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  1. I don't think they sell any aftermarket add on like they do for a Phoenix 200. You may need to fabricate something. You can try shortening the cable. Is there a screw adjustment?
  2. Another great photo! Must be fun to ride.
  3. Welcome to QUADRAZY! 50 is not old. 😎
  4. I used to have a 700 king quad, great machine. Is the motor completely toast or can it be rebuilt? What happened?
  5. Thanks @labyrinths, very helpful. I wasn’t sure about the gel tech seat cover. Did it slide around on you? Was it comfortable?
  6. That's great info @MarkinAR, I'm torn on what to do and may just buy a new seat for the $100. However I'm thinking to try the Kolpin gel cover. Found it on summit racing for $39.99. I just don't know if I'll like it..lol.
  7. Lately, I'm noticing that Partzilla has the best price on OE yamaha parts. I typically find the OEM # and then do a google search and time after time, partzilla comes up. I think they also own boats.net
  8. I just posted this in the main forum...my seat has cracked up.
  9. Its in good shape. My neighbor has a Kodiak 400, nice machine. I used to have a Kodiak 450 and now a have grizzly 660. Looks like you need a new seat like me..
  10. Over this winter I started to get some cracks in my ATV seat cover on my Yamaha Grizzly and they got progressively worse. One crack ran across and more cracks at started to form. For the time being, I bought some wide black duct tape as a temporary repair. I’m thinking or a few seat covers but and alps thinking of reupholstering the seat. Any thoughts? I guess my quad is officially old now being a 2004 and to be expected... I used 3M Super Tough Heavy Duty All Weather Extra Wide Black Rubberized Duct Tape 2.83-in from Lowes. I'm leaning towards this seat cover on ebay w
  11. Doesn't seem available new anywhere. You may have to get one on ebay used. Something like: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Kawasaki-Bayou-KLF185A2-Air-Cleaner-Assembly/224366442127?epid=1118877922&hash=item343d48368f:g:Je8AAOSwySNgORF7
  12. No one is restraining opinion and many may agree with you in fact. The only issue is the name calling and words you used, just keep it civil. It was cleaned up, that’s it. If you want to make it into an issue and absolutely need to be able to name call others, well that’s up to you really. I don’t have a good answer for that.
  13. You’re thinking of the old g-spot bar and grille forum I think, where it was anything goes. Yes this is general discussion and anything goes, but we need to refrain from using some of the language as it’s a public facing forum. It’s more no “cussing” 😉. Discuss what you want but we have a hard stop on name calling and language that can be considered “cussing”. If you guys want something that isn’t open to the public to rant and such, and not have concern about the language, we can probably add a forum or bring back that old one. Better yet, just create a private club and add a forum. We w
  14. Let’s temperature check this and agree that there are clearly two sides to this pandemic, politics, and all that. Can we tone this down please? It’s like the third politically driven topic that seems to get everyone heated. No name calling please. I can appreciate everyone’s points of view, but let’s keep it civilized.

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