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  1. Thanks Dave!  I was able to download it this AM!  Now to get busy studying and taking some resistance readings.  billyz57

  2. It must be the new math, I am up to 10 on the profile content count, and I count 12 for posts or reply's. Ajmboy what am I missing in order to get to 10?
  3. robdoyle, Thanks for the link! This should be my 10th action, so I should be able to download it after sending! Take Care! billyz57
  4. I'll get an in line spark tester tomorrow, and see what the Yamaha does, and let you know. The other links that were posted talk having a bad pickup coil on the stator, and talk to how you can ohm it to verify. Where do I test the stator at? Again Thanks for your Help!!
  5. Looks very similar to the Moto 4 350 I have. The Hi Low Reverse lever appears to be missing from the left side picture.
  6. robdoyle, Thanks for the reply! Starter has been off. I don't see any corrosion any where. I did try to jump the old starter direct with jumper cables when it was off the quad, and it acted like it had a flat spot, e.g. ground the case and momentarily touch the POS jumper cable to the lug, and sometimes it would just spark, and some times it would spin. So I ordered a aftermarket Chinese repop, and it arrived today. Installed it and same condition, starter turns the engine over, but no start when cold. OK, I'll see if it still starts on pull rope. Nope! The repop starter case that go
  7. DavefromBC: Battery brand new and @ 12.75 VDC. I'll check all the connections and Sparkplug, though. Thanks for the advice!!
  8. DavefromBC, Sorry I should have been more specific. Starter engages, engine turns over, but won't start most of the time. After I can get it started by pulling rope and it has warmed up, sometimes I can shut it off and get it to start with the starter, but most of the time it just cranks and no start. Thanks for the Reply!!
  9. billyz57


  10. New Member to the QuadCrazy Forum, and to quad ownership.  Looks like a lot of useful information here.  Working to get to 10 activity items so I can download manuals.  Thanks in Advance!!

  11. New to Quadcrazy, Has any Yamaha owners had similar issue? 1987 Yamaha YFM 350 Starts on Pull, but just spins on starter, and won't start.
  12. I had the same problem on a 87 YFM350, and mine ha the compression release lever. I still have to try several times before the pull rope catches when it is fully retracted in the case.

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