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  1. Their website looks pretty outdated but they have a phone # if you don't hear back via email: http://j-wheelz.com/contact_us.html They are also on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jwheelz365/ and they posted last march:
  2. I've never heard of these, so I just looked them up. Pretty interesting adapters. For anyone like me who hasn't heard of these, from their site: J-wheelz are an award winning attachment for ATV’s, UTV’s and 6x6 vehicles. Using a simple bolt-on attachment method, J-wheelz add traction and flotation without the cost and hassle of other systems I guess they've been around for a while judging from this old video from 2010..
  3. @mikeexplorer hopefully today you got some! @Gunny Great video as usual! Do you ever see any wildlife? That's a lot of snow...some of those snow drifts are insane! Feel like I'm riding when watching, pretty cool. Just need a VR headset and I can ride on a quad with tracks vicariously through you!
  4. Any check engine or other lights on? When you shift into drive, do you feel any engagement? If the fluid is good, you heard no noises, might be the shift cable or other shift issue. Torque converter would still shift into gear but rev out. I would have someone look at the shift lever on the tranny and see if its moving when you shift into drive.
  5. That's interesting because you wouldn't think of a slow crank from an ignition switch, but more of a weak battery. They are pretty cheap on amazon for some of the aftermarket ones. Maybe they cause a slow battery drain after some issue? More than likely something else or an internal short within the ignition switch?
  6. You going to keep it or turn it around? Float pin in the carb is probably stuck from sitting...
  7. @06kfx440 post a pic of your tinted windows! Insurance is like a penalty, because if you use it, you'll end up being fined for using it by having your premiums go up...
  8. @Beef Shadow glad you joined! Welcome to quadcrazy! You got some nice toys there. 😁 I see you are also from NY, I'm south of you in Putnam county. Where do you ride up there, just curious.
  9. Wow @Frank Angerano that's in good shape, I'm afraid to ask you how much you paid cause you always make great deals! You can tell by the condition of the rims, it wasn't dinged up. 2 of my friends had Eigers back when they came out, great quads. 4WD, solid rear axle, semi-auto shift I believe. Was this a craigslist find or something else? Have you ever used facebook marketplace?
  10. Great question. CCA stands for Cold Cranking Amps. The higher that rating, the more power you will notice cranking. Here's a good resource: https://www.autobatteries.com/en-us/how-to-choose-your-car-battery-replacement/battery-cold-cranking-amps-cca Generally speaking, it is easier to start an engine in a warm environment than in a cold one. The rating refers to the number of amps a 12-volt battery can deliver at 0°F for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts. The higher the CCA rating, the greater the starting power of the battery.
  11. Going good, no complaints! Yes no upgrade required, optional. Premium is really meant for more features and immediate access to downloads and posting. New members have their first post(s) moderated if joining free (to avoid spammers) and need to have a 10 post content count to access downloads. Paid memberships bypass that and grant immediate access for new members. Elite has a bit more and no ads. Glad to see you here!
  12. Hey @quadnut20 nice to see you!!! Love the pic! There are premium memberships available now in addition to the normal free membership, which was always available. It’s an optional membership upgrade.
  13. @erthsole try rockymountain, bikebandit, motosport, dennis kirk, cheap cycle parts, and amazon. I personally always check amazon after I check other sources online and only because I;m a prime member and can get the free ship. On amazon you can go here: * Updated topic title with more detail
  14. @Gunny Great video....are these your draws or someone else's??? LOL The Lucky 7 floor boards look great! Looks like you did a lot of modifications, nice work!

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