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  1. Just got home from voting, this is about the most i will talk politics lol....for the fact that im hoping America gets back to the way things used to be , just my opinion but America seems so much more angrier, im burned out 2020 has been very political and im ready to move forward , im 54 been voting since 18 and have never seen an election like this ...okay Enough ! Lol Dump the masks ,and lets focus on America moving forward ...ugh lets grab a cold Beer and laugh again ......just my 2 cents 🇺🇸😊
  2. Welcome Briggs ,looking forward to your posts , great group of very knowledgeable guys here.
  3. Havent had much response to this old post but hey ,new members have come along , so,why not. Lol with winter here my days of wading in the cold river isnt working anymore lol , but tying flys in the cold evenings with a nice glass at my side is where its at for me , i usually go through all my gear from past season, flies that need to be replaced or ,creating a few new ones .....i usually keep track as to what worked ,where and what month ...then i start tying up , ill make several hundred over the winter , if anybody has ever been curious about this don’t hesitate jump in and try. Its v
  4. Well here we go ... snowing like crazy front lawn covered already lol i guess winter is here , time to set plow up. Last weekend i built a concrete ramp for bringing machines into basement , glad i got that done lol. Wouldnt be doing this weekend. Be safe guysm
  5. The country has been changing fast, this past year the current happenings have given my wife and i a new perspective on things . we have discussed possibly moving out of our current state ,our state Government is a disaster, currently looking into Montana , weve been researching it and like many things about it ,the weather is what we like as well as the freedom .. Wondering if there are any members that are familiar with the state and would chime in on this ?
  6. Well i am ready for this election season to be over, done gone .......i am so over it i Dont talk in depth politics or religion, lol. But i have to say 2020 has been a shitty year IMO ......the country has become very angry , way to much doom and gloom. I will cast my vote next week and then embrace the “ suck “ i have a feeling things are going to be ugly for a few more months. ........ meanwhile. Get out and ride , cut a trail, have fun ,have a cold beer .... lol be safe
  7. Wow great pictures....i have always enjoyed ridding since i was a kid , from Briggs and stratton mini,s then all through the machines , to Harleys, now back to my quads ...always gave a sense of freedom , we enjoy the trails in the woods near our home on own property, we hit the power lines and enjoy that as well. When sitting on our porch on any sunday we always hear the locals on trails in the distance, i have never minded hearing it , pretty much “ Farmboys having fun “ our road is private and goes a mile in off pavement , its accessible a few miles in from random trails , one d
  8. Thank you, we stoped in newburgh to just look ......lol we were at Moronys on union ave.... the salesman was very informative and had great product knowledge wasn’t pushy or rude just told us that the machines had been selling quick, there were deposits being put down , ...i guess this propmted my wife ,like i said she surprised me and she was the one pulling trigger lol.....im blessed. But honestly the salesman ( eric). Told us in conversation that there has been a huge upswing in people buying machines ,he said he attributes it to less snow in past seasons, so snowmobiles have slowed , an
  9. Well alittle update on my utility trailer ...i know i need to add some pics sorry ....anyway after two years of contant use , hauling everything , rocks, trees, tools, garbage cans lol you get it ......this is holding up very good , i dont “ overload it , i also grease the wheels and make sure everything is lubed ..simple maintaining goes long way .... i have added a sheet of plywood on the floor of trailer ,whjch is a must when hauling brush , slides out nice .... lol i did have a silly moment recently ...... i got a load of woodchips dropped onto our road, all nice and spread out, then one d
  10. Nice plowing ..... i also need to get things ready for this winter, suppose to start getting flurries here on friday ....oh well its here. We just finished all outdoor projects so its fine lol . plowing doesnt bother me I have almost a mile of rough road to clear it doesnt slow the snowfall lol , i just break out the “ carharts and go lol
  11. Awesome pictures....wife and i have been talking about an attachment like this ,im trying to find a used one.....that looks like it does a great job , we do alot of landscaping projects ,on 10 acres in the woods the land has been untouched for over thirty years ......add a monster brush hog and a lot of hauling and stump pulling lol , but now its all mowable ,ugh..... country grass i call it lol , its green and gets cut every week , im always on the lookout for clean fill .......nice work
  12. Great work guys , always love seeing everybodys ongoing projects , only thing id add to any trailers would be two strips of “ Grip tape , thats just me though lol, i slipped and busted ass once,lol. Wife thought i was Dancing lol....so i got the traction tape , i had a buddy that had a long strip it worked well
  13. Hows evryone feel about blasting around in snow ? I love it usually after all plowing is done ill drop the plow and just go lut and have fun. From drifting all over lol to packing snow trails in woods its fun , never been into snow mobiles , where we live its very rural and our roads seem like an afterthought when it comes to plowing lol , usually last to get cleared , so we will hit the back roads to powerlknes and such , we have several people around here with side by siedes ,and the usually hit the powerlines , pack the trails and then we hit them good fun ....Anybody else ?
  14. Hey guys/ gals wife and i purchased 2 new machines in 2020, she actually surprised me when i said lets just look. ....lol next thing i know salesman called us saying our machines were ready for delivery,i fell in love w/ the kodiak 700; she got the 450. Both are the “ SE “ models , ..fast forward winch installed , plow ready for snow. I cannot praise it enough , however ill say theres times i will take her smaller quad out on trails and i actually enjoy it more lol , dont get me wrong the 700 is a Beast ...i pull trees outa woods, use it for multiple tasks on our property , its bi
  15. Wow , what a kind thing to do for a friend .. fantastic work , very neat ,professional...impressive ....

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