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  2. Yeah, I'm with you overall. My comment was slightly tongue in cheek, if you will. Have yet to tear into it again to determine the root cause but these were factory parts, dealer installed.
  3. I'm on my second stator in 3 years so might want to add that to the list
  4. I love your confidence! If I can't find someone locally and if I get some of my other projects completed, I might have a go. You can be sure I'll be back asking for more help!
  5. Well ARGH! Looking at the service manual, replacing the stator is more involved than I'd like. Anyone have a good Polaris mechanic in and around Silicon Valley?
  6. Well, before I tear it apart, I am going to read through the service manual to get an idea how difficult this might be. It looks like I might have to remove the manual starter. If it anything like other manual start engines, I'm in for a real cussfest. Thanks for the advice. BTW, the "alternator" was repaired/replaced about 2 years ago by the dealer. I can't find the paperwork but it was not charging and killed the battery. So, new battery, "alternator" a wire harness that was shorted and general service put me back on the road for the low low price of $1800! Not going there again!
  7. gregorio

    Lots of Country

    That is my kind of country! What I wouldn't do to have that playground!
  8. Hi all- new guy here. Love everything with 4 wheels, ATV/Quads, Golf Carts, Jeeps, Race Cars, etc. Rarely is anything I own stock and if it is, it is usually a factory hot rod! My daily drivers for the 1/4 mile commute to work are either a 2006 Polaris Sportsman X2 500 EFI or a 30MPH lithium powered Club Car Precedent!
  9. I run a Shurflo spray pump (7amp max draw) all afternoon on my 06 Polaris 500EFI when spraying weeds. It is an on demand pump that starts and stops with pressure. I start the ATV every 20 minutes or so to move it in a new area to spray and it has not failed me yet. I did have a charge problem that never showed on the instrument cluster. No low voltage or low charge warning. Turned out it was a bad alternator and wire harness. I replaced the battery with an AGM and have been very happy since.
  10. I've got both the Sportsman and Foreman. A bit older models than what you are looking at but I love the ride of the Polaris over the Honda. So smooth over the rough stuff. I'm not sure but I think mine has some kind of 4WD on demand once the switch is engaged. I read someplace that it detects slippage but it never fails to get me through some deep muck. The Honda is a workhorse. I've spent much less money on it in the same time and it gets (ab)used harder. I've already replaced the starter, alternator, battery, wire harness and some other stuff on the Sportsman and just a battery and the ignition key on the Honda. I tow a spray rig and small trailer with it and the Foreman just powers on and on.
  11. I've got a Polaris and a Honda that I use regularly on my ranch so they see a lot of abuse. Fortunately, there is still a Honda dealer nearby but the nearest Polaris dealer is over 1.5 hours away. They charge way too much money ($1800 for battery, alternator, wire harness and fluids change) so I am starting to learn how to do my own repairs. The Internet is a wonderful and scary place when it comes to shopping. Where can I go for a fair deal? Is there a list of preferred vendors that advertise on the forum? Thanks, Greg
  12. Like the title says, my quad is suffering from a short. I think I traced it to a 4 wire harness that enters the engine case above the manual starter just in front of the electric starter. It is rather odd in that it has 3 yellow wires and one gray or tan wire. If I giggle it, I lose all power to the quad. Is this the magneto underneath? Thanks in advance, Greg
  13. Awesome! I think that will help a lot Hey Colin - I know I'm not usually this blind but I don't see it in the downloads section.
  14. Trying to find a service manual and wiring diagram for a 2006 Sportsman X2 500EFI (A06MN50AU). In the downloads section there is a service manual covering 05-06 400,450,500 but does it include the EFI stuff? I have an electrical problem that I sort of traced to a 4 wire harness going into the engine near the pull starter. If I wiggle it, all power is cut off from the instruments, fuel pump, etc. Thanks, Greg

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