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Textron Off Road ATV Forum

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Textron Off Road ATV models and manufacturer specific topics. Formerly Bad Boy Off Road.

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  1. Impailed by pole

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  2. 2018 Textron Alterra VLX 700/700 EPS Service Manual

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  3. Textron, Arctic Cat merger

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  4. Textron buys Cat

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    • "thats why God created soap" lmao
    • Intake valves: .006 +/- .002 in (.152 +/- .050 mm) Exhaust valves: .008 +/- .002 in (.203 +/- .050 mm) They are shim under bucket, so if they need to be adjusted it would be wise to measure all of them and adjust all at the same time. All 2017-2020 Sportsman 570’s are the same. 
    • if you are using a supplier such as Parts Unlimited for example they have a "list" of most popular sold in your region parts. this list may be a good starting point... just an idea mabbee not a good one 
    • Unhook battery and take it out. Make sure it's got electrolyte past the top of the plates. If not top off with distilled water. Throw on charge on it. Hook back up and see what happens. Should be over 12v standing after charge.  With everything off while hooking up. Do you see a spark at the terminals? If you do. You have something draining the battery when it shouldnt. When you crank it over have a volt meter hooked up so you can see how much the voltage drops while cranking. Shouldnt drop lower than about 9v or the battery may be shot or the improper size. While running the battery voltage should be about 13 to 15 volts or something is wrong with battery or it's not charging while its running.
    • Hello, got this bike in to replace the jug and piston. Made the swap, crank looks good, no play in connecting rod. Put it all back together and then heard a rubbing noise in the rear crank case. Ordered a new timing chain and tensioner. Installed them and put it all back together. Fired it up and ran great on the work bench. Took it down and went for a ride and noticed the higher the rpms, the noisier it got. There was a tapping noise on the exhaust side of the valve cover. Removed valve cover. Checked valve clearances, all good. Checked the valve springs, the were a good bit out of tolerance. Installed brand new springs. Same noise. Decided to replace the whole cylinder head with one from a known good bike. Still the same noise. Decided to replace the camshaft with one from a known good bike. Still makes the noise. Replaced lift caps. No change. I’m at a loss on what could be causing this noise. It’s very loud and not normal by any means. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Video doesn’t really pick up the noise good, but it’s there.    Thanks IMG_2225.MOV

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