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  1. That's a nice scissor lift! Looks good to me, like those K&N filters for cars. Should give you more power as long as the cfm ins't too high and run too lean. Is that a generic or fit for this mojave?
  2. @Frank Angerano good negotiation skills! I haven't checked that Mojave topic in some time. I'll look now.
  3. @Arizona @Frank Angerano if you guys limit yourselves to $350 and $500, what are the asking prices of the atvs you are going to check out? What are the price ranges of the ads you are going for, as well as year range?
  4. @Arizona They look awesome! What black paint did you use on the frames?
  5. Topic moved to Yamaha ATV forum and added issue to topic title
  6. @Dra O maybe a silly question and I really don't know the answer but when looking at the parts diagram, I noticed two version of the fuel petcock for your YMM atv. Did you buy the correct one?
  7. Did the bearing go bad or the actual hub broke? Check http://www.2wheelpros.com/oem-parts/2005-polaris-predator-500-a05gj50aa-ab-ac-front-hub-and-front-wheel-a05gj50aa-ab-ac-assembly.html I believe this is the hub, you may be able to save a little on Amazon: Here's used one from ebay:
  8. You guys should post your hunting pics in the Hunting, Camping, & Outdoors Forum
  9. Have you tried going in reverse and then forward on a flat surface? They usually get out of diff lock when moving.
  10. Good diagnosis. My first guess was fuel but since you got pressure and also found no spark, replace those plugs, wires, cap and rotor to start.
  11. So you are going to spray the existing plastics? I've never done this but have seen a few videos on prepping the plastic, which is very important.
  12. I would agree with @Frank Angerano, homeowners insurance. The town or previous owner bear no responsibility. When you buy property here in NY for instance, its as is, and the buyer usually gets a home inspection prior to purchase. If something comes up, its a negotiating tool. There are instances of transferable warranties like on roofs, appliances, etc.
  13. Are there any lights that come on? sometimes the neutral safety switch can be misaligned. Playing with the shifter, does the light come on at all? can you start the atv with the brakes depressed? * Edited long topic title and added full ATV info
  14. Sounds like a great project. Immediate downloads access is available with a premium membership: https://www.quadcrazy.com/subscriptions/ Guidelines: https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/

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