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Atv Supplies and parts

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Just a couple of things since i get various atvs. 

They always need seat cover and always need oil and other minor items.

My question is Do you buy any specific motor oil for them, i heard you must get atv oil or will mess up the clutch.

Not sure if correct but didnt want to find out hard way. Is there a cheaper oil or can you use regular motor oil?


Next they always need a new seat cover, any good places to buy bulk or cheap vinyl to re do the seats with out spending

30-50 dollars on a specific cover?


whats you go to places for parts, i use amazon, ebay  any others that offer a good deal? 

that goes for hard parts or just cables and or clips, wiring, bolts etc no wrong answer here. 

always looking for new ways to find parts for the older atvs. TIA Az


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i use valvaline 10w-40 like@Ajmboy.  i like it and it seems to hold up well.  i changed it out in my sportsman 500 and idk how but just changing the oil gave me an extra 700rpm on the top speed i think it was.  went from topping at 6500rpm to 7200rpm lol

as for seat covers thanks @Ajmboy also for the tips.  so far the seats on my newer atvs have been in good condition and the older ones wernt worth more than a duct tape fix lol but i just got a rubicon thats in dire need of a new seat cover and id rather not make it look like a roll off dumpster with a duct tape seat

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I use whatever ATV specific oil is available locally, it's all too high.  It HAS to be JASO rated so that's either going to be ATV specific oil or Rotella T.

Seat covers, I quit making them years ago.  With modern ATV's the only way to make a cover fit is to cut and stitch, they don't just wrap from a flat piece anymore.  So $36 or whatnot for a cover that fits properly and I just have to stretch and staple?  That's the way I go.

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I usually end up paying 35 or more for seat covers, hopefully

the info from Ajmboy will pay off lol. I mostly fix the atvs then 

flip them so the least i spend the cheaper i can sell it. Got to keep

the margins in order so every penny helps. 

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On the topic of parts, it really depends on what I need.  Most anything like a CDI, reg/rect, stator, etc I'll go to ebay first and look for 2nd hand OEM.  Any consumable parts like brake and throttle cable, bulbs, etc I'll look all over.  Usually start at Amazon because I'm lazy.  For any important hard parts like rings, specific thrust washers and so on I used Partzilla for years but have recently moved to using Babbitt's Online.  They have a pretty handy app that I can look stuff up on while I'm working on an ATV.  Partzilla's ship times also have gone to crap.  I do go to the local owned parts store though for bearings whenever possible.  The brake drum side bearing on a Honda 300 is $40 from Honda, but I get a Timken from the local parts store (non chain) for $6.03.

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I order all my parts from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC or Motosport.  As far as oil for my quad I use Rotella T6 and I have been using it for over 10 years and zero issues. I buy it in the gallon jugs at Wally World when they are on sale. 

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Been awhile since I posted, finally retired and now have more time to enjoy ATV.  Using Rotella T6 with Wix 51358 XP filters for engine; Valvoline full synthetic 5w-20 in trans, 2017 Sportsman 570.  ATV runs in AZ in high 100's in summer and never had any issues and machine actually runs quieter than with the original Polaris oils.

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