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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with the Wish app. Some good cheap stuff but everything I got didn't fit me, all meant for tiny Asian people it seems like. I only say Asian cause all the stuff comes from there.
  2. I just got a Yamaha 350 moto 4 and right before I got it the guy took apart the case and most of the inside. Was like wtf, but had to jump on it for $150. I printed off the manual just need to get working on it.
  3. Thank you for the file, when I get allowed to download it I surely will. I thought I have posted and commented enough, I guess not lol.
  4. I did see that on another one but I didn't want to just randomly comment and stuff so I didn't get banned. Also didn't know if anyone had other alternatives.
  5. I dont really know much about working on quads, just go off of manuals and luck. I recently got a 1987 Moto 4, YFM350ERT that could use some work. Is there or does anyone know a mechanic in Phoenix, Arizona that might be able to take a look. Be able to tell me what it all needs and basically a diagnostic that wont break the bank. Any advice would be appreciated
  6. Re check the connections. you could also try to bypass and manually connect the starter terminals. If it dont turn over then will need new starter
  7. I live in north Phoenix, Arizona. I just recently got a 1987 moto 4, YFM350ERT. Where would be a cheap place or website to get parts? I know I will need a few things. I'm looking into finding a manual for it so I can get right stuff but that seems to be difficult. thanks
  8. I live at 7st and the 101. trying to find somewhere close with a trail to ride with my kids. any one know a good easy spot? Thanks
  9. Hello Was wondering if there was still a way to get a manual some where for my 1987 moto 4, YFM350ERT?

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