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  1. Thanks for the help Mr Angerano. Next time I'll use JB Weld. This morning my nephew said he would help me, so i rode a couple miles down the road and back, then after draining the transmission, we put cinder blocks down to keep it from rolling over too far, had it perfectly balanced leaning over and put a quart of new Polaris brand oil in the drain hole and then put the plug back in and dropped it. Thank God for this going well with no injuries, and i thank you and my nephew as well. This shouldn't have been so monumental but Polaris didn't exactly give the best fill plug either.
  2. Hi there, i've been trying once in a while for the last couple weeks to remove the fill plug on the transmission of my 2011 Polaris Sportsman 500. The reason i try to get the fill plug out first is so that i can fill if it by any chance the the drain plug does come out i can refill it with oil. The allen socket and wrench both keep slipping inside the bolt head, so what advice does anyone have? Also if nothing works, can you think of any reason not to tip it over and refill it through the drain plug? Thanks.
  3. Hey there i have a question. I have a 2011 Polaris Sportsman 500. Just recently i heard some clanking sounds coming from somewhere when in 2WD (ironically not in AWD) and started checking all the driveshafts only to find that every one of them that goes into the front gearbox is loose. This is both axle shafts and the driveshaft. Its obvious that Polaris has their own unique design with it comes to these things, so what all do i need to know before i go to fixing or replacing the front end?
  4. Since Arctic Cat sold to Textron, there has definitely been some changes on a few things. Just before this happened i saw some 4 wheelers at a dealer that i had never seen before and had to drop by and see them. They were made by Textron and called the Onslaught, it had a 550 engine (single cylinder i think) and were made in Taiwan. Now that the two companies have merged i can't find the Onslaught ATV anymore, and now both Textron and AC are making the WIldcat and the Alterra but i keep hearing and reading that they have the same engines as one another but different frames. Surely someone knows more about this situation than i do, what can you tell me?
  5. Hello, i was looking up a few different 4 wheelers tonight and then had a question. I see so many similarities between the ODES 800 Assailant, and CFMOTO 800 Cforce that i have to wonder. Are they the same thing? It looks like they both have turning signals, 2 seater, engine size in common although CFMOTO does a much better job of making theirs look better.
  6. For a used one, i was thinking up to 1,000, i really don't want to go past 1,500. Have i asked the impossible?
  7. You're right i forgot to specify that i'm looking for a used one. I hope to find one that maybe needs some repairing, engine type of repairs not a bent or broken frame.
  8. Hello there, i am wanting to know, what would be a good 4 wheeler with a manual transmission? Either a real manual with a clutch, or a semi automatic transmission. Either 2 or 4WD will do. What i do want is one that has a rack at each end and can pull a small trailer. So what are your suggestions? I am open to most any brand though Linhai is the only one from China i would buy. So far it looks like Arctic Cat is overwhelmingly what fits what i'm looking for, but like i said, i'm open to almost any make. If there is any rivalry over brands count me out, i like them all. What i do want is one that will last through farm use, hauling feed sacks and so forth.
  9. Does anyone know where i can buy a radiator for a Polaris 500 sportsman? Preferably an aftermarket since mostly what i find is a factory part for 379 dollars? It just had to happen, the day after Thanksgiving, and yes i have plenty to be thankful for, however my radiator started steaming and it took me a while to find out where. So now i need a new one or maybe get it repaired? How was Thanksgiving for everyone?
  10. Check out the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area. Its in both Cumberland and Morgan Counties. As long as its not closed for big game hunting, you can ride four wheelers all day long on all the trails, and there are places to camp near by. As far as i know, its the most remote area in our state. Lots of hills, mountains, trails, nice views, water, mud and more. However, check the dates on it, this time of year it closes and wont reopen till the spring. It always closes during big game hunting season and select other hunts
  11. A few minutes ago, while checking out street legal utvs, i ran across the Cectek Quadrift 500. Is there anyone on here who has ridden one? If so what do you think of it? From what i can gather, they are popular in Europe, but i doubt we will ever have one in the US, however if Can-Am can introduce such a revolutionary idea with their trike, maybe someone will build something similar here?
  12. Hey there, i have been reading lately about making an ATV or UTV street legal. Ive run across more info than i knew was out there for several utvs, and some side by sides, the Polaris RZR seems to be a big hit with the street legal crowd. Personally, i can say that i think the Kawasaki Bayous, Honda Rincon (or Recon?) are great choices too. I wanted to hear your thoughts on what you find to be the best for paved and hard packed gravel roads? So what would you build for the road? Id love to know something thats got good mileage, and good handling on the roads.
  13. I dont know for what reasons, but mine has never had that problem. Its usually been easy to shift and its never refused to shift since ive had it. My dad has a Suzuki 230, that is nearly impossible to downshift and ive tried to fix it twice. He also tried to fix it twice.

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