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    New member from AL

    Welcome -
  2. MD570

    Where to ride in North Phoenix

    Check out the top link, Peoria AZ, bottom link for state - it gives some great locations for rides and should hopefully give you a start. https://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/arizona_06482/ride_9984.htm http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/
  3. MD570

    How did you get into Quads?

    Age - got to the age where I needed something for hunting coues whitetail deer in some rough country in southwest AZ. Getting to them is difficult. Spent 25 - 30 years walking; glassing and stalking them and body just wants to do it a little easier. Used to ride bikes in my early youth, love all things mechanical - worked on heavy equipment for 42 years, so ATV's are a nice break to work on; ride and just enjoy in the outdoors!
  4. MD570

    5 Mistakes ATV Beginners Make

    Great topic and information, for everyone who rides. I was new to ATV riding last year. The dealer I purchased from included a free entry for The ATV Safety institute safety course. I'm a senior so, crashes are something I cannot afford, I jumped on that free course. New riders do need to take precautions, there are too many ways to end up with a serious injury or death if you are not careful on ATV's.
  5. MD570

    Arizona...Endless Riding

    Thought I would add some more to this post of areas to ride, since this post has not be active in awhile. These are from Southern Arizona - area is the Santa Rite Mountains. Pic of mine and my brother in laws machines at a spot called Alisio springs - Rain came down in buckets that day and it was great! Elevation is approx 5000 FT.
  6. MD570

    Hi all!

    Welcome Madhunter, I'm new to this forum as well. You always need a good project to keep busy with! You can never have enough fun working on an ATV.
  7. MD570

    New to Forum

    Thanks - will have to get used to posting, always something new to learn!
  8. MD570

    New to Forum

    Thought I'd sign up. Enjoy riding and reading about different experiences from everyone.