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    Aside from having my own small company, i manage construction projects on high rise buildings for Tishman/Aecom. All union work and it allows me to have benefits etc. The structural steel end is what I manage so i get to go up pretty high. I am a NYC sandhog and always preferred tunnel work since i truly love it. But after this last big tunnel job ended two years ago there has been no work. So I transferred my union book to the trades above ground for a change. its been nice and it allows me to also run my small business.
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    Hopefully everyone is doing well through this craziness??? Im still working even with the 100% shut down we are exempt until we have a confirmed case on site. This weekend my offices and the entire site is being sanitized and wiped down etc by a specialized company. The city looks like a Sunday every day thats how quiet it is. Erie is a better way to put it. Here is a pic of the city i took yesterday mid day, Park Avenue. I'm sure we are all getting a ton of stuff done around the house, honey do lists? My wife is actually a hot mess with all this going on and completely on edge thinking about her father, me or the kids and if anyone of us gets it! Then add the home schooling and logging into the schools for the days work etc. 🤯 She worries to much this woman. Her father i agree as he's much older and has underlying health issues but we are all healthy and i feel we would be fine if it hit us. I wonder how long Netflix will be able to keep up with the volume of users before it crashes lol and how many babies will come out of this, social media shows we will call them "coronials" 😬 Anyway just wanted to see how and what everyone is doing?? Stay safe people.
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    im on a buying spree but not for tp.. i dont use any of that crap anyway.. theres some hecka good deals on some atvs and trucks about now.. gonna go get me some new toys and hit the dirt🤑 as to my opinion of covid19- i wonder why all the doctors and health folks arnt going nuts? hmm...maybe because theres nothing to go nuts about? covid isnt anywhere NEAR as serious as the flu and is only one strain of the corona virus. just because its new dont mean its deadly. studies show (you wont hear this from the media) that covid19 is only fetal to those who have preexisting health issues (just like any other virus or common cold) and has only taken about 3-5% percent of its victims world-wide. i say if trump announced a national state of emergency through election season and hence he would be pres for the next 4 years.. the media would drop the whole covid crap overnight.. anything to get him out.. as to blaming trump, what more could he or anyone have done? you cant treat viruses with antibiotics, and all doctors can or will advise to folks is to stay home and catch some snooze. to those who are in worse health to begin with, they are treating it like it is- another strain of the flu.
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    Think I got it Frank! Used my lawnmower battery and it started right up. I think I'm gonna get a new relay because its hit or miss with it it seems. Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate it!
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    Thank for sharing, its good to hear from someone not in North America on how its going and how their country is handling it. I think a full lock down is the only way to stop spread and its crucial for countries that share borders, to not have a scenario like what is going on in Italy. In the US, some states are larger that some countries and should follow something similar in my opinion. Trump wanted to do this with the New York City metro area but was confronted with opposition, so instead we got a travel advisory last night: CDC Issues Domestic Travel Advisory for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Due to extensive community transmission of COVID -19 in the area, CDC urges residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to refrain from non-essential domestic travel for 14 days effective immediately. New York City is a "hot spot", neighboring state Rhode Island is even knocking on doors to see if anyone is from NY and "hiding out"... Rhode Island begins door to door checks for New Yorkers fleeing coronavirus
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    No i was thinking more along the lines of seeing if any small pieces of gears ⚙️ Come out or any burnt smell etc.
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    It could be the belt, i would drop the oil first and see what the color, smell and if any metal pieces are in there. Then check the belt and see what it looks like.
