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  1. I guarantee I'd find a way to flip it lol
  2. Here's a few. First two don't have rear spacers or bush lights yet lol
  3. I ride with a group of 6 guys. One of them started the Belair Atv club here. Pretty neat
  4. 98 sportsman 500,2 inch lift with spacers,27 inch swamp lites ,bush lights on front bumper ,clutched ,aeen silencer, hand/thumb warmers and windshield with rear storage box,and jerry mount on rear bumper
  5. I find Tapatalk kinda irritating lol
  6. The wife is normally on the home putter (business stuff)so I haven't got much of a choice doing the phone thingy lol. I find its way to easy to post while waiting in a line up ,on break at work or just wherever. Became normal for me
  7. I would have figured mobile would have helped the forums. Almost everyone I know,including myself uses a cell to surf the forums. Much more convenient than being tied to a putter
  8. My old 500 predator ,94 cell GPS My 500 Sportsman, 60,until I threw on a 2 inch lift ,clutched it and 27s...now 45 lol. Speedo My 850xpeps, almost 80 stock ,72 after 2 inch lift and 28s. Speedo . My pro r 800... 111.. and it's there. .now. like a light switch
  9. Went to start the 500 Sportsman today ,got a turn over no fire. Well it started once,and stalled after 30 seconds. I thought it was out of fuel,so I poured in around 5 gallons and turned it to reserve. That's when it started then stalled out. The overflow line is pouring out has too. So I shut fuel off. Thinking float?
  10. Yessir lol. Still safer than a bike..for me anyways
  11. I want one . http://www.ktm.com/x-bow/x-bow-r/
  12. My riding mower did this last year. Even tho I cleaned the terminals ,it wasn't good enough? I re cleaned and re tightened and away she went
  13. Where's Fox and Scully when you need them ?