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  1. Pretty interesting, found another topic on the same that went unanswered...
  2. Great feedback everyone, I appreciate it!
  3. Ajmboy


    Great shape, nice looking atv Frank. I like the black and camo!
  4. Ajmboy

    93 Bayou 300c 4x4 - My first used toy

    Moved Congrats on the bayou! I would change that oil like @Frank Angerano mentioned , run it, and maybe change it again.
  5. Have you ever bought from Rocky Mountain ATV? If so, what did you buy and how was the service, shipping, price, etc. Just looking for some feedback. They seem to still be one of the leaders out there in atv parts and accessories, although I don't usually recommend them because I don't use them personally.
  6. Here's a pretty good video of different types of atv snow plows
  7. So we are almost a month into winter and I've been so busy working on my house that up until today, I didn't realize that we just haven;t gotten any real snow yet to warrant putting the plow on my grizzly. So that got me thinking, what are the latest plows out there and what ATV plows are the best? I've got 2 snow plows for my grizzly, a quadboss pile driver atv plow set up and a snowsport ATV plow. They are both a bit dated now and I tend to stick with the snowsport due to ease of use and I just like it so much. So if you have a plow on your ATV, please let us know what it is and post a picture with your atv/plow would be awesome. Would also like to know what you like and dislike about it. This is back a while when I did a write up on these 2 plows.... in 2009 I got the snowsport and in 2012 I got the quadboss.
  8. Ajmboy

    2007 XY300 UTV

    That XY300 looks like an import from China. Might be difficult to get what you need but you may want to try to contact one of the distributors like https://xyvehicle.en.ec21.com/UTV_Model_2-seats--3791497.html I was able to find a 500 manual but not 300
  9. Version


    XY500UTV/XY500LUTV/XY500UE/XY500UEL Service Manual
  10. View File XY500UTV/XY500LUTV/XY500UE/XY500UEL Service Manual XY500UTV/XY500LUTV/XY500UE/XY500UEL Service Manual Submitter Ajmboy Submitted 01/12/2019 Category Other Brands UTV  
  11. Check out this club started by @Dravkracing or maybe start your own club here and you'll be able to find some folks. Also, try the member map https://www.quadcrazy.com/membermap/
  12. Ajmboy

    Regarding 2002 Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    Cool, glad you found it and welcome to QUADCRAZY! Take care of that 2 year old, I know what that's like. Have a 4 and 11 year old and the flu is no fun.
  13. Ajmboy

    2007 Prairie 360 4x4

    That would be funny.... I merged your two posts
  14. Ajmboy

    2007 Prairie 360 4x4

    Most of the time I just look to see if there are any nests or taped wires. Sounds like its clean under there Did you take any picture of the atv you can post?
  15. Ajmboy

    2007 Prairie 360 4x4

    That's a good quad and as long as the price is right, I would get it, Check sites like KBB.com for the resale value. As far as checking, you'll want to see how many hours/miles are on it if it has a display/speedo. Look at the overall condition of teh plastics, frame, tires, rims...to see how hard it was ridden. Check the oil level and condition. Open the seat and see what it looks like under there. Start it up and see how it runs. @Frank Angerano buys a lot of used atvs and knows what to look for.