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  1. I am retired and am 65 yrs old.  Barely making a living and am having a problem with my 2002 Kawasaki Prairie 650 4x4.  It keeps breaking a valve and the end drops in the cylinder ruining my piston... I love to work on small engines and this is one headache for me and will accept all your comments on this as to helping me find what is causing this.

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    Si Mayeux

  3. I fixed my Kawasaki Prairie 650 by installing a new head assembly and lo and behold, it broke a valve again and destroyed the piston.  I am concerned that the cam are causing this only on the rear cylinder.  I need some guidance on this and would appreciate all of your thoughts on this.   Si.

  4. Hi, I am a new member. I just bought a 2002 Kawasaki 650 and when it was delivered to me I did not realize that it was running only on one cylinder. Man I was disappointed.. any way I purchased a new head for the valves were broke and it scored the top of the piston only and not the cylinder. This is the rear head that I am replacing and valves. I used a wire to hold the timing chain. Howere I noticed that the cam did not have the pre decompression items it had been removed and closed off on the timming cam. There is a arrow on the gear... Can anyone give me some info to time this.. I do not want to do it wrong and mess up the engine... I am also trying to make my 4x4 actuator manual since it was not working. I need a type of thumb control and I think a bike shift might do the trick on the handle bar with a cable down to the actuator and I am planning to drill in the gear and make a groove for the cable to turn the gear to engage the 4x4... any other ideas.

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