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  1. Sounds lean to me also
  2. After I rebuilt the card it seems to have a faster idle than before. I have tried to adjust the idle screw but will only speed idle up, not slow it down. What should I look for in adjustments. I purchased a card rebuild kit.
  3. Will it kick over or pull start? If so it will be a short in electrical like battery cable loose on battery or on starter. Possibly.
  4. Cable is mounted in the bracket. The 2 19mm nuts are snug also. Just not sure which way to adjust the cable. As in or outwards. Thanks though.
  5. I have a 1995 Yamaha big bear 350 and am having issues adjusting the transmission cable correct. It seems when I adjust it to get both forward gears I don't get reverse gear unless I reach down and push the rod on tranny. Anyone have any suggestions? When I got the atv it never ran and was able to tinker my way around everything and now it runs awesome, except I can't figure out the transmission cable.
  6. Out riding with my 12 yr old daughter.
  7. My 1004 honda trx300 starts up and sometimes idles good, sometimes not so good. If bike is running and I grab the bike and shake it the bike will stall or try to stall. What should I be looking at to fix issue?
  8. Try checking the breather hose on the carb. It might be plugged. Had same issue on my 1994 big bear. Had a chunk of mud in hose. After blowing it out it ran like new.