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  2. Buying my first hunting atv. Found these for same price... 2015 Polaris sportsman 570, all wheel drive, fuel injected, irs, automatic. 2013 Honda foreman 4x4 420, 4 wheel drive, fuel injected. No power steering. Both are automatic. The dealer is pushing me to the Polaris, saying its a true all wheel drive which is close to power steering. He said the Honda he has does not have power steering. Also saying the solid rear axle on the Polaris better for rocky terrain. Is the all wheel drive on the Polaris good enough or do I need the true 4 wheel drive for the worst terrain? I got some steep hills to climb. Also wondering which will have better storage for hauling gear in and out? Thanks
  3. can anyone recommend a good 5x8 atv trailer (and is that big enough for an atv?). Thanks. I want the kind that the atv is enclosed by bars

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