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  1. Most of the smaller ATVs I believe have throttle limiters and not speed adjusters exactly, but it will allow you to keep them below a certain speed if they can't give it more gas. * Topic moved to General ATV Discussion Forum and adjusted topic title
  2. Ajmboy

    ATV Carburetor Tuning How To

    You would definitely want to look through the manual but here's a good video to give you some idea on the process of air/fuel mixture.
  3. * Topic moved to Kawasaki ATV forum and added ATV info and issue to topic title.
  4. Ajmboy

    Need used stock pipe for a Honda 400ex

    I would agree with @Frank Angerano, look on ebay for used. I changed your topic title to be more descriptive of what you are looking for on your Honda 400ex.
  5. Ajmboy

    New member

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
  6. Ajmboy

    Impressed with the amount of manuals

    I agree with @Frank Angerano ! It's all from members contributing their stuff. I edited your topic title since its not about a bayou, so renamed it
  7. @joseph how are you making out on this?
  8. Ajmboy

    Check this out

    That is awesome! Very nice job, looks professionally done. Looks like a factory brand new "special edition" Honda Recon.
  9. My bet would be coil related or fuel starvation.
  10. Ajmboy

    New to forum but not atv`s

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I noticed you had two images that were posted but did not show up. I removed them, looks like you may have added them and then deleted the attachments. RZRs are very cool, a buddy of mine has one and loves it.
  11. That's an awesome find! For anyone in the US, its $25.75 and available with prime
  12. You can try these Linhai ATV Service manuals: * Topic moved to Other brands atv forum and adjusted topic title for more info
  13. Added ATV info to topic title and moved to Suzuki ATV forum.
  14. Way to go, it's always nice to find the cause of an electrical issue! * Topic moved to Arctic Cat ATV forum and edited topic title to include ATV and issue.
  15. Ajmboy

    Honda ATV VIN Number Decoder & Search

    Another member posted about VIN View http://www.analogx.com/contents/vinview.htm to try out in the topic below: