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    Usually the cheap rebuild kits don't have the axle bearings, however the axle bearings are normally available at parts stores. You probably have everything for the diff but missing stuff like bearing #9 below. I've had great luck measuring the in/out/width on a bearing, hitting google to find a number to cross, and then calling the local parts store. Bearings are only about $8 in a parts store and are pretty easy to find.
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    The special tool turned out to be a lawnmower spark plug wrench. The spark plug has a smaller diameter and went in with a 5/8" socket, no problem.
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    There's no real magical cubes = jet sizing formula. Given that every motor is a bit different with it's own personality you just have to do some trial and error. Seat testing, plug chops. To really tune it just takes a bit of time and testing. Take into account type of exhaust, air filter type, airbox or not, elevation, fuel type, pilot and main jet setting, needle clip position, fuel screw position. I did some google searches and a few people have asked the same on some Yamaha specific forums, so maybe you can find something to get you close.
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    Go to ebay and find a aftermarket fan, i got a be kool fan with more cfm than my old fan, i think i spent like 20.00
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    1987-90 Suzuki LT 500R Quadzilla Service Manual. Full version clear pages
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    Well been lurking for a couple years, figured its time to say hey! Been riding in MN since the early 80's been on just about anything and everything with a motor. If you are from the area hit me up! Currently riding a 2018 Sportsman XP 1000, but thinking of going to a General or possibly a Maverick Trail.
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    I bought a 2018 Rubicon with IRS, DCT, power steering, low range and deluxe package. I thought I would pass on my observations for others thinking of buying. I could have bought a new one for not much more money, but since they quit putting low range in Rubicons I bought a used one. I wanted a foot shift, but couldn't find one with low range so I bought this one. Power steering: This is the first EPS quad I ever rode. I'm an old school keep it simple kind of guy, but I love EPS. When I first rode this thing, I was amazed at the tight turning radius, Then it dawned on me that it only seems tighter because with EPS I make better use of the steering. Yes yes yes. DCT automatic shift. I like it, but I would still rather have foot shift. Not only because of simplicity and reliability, but because with foot shift manual transmissions I know the exact moment it will engage, no surprise lunge. If you ask me, DCT is a waste of money. I think they sell 8 times as many DCT as foot shift because they make 8 times as many, not because of demand. I like to ride one handed, I find I don't get tired as fast. Otherwise I would keep it in ES mode. I like to do my own shifting. Engine. I love the water cooled engine, so much quieter and I expect it to last much longer than an air cooled one. The fuel injection is wonderful and the gas mileage was a pleasant surprise. I don't buy into the "longitudinally mounted" sales talk. Horsepower is not lost by gears and shafts changing direction, it is lost by friction and slippage. This engine is mounted way too high, forcing them to make the seat much higher than it should be. I don't like the resulting high center of gravity. A cylinder at a 45 degree angle under the gas tank instead of the seat is a better design. Power and smoothness is more than adequate. Suspension. I have the shocks all adjusted to the softest setting and wish the springs were a little weaker. Otherwise I like the IRS. Ride quality/rider fatigue: This is the main reason I bought a Rubicon. I'm old. I love my Kingquad 300's but I hurt all over after 50 miles. I had High expectations of the Rubicon. The foam in the seat seems to be of very high quality and absorbs bumps well. There is one major flaw in the design of the Rubicon that impacts the ride quality....they mounted the handlebars much too far away from the seat. About 5 inches too far. I find myself riding with my bottom on the front third of the seat and even then wishing I didn't have to reach so far for the grips. Now I'm 5'11" so about average size rider. A short guy would be riding this thing all hunkered over like a kid on a crotch rocket bike with his neck kinked and peeking thru his eyebrows to see where he's going. That kind of riding has it's place, but not on a utility quad designed and marketed for ride quality. Vertical spine is comfort. I thought about finding different handlebars, but the cables might not fit, or bind when I turn. If I was about 6',6", I probably wouldn't notice. If I find a small frame Rancher with EPS and IRS, I will buy it. If it is as good a ride quality as the Rubicon, I'll sell the Rubicon, otherwise I will keep both.
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    I modified it before even using it. The pump that comes with it uses 4 D batteries, but to turn it off and on is the stupid little red button on the box. Plus the base of the pump won't fit in the jug. So I bought a sprayer pump with the lowest flow rate (1.2 gal/min) and turned down the pressure sensor to a low pressure, then added a ball valve inline to the shower head so when you turn off the water, the pump shuts off. Power for the pump comes from the battery mounted on the Jumping Jack using the 2 pin trailer wires. The tent was designed for a shower bag only so I zip tied a clip to the shower head and just hang it from the hook. Mike
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    Thats great. Just don't mistake the gas jugs in the pic for water! 😂 talk about a hot shower. As always a great set up mike!
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    A camping option, portable shower. Used this for the first time last weekend and it worked well. Mike
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    https://www.minesandmeadows.com/ Check out the link, its a cool place. You can also check out a lot of videos posted on YouTube.
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    Snow Shoe Rails to Trails held their annual chicken BBQ event. Food sold out in one hour! (400 dinners) They had a drive through option for those who were not riding. Weather was warm, but cooled off decently at night. Was good to finally get out camping and riding. Mike
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    @Frank Angerano Glad to see you online and glad you were able to go out and do some riding. One day I'll get out to Lost Trails myself!
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    Welcome back
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    Welcome back.
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    Whats up guys. @Bryson Bailey and @Michael Dominguez Whats going on? Explain w happening and we can help you out.
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    I have a DS 650x available. Garage kept for its entire life and runs well. OMF beadlocked wheels. Located in San Antonio Texas area. I’m motivated to sell and work with shipping options but serious inquiries only interested in a large sport ATV that won’t come around again. Here’s a photo from a few weeks ago. I can send over more photos, videos, or we can have a FaceTime session to take a look remotely. Let me know. David
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    @Rich1028 great videos and mods to both!
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    Thanks....I do not know why...but here are videos of the two machines
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    The next thing would be to check for spark.
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    An an exhaust leak is exactly what is was! Thanks for your help, and to all of the other generous people who helped me out!!
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    You can see in the pic the lower cable is slightly pulled. I'd loosen both off and make sure the brake arm moves freely. If it moves freely, then look at the cable. I'm assuming the lower one is a hard line that goes to the foot brake? Is it slightly depressed? Maybe some lube and everything that moves and it'll come back to life. either that or the rear shoes are so worn that the cam is stuck between the shoes.
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    Thats my Covid beard aha
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    the pic no longer comes up 😒
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    You should start by removing the cable and see if it's seized - that's the most likely culprit.
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    Version 1.0.0


    1987-2006 Suzuki LT80 Service Manual
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    I almost did the same thing, have a monster gear reduction drill and was drilling a 3/4 hole for the hitch, well the bit grabbed, slammed my fist into the sharp side of the exhaust pipe and almost dislocated my shoulder. ended up with a bloody hand and a real sore shoulder. Gotta watch those heavy drills
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