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  1. Happy New Year everyone! I heard from my daughter that the 80's are coming back. Cindy Lauper performed in NYC last night, who would have thought...I say if that's the case, bring back the 70s!
  2. Encourages participation, which I see you are already doing 👍 The alternative is to move into a premium membership if participation in the community is not your thing 😉
  3. I don't think there is much you can do on a 125, maybe re-jet it? Are you looking for performance or just dress it up? How are the plastics?
  4. I just bought some kobalt screw drivers and they seem pretty good
  5. Thanks for helping out! I’ve read some of your posts, very helpful!
  6. Flywheel/stator. Check out this video, its pretty common.
  7. Might be something like this...check amazon. One goes on the side and one on top. 110cc Engine Stator Side Cover Caps on Amazon
  8. Sounds like its jumping out of gear and could be due to a shift lever issue/adjustment. Is it bent or any damage? Here are links to the manuals available in the downloads section.
  9. It prevents people from registering, downloading some free manuals, and then leaving. This is a community and we need participation from members. The other option to avoid contributing is to pay for a membership. So the option exists either way, but people want everything free...lol.
  10. Nice looking sportsman, like a gun metal gray. Looks very futuristic. Had to download to zoom and see what it was!
  11. I used to have a king quad 700, am a big fan of king quads.
  12. @Spartacus Stroppel what are you referring to, downloads or posting? The last post was regarding posting. If it’s downloads, make sure you didn’t hit the limits as a free member. https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  13. Sorry, missed this. I tried to look this up but it doesn't come up. Did you have any luck with identifying this?

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