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    The "first" for anything always seems to hold some meaning. I still remember buying my first quad. Had it for 10 years and put a pile of miles on it. Sold it and it was reborn as a different machine now. Even other "firsts" for my other hobbies I still remember. Mike
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    I have 2. A polaris xplorer 400 4x4. And a kfx 400 2wd. My buddy has a bombardier 500 and his son has a trail blazer 300. My son rides a 90 and my other kid has a kx80. We get out when we can. But come along. I know I’ll be better prepared this time. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks like a nice riding area. dont have any mountain roads near me, but i'd love to have a set of tracks to play with on the bays when the ice gets here. thanks for the video
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    St Helen, I75 Exit 222 has some awesome trails. i try to go there when i can!
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    just a quick thought about the problem you're having. My grandpas sportsman 500 would run like crap and die when trying to hit the throttle, and his problem was a leaking air box lid.. half the screws were missing or broken ears and it was getting too much air. not saying its your problem, just thinking it might be something super easy to check out.
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    Welcome to Quadcrazy! My guess is third gear is probably shot. Unless the shifter is blocked by something I would assume it’s an internal problem. This would only be corrected by pulling the engine and splitting it open. As far as any mods/new engines I would probably stay with my existing engine and just repair it. If this type of repair is beyond your capabilities then send the engine out to be repaired.
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    That's exactly what it was,bad stator right out the box,they sent me another package and it worked fine
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    I dont like doing upholstery work.. but cant afford for someone else to do it for me so here's my go at it... picked up the staple gun at harbor freight 1/4" long staples... ordered the cover off of ebay.. the guys said to get this material as it is more forgiving... it's like a tweed nylon stuff... and not the fake leather stuff... here are the before... I did trim the old one so it wasn't rippling under the new one..but held the foam on the seat back..in pics is what was left of old one after I trimmed it... Not to bad
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    Has it sat for a while or did it just start happening all of a sudden? When was the last time it ran fine? Did you do anything, tune up, part changes?
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    Wow that sounds scary, by the topic it sounded like YOU got impaled!!! The lever/shifter prob just got bent. It should run fine with it bent. Juts make sure there is nothing blocking the shifter so it goes completely into the gear you want. That is the hand shifter on the left side by the fender correct ? When your ready to repair it then remove it from the machine and heat it up and bend it back to where it was. If your not sure what it looked like before it was bent then look the part up and it will give you an idea of what it looked like. You can also buy another shifter just to be safe.
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    Nice work @Spartacus Stroppel I started doing this a few years back and have had great success. I order my own material from amazon now and make all kinds of seat covers. They sell material by the yard for $8 and $10 bucks so I get at least two seat covers out of one piece of fabric. I do a lot of molding work for houses and use my compressor for my nail gun so I went and bought an air staple gun, it makes life a lot easier.
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    Holy crap @Ajmboy which one was it, Alvin, Simon or Theodore? 😂 You had the footrest laying around ? That’s great. My bear tracker had a mess as well. Just not sure what type of rodent did it. Why do they always go for the battery or the air box compartments???
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    This is crazy fast @Asen_77
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    Didn't try shifting without coming off the throttle. Planing to download app and to detect time with it, but didn't find proper one before that runs. I will test more and will try next time with it
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    Dorman makes a universal drain plug for auto applications you can get at napa, carquest, or advance auto parts. Amazon has them as well. Might work for you on this.
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    True story mike! Seems like a long time but it’s only been 3 plus years or so. Come a long way since this bike. I have vendors, search documents that make life easier for my electrical work and parts guys all over now. Even some cool paint, vinyl graphics and hydro dipping equipment to play with.
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    This week try to see what will be the time for 0-60 Mph
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    Thank you @Ajmboy I appreciate that ! Just rebuilt the carb she fired right up! Going to wash it down and pressure wash the engine and check all fluids. Thanks again brother.
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    @Frank Angerano great topic! Glad you found quadcrazy, you have helped so many people here. Every day I look you are answering and helping people. You are the best bro! quad looks great!!!
