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  1. George Henry

    Do You Use GPS For ATV Trails?

    I have used a Garmin Etrex Legend in the past but th screen got screwed up without me abusing it other than some adverse weather conditions. Also, I forgot to remove the handlebar mount from the trike before I sold her years ago. I used it to record riding distance, speed, time etc... I have been thinking of getting a new GPS unit for future travels. Here is a ten year old video of me riding with th Etrex Legend mounted on th bars of a 1985 Honda ATC 200X trike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylBmeDrZY9o Here is a longer video of me, on th same trike, using the same GPS unit:
  2. I spend time in Denbigh, Ontario, Canada. My last visit I brought my Honda trike and rode around, semi legally & had a ball. A RCMP Officer stated "what happens in Denbigh stays in Denbigh" . I rode down to the beach at Lake Denbigh & people waved & such. I would love to find proper trails for me & my missus to ride there. Thanks for any input.
  3. Easy lookup, area code 706 should be northern or central west Georgia. Year old listing though, it could be gone by now.
  4. George Henry

    Honda Recon Rear Tire Suggestions

    I bought a 2003 Recon recently & saw that there was dry rot on th front tires. After a couple of days research I decided on Kenda Bear Claws for the front. Chaparral had a fair price and I ordered 2, still to be delivered. Thank you UPS for dragging your feet. I prefer to stick with stock tire sizing and I'm having a difficult time finding rear tires to "match" the Bear Claws up front. I've looked at Kenda, Maxxis, ITP, Carlisle and others but no brand makes them sized to my liking without buying rims too. The Maxxis Sur Traks look good but they're an inch wider than stock & 2 plies for th price of a 6 ply. I want 4-6 ply tires. HELP me PLeaSE my head hurts. edit: the rears are 22 10 9
  5. George Henry

    How did you get into Quads?

    I would love to see pics of that. Before, after or whatever.
  6. George Henry

    Ride Red New Member Intros.

    I started this club for Honda Fans because they are my favourite manufacturer of off road machines. If you join please post an introduction into this topic. Your best pics of your Hondas added to the club's image gallery would be great. Also you should add yourself to the member map @ Quadcrazy. I want to welcome & thank Shoogaze & schroedz for joining RIDE RED! Bye for now & Ride Red
  7. George Henry

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!

    Welcome to all members! I'm still new here and enjoy a good forum of people willing to help each other out. @schroedz Thanks for joining Ride Red.
  8. George Henry

    Used ATV For Sale

    So maybe you won't find quads here, but you could easily find cheap accessories. Gloves, helmets, etc. Shop Goodwill rocks. I feel like I've given up a big secret: https://www.shopgoodwill.com
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  10. George Henry

    Hello from Eastern WA

  11. George Henry

    Memorable Crashes

    While riding a 1985 Honda ATC 200S in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey I had my most memorable crash. This was over thirty years ago and no injury happened to my trike, me or my buddy Joe. I was hammering the gas to try to keep up with Joe's faster 1986 Honda ATC 250SX when out of nowhere he stopped. His brake light wasn't working so by the time I realised he was stopped it was too late. I lined up my front wheel to his right rear wheel and SMACK! I flew over the bars and Joe's right shoulder. I did a flip landing flat on my back in soft sand. While I flipped over Joe he looked over his left shoulder and missed the whole thing. We laughed it off and kept riding. Add your stories here please. p.s. Admin - If this topic was already posted please move it to the appropriate post.
  12. George Henry

    George Henry

  13. George Henry

    Hello from Eastern WA

    Awesome intro! Welcome from Bennington, VT!
  14. George Henry

    How did you get into Quads?

    About 34 years ago I jumped into cycle riding headfirst. My 1st ride was a late 1970's Yamaha XS500 street bike. My best street bike was a new leftover 1987 BMW K75T. In that time frame a friend of mine bought a HONDA ATC 70 trike. I rode it around his yard and of course ran over my leg, being used to 2 wheelers. Within a year or so I bought a Honda ATC 200S three wheeler. I still love that trike to this day (it brought me to the sport). Next was a 1986 Honda ATC 350X. OMG what a HOT FAST Trike!!! My third trike was a 1985 Honda ATC 200X. My fourth trike is a 1985 Honda ATC250SX which will be buried or cremated with me (still runs GREAT). Through those years I got to ride other peoples machines. I rode a Yamaha Warrior, an early Honda TRX250 and others and enjoyed it. I like the quads, but LOVE the three wheelers! I wish the manufacturers would make modern three wheelers, they would be AMaZinG! So because my woman is an amateur I recently purchased a Honda Recon. I love the addition to my garage! I rode her the day after purchase. FUN!!! Quads are great fun!
  15. George Henry

    Me riding my 85 ATC 200X in 2008