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  1. Maybe start a new topic on your issue. 😁
  2. Yeah that’s what makes Fury so popular. Yeah, I was disappointed to see that happen. I would have preferred fury vs Joshua. I’m waiting for Joshua vs Usyk now unless he vacates the belt. I got DAZN, and it’s been worth it for now. Wondering if the matchroom move from sky sports to DAZN will make it even better.
  3. Welcome to quadcrazy everyone, some cool backgrounds and stories here! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Try calling the dealer first. Its part of the anti-theft system I think. They need to login to Arctic Cat's system and reset, enter the vin. There there is a procedure you can do.
  5. Welcome, fellow NY'er here 😎
  6. See requirements here: https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  7. I think it's Shandong and not Tandong
  8. I moves your status update into a topic. Sounds like a fun project. Here are links to some manuals:
  9. I moved your status update to a forum topic, so hopefully you can get some assistance. I've read elsewhere that this limp mode is sometimes caused by a faulty gear position sensor or wiring issue.
  10. If you haven't done this yet, I would change the oil, check the air filter, and check/replace the spark plug. Any difference in running when you apply the choke?
  11. Have you changed the oil recently? Sometimes shifting issues start when incorrect oil is used in some quads, where the oil doesn’t have the specs/additives needed for the tranny.
  12. Welcome! That's pretty cool, with your mechanical experience, ATVs will probably be easy!

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