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    The drone I have would be considered a good beginner drone. You can buy the complete kit for under $500. This would include the drone, extra batteries, extra propellers, and the sky controller, and a padded backpack. You can use the drone with your phone only, but the range will be more limited. I also found a refurbished one on ebay for $235, it did not include the controller, but did include one charger and battery plus a spare set of propellers. I bought it as a spare. The only add-on I am considering is the FPV goggles, sometimes its hard to see the video feed in bright sunlight, this is why during the video I took, I made some weird turns and stopped at times to look at what the drone was seeing. There are of course cheaper drones out there then this one, but this drone has the essential features. Mainly since it has an onboard GPS it has the ability to "return to home" automatically if it loses signal with the controller. Cheaper drones don't have this feature, and that is why a lot of people lose them. If you do crash the drone, the controller will know the last known position of the drone, the drone will also continue to transmit the video feed and emit a beeping sound. This drone has all I need, I mainly bought it to explore abandoned railroads and to get photos and videos of areas I cannot physically get to, or to take aerial shots of things, such as these gravity slope buildings. The GPS data is recorded during the flight (as shown with the overlay) and when you take pictures, the GPS data is embedded in the picture. These photos are taken across the river from where I was, I was following an old railroad grade. The field in the third picture used to be mining operation that was reclaimed.
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    I have a Parrot Bebop 2. Picked it up a few months ago. Its considered older now that they came out with the newer models but that means I got this one at a discount. It has all the features I need. I used a free program to overlay the flight data from the drone. You must mean "milepoint" that I noted in the video. This railroad line was originally a Delaware & Hudson line and connected to Albany when it was known as the "Penn Division" Where I was standing it would be 183.5 miles to Albany. Railroads use the mile posts to note everything on their right of way. Back in the 1980's the line was abandoned from Carbondale to Ninevah, NY (its connection) so it is now known as the "Carbondale Line" its end of line. So nowadays the actual milepoint where I was standing would be 12.5 Since the train was returning from Carbondale, the cars would be empty, they would have had sand in them used for fraking natural gas in our area. Part of the video you can see a track coming off the line (a switch) that spur services our place, we manufacture plastic sheet, those cars would be filled with plastic pellets. I cut that part out from the video, but after the train left, I turned the drone and flew towards our plant. You can see the cars parked on the track and the stair step pipe you see blows the plastic pellets from the cars uphill to our facility to fill the silos. I meant to get closer but the battery was running low so I brought it back. Mike
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    I am still working, but they are talking about a shut down next week. Last week took the drone out to do some flying.
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    Im sure we will all be ok bit if a mistake were made it should be made on the safe side!
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    WOW what a frickin mess this coronavirus thing is causing !! People are going nuts over this !! Our famil;y isnt worried about this !! We arent changing our daily routine in the least !! NOT out power shopping either !! Im 64 yrs old Ive survived all the other flu that have come down over the years . Ive survived 40 yrs of marriage Booze, some drugs in the 70s and a hand full of crazy ass girlfriends 50 yrs of riding and lived to tell about it 😁 Think ill go for a ride Mon !!
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    There are shut downs of schools, universities and sporting events as well as many businesses in Canada and elsewhere. Borders are being closed; cruises, guided tours and ski resorts are being cancelled. Yes , it is a pandemic requiring extraordinary measures to try to bring under control, even though generally the young and healthy have little to fear of it since it mainly is a threat to the elderly and those who have other underlying health problems. I sure don't want to be one to catch and pass on the virus to someone else and I sure don't want anyone passing it on to me . Yup the virus is related to the common cold and for many it has no more consequences than a cold , but its death rate percentages far exceed the common cold or even those of the most prevalent flues.
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    When locals mentioned they were looking at a Bidet accessory for their toilet I offered to lend my pressure washer to those who couldn't find toilet paper in the stores here.
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    Ok so new flywheel is in and she fired right up. Huge difference, i can get to just about 80% throttle without any backfiring. The carburetor is still in need of tweaking but i think the problem is solved. Unreal that something like this can happen. What baffles me the most is the magnets on the old flywheel are solidly in place but yet they are incorrectly placed??? I tried to pry them off the flywheel with no luck. So strange! Going to get after the carburetor tomorrow and take it for a spin before i put it all back together. Keep ya posted.....
