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  1. Sounds like coolant is not circulating then and that would lead to a bad thermostat. I don't have a manual, there must be a thermostat in that ATV.
  2. Also, have you checked the thermostat?
  3. I'm thinking maybe its not overheating and its just triggering the light because like you said, with the fan on all the time it shouldn't be over heating. But I could be wrong. If that's not the case, it could be coolant flow.
  4. Have you replace the sensor? You can get it on Amazon for $27
  5. Here is one...maybe the one you are referring to. 😁
  6. I haven't used the wraps either, but they say its an alternative to work out plastic and painting. Good video below:
  7. Welcome to QUADCRAZY 😁 Is the fan on all the time with the bypass? What's interesting is that there is definitely an underlying issue if the fan needed to be bypassed to the ignition and was not going on with the temp sensor. How do you know its overheating, is it hot, light come on, boiling over?
  8. Have you thought about the camo wraps they sell for the plastic? Here's a manual if you don't have one:
  9. Oooh...nice! Post some pictures or add some to the pictures section https://www.quadcrazy.com/gallery/ So the LE is a 700, does it have power steering? I have a 2004 Grizzly. How much is it to rent an atv? You have a place by you that rents?
  10. Welcome to QUADCRAZY! What else are you doing on your quad that its a work in progress?
  11. Already have an HMF pipe, great exhaust very happy with it!
  12. That's a very good point about the electronics. I have a 9 year and 2 year old. I'm thinking of getting a small quad for my 9 year old daughter.
  13. yep, that's the same software. We should have a general forum here for "other powersports" like jet skis, PWC, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc. I always see other forums offering other area discussions.
  14. cool, I've never seen that site before and just checked it out. Looks like that site and HCS are using the same older forum software that this site was on about 10 years ago, very retro. 😁