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  1. Ajmboy


    A little more info on what type of ATV would be helpful and if you lost electrical or something else while riding. What happens when you tried to restart? Are there ignition lights?
  2. Ajmboy

    Reverse locked won't go

    Exactly. Full atv info when posting please
  3. Saw this via cheddar on LinkedIn and thought it was interesting. Tuff lift ATV or Sled Deck.
  4. Ajmboy

    Just here for a manual

    That’s because people like you come to get something free and offer nothing in return to the community that gave them something. Next time pay for a manual.
  5. Ajmboy

    TRX-200 Design

    My welding sucks as well, cant even solder copper pipe well...
  6. @bfh42 I moved your topic into the Suzuki ATV Forum, and edited your topic title a bit to Typical Suzuki LT-F250 faults? Looking to Buy ATV Hopefully you get some good responses! As far as typical issues, I'm not really sure because I've never owned one but try using the search to see if you find some topics of interest https://www.quadcrazy.com/search/
  7. Ajmboy

    Hello from Saint George Utah

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY! Redline was UTVs, right?
  8. Ajmboy

    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
  9. Ajmboy

    1992 Honda TRX300 Service Manual

    Topic moved to Honda ATV forum.
  10. Sounds like you have a connection issue somewhere or an ignition switch problem. Topic moved to Arctic Cat ATV forum.
  11. Ajmboy

    HI from Campbell, NY

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!
  12. @MtBob posted a good screen shot of the recommended engine oil. I will just add that I use on my yamaha grizzly, valvoline 4 stroke oil/ATV oil which is 10w-40. Some walmarts sell it Topic moved to Yamaha ATV forum
  13. Ajmboy

    1998 Polaris Sportsman 500 - Cooling Fan Does Not Turn On

    Another great Diagnostic Video!
  14. Ajmboy

    E-Ton Viper 90 - No Crank No Start

    Good diagnostic video and great explanation!
  15. Ajmboy

    2001 Honda 400ex leaking oil from top end

    Are you leaking from your valve cover? Topic moved to Honda ATV forum and added issue to topic title