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  1. Thanks for posting the manual.
  2. Oldodge

    Just here for a manual

    Not too hard to find 10 interesting things to comment on if you look around the site a little.
  3. Oldodge

    Rescuing a Sunken Can-Am

    Looks like a fun day!
  4. Oldodge

    New to Forum

    MD570, I am new here too, but welcome.
  5. Oldodge

    Hi all!

    I am not a youngster either. Just young at heart. But the old body protests a bit at times.
  6. Oldodge

    Best after market ATV parts

    All good info. for a newbie like me.
  7. Oldodge

    2018 Sportsman 450 EPS Accessories

    I am also interested in after market accessories and recommended vendors.
  8. Oldodge

    Newbie to ATV

    My machine.
  9. Oldodge

    Newbie to ATV

    New guy here. Just bought my first 4 wheeler. Polaris Sportsman 450 HO eps. First ATV since my three wheeler days back in the 1980's. I plan to plow some snow and use it mostly for utility around home.