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  1. From the album Lakelse lake

  2. Yes. It definitely looks Chinese.
  3. Definitely a carb issue. The setting are not set right. Almost sounds like it is running lean. Check the float setting first to see if it is getting the fuel into the bowl. Also, is there a rubber boot from carb to motor? If so look for a tear or hole. That will make it run lean also.
  4. We lost the nut and washer and found a nut that was tonight under my seat from who knows what and bent an Allen key to hold it all together.
  5. The axel nut came loose and broke the cotter pin
  6. From the album Oh boy

  7. From the album Oh boy

  8. From the album Oh boy

    Tire falls off along ways from home. We're able to jimmy rig a repair.
  9. I have a 1995 Yamaha 350 big bear and I am having trouble starting it. You can hear the solenoid click but starter motor won't engage. Should I be looking at the starter motor or solenoid? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Sounds lean to me also
  11. After I rebuilt the card it seems to have a faster idle than before. I have tried to adjust the idle screw but will only speed idle up, not slow it down. What should I look for in adjustments. I purchased a card rebuild kit.
  12. Will it kick over or pull start? If so it will be a short in electrical like battery cable loose on battery or on starter. Possibly.
  13. Cable is mounted in the bracket. The 2 19mm nuts are snug also. Just not sure which way to adjust the cable. As in or outwards. Thanks though.