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  1. joseph

    1989 suzuki lt500 (Quadzilla)

    there is a used parts place called psn 402-371-7002 i bought a part about 6 months ago there in norfolk,ne.68701
  2. i bought rear tires from them 2 years ago and stud nuts,checked price for front 2 weeks ago same tires 12.00 cheaper on ebay.the oil filter they sell didnt include 2 orings needed for my atv
  3. the manual is ok except for dark pictures,i have a 1990 4wd quadrunner,different carb acording to manual, speedomter cable on mine connects on right side of tranny grease it good before installing i hade to get a after market carb suzuki wanted $500. fo mine after market $120. a lot of members on here helped me mine would only idle wouldnt run at high speed it was voltage regulater belive it or not so all these guys will help you the brakes on mine the wheel cylenders weer froze up another case of suzuki price gouging the re are after market cyl. fore mine i have the manual that covers yours if i can help
  4. it sure was for me i bought a clymer service manual when i first bought this atv first one for me,but there not that good nothing in there about this ptoblem the pictures are so black hard to see i know ive had transmission apart to put in starter clutch drive,thank god for you guys help i think suzuki isnt the best pilot screw under carb cannot adjust unless carb off. i bought it because of suppension and supper low.didnt know suzuki robs you on part prices thanks again every one
  5. i want to thank every one for there advice i tried all if i hadnt did that before a member shane meguffie was right on checking voltage it was 17 i put on new one 14.4 volts ran ok except carb needs proper adjusting and i will be glad to take all advice you guys sure helped me out. i never could take to a dealer because of cost suzuki atv parts ar way over priced i ran into that on a wheel cyl. suzuki wanted about %50.00 a suzuki truck same wheel cyl. %10.00 at amazon,and the area i live in the dealers are aragent
  6. right now and for a year and half the aftermarket carb was and is on machine,,i do need to chock it to start it starts right up i let it run a few minutes try to rev up it quits if i dont rev it up it probabley idle all day i cant rev it up to check voltage it quites a inline spark checker shows spark i do have a new reglator have to take front fender off to change before this happened i would run it a couple times a week for maybe 5 houres mostly to bring out wood it has a xtra low independent suppension front and back did great on this land i have
  7. thanks i will try that the thing is it never did that before since i bought it i rebuilt the carb at least 5 or 6 times finally bought a different new carb from a place that could get a aftermarket one it ran great for a year and a half then it would start this i would work the throttle it would straghten out but now it wont . the one thing i noticed was that neddle with the groves is a 1[8 in longer then in a kit ive even tried different kits all have the shorter needle iam 79 was a heavy equipment mechanic many years figured i could fix about anything but not this ILL TRY WHAT YOU SAID AND THANKS
  8. not sitting around a lot compression 188 after valves checked they where actually ok also i had put after market air filter on it because putting carb on and off so much this atv is tough to work on with front and rear fenders on
  9. thanks for advice but i have checked fuel flow even hooked up another tank so it would feed carb by gravity,also i bought a after market carb it does same thing iam not driving the atv its just sitting there in neutarl is there any thing electrical that could cause this? i sure appreceate the help i tried going to the suzuki forum site but after joining couldnt figure out how to ask a question cant even log in anymore its crazy how complicated that site is so i hope you guys can help me i have cleaned tank new fuel shut off new fuel lines new vacume line to fuel pump new coil new spark plug new plug wire new coil rebuilt carb set float
  10. its a 1990 suzuki lt4wd ,i have tried every thing when it first started it ran like a 4cyl. would when only 1 cyl was fireing then it would clear up when i worked the throttle now it just only will run at a idle runs smooth at idle
  11. my atv will start right up will idle fine soon as i try to throttle up engine dies,i have changed gas,new fuel pump and lines great compression 188 lbs.new coil new spark plug adjusted valves dont know what to do also rebuilt carb,any help wanted