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  1. 2017 Arctic Cat Alterra ATV Video

    Wow, that's a great price! I relate this machine to the class of the old suzuki eiger 400 4x4 quads and those were always fun to ride. When you were looking to buy, were you looking at any other ATVs in this class? Just curious what made you go Arctic Cat? The red color looks good and its very modern looking. did the winch come in the price?
  2. My 401k is up a lot and hopefully we'll get some tax relief soon so I'm good. I'm not thrilled with healthcare and wish they would have done something. For 2018 our family plan from my employer is a little worse with the deductibles and co-insurance stuff. Now I need to get a health savings account. I used to have great healthcare with this company, $25 co-pay for doctors visits and that's it. It's gotten worse every year since obamacare and rates have gone up. Just to put the medical into perspective I have 2 kids, 3 years old and 10 years old and when my 10 year old was born we paid $250 out of pocket, but when my 3 year was born it was $6000 out of pocket. Regular Doctor visits went from a $25 co-pay to you pay the co-insurance rate which is $80-100. And this is employer sponsored healthcare. If this administration can fix this BS, I'll be happy camper.
  3. Good morning, a little snow again here in NY!
  4. Looking forward to it! Let it snow, let it snow!!!
  5. 2005 Arctic Cat 500 Starter Click

    Is that starter tight and making good connections? I hate to say it but if its new and clicking...sounds like you are getting power to it and the starter is just not engaging. I would probably tap on the starter with a small hammer and see if it starts, may have a low spot in that new starter. Try also jumping the starter to see if it engages.
  6. Great video. Those new backcountry tracks look more aggressive and have a higher ground clearance. Did your old tracks have bigger knobs that just wore off? I know you do a lot of winter riding based on all the videos you made...👍 So your quad sits higher now and I wonder how the ride will be with the added height and longer rear tracks. How is it riding with those things? Is it hard to steer? Biggest advantage is getting through deep snow, right? Very cool, good luck with your new tracks! Looking forward to your riding videos.
  7. I do like the Arctic Cat Alterra rack attachments and seems like a comfortable ATV to ride. Price isn't bad either.
  8. snow plows: what's the best one?

    I'm still using my snowsport plow, works very well for me. 😁
  9. 2005 Arctic Cat 500 Starter Click

    Hello, is it clicking like a relay or the solenoid is clicking? I moved your topic to the Arctic Cat forum and added issue to your topic title.
  10. Yea I only use it once a year for when I take the kids on this hayride that I do. It's good though for hunters and if you need to keep noise down a bit, it quiets down significantly.
  11. Not sure if I ever posted about this, but every Halloween I hook up my trailer to my ATV and make a hayride for my kids and our neighbor's kids. I've been using The Silent Rider atv silencer as a slip on over my HMF exhaust. It's not perfect put would quiet it down for a few hours while going out trick or treating. the exhaust however was flowing back so I added a snorkel sort off and wrapped the connections with 3M High Temperature Flue Tape which works very well quite frankly. I pitched the muffler up and came up with this. Worked pretty good but for next year may just weld the connections instead of tape. You can get the silencer on Amazon for @ $200 The tape is under $10.
  12. My Yamaha Grizzly Photos

    Random pictures of my Yamaha Grizzly
  13. Its good morning somewhere but here in lower NY we are getting our first decent snowfall, 3-5 inches, just enough to get the quad out with the plow
  14. 1986 250TRX - Salvage or scrap?

    If the frame, plastic, tires, and all is pretty good I would try and salvage it or sell it before scrapping it. Have you taken a look to see what it would cost you in parts new or used? Got a picture of it?