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Textron Off Road ATV Forum

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Textron Off Road ATV models and manufacturer specific topics. Formerly Bad Boy Off Road.

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  1. Impailed by pole

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  2. 2018 Textron Alterra VLX 700/700 EPS Service Manual

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  3. Textron, Arctic Cat merger

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  4. Textron buys Cat

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    • @marek porowski man that sucks.  Ik what you mean tho, I rarely find time or a place to ride my atvs
    • So just as a general FYI, it might be good to check replacement parts before installing.  If possible, check clearances with a micrometer before going through the trouble of assembly.  I say this as I bought a new driveshaft yoke for a Kodiak because the ujoint dropped a cap and got the yoke in a bind...blowing the yoke and middle drive gear to shreds.  So I replaced the middle drive gear and bought a new yoke and ujoint kit from Caltric.  Caltric is usually pretty solid replacement parts.  The new yoke however was a good 4mm too narrow for inside lock ujoint caps.  Disappointing since it came as a kit from Caltric. Ended up taking an angle grinder to the new yoke and thinning material off to get it to the needed 41.25mm opening size.  Sucks having to disassemble everything again and start over but my fault for trusting replacement parts.  Nearly 40 years of turning wrenches and I made a rookie mistake.
    • I think your coil is fine.  Tester at 2000 you got  a 0.2 reading. (within spec) no? Second test on the spark plug wire your at 4.5 (within spec) no?    I think the coil is fine, the cap can be tested with a simple continuity test and worst case cut the spark plug wire back a half inch and put the cap back on.     My guess is a ground failure maybe on the kill switch or elsewhere but i could be wrong.  And agreed on the $7 bucks for a new coil for shits and giggles.     Test your stator coil and pick up coil since your going through the motions.      
    • no spark.  pulled ignition coil and got the following readings below.  meter is on ohms. for primary coil resistance specs read resistance range from 0.16-0.2 - if meter correct I'm way overboard at 1.5 or 2   resistance without spark plug cap should be 3.6-4.5: I measured 4.15 on the 20k ohm setting, which appears to be in range.  does this tell me the cap itself is bad? when I hook up the new spark plug, the reading is 13.1 (from green terminal on coil to tip of spark plug) - if this means anything simple solution would be to buy a $7 dollar coil off ebay back to work  
    • Thanks  I like it so far, but unfortunately I don’t have much time to use it 

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