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    I just wanted to post a couple of pics of my street legal ZX14 powered 4 wheel steering, 6 wheel drive project, to see what people think.
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    May the 4th be with you . Happy Independence Day . Have a very Happy, Fun and Safe one . May the 4th be with you . Happy Independence Day . Have a very Happy, Fun and Safe one .
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    If you need Honda, Kaw, Suzuki, Yamaha, Arctic cat, Polaris, try https://www.babbittsonline.com/
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    Went on a great ride on Sunday from the M-33 trail head to the Lupton trailhead in the Huron National Forest. More videos from the ride to be uploaded to the channel soon.
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    Hi All, Want to show you one automotive show that I filmed in my town called Crazy Race. This was two day race in Qualifications round, Semifinals and Final. In this 4 parts I am showing best moments from all rounds and entertainment of the show. Crazy Race Part 2 contains a qualifying round where all riders race against each other, selected by lot and split by two. They are free to drive in any direction and to hit their opponent's car everywhere except at the driver's door. Anyone who intentionally hit the other car in the driver's door is disqualified. Winner of each race continue in the semifinal round. In this part I will present the best moments of the qualifying round! Part 3 shows you the best moments from Day 2 - Semifinals and Final. Battles in the semifinals are among the winners of the first day races, but this time they are selected by lot and divided into 4 battles of 4-5 cars each. The rules in each battle are that they only have to drive in one direction and try to neutralize other opponents until there are only two players left. Then the battle between the two last drivers has the rule to drive in any direction until only one who has qualified for the final round is left. Again, anyone who intentionally hit the other car in the driver's door is disqualified. For the final round there were only two cars left, because the other two players who got the right to be there had problems with their car and could not participate. Part 4 containing entertainments between battles and winners rewarding. This event will have second round in 05-06 October 2019 and also will be filmed For this new round I will filmed in many new angels and places. Will prepare a lot more videos and many new entertainments . This 4 videos was my first try so many things to wish for better filming in the future one. Hope you will like them and of course feel free to comment and to ask everything. Hope you will Subscribe to my channel and to be first to see my other content and of course new round of Crazy Race! Thanks!
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    Every one of the rider has his freedom to prepare car as good as he can and to paint it whatever he likes. The only one important thing is to be last stand on the field :). There were many different type of cars European and Russian. Legends like Volga ( yellow one ) and Moskvich 412 Model ( orange one ). Winner of the event was the purple BMW 5-th Series ride on the final against Orange Moskvich 412.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this, its a testament to the value of our members here and our ATV community!
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    Have you tried to pull the spark plug out, turn the key on and test for spark by pulling the starter cord? There is or should be a compression relief lever on the right side of the top of the cylinder head. Have you checked the kill switch? If all of that checks out there is a neutral safety switch you would locate and test with a piece of wire. On the left side of the engine where the shifter is, on the top of the motor casing cover in that area you should see two wires coming out of the engine. One is red and one is a light green. Unplug the green wire and put a jumper wire from that green on the harness side to the black (negative) terminal on the battery or any good ground point on the frame. Turn your key on and see what happens.
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    Thank you for the welcome! Both bikes are on the rough side, the 4x4 had been sat outside for a very long time, lots of surface rust and flaking powder coat, dry rotted tyres etc but it really hasn't been hacked about. I cleaned and rebuilt the carb, went through all electrical connections and cleaned them, put a new fuel petcock on the tank, new oil and filter, new spark plug chucked a battery on it and it fired right up. I need to go through the brakes next. I haven't spent much time on the 4x2 as I have only had it a couple of days. It is missing a few key parts like the fuel tank, gear selection pedal, cam cover etc. I will try and post some pics in the next few days. Thanks again!
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    Those should be a 10 millimeter bolt by about a half inch in length.
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    Welcome to Quadcrazy! Those are some nice bikes you picked up. What kind of shape are they in ? Post some pics, and any help or questions please ask away. You will love and enjoy this forum. We have a lot of knowledgeable members here.
