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  1. Thanks. That'll be one of my next steps - testing for power at the starter. I used a battery out of my riding mower - charged it first. When the relay clicked, I put the charger on the battery and set it for 100 amp start & hit the starter button a couple of times. Still clicked relay. This happened on my Chinese Yamaha recently. Turned out I had a bad ground. If it's not that, I may have to pull this starter and see if it'll turn. I'd like to have the starting system working so when I get the tank and carb ready, I won't have to pull the rope with my arthritic shoulder. 😉
  2. Yep. Figured on oil change - engine/tranny and front differential. Just to see what would happen, I hooked up the battry leads to a lawnmower battry. When I turned the key, the neutral light lit up, the low beams work, and the speedo backlight works, too! Hit the starter button and a relay clicked right behind the battry box. Not sure what the easiest way is to get to that to check or change it. Hoping the Clymer manual that came with it will show me.
  3. Yeah, I need to take some pics. I already took the goofy looking windshield off. I can't believe how good it looks for its age and for sitting outside a few years. The tires even have better than half tread and hold air. You mentioned having your tranny apart, Joseph - is hard to get to/take apart if I ever have to? Just curious. Oh, and it came with the factory owner's manual and a Clymer shop manual.
  4. Just bought (Tue. evening) an '89 Suzuki 250 4wd that has been sitting out the last 5 yrs. It's complete, including the shift knobs, battery cover, and headlights. It has the optional cooling fan on it (probly stuck - didn't check), and the engine isn't locked up. Plastic looks good and isnt cracked. Racks aren't bent up. Shift lever works, the foot brake moves (needs oil - have to pull it up by hand), and there's black oil and no water in the engine sight glass. Guy was asking $125 and gladly took $100 for it. Anxious to get started on bringing it back to life. Been wanting one of these for years. As soon as I can get to it (working on a junky "Jackel" right now - Chinese Yamaha Timberwolf). I'm going to pull the tank off it and clean it, clean & possibly rebuild carb, put in new plug, and a battery, then see what happens. If nothing, will keep going until it runs. Feel free to respond if you want to, I'm mainly just excited and wanted to tell somebody.
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