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  1. Airborne

    Dont ride drunk!

    Well said Frank , Happy new year
  2. Airborne

    Dont ride drunk!

    Good point, and funny you just posted this ... honestly lol , i just came in from garage , parked quad after going for a blast through the woods , opened a beer and walked into house .. its cold out here in upstate new york , wife is making a nice meal for us because we dont go out on “ Amature night “ , fireplace going , a nice old movie on and i looked over at wife and said “ lets go out for a blast tonight , , mind you we live in the woods , unpaved roads , 4 wheel drive in winter , she looks at me and said i dont think so. We have already started drinking , youve had a few jamisons , / w a few beers already , its 4:00 , and we will not be safe ripping through the woods at night , ...mind you a took a damn branch on face. This afternoon caught in helmit lol. Have a cute little “ red mark. Lol ........ i wear my helmit , but should of had my goggles ...... anyway long story short. You are no doubt correct buddy , my ass is home in front of fireplace on this cold night , quads are staying parked ...Happy new year guys Airborne
  3. Airborne

    New member

    Hey temper welcome , im fairly new here as well , i have to say this site has so much more to offer then just grab service manual, the guys are cool , theres a ton of info and great fellowship , fun place to shoot the shit with guys with same interest. Hopefully this spring we will,all be able to meet up ,ride eats and a few cold ones , im in upstate new york great places to ride , what do you have for quads ?
  4. Airborne

    Jacks, liffts

    Hey. Guys , wondering what you use to lift quad to do maintenance? , small jack , lifts ...looking around not seeing much
  5. Airborne

    Work vs play

    I know this is an older post but felt like contributing, yesterday my son and i were on our property hauling out down trees , figured taking advantage of frozen ground would make the dragging easier, we ended up putting 9 hours in just hooking choke chains to logs and pulling out , it was fun did some great work , exercise, played with the quads a bit and had fun.
  6. Airborne

    Went for a little Blast today

    Sounds great..... round up everyone and have a great day
  7. Airborne

    Went for a little Blast today

    That sounds like fun. A day of riding together , and get to know everyone
  8. Airborne

    Went for a little Blast today

    My property and nearby powerline trails
  9. Took the quads out today, decided wife ,son and i needed a break between house guests, lol party yesterday, and the next two days as well so we went out ridding a bit today , it was brisk but refreshing , came home had a few drinks by the fireplace , nice day , suppose to get some snow tomorrow? I dont think it will be much though .. Airborne
  10. Hope everyone has a great holiday, be safe, eat a lot drink plenty and enjoy , i dont know many here still , im new but hopefully this upcoming. Year i will get to know more. Enjoy. Airborne
  11. Airborne

    The End is Near

    Just subscribed,
  12. Airborne

    Ordered a new trailer

    So true ....weve all been there , you get excited to jump into a project , tunes going , everything layed out , cold beer or a cup,of coffee , then boom ..missing parts. ...ugh but yes you are right they were helpful,in getting the parts sent right out so im happy for that
  13. Airborne

    Ordered a new trailer

    Ugh.....well trailer update , finally layed all parts out , noticed somthing wasnt right , parts missing nd missing hardware started assembling and got to axle spindles , one fit, the other spindle was wrong , misssing multiple washers as well , i was pissed , was excited to put together and couldn’t finish, called the company this am , they were very. Helpful , overnighting parts , ill hope i get the proper parts. ....ill update soon.
  14. Airborne

    Ordered a new trailer

    Ill get some pics up , been busy , actually layed out all parts tonight , also took delivery this afternoon af wifes and my new machines, hold up for two weeks for plow parts , ill be busy next few days lol ....
  15. Airborne

    Hudson valley place to ride.

    No i dont , left the area in 1984