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  1. for one I should not even be over in this shit hole...cause it might get me banned form here....but on the other had... Over Here...I'm making FAT Stacks of CASH!!! my work hours increased,my pay went up...!! THIS IS AMERICA!!!
  2. these are the Volkswagen Beatles of the ATV's!! 2020 pic below and my 1991 same size engine,turned around,shaft drive,electric start,rear drum brakes?...wtf!! twice as much as mine $$$$$ in 1991...and more heavier! If I was serious (and not 55 yrs. old) about getting A brand new quad....I'd look at Yamaha Rapter 7000! sure it's $9000. but it was more than twice as much FUN than Honda's little 250!
  3. just got back home another great day of riding trails! was a little more water on the trails this time,but we stayed drier...thanks to going slow through them. road new trails,and no incidents. Got to see someone get pulled over on our way up there,cause they did not slow down for road construction....I can only imagine the price of that ticket. here they do twice the fines for messing up in construction zones. I do not know when we will get up again,we need to get ready for bow season,and then after that clean garage out to make room to park our daily drivers in there during the winter months. but I do know we will be going down some creeks with them when the ice freezes..that will be a new challenge for the wife. HOPE THAT OTHERS ARE OUT THERE RIDING,AND MAKING GREAT MEMORIES LIKE WE ARE!!
  4. Hitting the Trail this Morning. 3 weeks in a row! The Wife and I are heading back out to Leota http://www.upnorthtrails.org/trails/leota-trail.html Why Leota you might ask,and not somewhere new? Cause there are lots of trails to ride,and my old ass has to get familiar with the trails so I do not take a wrong turn. ...and Yes I already took a few wrong turns...getting better tho. Have A Great and safe weekend everyone!
  5. had my Honda sine new in 1991 road hard...but never put to bed wet!
  6. different video....other one to long......
  7. Or if your dumb enough 20 years ago to buy the deep ass offset,and you just ordered the correct ones with the folded over rim bead.....a 10 pound sledge hammer works just as well! https://www.motosport.com/itp-a6-gp-wheel?mmy=honda;trx250x;1991&variant[ITP002M]=ITP002M-X001-Y002 right now I have 1x4 and the front tire catches everything,I'm ordering 3x2 she has a Suzuki 160,I bought it to be my pit bitch at the drag strip,but I also wanted her to try it and see if she likes to ride trails before going out and getting another quad right away.
  8. Road Leota Trail Yesterday this makes two weekends in a row,my third time,wife's second,she is getting more familiar with riding,need to look at getting Her a bigger machine! Wife's Suzuki Ran Fine,no problems. My Honda...Killed a wheel! I have A video of our day.
  9. old thread ! Been to Leota Twice this year,going again on Sat. 9-7-19 close by us,only 90 minute away from saginaw.
  10. Suzuki 160 Quad Runner Rack Project

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