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  2. It is slightly Timberwolf looking, but the plastics are completely different. On mine the front rack is slightly sunken into the plastic. Timberwolf isn't. If you look at a 1999 BigBear 350 4x4, it matches the looks quite close. Im pretty sure that it is actually a 1999 Big Bear. Here is a picture: https://goo.gl/images/2r3to8
  3. No tags I can find. There is this number which I just found looking at the engine block with a flash light. I might take off all the plastics and look at it better. Perhaps the VIN was stamped somewhere else on the frame too?
  4. It does appear to be a 1999 big bear 350. How would I tell the model number? Partszilla lists 4 different models of 1999 Big Bear 350.
  5. Greetings! ATV newbie here. I just picked up this ATV. I'm told it's a Yamaha Big Bear 350, a 1999. Problem is that the VIN, which should be on the left side of the frame, it's been ground off. So. How do I identify which model number this is? Is it definitely a Big Bear 350? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I figured it had been stolen. I am guessing that it was done awile ago. Its been painted over and rusted since. I will get some pictures up today. Any particular angles that will help identify it?
  7. I just noticed that the VIN number is scratched out on it. Any other ways to determine the exact model? There are no stickers anywhere that I can see.
  8. Which one did you go with? Can you provide a link?
  9. Whats the best place to buy Yamaha parts? I am guessing that direct from Yamaha would be the most expensive?
  10. Hello guys! New to the forum, and fairly new to ATVs. I've driven them, but never owned one. Now I do own one. Just picked it up today. It's a 1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350. It's been through some stuff. The guy I got it from told me the previous owner removed the front diff because he didn't want to replace the half shaft. So it's 2wd, even though it's supposed to be 4x4. Lovely. I can deal with that for now. More importantly, I need to get it running. The carb needs to be rebuilt. The guy I got it from said he sprayed it all out and it still didn't work. I'm concerned he might have da

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