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  1. Thanks for the input Boys. I am going to jump in there today and check the feed coming from the regulator to the battery(red wire in the wiring diagram I have attached under the pic above) with my meter and see if its D/C voltage.
  2. I am trying to figure out what the resistors do in this circuit. From what I have read in the manual the head light/tail light circuit is A/C. I am adding LED headlights/taillight so I want to convert it to D/C. My assumption is the resistors in the circuit bleed off some power since the incandescent bulbs are low wattage. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am not putting a Baja LED light kit or light bar, just LED bulbs in the stock location and a small cube flood mounted on the handle bars. I already have the LED bulbs installed in the stock locations but they flicker badly.
  3. I live in Central Kentucky and we ride a lot at Land Between the Lakes which is a National Park located near Cadiz KY. They normally do a wonderful job of keeping the park up but due to Covid they’ve had to run a skeleton crew so not much weed whacking has gotten done on the campsites this year. But any other time beside this Covid, they do a wonderful job of keeping the place up and the trails cleared.
  4. Man seeing that pic of you SxS in the snow makes me home sick! Lol
  5. I found it out, it’s 2 1/2 turns from full in. Huge thanks to the person who uploaded the service manuals. 🥇 Btw you needed a special 1 sided wrench to adjust it so I modded it. Took the air screw out and cut a slit in it and now all I need is a flat head.
  6. It is a sweet place to ride and there so many trails to ride which are marked and vary from easy to insane! Lot of rock bouncers do the insane, past vertical climbs
  7. Make sure the air cleaner is clean and installed while trying to start it due to the stock jetting
  8. John Torbus

    John Torbus

  9. Yes, Covid cases are going up and parents are really losing their minds
  10. Does anybody know what the standard adjustment is for the air screw on the carb? How many turns out from full in? Cheers, John
  11. I’ve used Rotella T6 for the past 10 years with zero issues.

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