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  1. William Waterworth

    Best/ Cheapest site/ place to get parts

    I did see that on another one but I didn't want to just randomly comment and stuff so I didn't get banned. Also didn't know if anyone had other alternatives.
  2. William Waterworth

    Little help please

    Good to know when I redo mine
  3. William Waterworth

    Mechanic to just look over my quad.

    I dont really know much about working on quads, just go off of manuals and luck. I recently got a 1987 Moto 4, YFM350ERT that could use some work. Is there or does anyone know a mechanic in Phoenix, Arizona that might be able to take a look. Be able to tell me what it all needs and basically a diagnostic that wont break the bank. Any advice would be appreciated
  4. William Waterworth

    1987 Yamaha moto 4 will not start

    Re check the connections. you could also try to bypass and manually connect the starter terminals. If it dont turn over then will need new starter
  5. I live in north Phoenix, Arizona. I just recently got a 1987 moto 4, YFM350ERT. Where would be a cheap place or website to get parts? I know I will need a few things. I'm looking into finding a manual for it so I can get right stuff but that seems to be difficult. thanks
  6. William Waterworth

    Where to ride in North Phoenix

    I live at 7st and the 101. trying to find somewhere close with a trail to ride with my kids. any one know a good easy spot? Thanks
  7. William Waterworth

    service Manual 1987 Moto 4 YFM350ERT

    Hello Was wondering if there was still a way to get a manual some where for my 1987 moto 4, YFM350ERT?

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