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  1. Well, I’ll just keep asking and maybe somebody will eventually stumble across this and have an answer. Right now I’m just needing, if it exists, a Carb tuning guide for my quad. The quad is a 2002 Suzuki 500 King Quad LT-F500F. The carb is a Mikuni model BST34SS, ID # 09F5. Any help on this is much appreciated. As a new Mikuni is 400 to 500 bucks, and a worthless clone is 75 to 150 bucks, I’m still trying to work with what I have. This series Mikuni is new to me with the vacuum operated slide with attached main jet needle. So, that’s all for now.

  2. I’m now badly needing a part for the carb. So far no luck anywhere. The carb is a 09F5, on my 2002 Suzuki King Quad 500 4X4. The part needed is shown below.


  3. I have had a 2002 Suzuki King Quad 500 for almost a year. This is a question I’ve posted before, but likely missed the answer due to being new to the site. Here’s the issue. When in 4 wheel drive, especially in low range, especially when pulling a load downhill, I hear a lot of clanking in the front end. As if the front drive shaft was binding then unbinding. A friend who had a 1987 Dodge 4x4, told me all the noise his front end made when in 4 wheel drive was entirely normal. So, is this something I should worry about? I have all the bodywork and tank off right now doing a valve adjustment and carb rebuild. If I gotta do something, I’d like to do it now. Lastly, I’d love to find a carb tuning guide for this era of Mikuni. Haven’t tracked one down yet. Any thoughts of where to find one? Great forum. Have really enjoyed it so far.
  4. I have a 2002 Suzuki LT-F500F, and am a first time atv owner. I rode two wheel bikes for many years, and now, two months in to being a new at owner, am just not enamored with the thumb throttle, and I’m wondering if anyone has tried a conversion to a typical twist grip throttle as found on all motorcycles? If so, how do you like it?
  5. I posted on 6/17 in response to someone looking for a manual on where to get one for a ‘02 LT-F500F. As I don’t yet know how to navigate this forum, I can’t tell if it helped. I’ve had the quad now for about a month. I’ve yet to do a front to back top to bottom maintenance overhaul. I have all the fluids etc, just waiting for a time slot. So, here’s a question. I just in the last two days really put it to the test as far as towing. I had a 60 gal tank sprayer, grinding up and down some hilly terrain around my house, trying to kill the last of the grass here in the foothills of central California. I was in 4x4, in low range and on the down hill runs, I’d hear an occasional loud “ clank”. Is this normal? Lastly, I’ll be rebuilding the carb, as it doesn’t like to idle, and it was pretty grumpy going uphill as to a bit of surging and just not being smooth. Any hints on this carb? I’ve got the kit, I’m real comfortable with tackling a new to me carb for a rebuild, but am always happy for pointers from those who have been there before.





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