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  2. It is not oem, the oem carb was $500 so I got one on amazon. I forget the brand name. Thanks. I will try the starter fluid.
  3. Its getting good fuel to the carb because when I pull of the fuel line fuel runs out good.
  4. I have not tried the starter fluid yet. I did test ohms and it was good. And yes I do have spark. By the way, thanks for all you guys input.
  5. I replaced the Cdi because of spark issues. The ignition coil is good. The carb is brand new, could it still have problems? The stator was replaced by the last owner. I checked it and it was good.
  6. I put in a brand new carb and the new carb came with extra jets. Should I check jets? Could it be the starter?
  7. i have recently purchased a yamaha kodiak ultramatic 400cc. it is used and sat outside for a long time. i have done a lot of work on it and got it to run sort of. when i try to start it, it will start and run for a little bit then it will die, the time it runs varies. it has a new cdi, spark plug, and stator. most of the time it wont even start it just cranks over. there was one time that it started up right away and ran perfectly but the next time i tryed it wouldnt start. before that one time every time it started and ran it had a popping sound. i cant figure out why it wont run. any help would be muchly appreciated! thanks!

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