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  1. Just got 2018 Suzuki King 400 ASI, getting ready to install winch on it. Noticed the wire loom up front on top of frame to pass wires through but not quite sure where the loom comes out at. I am assuming by the battery but it is not visible........would you guys just wire direct to battery as I had on previous quad or is there a better spot to wire to? I had noticed a wire junction on top of driver rear wheel with nothing connected to it and was curious if my leads could bee run to that? May have to go to dealer to see if a mechanic there can give me some insight to this process. Thoughts and
  2. Hey yo quadsters, I have a question regarding CCA in batteries. My ATV is cold natured and it will start with my generic battery that's in it, (don't ask me now what battery I have in it cuz I'm at work,) but when I hook up an external battery storage unit (Beatit 1200Amps QDSP 1200A Peak 16500mAh 12V Portable Car Lithium Jump Starter) for quick jumps it fires so much faster. Which by the way is a bad ass accessory to have around. I keep the battery in the quad fully charged all the time. My question to the pros is how much difference does the CCA of a battery contribute to the quicker start?
  3. Gilbey


  4. I bought some of these they indeed do a bad ass job of holding quad down. Worth the price and peace of mind on my trailer during travel times!
  5. Great idea as I have some in garage..Ajmboy your a genius.................thx for the input
  6. Anyone have any good ideas to clean the gear position sensor on 2007 250 Sunl atv? Getting some false readings that it is in neutral...
  7. These are a little pricey but I like what I have read about charging AGM batteries. This one has the adapters so I can screw on terminals of ATV and leave on and plug in w/o taking seat off every time to maintain charge. Look for the coupon for 25 % off it will help.
  8. I use 1" but the load info is important as anything. I have a hook welded on my trailer and my winch secures the front end to that and then I strap the back with straps I bought at Menard's 500# work load each. Love my idea for front with the winch. It ain't never coming lose from that!
  9. Thanks so much I will look this over and see what i can take from it. 👊
  10. OK thanks, probably none out there. Appreciate everyone's effort.
  11. I understand it could also be a Taotao manual for the same size as they are pretty much the same ATV.
  12. Just got a real clean 2007 Sunl 250 CC ATV 2WD. Sure would like to get an owners manual so I can change all fluids. I had thought I posted enough times to get to the download section but evidently not, sure could use some help here if anyone has one it would be greatly appreciated!
  13. They are a great dealer for my experience as well for tires! Beat everyone's price and I had them in a couple days. Can't beat that huh?
  14. Does everyone run the tire pressure as stated on tires or perhaps a couple # below to soften the ride a little?
  15. Man i love that paint job, what did you use for a pattern ? or did you do it all free hand? Also like the hell out of that light idea!

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