 400 and it worked awesome! Left side is after right side is before.
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    Yeti is packed ! Beers are on ice! After a long hard day of riding lol. Nothing like a cold 🍺. Going to get some video and post afterward of the trails and ride. Hoping for some mud! 70 miles of trials and 2000 acres.
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    Loaded and headed to the campsite Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    If it is only staying running with the choke on, the slow speed pilot jet is plugged. Sounds like this so called "professional" didn't clean it thoroughly or correctly. Also if it's dumping that much fuel into the cylinder the float is either sticking or set at the incorrect level.
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    Take your time. Perfection can't be rushed. That's my motto. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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