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  1. I posted a previous thread about looking for a new quad and was debating between a trx400 or a z400. Now im really interested in the kfx450. Im a chick rider who currently has a Yamaha 350 Warrior. I ride a lot of trail and some sand. Not really any track (not to say that I wouldn't tho) i love to drift and have fun. any suggestions????
  2. and I dont want a 450 cause I like to have a reverse lol
  3. I currently have a 2003 Yamaha 350 Warrior and looking to upgrade. Im debating between a Suzuki Z400 or a Honda TRX400x. But I've heard so many bads and goods. I heard Honda is super solid and durable but its more of a "beginners bike" and heard Suzuki's less durable but more torque and more of an "intermediate's bike" Im a chick who rides trails and sand and loves to drift and "tries" to keep up with the boys. Any suggestions??????????????????????
  4. my clutch was doing the same...i got a new one and than had to adjust it and now its kinda working but still not the best

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