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    Yes big thing ! Especially on state land, hikers are constantly out there and rightfully so. Problem is hunters hear the leaves crackling like a potato chip factory and they take aim in that direction. Scary stuff, even avid atv riders are out there riding and have no clue it’s hunting. So state land riders should be made aware.
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    @Frank Angerano I forgot about hunting season, I’ll need to make sure not to disrupt any hunters when I go out!
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    This is a good topic and something I need to get ASAP. FYI for our NY members Gander mountain in Kingston is closing. Take a look at the sales in the pic attached.
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    Catskills NY, I ride mainly my rancher 420. Honda of course !! I have a few other machines to ride as well since I buy, fix and sell atv’s but my personal machine is my rancher. My son has a 350 rancher as well. First pics are up in the Catskills. That’s me, my son and my buddy @06kfx440 (far right) and his pal out at lost trails PA. Catskills NY, I ride mainly my rancher 420. Honda of course !! I have a few other machines to ride as well since I buy, fix and sell atv’s but my personal machine is my rancher. My son has a 350 rancher as well. First pics are up in the Catskills. That’s me, my son and my buddy @06kfx440 (far right) and his pal out at lost trails PA.
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    This is an easy fix, the Rally 200 has a chain drive reverse. The chain is a 35HD you can get off Amazon cheap...the factory is over $60 and discontinued. You need the chain a break and rivet tool for chains also. Total price is under $50 to fix. Base off your year the rear brake is on the transmission 🤮. It a metric 5 or 6 Allen key and 10mm and 13mm and the case comes apart fairly easy. Take it apart carefully so you don't lose parts. Measure and assemble the new chain and install in reverse order. I did my wife's when it failed the second time on the trail (used a standard 35h chain) in about 45 mins. I would not recommend driving with the chain still in the case. If it gets bumped just right it's game over and tears a hole in the case....mine was scarred pretty bad but wasn't through.
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    I would like to hear who uses what to clean there ATV’S. I’ve always been a fan of simple green and it’s always worked well but with this new property and the crazy black mud and clay that’s there I have to say the simple green is not cutting it. So from cleaning right after a ride to cleaning them when you find one in a barn I would like to hear what everyone does and what your recommendations. I’m looking to try something new.
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    Good stuff @Rich1028! That map at the end looks like a treasure map with that hand written cross 👍🏻 Maybe time for a bigger trailer or do an over under with some welding.
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    Patience is not my strong point ! Lol, Veterans Day is coming ! Maybe a sale ?
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    Yes sir. Harness is about 50.00, that's what my deductible is. I would fix it but it will cost the same and I want th ore vibration issue looked at also. Only 800 trail miles on the machine. 4 trail riding trips. not fond of mudding, thorough cleaning after every ride. No built up mud in/on rims. I get harrased about my clean equipment by the guys I ride with all the time.
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    Can’t see the video. I did a quick search on that problem and the remedy seems to be a replacement plug/harness. Looks like the injector plug and about 10 inches of wire that comes with a splice kit. Sound right to you?
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    We have a cabin in Dunbar, trails were awesome Saturday, weather in the 60s. Did around 150 miles. Rain all day Sunday, some on Monday. They do a great job on the trails with all the water the have had.
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    Sorry if we hijacked your thread Rich! The Honda's are definitely cool - my favourited brand too. Just thought I'd mention that I too have a daughter in Kelowna Dave! My son lives in the states now, Portland, Oregon which is a pretty cool spot and has some great riding areas. We're pretty spoiled here in the Cariboo, I live on 15 acres that backs onto Crown (public) land that goes forever it seems. Hardly any neighbours or fences, plenty of lakes & clean air plus it's only 2 hours to a city like Kamloops or 4 hr. to the coast where Dave lives. My place is at around 4000' elevation so winter comes early and stays late most years, sledding is very popular too. If anyone is curious, let me know and I can give you a tour of this great area!
