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  1. Ajmboy

    2015 Polaris 200 Phoenix problem

    For some reason it's not playing.
  2. Ajmboy

    2003 LTZ 400 Not running right. Need Help!

    Is the engine revving high or erratic idle?
  3. Ajmboy

    Grizzly Gone Camping

    This was a picture I took of my Yamaha Grizzly during a camping trip.
  4. Ajmboy


    Love the lights are those LEDs?
  5. Ajmboy


    Nicely modded!
  6. Most of the rear boxes like the one I have mount to the rack with u-bolts.
  7. Ajmboy

    07 Arctic Cat 500 automatic - NO POWER

    Sounds like you have a break somewhere. Check your battery connections first. So when you turn the key on, you have no lights or power, correct? I would start checking all the wiring to make sure there are no break/disconnects if fuses are good. Check the ignition switch first and work your way from there. This is of course if your battery is indeed fully charged. Is there a main fuse under the fender or seat?
  8. Ajmboy

    Maiden Run

    Here in NY bass season opens very soon in June. Trouts are in season now. I'm going out this weekend with my brother in law, so hopefully we'll get some browns, largemouth bass and we'll see what else.
  9. I've caught pickerel and they are very bony fish as well as have some nasty teeth...
  10. Ajmboy

    2014 Suzuki King Quad 500 Rev Limit, top speed problems

    Did you make sure there was no water in the belt housing? That belt may be slipping from being wet, try draining the CVT. * Added full year, make, and model to topic title.
  11. Ajmboy

    2015 Polaris 200 Phoenix problem

    It's a 2WD with a rear wheel diff. http://www.atv.com/specs/polaris/sport/2015/phoenix-tm/200/compare.html Is that a video you tried to post or photo?
  12. Ajmboy

    Maiden Run

    What a great write up! I couldn't agree more. I started with ATVs years ago. My first was an old yamaha warrior 350 that I fixed up. I soon found that I loved riding trails in the woods and "exploring" so I bought my first NEW quad wanting racks for storage and not so much a sport quad. It was bayou 220, 2WD. Two other friends did the same and the following year we all sold the Bayous and got bigger quads. 2 of us got king quads (700's) and the other friend got a suzuki eiger, all 4WD. What a difference...it really is something to be able to experience the outdoors on a quad. I'm also a fisherman, so I can appreciate that! I want to see those fishing pics, walleys, bass, trout, etc. We have an outdoors forum here also: https://www.quadcrazy.com/atvforum/82-hunting-camping-outdoors-forum/ I just put my rowboat back on the reservoir, getting out next week over the holiday weekend:
  13. I used to have a 700 king quad, what exactly is a 2-up? Dual seat built into rear cargo? I have this on my grizzly for a few years now and love it.
  14. Ajmboy

    New owner of bayou 220, 300 4x4, 400 4x4

    It's important to make sure that the oil has the additives for the clutches which regular motor oil does not. I've always used ATV oil, like Valvoline ATV oil and it's worked well. I've used the Valvoline atv oil in my kawasaki bayou 220, kingquad 700, and grizzly 660 without issues. You can get in on Amazon, and also look at the auto parts stores like Advance Auto
  15. Ajmboy

    96 polaris explorer no crank

    How long did it sit for? Maybe drain and replace the gas? * Added issue into topic title.