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    Another old link, found on their website and corrected. Thanks!
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    It is an old link and utvguide must have made new links and failed to put redirects. I just updated the link so it should work.
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    Those are pretty cool trophies made from chains, clutches and brake shoes/pads. I saw some interesting cars and some interesting names on the cars. Someone has an RZR or something there, nice!
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    Try this. Leave the key on and pull the relay. See if the relay clicks when you pull it. If so then the relay is working. Or just touch the relay and see if it clicks when you turn the key on. What I would do next is trace the wire that feeds the lights and disconnect it. See if that changes anything. Does that bike have a digital screen on it ? Any codes ?
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    Bought for cheap a few years ago and had it restored
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    2014 Honda trx 450er . Lots of west Virginia rides.
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    Hey Gary, I was looking through your wiring diagram and highlighted a few things. Please verify that I’m looking at the right diagram please. As a side note have you tested your stator coil to see that it’s not dead shorted. Reason I’m asking is based on your wiring diagram it looks as the stator goes directly to the regulator/rectifier. So I would unplug the stator and do a quick test from each phase to ground and see if you get any sort of continuity on the tester. You shouldn’t get any reading from any of them yellow wires to ground. If so there a problem within the stator. You can also unplug the stator and try the regulator again and see if it blows a fuse. Then if that checks out ok I would disconnect the battery and put one lead of the tester to the ground and start touching various parts of the red (hot wire) that comes from the fuse block going to the regulator as well as other areas that carry a 12v hot lead looking for a short. So make sure your tester is on continuity/ohms setting. I like to use a tester that beeps when there is continuity. Also test the starter wire, starter relay and the line going back to the battery to ground for continuity. This way you eliminated everything that could be a short leaving only a fault in the cdi. lastly the third pic I circled the on off switch in blue it appears the wire is listed as “P” so maybe (purple?) it comes from the on/off switch and if it’s disconnected it appears it will isolate the cdi unit from the rest of the system. So try to find that wire around the kill switch and unplug it. Install the new rectifier and see if the fuse pops. Im in and out of WiFi so if I don’t get back right away I’m out of range. Let me know. good luck
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    What’s up Eric and welcome to Quadcrazy! There’s always people looking for other people to ride in the areas you live In and many other areas as well. Check out some of the local clubs. Click on the top right side of the page drop down menu. Go to the clubs and click. Have a look. I think there is an NC club. Aside from that good luck with the new bike and be sure to post some pictures. Ride safe!
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    Welcome to Quadcrazy @Monika Novakov I’m not sure what you mean by the generator/starter ? Do you mean the left side engine cover? The starter should be removable with a little bit of wiggling without taking that cover off. You can remove the left side engine cover to see what’s going on with the bendix/one way clutch depending on the year/model and see how it’s all operating and if anything is wrong. If the cover is sticking maybe a little tap with a rubber mallet will help. Here’s a YouTube video of a 250. Should be pretty much the same.
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    btw heres a YouTube vid of the vid behind that.. amateur at wheelies- your seeing my first tries..
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    Nice job on the bayou. I had a bayou 220 years ago, bought it new at the time. Took it riding a lot and held up everywhere. Here's an old pick of me on it about 15 or 16 years ago...I never had a winch by my buddy bought his at the same time and put one one. It was convenient for when we got stuck!