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    Indeed and I've a wood stove to install. Yahoo!!!! We are starting to get an occasional warm day. I'm ready to get 4wheeling, cant convince the lawnmower to get the job done. Its stuck in a little bit of snow. Jeez
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    Agreed, It probably got wet and that is why its not working. CDI's or any other electrical part does not need a flow of power to keep it good, pure bunk. I don't know about other model ATV's but Arctic Cat usually encases the CDI in epoxy so its impossible to repair them, too bad, because most of the parts inside would be cheap to replace such as diodes and capacitors. Once a CDI box gets to about 20 years old, it is common for the capacitors inside to fail, then you have no spark. Electrolytic capacitors typically only have a life of about 20 years before the plates break down inside (kinda like a battery) Mike
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    If it were to arrive at my shop with the listed statements I would go as follows: Check Compression/Leakdown - Not that I think the complaint leads me to believe that there is a mechanical issue, it's just good practice. Something so simple is tight valves can cause all sorts of fun when diagnosing running issues. If you haven't checked those valves lately it wouldn't hurt, it is a normal maintenance item. Verify spark - Typically this Japanese stuff is pretty good about a healthy spark. Most of the time it works or it doesn't. That's not saying crazier things don't happen, but generally it's good if it sparks. Passing those early checks, your description really seems to sway my opinion towards a fuel system issue. I'd have probably asked you a few more questions on write-up, mainly trying to dig for information about what way it was running poorly when it was running, but a unit that doesn't start at all is telling in itself. The air cleaner should be clean, oiled, and well sealed to the box. The airboot (between the carburetor and airbox) should be free of cracks and fully installed on the carburetor and airbox. Your issue probably isn't in these areas but it's always good practice to check. Verify that your fuel tank cap vents. It needs to be able to flow air into the tank for fuel to leave at the bottom. This doesn't typically create a permanent no-run condition, but can create a fuel starvation issue while riding. Grab a ratio rite cup or clear bottle and prepare to drain fuel from your petcock into it. It's hard to tell the correct fuel flow rate by describing it here, but it should flow a steady stream expected by the petcock outlet size. If the petcock is not flowing or flowing all of the time just go ahead and get a new one. Even a full time flowing one can potentially create big issues. Retain the drained fuel for inspection. If within the next hour or so you notice layers of different liquids in it or trash in the bottom go ahead and plan on draining your tank. It's a good time to mention that non-ethanol fuel is what you should run if at all possible all of the time. Forgive me for suggesting to get back into the carburetor, but at this point it'd be a good time for it. No offence intended, but to a shop a customer cleaned/inspected carburetor is just a carburetor that needs to be removed and inspected again. It's easy to get it wrong unless you're very thorough. Inside the carburetor you have a few different fuel circuits to deal with. First remove the float and its needle. If the needle has any sort of ring visible around its rubber tip when dry it should be replaced, a fuel leak is not far behind. The passageway that needle goes in should be free of obstruction between that orifice and the fuel hose inlet. If you've messed with the float height (Bending the tab on the plastic float) since the unit has last ran well it'd be good to check the installed height versus the service manual settings. The pilot circuit will consist of an air inlet in the air side carburetor throat typically, a pilot jet inside the bowl area, and a pilot screw externally. Lightly thread the screw in to verify its position from seated and then remove it, its spring, and the washer and o-ring that go on it. Remove the pilot jet. When dry a little speck of light should just be visible through the jet. If not, do not clean it with a drill bit. A wire pulled from a wire brush and some contact cleaner typically works wonders. Spray contact cleaner through the air inlet to verify it reaches the jet orifice, then spray through the jet orifice looking for fuel to exit the pilot screw orifice and perhaps its hole and bypass holes in the carburetor throat (engine side). If I were a betting man, I'd bet you've already found your problem by this point. Still if you're this far in make sure that everything else is spotless and correctly installed. While you're at it pull the intake manifold off the engine and check its seal and rubber condition. That never hurts. If all of that is good, then you're into the strange stuff category. A little light through that pilot jet, remember that. Carb spotless and choke, slide, needle all working normally. I hope this helps. If it doesn't I'll check back soon to see what you've found.
