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  1. Hi bought this quad with a few leaks and other issues which thanks to excellent advice from these forums I thought I’d sorted them till I washed it down and found oil underneath. It is coming from the seal around the gear changer pedal as it looks like someone has banged the housing flat on one side. Knowing how easily aluminium is broken I don’t wanna risk tapping it back into shape. Would a new seal fit or would the distortion of the housing render it useless. thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, bike does start with the electric start mostly, but the battery was weak and wouldnt start it the other day so went to use the pull start, to say its hard is an understatement first of all you gotta do a little jiggling about til it catches then pulling it takes some effort now i know im not the strongest fella in the world but this is so much harder than it should be. It does start of the pull just to get the engine to initailly turn is so hard any ideas why its happening or how to fix this, Thanks
  3. Mines a bit choosy about wanting to start too, but will "eventually" go on pull start the only thing is the pull start is so hard to pull and can take a while and i have to do a flicking type manouver to get the pull start to catch is this normal ? Thanks
  4. My old fella thinking he’s John Wayne on his Suzuki Eiger 400
  5. It was the front left wheel bearing after all, new ones ordered and on route 👍🏻
  6. Hi I recently bought a 1996 Yamaha Big bear 350 for a good price it was a bit rough and ready but for what I’m gonna be using it for its sound just that each time I go looking i find more faults ie rear swing arm seal leaking, uj on prop, oil from the transfer case blah blah blah I don’t know if I’m being too picky but I like things right but also I’m wondering is it worth it ???
  7. Belmontie


  8. I moved from London (England) to a place called Connemara it’s In county Galway on the west of Ireland 11 years ago. Its very rural and very unspoiled still has the wild feeling about it, well from being born in a city like London where the off road opportunities there were slim and none to coming to a place begging to be explored so I bought a Land Rover Defender with a Ramsey hydraulic winch it’s rough but fun almost zero electrics not even a stereo (you wouldn’t hear it anyway) I loved taking of and getting stuck in various holes around the county, it was around the time I bought this my dad sent a container back from the US with various bits for the farm we were setting up and his house and inside was a Suzuki eiger 400cc with a warn winch and that’s what got me going with quads he sent back a polar tipping trailer too the amount of work those two have done is phenomenal from firewood, putting out turf (peat ), carrying feed, to mucking out stables. I got an opportunity to buy an old Yamaha Big Bear 350 for cheap so i took it, needs tlc but I like the fact I’ll learn more about them when fixing them (or not fixing them) looking forward to sharing my mishaps with you all.
  9. Thanks I kinda overlooked the worse case scenario I’m hopefully gonna go at it the weekend (if I have the time) I gotta change all the boots on the front too, inner and outer.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, your right it’s binding on one wheel but only slightly.
  11. Hi my 350 tends to pull down on initial acceleration which is the opposite of the other quads I’ve driven (not too many) is there a problem with the front end ? Its sitting on Bear Claws if that has any effect ?
  12. Here for the manual and the help for when I follow the manuals instructions and still do it wrong !
  13. I just got an old big bear 350 it needed some tlc but it’s going great now but haven’t really worked it ie pulled a trailer etc but we have an eiger 400 that’s handled everything with ease, and it gets a lot of work with trailers of timber or turf. we didn’t go bigger as were in the west of Ireland and it’s hard enough getting the 400 out of the bog let alone anything heavier 😂
  14. Hi guys just wanna say thanks for the add. Just bought a 1996 350 Big Bear bit rough and ready but bought for a good price looking forward to picking all your minds

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