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  1. @yamahatech72901 Welcome aboard! I am actually 60 miles north of Conway up US 65. I am going to be moving back to the Tampa FL area in the future.
  2. @davefrombc @Mech @ScrappyD Sorry for the late reply. There has been some things going on here and I have been very busy. I bought a 2002 Polaris Ranger 2x4. I traded my old Jeep in for a 2018 Ford F150 AND I got a new puppy for Christmas so my time has been limited. I'm crate training him to be a house dog. Snow coming in later tonight. Oh Joy lol I do have someone now that can help me work on both the side by side Polaris and my quad.
  3. @Dra O Sorry for the late reply. There has been some things going on here and I have been very busy. I bought a 2002 Polaris Ranger 2x4. I traded my old Jeep in for a 2018 Ford F150 AND I got a new puppy for Christmas so my time has been limited. I'm crate training him to be a house dog.
  4. @ScrappyD This is what I have done so far. I bought a new battery made for the quad, a new ignition switch and a used wiring harness. Right now I am waiting on the weather to dry up so I can do the ignition switch and the wiring harness. I will keep everyone posted.
  5. @Mech Hey copy that. It's supposed to be 10 degrees tonight but back close to 60 by Saturday lol
  6. @Mech I ordered a new ignition and a guaranteed main harness waiting on a few other things and some warmer weather before I get busy stripping it down and putting it back together.
  7. @davefrombc I didn't pull start it. It was running when my brother parked it but he was having trouble with it starting. I tried the electric start and it turned over a few turns and everything died. No power to the lights or neutral safety light, it just died. So now I'm doing one step at a time. As for the Harness I so too. Thanks for all the info will keep you updated
  8. @davefrombc yes I ran the hot wire that's when I found the red wire on the green ignition plug on the harness side corroded and broken at the plug I could not get any power anyway I tried to get it to power up. I then looked the harness over back to the battery and found other wires corroded and broken in the big white plug and the red wire on the assembly fuse box (2 15Amp) was broken and taped. I found a used harness guaranteed for $49 american with free shipping and a new Suzuki fuse box because the one on it is broken and taped as well as the fuse box is corroded inside and dirt filled. That's where I'm at at this time.
  9. @davefrombc Man I got the fenders off today and made a jumpwire and the red wire in the green plug is corroded completely in to. I started looking at other plugs and the same thing. Is that the problem? I don't know but I'm going to replace the wiring harness just to be sure. Once the fenders were off I also noticed some old oil leaks and it's been leaking for a while. I don't know if or when the oil and filter was changed last. But that's what happens when you get a free quad lol. It will run again I just don't know when. One step at a time...
  10. @davefrombc Ok great news on the neutral safety switch thanks for that info. My new ignition will be in tomorrow. As for the tracer no Dave they work on any electric wire as long as there is no electricity on in that wire. You hook the hot clamp to the wire to be traced. You hook the black wire to a ground and turn the sending unit on. It sends a signal down the wire being traced. You take the tracing probe and turn it on then run the probe end along the wiring harness. It will be making a beeping sound. When the beeping stops that is where the wire goes dead. But I will do the jump wire first to see if the headlight works when the key is on and the jump wire is hooked up. Thanks for all the info man. I will keep you updated.
  11. @davefrombc here is a question for you. I have a multi meter you already know that. I'm not an electrician but I do know how to do my own wiring. I have a circuit tester tracer and it also checks continuity. I should be able to connect to the hotwire at the ignition plug with my sending unit and trace the signal from the sending unit until it stops beeping. As long as the wire is dead it won't damage my sending unit. I will take the fenders off tomorrow and trace it that way and I will also trace with the jump wire like you explained to me. Do you think it could be the neutral safety switch went out? Doesn't everything go dead at that point? And can I check the neutral safety switch to see if it's bad?
  12. @davefrombc I hear that, I drove semi's for 15 years and I've been to Vancouver and Ottowa and Thunder Bay. Ottowa and Thunder Bay are in Ontario. They always sent me because I would chain up and keep it moving as long as the roads were not closed. Here in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas it's usually in the 40's and 50's for highs. Don't get me wrong we do see some low single digits sometimes but not every year. Last night it was 18 degrees here and is supposed to be in the low 50's for our high tomorrow. It's supposed to be 24 tonight.
  13. @davefrombc @BillyBlast01 Dave I ran a power check on the red wire an had NO power from the battery to the switch. It's so cold here today but should be in the 50's by Saturday. I will run the test wire from the battery then and start back tracing and see where it stops at. Thanks for the info and will keep you updated as I move forward. My new OEM switch will be here hopefully tomorrow or Saturday.
  14. @davefrombc ok will do and thanks will keep you updated

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