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    The strange thing is the 4 grand daughters are the ones interested in the quads . They are always out there helping me work on crap while the grand sons are playing on games and computers !! Now if I could find all the tools the girls hide from me !!!
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    measuring from a computer picture not very accurate, but it looks like if you got rid of the gaps you'd have room for one more magnet video from an arctic cat 400 but may help - start at 2:00 - your issue may be at 3:00 but i'm pretty confident you've already done this
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    Here's an interesting map of US spread
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    That's pretty cool, sounds like a great gig!
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    That's a good question! Ive personally never seen much with regard to upgrades on the China atvs other then improved ignition coils, cdi boxes, colored chains and graphics.
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    Does it rev out in forward? Did it go through any water? Like @Frank Angerano said, check the belt..
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    The drone is capable of flying up to 400 feet high, actually limited to that because of airspace regulations. You can set limits for the drone. Most of my videos I keep it under 150 - 200 feet. Distance will vary depending on how many other wifi signals are around. Urban areas I can usually get about 1,300 feet away from where I am standing. Yesterday I went to a more rural area and I went over 2,300 feet away before loss of signal. This is the what I bought https://www.amazon.com/Parrot-Bebop-Pro-3D-Modeling-Solution/dp/B07514PH61/ref=sr_1_3?crid=FW7Q0SY22D4F&dchild=1&keywords=parrot+bebop+2+power&qid=1585128975&sprefix=parrot+bebop+2%2Caps%2C175&sr=8-3 Mike
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    @Dra O Same here! @mikeexplorer greet photos! I’m thinking of getting a better drive like this. Have a couple of smaller “toy” ones...
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    You lay some of the blame - and even deaths - directly on Trump? To what other institutions or people do you lay the remainder of your blame? Do you blame life-long smokers who are predisposed to contracting breathing-related diseases like COVID19? What about those with cystic fibrosis or lung cancer? No country or person can foresee a future pandemic. We both know this. If another individual were in office and the same scenario ensued, I wonder if you'd also blame this individual. Trump or any other president could fund the hell out of the CDC, NIH, drug companies and mask manufacturers, but guess what: it wouldn't matter. It takes time to assess the virulence of a disease, who it affects, the degree to which it affects certain people/populations. A government is likely not going to say, "Okay, every single person stays home for 8 weeks" at the onset of a pandemic/other disaster. It takes time to see what occurs. No pharma company can create a vaccine in two months. It takes time. No company is able to manufacture 500+ million masks overnight. It takes time. To think Trump wasn't ultimately following the advice of the CDC and top virologists is ridiculous. Trump doesn't give a rat's dropping of what others think about him. This makes him effective in my book. And that's MY book, just as you have YOUR book. In my book, I'm right - in your book, you're right. We all have roughly 80 years on this earth and are free to make decisions about what we, individually, deem right, just and true of our own accord based (largely) on our lived experiences. We have one confirmed case of COVID19 in my town in Texas. 47 year old male - he was in Washington 2 weeks prior to being diagnosed - is recovering well at a local hospital. I've yet to diagnose any cases only because my clinic has no testing kits. If I suspect COVID, I'll send them directly to one of two hospitals and let them make the final determination, as they have the testing kits (in limited supply). Avoid crowds. Wash your hands often. Hydrate. Rest. Cover your freakin' mouth when coughing. Treat your symptoms at home with OTC medications. If OTC medications don't relieve your symptoms and your symptoms worsen, see your medical practitioner. But, as Dave mentioned, you'll likely not be tested unless you meet a specific set of criteria. My wife is making me strip down prior to entering our home in the evening - I leave the skivvies on... but it is NOT a pretty sight - my clothes go straight into the washing machine - then I take a shower, eat and finish my notes from the clinic during the remainder of my evening. We now shop later in the evening to avoid the crowds. types "stay safe people" from 44 stories up. DAYUM, frank - what's wrong with you? it's obviously a fever - please get that treated.
