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  1. I have 6 surveillance cameras at home. Crazy world we're living in these days. I had a carburetor stolen out of a Honda ATC 350X many years ago right in my backyard. I hope it didn't work for the scummy thief.
  2. Good post bump by Theo. It reminded me of an incident way back in approx. 1991. I was riding at dusk with two friends and one of them had a few beers in him. He was ahead of us & when we came around a bend he had been thrown over the bars at an off camber washout. There he was lying on his back unconscious. We took care of him without real problems but if he were sober he probably would have maneuvered that washout easily. Good reminder to stay sober driving ANY VEHICLE!
  3. Welcome to QC Krzysztof kop & Trent Pierce.
  4. I'm glad I caught this post. I didn't know 4X4s needed all four tires the same. I never owned a 4X4. Is that for all quads?
  5. A clip from Diamonds Are Forever (1971) with James Bond riding a very early Honda Trike! Three Honda ATCs come in at 1:54 with the one on th left pulling a sweet wheelie for 2 seconds! Bond scenes are great!
  6. Mud Season 2008 Episode II at Sucker Pond is one of my favourites:
  7. George Henry

    My HONDA

    Post a pic of Your Honda ATC, ATV, UTV or motorcycle!
  8. From the album: My HONDA

    I put a Superwinch on th Recon mainly to pull itself out of a sticky situation. It's mounted, does anyone want to help me get it wired?
  9. Welcome to QC Everyone! I haven't been here much lately & it seems that QC is busier now. Enjoy your time here!
  10. Check out the DLs Button on the top right of the page. See if you have a manual that isn't listed there. You can UL a file to the appropriate place there.
  11. I too joined this forum looking for a manual. I joined to be a contributing member and not just "pad" my posting numbers to get a manual. I poked around & found I like it here. I made some posts and even started a club (Ride Red). I also contributed photos & a service manual. I am not here to be a lazy sponge. Some people just don't get it!
  12. From the album: My HONDA

    Me at my friends camp, Widstock on Labor Day Weekend 2018 riding my 85 Honda 250SX! 😎
  13. I would buy a new carburetor if I were you. Plug & play sounds good. I rebuilt my 85 Honda 250SX trike carb. a few years back with no problems. You could try to soak it like crazy to loosen things up. Keep us posted.
  14. View File 1998 - 2004 Honda Foreman TRX450 Service Manual 1998 - 2004 Honda Foreman TRX450 service manual for TRX450S/FM & TRX450ES/FE I didn't see this on QC and just found it elsewhere, virus free! Submitter George Henry Submitted 09/08/2018 Category Honda ATV
  15. Having fun at Prospect Mt. in southern Vermont. My Linda loves riding in mud & puddles! This is from our ride 9/23/2018:
  16. My Honda ATC 250SX has a dry weight of 357 Lbs. Our Honda Recon ES has a dry weight of 414 Lbs. I love light ATVs that you can toss if around easily if you feel like it 😎
  17. George Henry

    My Rig 2018

    Here is my present hauling rig powered by my 2005 Dakota 4.7L V8. Trailered behind is a smooth riding custom trailer on springs & shock absorbers. I haul a 1985 Honda ATC 250SX in th truck bed with a 2003 Honda Recon ES in the trailer. I can load the truck bed with th trailer hitched as shown in th last pics.
  18. From the album: My HONDA

    I've had this 2003 Recon for 6 weeks. I replaced all four tires with stock sized tires. Kenda Bear Claws up front with Maxxis Zillas at th rear. I love the combination! 😎
  19. I just put Maxxis Zillas on the rear of the Recon. I like the combo with th Kenda Bears Claws up front.
  20. I know the owners manual is not a service manual but it does have a lot of information. You can get the Owners Manual pdf directly from Yamaha here: https://dd5394a0b8ca8e97ba29-abf76f3d91a2125517d6c7c409f095c7.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/content/common/manuals/2007/LIT-11626-20-38_wolverine450_4x4_sport_SE_1325.pdf
  21. Version 1.0.0


    1998 - 2004 Honda Foreman TRX450 service manual for TRX450S/FM & TRX450ES/FE I didn't see this on QC and just found it elsewhere, virus free!

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