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    UPDATE: Wow it's been forever and a day since I last was on here. lol Anyway, too may things kept pushing the Bayou back on hold but I finally got it going after a little more carb work and replacing the fuel selector switch and fuel lines. Took it out on a day ride with a friend (in case it broke down) and did great! Don't know about fuel mileage, but was out for around 6 hrs of almost non-stop trail riding and used almost half a tank. Had it out again for 4th of July on a camping trip and still ran good. It did have 1 incident when I opened it up on a gravel road; was clipping along in 5th gear and it started sputtering like it was running out of fuel. Lasted about 15 seconds and then cleared up. Other than that (and that it needs tires and shocks) it performs great. Am looking at doing a 22 mile OHV trail up in the mountains soon as soon but not sure when yet. Oh, and am waiting for my winch kit to show up. May be a little over kill for a 220, but if/when I upgrade, I'll transfer the winch to the new one. For now, this little 220 is working great for everything I need.. the real test comes in Oct when hunting season starts hahaha
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    He is a good dealer and very trustworthy, don't know if he messed with the carb, but the machine ran real good after the rebuild. Ran it 2,000 more miles to make 16,000 on it and then sold it for parts. I beat the snot out of that machine, rolled it twice, several collisions, frame was broken in two spots, so it could not be traded in with a welded frame. That 2007 Arctic Cat was known for wiring harness issues, I had several problems with it until I wrapped it in spiral wrap to keep it from rubbing. Some people on Facebook bust me about the maintenance I do on the machine, I take photos so I have a record of what was done to them and when, but as I pointed out to them, we RIDE these machines, not let them sit in the shed, so I keep up on them and we have very few breakdowns. Plus sometimes on the Arctic Cat fourm I can use a picture I took to explain to someone how to fix something. Even that older black 366 I keep up on it even though its not used that much since its a spare machine. I wasn't worth selling it. Plus she had something to ride this weekend while her machine is in the shop. I had just put in about $1400 worth of parts on that machine, then I got the offer to sell my 2007 machine for $2000 (the beat up one) so I couldn't turn that down (he wanted it for parts, mainly the motor. So I pulled the trigger and bought her a new 2017 Alterra for $4500 and kept the 366 as the backup machine. That was the year Textron bought Arctic Cat, so I figured if I bought her a new machine now, I can sit back for a few years and see what happens to Arctic Cat before I have to go buy another machine. Glad I did, this year they went back to the Arctic Cat name, but there are no new machines out there right now, don't know what they are doing, even the dealer is baffled by this. my 2012 450 is in good shape (I bought it in 2014 brand new) so I don't have to buy for a few more years. Mike
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    Actually have a long weekend off, usually we work the holidays but the plant shut down to install a new switchgear so lucky me! Took a ride on an old railroad grade that is now a recreational trail and legal to ride. There are a few places to stop and get something to eat. Michelle is driving her old quad, a 2010 366 which I kept as a backup machine. Her Alterra developed a hard starting problem at Snow Shoe, so it will be off to the dealer to adjust the valves. Was good to give this machine a nice long cruise run as it doesn't see many miles anymore.
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    I want to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. If your out there riding, camping, blasting off fireworks or doing whatever just be safe! Post some pics of what you did and have fun.
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    Sounds like a great time @Ajmboy it seemed like a very busy year for fireworks. My town literally looked like it had a heavy fog condition that’s how much smoke there was in the air. We had stuff going off everywhere! Bbq for sure and plenty of bud light and Coronas for mamma and some good company. We are heading out Monday AM to the tropics for a while. Def post some pics when we get back. Well deserved vaca!
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    I agree. My kid knows no helmet no riding the atv. if I catch her braking any of the rules we discussed with her before buying her atv she knows she will loose the atv and never het it back and this is non negotiable.
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    You mentioned it will start if pulled or if you bypass the starter circuit and jump from the battery to the starter.. That makes me suspicious of the neutral safety switch, or a relay connected to the starting circuit. First , do you have power through the key switch when you have it turned to start ? check that you have continuity through the neutral safety switch, and then through the starter relay. I'm sure you'll find the fault somewhere in that circuit. The no lights might be related or another problem to trace down after you get the start sorted out .
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    That’s great, I think we all have that one neighbor who likes to blow shit up and play with . I will be on the bbq and having a few as I get ready for my trip. I am heading out Monday for a few weeks to the I will be off the grid for a while and away from any technology. looking foreword to it. Catch up when I get back I’m sure.
