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  1. Good luck with your surgery!
  2. A great reason to reply to a 12 year old topic... Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!
  3. Cataclean doesn't always work and if there is an underlying issue it will not solve your problem. But, its a cheap "worth a try". What are the codes that came up?
  4. I haven't seen much in these forums on Cannondales. Weren't they discontinued? Nice quads though. There's only this one manual in our downloads (wish we had more)
  5. Could be fuel or spark related. Have you cleaned the carb or has anyone messed with it?
  6. Did you ever get this fixed? So it shows in H but never gets our of L?
  7. Sounds like you replaced a lot of parts and it sounds like its running out of fuel. Did you test spark on high idle? Maybe a faulty coil?
  8. I would use MAF sensor cleaner as its less abrasive, safe for plastic. Its similar to electrical cleaner. Something like:
  9. I would think 88-90 or 92 would work. But I would check around online. Look at the parts houses and compare some of the parts diagrams. Are you looking for used that you want to know what range of years would work?
  10. Welcome! Chinese quads can be affordable and cheap to repair but sometimes there's limited support from manufacturers and parts are just "Chinese" and by CC. You can find a lot of parts on Amazon for Baja Wilderness quads. We do have a service manual in our downloads section which may help:

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