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  2. Nice machine , enjoy your new quad , nice bag system. , it only gets better from here on out buddy be safe , enjoy Wife loves her 450: got her a new kodiak this winter and i think its a fantastic machine , smooth , responsive , just a great quad ,
  3. Thanks for great input guys Lol , yes i have an 18 yr old but no way hes going to shovel ove a mile into the woods lol , he does clean the decks though lol , im thinking the synthetic is a good bet , if just for the safty
  4. Hey guys , i think i made mistake when purchased my machine when i thought id be fine with a manual lift moose plow set up . plow is great , takes a beating , very satisfied however the manual lift for it just kicks my ass after 4 hours or so. Lol so im looking at changing over to a winch , no biggie im definitely going to do it , where my question is , when looking at winches i came to the divide in the trail ...nylon rope ,or old style cable ? I will be,only using this for plowing that is all , i use choke cables and tug straps for other work ...... somwhat do you think guys , its not a price issue , im looking for longterm dependability.... i questioned the rope getting wet while plowing , maybe no biggie not sure. .. thanks guys. Airborne
  5. Hey guys i haven’t disappeared,just been busy , my latest has been plowing snow, and cutting trees in the woods , this cold snap is great to get in woods imo,, last week,took,a sharp object in sidewall of tire, 32 miles on tire ugh... replaced the tire and bought a nice little floor jack at Harbor freight , it was about $30,00 , lol got home and realized it had no hydraulic fluid in it .... i wish they would of told me , had to run back out for fluid .. jack does exactly what i wanted im happy .. hope everyone is doing ok , Airborne
  6. Carhart jacket , gloves , balakava , ski pants , the ski pants are great when plowing
  7. Great point , and kind of you to put the offer out to ride/w others. When im out alone I usually adjust my ride for safety, i dont get into anything over my head lol , some afternoons i just want to cruise the trail ill go,slow enjoy the ride , but you are right about being alone , very easy to make a mistake ad regret it. Be safe. Airborne
  8. Welcome to the group, great group of very knowledgeable guys here Airborne
  9. Good point, and funny you just posted this ... honestly lol , i just came in from garage , parked quad after going for a blast through the woods , opened a beer and walked into house .. its cold out here in upstate new york , wife is making a nice meal for us because we dont go out on “ Amature night “ , fireplace going , a nice old movie on and i looked over at wife and said “ lets go out for a blast tonight , , mind you we live in the woods , unpaved roads , 4 wheel drive in winter , she looks at me and said i dont think so. We have already started drinking , youve had a few jamisons , / w a few beers already , its 4:00 , and we will not be safe ripping through the woods at night , ...mind you a took a damn branch on face. This afternoon caught in helmit lol. Have a cute little “ red mark. Lol ........ i wear my helmit , but should of had my goggles ...... anyway long story short. You are no doubt correct buddy , my ass is home in front of fireplace on this cold night , quads are staying parked ...Happy new year guys Airborne
  10. Hey temper welcome , im fairly new here as well , i have to say this site has so much more to offer then just grab service manual, the guys are cool , theres a ton of info and great fellowship , fun place to shoot the shit with guys with same interest. Hopefully this spring we will,all be able to meet up ,ride eats and a few cold ones , im in upstate new york great places to ride , what do you have for quads ?
  11. Hey. Guys , wondering what you use to lift quad to do maintenance? , small jack , lifts ...looking around not seeing much
  12. I know this is an older post but felt like contributing, yesterday my son and i were on our property hauling out down trees , figured taking advantage of frozen ground would make the dragging easier, we ended up putting 9 hours in just hooking choke chains to logs and pulling out , it was fun did some great work , exercise, played with the quads a bit and had fun.
  13. Sounds great..... round up everyone and have a great day
  14. That sounds like fun. A day of riding together , and get to know everyone

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