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  1. Scoopeddad


  2. Battery doesn't have enough power it sounds like. The ATV doesn't have a compression assist. Used two hands with a good trip. I usually only pull start mine.
  3. Had same issue with my 1994 yamaha big bear 300. Ended up being the vent hose being plugged on carb. Used compressor to blow out lines and runs like a top. I did the whole carb rebuild and clean, spark plug and other things and ended up being a very simple fix. Good luck
  4. Thanks for all the great advice. Will work on it this weekend
  5. How do you jump the relay? I put a new starter in and nothing
  6. I have a 1994 big bear and I am starting to have issues starting. I put in a new starter and selnoid as the at stopped starting with the electrical but will still start with the pull cord. Where and what now should I be looking at to check? If I turn key to on and the switch to on then hit the start button, the bike clicks and then nothing. Lights still work but no response to the starter. Stumped now. Any help would be greAt.
  7. Scoopeddad


    Out for a ride with my dog Buddy.
  8. Thanks. I just took the carb apart again and washed it and blew out all the Chambers with some air. Now I just need to take it for a ride. Thanks again for all the info.
  9. So I have a 1994 Honda trx300 and I still am having some carb issues. I cleaned the carb and installed a new carb kit. Starts great, idles great, but when in 3rd it seems to pulsate. Not steady power. Any ideas on the setting the setting for the carb? I put a new spark plug in and the old one did seem pretty dark and sooty. I checked the gap on new one and installed. Went for a ride and it didn't seem any different. Any suggestions would be great..
  10. Thank you. I am in process of purchasing the ATV and wanted a repair Manuel.
  11. Looking for a Manual for a 1996 Kawasaki Bayou 400.
  12. Scoopeddad

    Lakelse lake

    5km up the mountain and when we looked back it was spectacular.
  13. Definitely a carb issue. The setting are not set right. Almost sounds like it is running lean. Check the float setting first to see if it is getting the fuel into the bowl. Also, is there a rubber boot from carb to motor? If so look for a tear or hole. That will make it run lean also.

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