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  1. Vin number on Yamaha Moto 4

    If you can't make out the VIN on the frame, it may be difficult. If the original owner or anyone after that registered it with a state authority, you may be able to do a title search. Depends how the DMV is.
  2. Show us your Halloween Pics!!!!!

    Reviving this thread as Halloween is coming up! Post your pics.
  3. Jumping Jack Trailer

    That's cool, I just looked at their website...is that the explorer model? How much?
  4. after market primary clutch

    I have never bough one nor heard of anyone having issues. However, how much are you saving on ebay vs going with an aftermarket supplier that may sell a branded one with some sort of warranty possible?
  5. CFMOTO Uforce 500

    Yeah, it looks good. Good luck with it!
  6. 99 Yamaha Big Bear doesn't run right

    starts and runs fine if I go slow and easy but when I give it a lot of gas it start skipping or something (it doesn't go faster) I just replaced the carburetor and spark plug but no change.  Any ideas?

  7. probably, but I'm no welder...😑
  8. CFMOTO Uforce 500

    Great looking machine, what year is it? I have yet to see one out and about but hear great things. Moved your topic to the CFMOTO UTV secton.
  9. 1988-2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220 Service Manual

    Its a PDF file and I just tested the download and it works fine. I tested on a desktop so if you are trying with a mobile phone, make sure you have a pdf viewer.
  10. Unfortunately I didn't notice some of the rust hitting the undercarriage of my 2004 Yamaha Grizzly 660, but saw it the other day when I was doing some maintenance, oil change, air filter, spark plug, etc. The left side footrest broke and that's causing the plastic to hit the front wheel. It broke right at the welds from too much rust. Looks to me like what I need is (looked this up on yamahapartshouse.com): YAMAHA FOOTREST BOARD 5KM-27481-10 Left side (broken) YAMAHA FOOTREST BOARD 5KM-27488-10-00 Right side (rusted and will probably break eventually) Does anyone have a less expensive source? I did see on ebay a couple of listings but it still comes out to @ $50 each,
  11. Loncin 250 Wiring Diagram Needed

    First time for me on this, I haven;t seen one of these..😁 Unfortunately, I have nothing for this and hopefully someone else has something they can help you with. * Added more info into your topic title .
  12. New Member - Northeastern VT

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
  13. Sqeaky Brakes??

    Squeaky brakes could be caused by cracked brake pads, worn out brake pads, foreign substance caught in the brake assembly, or even a wear bar/sensor on some models. I would suggest pin-pointing what wheel its coming from and take the wheel off to inspect. If you have a hanging caliper, you could have an inner or outer worn pad when the other is not, so inspection would be good. Squeaking brakes are not normal and shouldn't really squeal. They may still work fine though and just be an annoyance with the noise.
  14. 2004 yamaha kodiac 450 manual

    Try this: Updated your topic title to include year, make, etc..
  15. Hi , I wonder if you can help me I have a ltz 400 06 model that wont start , any idea what could be the cause