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Universal Quad oil

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I have a gentleman that asked me to service his bayou for him.  I have always wondered what oil should be used in atv engines?  Pros?  Cons?  What weight should be used in what type of weather?  Is there one kind that I could bulk buy and safely used in any quad I worked on or owned?  What about performance?  Engine Life?  This has always been a 🤔🤔🤔 area for me with quads as far as why you would use one type of oil over another....


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1 hour ago, Ajmboy said:

on my 4 strokes I always used Valvoline. Its now like this:

Amazon ATV Oil


Amazon has it for a pack of 6 but if you find it at walmart its cheaper. Here's an older topic on this oil


what weight is that?

3 hours ago, 06kfx440 said:

Depends on the machine. Wether it's 2 stroke or 4.
Klotz, marvels mistery oil, yamalube, I've heard of people using gear oil as well. I personally like Lukas because it lubes like no other oil.

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I was referring to 4 strokes

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On 2/23/2019 at 1:08 PM, JacobSlabach said:

ok thanks!  Do you think 30w small engine oil would do ok?  And if not:nah:, why not 

sorry missed this post. I would not use 30w small engine oil and specifically stick with ATV type oils because of the additives they use. Depending on what type of quad you have, those additives are important for the clutches and such.

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On 6/11/2019 at 8:07 PM, mike costa said:

I also have a 300 bayou, here in Redding CA we are expecting it to be over 100 degrees all week and it is not uncommon for it to hit 110. with our higher than average temps, would any of the previous posters have a different answer?

@mike costa, i would be confident in the Valvoline oil i run in all my machines..  you might try something thicker for your temp- im not an expert so i dont know exactly how all that works..  i run the Valvoline atv/utv 10w/40 as mentioned above in all my atvs and so far havnt had any issues.

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