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  1. Looks like its not available any longer.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I deleted your 2nd topic, which was identical to this one. I renamed this topic with more info.
  3. That sounds pretty steep to fix. I would take it home and find a used read diff on ebay or elsewhere
  4. @mikeexplorer That is pretty cool 😎
  5. Is that a new coil? If you think its a bad coil, they are so cheap that I would test another one. Amazon under $20
  6. Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I like the Maverick series UTVs.
  7. Looks pretty cool, are you going to camp there? PA has some really nice "official" riding areas, not like NY
  8. Normally good machines but on this listing I would be concerned about Cluster display and speedo not working.
  9. @Frank Angerano Glad to see you online and glad you were able to go out and do some riding. One day I'll get out to Lost Trails myself!
  10. That's pretty cool, looks like fun. Just checked out their website: http://www.ssrt.org/about.html
  11. @Rich1028 great videos and mods to both!
  12. I think no, but depends on the manufacturer. send them an email support[at]teamalbaracing.com

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