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    Cool pics. I have had all of them except the CF Motos. Currently have two Ranchers to use now (mine and my son's) that are going through a few upgrades.
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    It looks like only the ATV specific mounts are being discontinued, probably for the older models. I have the 2 inch receiver mount for mine so I can move it to different quads as needed. I only had to use this Tigertail a few times but it works great. Mike
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    Skirt slap in the cylinder like that is not totally unusual when the rings are worn completely out. Chevy 5.3's often have that same skirt slap. I'd run a hone through it and see if they clean up. If they don't and are deep enough to feel with your fingernail it either needs to be bored up a size or a new cylinder. If i was flipping that thing i'd put a cheap cylinder and piston on it and send it on it's way. If i was keeping it to ride for a while i'd either bore it or get a better quality Weisco kit or similar.
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    Not sure, this is the first time I've done this. I did 3 coats of paint and 3 coats of minwax polyurethane upon Frank's recommendation. He has used just poly on another project that turned out great. I thought mine were just too sun faded for just the clear.
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    I'd run the power wire that goes directly to the winch to the battery; those carry quite a bit of amperage and need the heavy wire to the power source. The winch solenoid though can be wired to about anything since it's low draw. Last one I did, I put a rocker switch providing power to the solenoid so it's not hot every time the key is turned on. With a separate switch, the solenoid only clicks closed when I want it to. I took power from the ignition switch for the rocker switch. Folks often use the ignition switch for the winch solenoid directly and if it's always on it tends to burn the ignition switch up quite frequently.
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    Lololol i hear both of you boys and agree on getting out and riding if you have the time now with all the closures happening then go! @davefrombc that was some rant but funny to read "ass wipe and sanitizer" ???? Lmao thats some funny stuff. Not for panic or fear but two weeks ago i told the wife I'm going on a shopping blitz to stock up on everything! She asked am I nervous? I said no, what's going to happen is there will be a panic and everybody is going to go into apocalyptic mode and i wont be able to get basic shit. So i stocked up on steaks, chicken and everything else I could think of so i don't have to run to the store and deal with the crazies. Glad i did!!! But in all honesty its a serious matter and i agree that the ball was dropped by NOT being prepared after seeing what it has and is still doing to other countries. So some fresh air it is and maybe a trip upstate or lost trails???? Great post @Ajmboy and a great idea for everyone.
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    @Frankwhite247 welcome to Quadcrazy. Nice machines you got there. NY'er here as well. Do you ride different places? Im usually riding in Cairo NY and the occasional trip to Lost Trails in PA as well as the end of Long Island. My kids ride as well. Quadcrazy is a great forum for just about everything ATV!! Check out some of the local clubs within the forum as well. Welcome aboard!
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    Yeah, that sounds Great. Actually with such a trails, there is food and drink in the middle of the trip. That is for sure. This week we are planing new ride and to see how muddy will be. After snow in two weeks ago, now we have only rain! This was really great new powder snow, but as he come just disappear in few days Thanks Franco and Thanks to all Subscriber for the support !!!