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    So im back at it again. Another headache but different manufacturer. I picked up an 81 ATC 110 for almost nothing. It is nothing to look at but they seem to collect them out this way so I figured I could always get my money back no matter what the condition. The motor wasn't locked up and it had spark. Had not run in years (always the case) I pulled off the carb and cleaned it out the best I could, lots of corrosion. Years of water etc. after pulling it forever got it to fire but would barely idle and super rich off idle. Black smoke fouling out plug immediately. Ordered a (yes you guessed it a Chinese carb as only available) and still super rich, same no change. Choke is open. I lowered the metering rod as low as the adjustment goes. Turned in the a/f screw and bottomed it out still rich. Not flooding, float level good and nothing restricting air flow, air box is not there just open carb. I ended up checking compression and only had about 75psi I checked the valves and the exhaust valve was too tight. Loosened it up and got 110 PSI Now starts easier but still super rich. Black smoke when you rev it up if it revs up cant find any other way to lean it out. Have another carb on the way but not very confident it will fix it. Any weird things to look for? Checked cam timing its good. It has elect. ignition and even tried to advance the ign. timing just to see what would do. So what do the ATC Masters have to say? Pics to follow. Az
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    if you have trouble greasing yamaha swing arms . i tried all kinds of couplers even the spacial locking ones. what works is alemite 308730 coupler. only paid $8.50 at traction for it.
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    I agree with you Jacob. As soon as I’m able to get the last stripped screw out of fuel bowl of oem carb I plan to go through it and rebuild it. I mainly got the aftermarket one for the throttle cable cover and the throttle adjuster (they were missing from oem one when I bought it). No way would I toss the oem carb.
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    That’s a great video. Amperage like that and continuous cranking burns up wires. Good stuff. Short and sweet!
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    i was thinking YZ as was a yamaha fan back when |I was young loved the IT as rode in mountains mostly yz were for tracks more as had to keep them in power band the it you could jump over logs what ever hit it away you went.So much fun back in the 80 I ud=se to buy and sell to keep my kids in gas and smaller bikes.My youngest was 18 months old when he got his 1st little 60 had them 70 trikes but some asshole stole them from inside our yard.I still cannot believe that give your kid a hot trike some bad dad for sure I hate thieves.Keep up your great posts bro enjoyed by many!!!
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    What area of the bike did you find them ? There are breather hoses that do not go anywhere and just hang under the bike or go to the air box. Did you recently change the oil and maybe put too much in ? You will get oil out of these lines if that happens.
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    Well, thank you very much for the great welcome to both. I will definitely get back to ask questions as I progress in the overhaul. I promise to post pictures of the final result too! thanks again federico
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    7/12’s is money ! Make it while you can! I’ve taken a look and there are parts out there. Even on eBay, depending on the parts you need. Make a list and post it on the forum and I’m sure myself and a few other members will know where to look and point you in the right direction and help out.
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    New here so I figured id swing in here and say hey... I am quad crazy for sure! My current count is at ten it fluctuates often as old project's get finished traded or sold! I build quads for whoever wants to go fast, but the fun begins when fast isnt enough! I specialize in streetbike quads and built minibikes but I am constantly looking for new stuff! I normally have honda in stock for the factory riders but when we want custom I look for good rollers and put 600cc+ streetbike motors in em! Currently I have 06 polaris predator with a gsxr 600 in it and an 06 yfz450 with an sv650 in it... both are down for upgrades or rebuild. Sv650 about to be rebuilt and gxxrquad got a new exhaust valve job and sprocket set! Hopefully by memorial day 2019 one if not both will be back up! Im looking for hosting sites for pics but am thinking about starting a youtube for people to follow along as I work and build! Anyways if I can be of any assistance please send a message and I will do what I can! I may not know it all but if I can help I will do my best! Happy riding and if you see a blue or black blurr coming your way its probably me on the shop bike Gxxrquad Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
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    Greetings, I am looking for the following 2 manuals, 2000-2005 Yamaha BigBear 400 1998 Yamaha 600 Grizzly Thanks, Todd
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    Could be very possibe that there are a lot of things out there that we don't know about. That's why we have quads, to go find these things.
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