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    Happy Birthday to your wife .. She sounds like a keeper !
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    Hahahaha that’s great. 👍🏻
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    Ah it's now night here in New Zealand but morning isint to far away.
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    Age is all mind over matter! If you don’t mind it don’t matter!!!!! Lol. But to be honest I feel the same way. All my friends have 600’s,700’s and 800’s etc, I love my 420 as it’s plenty fast. One thing I’m really interested in though is independent suspension. I am seriously thinking about a newer machine with independent suspension but that’s maybe next year. Need to flip a few more bikes since I like the fact that all the newer bikes I have are all purchased with money from buying, fixing and selling older atv’s. But anyway not to get off topic I like both of the machines you have and you take good care of your older one and I’m sure you’ll do the same with the newer one. Keep up the good work and ride safe guys. Keep the pics and the outings/rides coming.
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    Well done. The bikes as much apart in the years yet still look close in style.
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    The only reason I could see the idle changing while your shaking the bike is fuel swishing around inside the bowl of the carburetor and somehow making its way up and into the intake portion of the carburetor. Something along the lines maybe a loose jet of some sort inside the bowl. Secondly would be the main jet needle where it locks into the slide in the carburetor is missing the clip or installed wrong and loose.
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    @Frank Angerano very nice, you always find good deals. I like the camo wrap. My trailer needs a little tlc... I believe that's the width. check out https://www.etrailer.com/faq-trailer-tire-sizing-tables.aspx If you can fit it move up to 13", you can get cheap rims and tires as a combo.
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    Only place I have seen anything about them was on some of the atv swap shop facebook pages
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    Yes sir it is getting colder! Walked out this am and made a u turn to grab a jacket! Dark mornings and dark afternoons as well. I told my kid to get ready for bed last night or what I thought was last night because it was dark! My oldest said dad it’s only 7:15. I felt like it was 9pm!!!
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    Mikuni is actually a Japanese company. China can produce some junk parts , but unfortunately so can Canada and the US. China is also capable of producing some very high quality products , and if you look closely you'll find an uncomfortably large number of "American" or "Canadian" products containing some Chinese made parts in their makeup. Dismissing any countries products as junk out of hand is foolishness in the extreme. As far as carburettors are concerned, unless it is corroded badly, very few actually need to be replaced.. They all can be cleaned but attention to detail is needed to get every passage and port / jet cleaned and unplugged . .Too often tiny holes in jet tubes and carb throats are missed. The only carbs I've ever seen that needed replaced were some on such things as weed eaters where the carb is plastic with some jets and parts non serviceable and plugged from being unused too long with old gas in them .
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    Yep a good carb. So go through the carb and the manual and set it where it needs to be. Then double check the choke as well and see that it’s properly seated.
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    had some friends invite me to a weekend event at an ATV park and got hooked immediately.
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    I got an old Kawasaki Mojave 250 for Christmas when I was 14 or 15. A couple years later, my Dad bought a Polaris Scrambler 400 and I took it over. From there, I've pretty much been a Polaris guy with another Scrambler, a couple Sportsmans, a RZR4. I'm 36 now with a family of my own I've got another couple Sportsmans and a Trailblazer and an oddball Yamaha Grizzly 660.
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    If at first you don't succeed , don't try skydiving.
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    Yike, I was chain harrowing my food plot with my 2018 Textron Alterra 500 ATV when a tree limb snaked between my left drive shaft and the steering arm passed through the machine and extended out the back about 6 feet before I could stop. The large end snaped and burried itself in the ground. I carry emergence tools and used a hand chain saw to cut it in several pieces and removed the pole. The grease seals are shreeded, which looked like the only damage, however, when I started the machine the shift lever had been bent or moved. nutural is now reverse, forward is nutral and low is high forward. All that to ask, can I just pull the lever back or how to fix. Its hunting season so I do not want down time until Jamuary. If this is a big job can I run without damaging the transmission. I will fassion a temp boot seal. So what do I do Jim
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