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    For those that have been pulling hair out- It took me a month to figure this out, but I am glad to report that I have figured out how to repair my 2004 450ES Speedometer If you have a Honda Foreman 02-04 450 ES model ( 4 indicator lights on top of meter) or a Honda Foreman 99-00 450 ES model ( 3 indicator lights on top of meter) or aOnda Rancher 00-03 TRX350ES and your display: - Is Blank - does not show the gear indicator spot at all (not the gear or --) but the backwards "L" that goes around the gear position - its just blank -your miles and hours have reverted to zeros or all 9"s and possibly now shows KM now instead of Miles -your speed shown seems to have almost doubled (possibly KMs per hour even thought it shows Miles) What has happened is your EEPROM chip on motherboard has lost the programming due to dead battery for a LONG time or an electrical malfunction etc... I have borrowed a friends speedometer (a trusting friend) removed the chip from his, copied the data and put it on mine and it reads perfect now. I can repair your speedometer it will have 1851 miles and 317.2 hours on it as that is the only copy I have for the 02-04 Foreman 450ES I can also do 99-2000 450ES speedometers (3 indicator lights on top of meter) but will have to double-check check on the mileage/hours copy I have and let you know to see if you want that I can also do TRX500FM and FE meters and the older Rancher 350ES meters as well but it has to have the above symptoms and not water damaged-caught on fire, cracked lcd, etc.... If you have one you want repaired just send to me (just the board with LCD) I can repair it for you for $45.00 or barter if you have a second bad meter for parts Shipping would be 4 - $5.00 for First Class with tracking and I will pay return shipping I will confirm and send pictures to you as well to show a working completed repair on your display If there is heavy water corrosion, rust and rot damage etc.. its probably not repairable but I can try if you want -no fix-no pay If you PM me or whatever we can work it out I am easy and like you all I am always fiddling/learning with wheelers I think you will be happy and you will have more hair -mine is filling back in................... Message me if interested I am now also doing burned out screen repair if your screen has become unreadable due to UV sunburn damage from the sun It will appear burned or melted. The cost is 45.00 with same or next day turnaround Will do partial barter if you have a second speedometer for parts PM me if interested Before and after pictures below
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    We got skunked here with snow! Looks like we will have to settle for mud in the spring.
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    If you know that starter is working thats great. But the starter should have cranked when you jumped the two big lugs on the starter relay. Definitely take the wires off that relay and clean asap and see what you get. If that battery is good then you should get a crank by jumping the wires. And check that ground for a good connection.
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    Looks like a good ride! Fun in the snow. Great video.
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    RM stators. They have flywheels and stator coils. Waiting on my new puller for the flywheel. Should be here today.
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    Sounds more like the jets are stopped up. Have you been through the carb yet? There may be enough fuel to rev unloaded but cant supply enough fuel under load due to blockage.
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    Bayous here in the south aren't readily available in decent running shape. Most of the decent 2wd were discarded in favor of 4wd so they are usually too far gone to bring back. Last one I flipped was a 98 220 I paid $200 for and flipped for $500 and that was a bit low but it was profit and gone in a couple hours from listing it. Have another one bought for $300, it's a complete 300 2wd, should fetch $650 or so. To OP in this thread, I say make it a rider if you have the skills and then keep or sell.
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    Id keep it and restore it jmo I like seeing the older bikes or quads on the trails !!
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    Welcome to Quadcrazy. An 86!!!!!! Wow, thats great, good shape? Based on the year and what you have done it I would check the following. 1. Spark quality (maybe a tired ignition coil) 2. Compression (maybe a new piston/rings) 3. Check the intake boot that connects the carburetor to the engine for any cracks. 4. is the starting rotation strong when cranking? 5. And lastly is the choke working properly?
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    Fleet Farm has their house brand Sportline for $5.99 a quart. It's wet clutch certified and works as well as any other oil I've tried.
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    Ok so i have the new stator in hand and the flywheel is in transit. Heres my question! Ive researched OEM images of the flywheel and none of them show me the multiple gaps in the magnets like i have. Maybe im crazy but take a look at this and let me know what your input is. I may be wrong but I haven't found any OEM flywheels that show the breaks in the magnets except for the one gap that triggers the coil. Thoughts ?
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    Down to 3 quads here, all Poos 09 Sportsman 550XP 01 Sportsman 400 93 Trailboss 350
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